WHOA! Telescope Catches MASSIVE UFO Leaving Nearby Star! 6/2/16

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  1. Consipt on

    Okay i aint a skeptic this is kinda interesting but think of it, our star shoots out energy right? Dont you think this star is also shooting out rays?

  2. HATHOR on

    Interesting to know that there are gas stations in space it’s an reality no fiction; future planetary missions may be fueled by propellant depots in space. According to MIT engineers, a spacecraft might dock at a propellant depot, somewhere between the Earth and the Sun, and pick up extra rocket fuel before making its way to the planet surface.

  3. Steve Watson on

    After the painting introduction at around 1 minute and forty two seconds the object appears shakily.
    This looks so much like a petri dish full of liquid.
    I see air gusts blowing ripples in the surface.
    I see three colonies of mildew being blown about randomly changing from forward to backward motion in the field of view.
    If they were sunspots they are moving hundreds of times faster than our local ones. Also they wander with respect to each other and seemingly not in a rotational manner across the face of the “Star”.
    I see either a very out of focus maggot crawling out of the dish or refracted light from a changing source angle.
    This is such a crock of shit!
    It is NOT a star…

  4. Theresa Feeney on

    That was amazing! I don’t understand why people have to be so negative and why are they watching if they don’t believe????? Thanks for sharing.

  5. Terry Petters on

    Hey.. You know Secureteam, 10….. Good work.. And you know when you like.. See UFO’S sometimes their blimps.. I know.. But, good work! ?

  6. Oz7902 on

    that does actually make sense because something that big would need a lot of power to operate. so I think something big is coming in about two years. something big. brace yourself, bury your gold, money will have no value. the end times are coming. the aliens are Christopher Columbus, and we are the Indians.

  7. Little Tree on

    it could be the same exact one. im sure you know it takes years for light from a distant star to get here. we could be seeing its former self now and the real thing back in 2012.

  8. Lücifer on

    idk why but it looks like a retarded bird, it just got into the part that telescope was recording….i know its not a bird but im sure its not something out of space, just an earth organism interrupting telescope’s recording range …

  9. Chris Hamer-Hodges on

    quick question as to why you have said you keep your sources confidential. yet you give names and their locations in a lot of the videos. probably scares a lot of people away from sharing amazing videos man

  10. Mr Awesome on

    Have you ever noticed that the triangle logo on Nasa is the same logo on Star Trek, and some Ufo’s are the same as the logos

  11. Christine Casias on

    I just listened to a video claim our sun is a Stargate and you mentioned that the NASA is going to have a rocket enter the sun in the future, well maybe that’s what’s going on.. video is on YouTube under UFOTV

  12. Jeff314 thelosers on

    8:57 – 9:01 – Plasma instability. Actually ALL of these things are just plasma instability formations. Gawd these guy’s are dumb. – Thunderbolts.info –

  13. Exposing Channels on

    To me it seems impossible to “suck” energy from the sun. Because the only thing you would be sucking is radioactive heat would melt anyone anything that gets near it

  14. A3 Marketing on

    I’ve been very intrigued by these objects for a very long time. Regular citizens are able to obtain better and better technologies and the truth will eventually reveal itself.

  15. Deboreth A on

    Wow.. Someone has a really good telescope to be able to get this clear of a view of a distant star! This is about the dumbest one I’ve seen (so far)..

  16. Bluefirephoenix Jen on

    NASA has said we cannot resolve planets on other stars with Telescopes. I’m not sure if this is our sun but there are two planets visible in this image. Unless it were made when Venus and Mercury were both in Eclipse, it is probably another star which means we can resolve planets with earthly telescopes as well as orbital. If this video is real and it is another star, the implications are much more than just the UFO leaving the star ( I agree it might be a corneal ejection but still if you are looking at another star seeing that event on another star is supposed to be impossible. It’s impressive either way. I think you should investigate this more.

  17. garyjames2465 on

    Know matter ware you pause the video LOOK CLOSELY AT THE SHAPES ( lines and blotches) on the star, you can see characters humanoid or alien cartoon like figures no matter which way you turn the picture.

  18. too many tacos on

    I don’t see an object… Could just be some magnetic tornado type deal. Between thing like Secret Space, Ring makers of Saturn and the massive amount of stunning evidence, it’s impossible to deny that space is literally crawling with interesting things.

  19. Brad Derks on

    Bluebeard2011, has some great collections of Solar UFO’s when the Soho footage was more available, place in sequence to show the movements of these objects. He is a bit salty in his language, is fully all things Alien, but good footage nonetheless.

  20. shannon moore on

    Something strange is going on in Lexington Kentucky! I have seen on more than one occasion something unexplainable in the sky late at night while walking with my dog. been trying to catch what I’ve been seeing on camera or video but it’s not a easy thing to do when you don’t know when it will happen again. I am a fan of yours and can’t wait to catch a video of what I’ve been seeing and have you put it up on your site! it will be a smoking gun for a lot of non believers! thanks again for all you do!

  21. gary lostinspace on

    I’m starting to think that they’re drone plasma fuel tankers, that simply return to their safety zone for refueling.

  22. Robert Buonopane on

    same thing happened to me with the suppression every time I talk about Chemtrails the funny part is when I mention it my whole house gets blasted last time I had an ex right above my house I know this isn’t what are all the rage video but I figured I’d send it out there

  23. Harry Evett on

    Okay. I own a VERY large telescope of 12″ in diameter. Even that is not capable of resolving a star to that size. It’s way out of focus, so you can expect weird stuff to be going on at the eyepiece.

  24. infonator1 on

    Sorry it’s an electromagnetic band of fire. Just a variation of some coronal discharge. The black sphere looks more real for sure.

  25. lovely jubly on

    do u really think if the stars are so far away that it would get that big when zoomed in, and does that look like a big burning ball of gas to you? the stars are right on our doorstep and they are not suns. if u want to see what stars really look like search star through telescope and u will be shocked, because nasa lied about everything!

  26. hownow on

    Many astronomers have seen this. They do not release pictures so some people do not get hysterical. They have been doing this for millions of years … I would imagine. (-;

  27. Danamaria on

    I’m am totally on board with a ship using the star as a fueling station. maybe and just maybe, since we are so ignorant to the universe, maybe stars give birth to planets .. matter n gas could heat up and form them it almost appears to star is giving birth to it. just an open mind thinking of every possibility.

  28. Juliet Murten on

    I may not always comment, but ,and not to swell your head, I think your channel is fantastic. I love what I see and know is going on. Thank you for your time and effort. Cheryl Murten from Cotopaxi Colorado. 🙂

  29. Karen Skinner on

    Wow! I could even see the surface looked like it was disturbed from the craft possibly taking plasma from it. And YES, it looks just like what happened to OUR star, the Sun.

  30. M K on

    I am a fan, but this is definitely questionable.
    That is a very clear image of a star.
    Probably the greatest act of extra-solar imagery in history.
    What kind of telescope was used?
    The images of our sun are undeniable, I have no idea what it is,
    but there is no doubt that there is something there.
    Good stuff, thanks for the video.

  31. Alan Jones on

    starting to wonder if some of these objects are not ships but beings, animals, microbial like in shape but huge, the shots of the suns with the objects interacting look like microbial life expanded to a massive scale feeding off the plasma .

  32. hownow on

    These ships must be the size of Jupiter … ! Damn, they fit their whole planet of beings on these ships when their star died … Amazing as long as they do not shorten the star’s life … ! /-:

  33. Soup GDWinney on

    Okay the VERY 1ST THING that comes to my mind when I start to watch this is, whatever it is I’ve begun to check out, must have been video recorded under WATER or something like water! (ie: there’s that God’s firmament thingy again!) So tell me, is it just me, or does that image not make you think it’s filmed under water, or thru water, or some other type of liquid substance??? I think what you should be saying Tyler is: due to earth’s atmosphere AND from the WATERS of the Firmament!!!…no?

    But, as always, that’s just my opinion! :)))

  34. Droxy Snape on

    Would love to see more on these near sun objects. LOL- our solar system is the premium gas station in our little segment of the galaxy.

  35. Mike Lcml5c on

    Free energy? Nothing is free just like mass can’t be destroyed these craft draw energy from somewhere and it looks like stars are likely candidates. I think this is certainly better than fossil fuels considering they have already had their days under the Sun so this method of harvesting energy from a star would be preferable.

  36. Lynn Morello on

    I am amazed that the gravitational force appears to have no affect on these huge craft, even the heat the sun generates has no affect.

  37. Music4Hire on

    It does lead me top question if these objects are some kind of cargo mining vessels used to harness the energy . Sounds crazy I know but there is no way we can be the only one in the entire Galaxy and beyond! Cheers!

  38. Spartan X-317 on

    this reminds me of the drip feed of information in movies, specifically stars wars 7: the force awakens when starkiller base is beginning to charge itself by draining the star it’s near but without the star system annihilation

  39. Craig Oates on

    Our sun is the ONLY star in our Galaxy that can be viewed as a disc… What does that tell you about this footage.

  40. Laura Bishop on

    While some of the objects in these pictures definitely fall into the UFO category, the first video clip is more than likely a CME.


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