WOW! UFO Streaks Up Behind Space Station Lighting Up The Dark! 6/3/16

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  1. Gracie Gold The Lab on

    Was watching this live on ustream, I didn’t know what to think. But was very excited watching it!

  2. Mike Sullivan on

    Looking at the footage im thinking meteor. In the image showing the earthnin background,its lines up perfect with where it should be entering the atmosphere

  3. Plutarco Farché on

    Gente tratando de lucir más inteligentes por creer que la respuesta mas simple casi siempre es la correcta, apareciendo en: 1, 2, 3 . . .

  4. daemon on

    It’s most likely a meteor.

    Seriously, if NASA didn’t want you to see something, you wouldn’t see it lmao.

  5. hellboy 82 on

    and…. interestingly, the feed cuts out at 143:03-147:47 in that same video. guess they didn’t want us to see it undock and leave the ISS

  6. Jeff Glock on

    OK, not disagreeing with the video, just one comment in it. “Can’t be a fireball, there’s no air in space.” Fire is technically oxidation. Which only requires oxygen, not air. Oxidation is not the only chemical reaction that can release heat and light. You can find a video on the Periodic Videos channel of something, I think it’s lithium, or something, I don’t remember, but in the video, this stuff is ‘burning’ in a bath of nitrogen. Releasing heat and light without any oxygen. Anyway, back to the “There’s no air in space” business. Hopefully, you are aware that oxygen is one of the elements produced in the heart of active stars. Again, oxidation does NOT require air. Just oxygen present in sufficient quantity to sustain the chemical reaction. Comets are KNOWN to be LOADED with ice. Ice is the solid state of the Di-Hydrogen Oxide molecule. Water. Don’t tell people there can’t be fireballs in space. It’s TOTALLY ignorant of the facts. Now, if oxidation occurs in the presence of other elements, they can become part of the chemical reaction. I don’t remember. You can look it up. Copper burns green. Sodium burns orange, I think. Calcium might be red. You know, all those colors in the spectra of starlight that astronomers use to determine what types of stars are out there… If it weren’t for the strange phenomenon of the apparent blinking, in colors, of this ‘thing’, I’d just say it’s a micro-meteoroid, (micro-meteorite?) vaporizing when it hits the upper atmosphere, and coincidentally in the field of view of the camera. But the blinking does sorta’ kinda’ look ‘artificial’, in a way, so I don’t know what the thing is…

  7. Dream Time on

    They are all MILITARY SCIENCE cooperative ships (ufo) and many of us
    have seen them since 1980 very clearly. Once the veil falls, you will
    see USAF and Russian stamped on these huge crafts. Sad but true because
    these human beings do experiments on you in your dreams at night on your
    soul (astral body) when your asleep, and you can’t even become lucid
    enough in your dreams at night to see, in order to know. I wish everyone
    the best of luck to be freed from this.

  8. Karakla08 on

    Wow. It looks like Tyler used legitmate footage. But even if it is behind the Space Station it is most likely debris or a meteor entering the lower atmosphere and burns up.

  9. Houdonical Guy on

    Nasa be like: That was an average size low orbit sattelite re-entering Earth’s atmosphere and o course, burning up! That is proven, as the fireball has a faint tail and looks like it doesn’t fly in behind tge ISS, but fades in, and that’s exactly how re-entering sattelites work!☺

  10. plaguelock on

    You’re an idiot. And your channel sucks. Stop spreading this disinformation. Anyone with an IQ higher than their shoe size can see all this shit for what it is,and isn’t.

  11. Charles Evans on

    I agree this looks like a asteroid or meteor entering the atmosphere. You can even see clouds light up as it enters.

  12. Anton Lavrentiev on

    Funny Americans. This meteorite, or damage of a spacecraft. The subject is too small for a space ship.
    And why would an advanced civilization to communicate with people? They fly in space and visit the stars, at a big distance.Their technological level a thousand times higher than ours…

  13. Wetede Saremete on

    Россия жжет!
    Это русский космонавт отошел за угол.. покурить!!!

  14. Giovanni Hynson on

    Given the quality of Chinese goods,..
    It’s probably a piece of the “Made in China” mission module having an electrical short..

  15. CorazonDeLeon1982 on

    Hey, on that day (June 03) I was watching the sky at 21.30 GMT -3 and I saw a meteor enter the atmosphere, I think that is what you are showing here. Good channel!

  16. Tim Eff on

    you will hopefully be contacted by someone ( quicker than me as i wasn’t able to get video or screen shot) with footage from the ISS. just a few moments ago i was watching the live feed and in the backround a blue flashing shape appeared out of the dark of space. sat still behind the ISS, the whole time flashing in and out with blue pattern fluctuations. then as if in rewind, it faded out of view. finally i got to see this live. exciting!

  17. Syndicate Gameplay on

    When the station eventually comes into contact with the light from the sun you see the outline of the earth maybe that could suggest that the reason the strange object was never seen making an exit was not because it flew up to the space station but I believe the “craft” was in fact a lot bigger than predicted and it actually came up on the other side of the earth.
    also when was this footage recorded as my brother claimed to have seen an object matching this description falling through the sky roughly 4 nights ago.

  18. Sergey Ivanović on

    As a break of dawn came closer
    All my hopes seemed so forlorn
    The misty signs of laughter
    And the light eluded all
    My despair was caught in motion
    A face just barely true
    Shadows in blue —
    A Flash in the Night (Secret Service)

  19. Ego Bruiser on

    everyone is claiming meteor in the atmosphere. while i’d like to agree. i haven’t been able to locate the Earth nor our atmosphere in the video. anyone else actually find any other visual differences or references pointing to the atmosphere being where this thing lit up?

  20. Gideon Lass on

    saw the flash and went like: “alright neat.” Then it went on for like 4 more seconds, and I felt like something was going to happen and my balls clenched on suspense. but then it ended. WHAT A FUCKING COCK TEASE!

  21. 11111971ful on

    Метеорит пролетел позади станции, от обшивки прошёл блик, падение на Землю перекрыто станцией- зачем тупить-то? ДБ!

  22. Сергей Иванов on

    говно вброс, обосать пидарасов которые этим шлаком занимаются,
    fucking bulshit

  23. Сергей Казаков on

    Метеорит или космический мусор сгорает в атмосфере Земли. A meteorite or space debris burning in the atmosphere of the Earth.) Go to Russia, to the Urals or to Siberia, where many of these objects flying.

  24. KW77 on

    I will tell u whats “amazing.” That nasa lies so much to the world that anyone would believe any footage they release to the public is real. U have got to be a compete fucking idiot to believe anything nasa related is real. In fact anyone who does believe it has a reached a level of stupidity that there are no words to even describe it. Also this object flashes and has a reflection. But what is the light reflecting off of? Space? Man u people are stupid.

  25. Jan Winterhagen on

    That is a meteor entering earth’s atmosphere.
    I hate this channel. But watch it anyways because afterwards, I feel a lot smarter everytime.
    And I do think UFOs exist, only, 90% of what is shown in your videos is not of extraterrestrial origin.
    You, my friend, are the wrong one for this job because you clearly lack the needed general scientific education.

  26. Генри IV on

    Ну да ну да…. 2016 год а качество видео словно в 2007 снимали на телефон)

  27. Kalibr NK on

    как нло так качество гавно.. Какой долбоёб в это поверит. Долбоебы выкладывают фейки для долбоёбов…

  28. PANts PANdora on

    So maybe that’s just pointed at earth at that time and that thing is what everyone on the ground was seeing also…… I mean that would be the obvious first notion since it has lighting around it. I’ve seen lots of UFO’s in storms/harvesting storm energy. I dont know exactly what’s happening but there are UFO’s in lighting storms for sure.

  29. Daren6082 on

    Can you tell me how you even manage to get all these videos from NASA? Surely they would know you are doing this?

  30. СанСаныч on

    пиндосам скормили очередную хуйню в виде метеорита под соусом нло и они преданно это соснули

  31. Josh Erwin on

    i found some interesting photos of jupiter and its moons, that has some strange objects in them. i cant find your email to send it to you and i would definitely like to know what is up with it!

  32. Don McKinnon on

    Looks like something possibly skipping off or entering the Earth’s atmosphere. IE; asteroid or space debris.

  33. Grim Reaper on

    it’s a security guard with a flashlight walking into the set of the ISS that they made…watch the video again using that theory & there ya go….busted!

  34. HAYDON TVTM Py6uJIo_0 on

    Эх, вот бы они привели на Землю свой режим, хотя небось они считают нас обезьянами и им не до нас!=(


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