WHOA! Proof Of Mobile Alien Bases On The Moon? 3/12/17

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  1. Slinkerdeer on

    Hey dude, stop telling me that those two pictures look like the same object, I understoiod the first 3 times you told me

  2. chazzman1900 on

    ✨👽👽👽✨🚀🌍 major tom : To ground control . Houston we have a problem . Their watching us 👀 . 👽👽👽 👀

  3. Cybor rooster on

    Lol tyler…thats clearly the wrong area…the craters are not at all similar. The most distinguishing feature was a crater that was conjoined to another smaller crater and that is nowhere to be found…

  4. Vot Tak on

    Already every fucking addict considers himself a ufologist. As
    soon as a photo or video of terrible quality appears, ufologists
    immediately resort and search for photos and videos of
    extraterrestrials, UFOs, ghosts, reptiles. Nothing to do with science. Fucking sectarians

  5. Yaniv Ayalon on

    Tyler you are the man,this vid is sensational here in israel,it’s on the biggest news site,everybody talks about it,it makes me proud since i’m telling everyone that i know you for more then 2 years

  6. Jackie Blue on

    Tyler, really…. the award should have gone to you. Mr. De Long really didn’t earn it, he’s just a “bought and paid for” mouthpiece who is connected in high place. They always legitimize guys like him this way, so that dumb people think that what they say is legit. But I know how the system works and who the source of reliable information is, and I think a lot of other people do too.

  7. MegaButtFart666 on

    Never commented before: this is a cool page that I have followed. Good for you for constant updates, good for you for talking about ‘Tom.” and not ‘hating.’

    Just keep it up man. Love the videos and the fact that you don’t present anything as factual unless evidence supports it.

  8. Sebastian Tufigno on

    Who would like to contact a specie on a planet that are the only specie on that planet that kill each other and are destroying their home planet ???

  9. Bert Jean on

    Found on the base of the space objects on the moon
    History of edits:: 03.16.2017 16:26 • 110 visits readable
    Found on the base of the space objects on the moon
    made “mysterious objects” scientists Americans inflammatory statements about the moon.
    According to the channel “Zvezda” Russian, showing that there is a base on the moon , space objects. They reached this conclusion after studying images from space.
    They saw the body roundish shape, like a limb elevated above the surface, and in the center of the body there is something that looks like a tower.

    There is also found on the body of another, in the form of a triangle, and according to scientists it is moving. And it disappears without any trace and then appear in another place.
    The huge size of the objects. “Foreign objects” scientists confirmed that NASA about mostly found these objects. According to experts, the Space Agency “NASA” remained silent about this exciting discovery.
    NASA received a “foreign objects” scientists that this is not the first time they talk about things like Eetmnnounaa reality.
    Print this Page PDF Send to friends

    Queen Elizabeth formally approve the legislation out of the European Union
    Explosion my mined in Paris, the International Monetary Fund to expel
    Jordan .. 15 years in prison for the Yemeni Daasha
    Toll rises Justice Palace in Damascus bombing to 25 dead and dozens wounded
    Pictures .. 10 worst airports in the world
    Germany bans religious institution with organizations linked to terrorist
    Russia reveals features of a potential arms deal with Saudi Arabia
    Iran: the high number of the population to 79 million and more than 34,000 Iraqi resident

    Silent bombs Aldoaash hunt from the air in Mosul
    Silent bombs Aldoaash

  10. Eleman on

    Постройте собственный спутник на заднем дворе с GoPro и покажите миру истину, ваши снимки никто не зафотошопит

  11. #MattMoneyyy on

    the first image you show is at a pretty good distance and if it is real than it is far to massive to be the object in the second picture. The object in the first image looks like it could be big enough to fit a small populated city of people in it.

  12. Cane Comrades on

    I’m guessing the aliens already contacted area51 or Nasa and told them to not tell the other people/society and if they tell it they might get zapped or something ? :’)). Just a theory

  13. stephen maguire on

    Woah, woah. Lemme stop you there. Look in the “triangular crater” at 7:35. There’s clearly something in it.

  14. Jack-o-Chica on

    im having a rly hard time seeing the similarities between the two things??? i aint sayin this to be funny or critical or whatever i just. dont see it??? if someone could make it a bit clearer as to where these similarities are (a screencap highlighting key points in the images would be lovely) id appreciate it a bunch

  15. Jack Long on

    Ah, Tyler…. Tom Delong is known by millions of fans of Blink 182, of which I am not. But he is also an author and he has been meeting personally with former CIA,DOD,DIA,NASA people and in fact wrote a great book on the subject called “Sekret Machnes.” He very cleverly wove Roswell and other famous incidents into a great piece of fiction. If the reader is wise enough, one can see through Delong’s narrative to the real deal as he eludes to in the preface. Cheers.

  16. Shradhaji Satya on

    Rednecks and the airforce need to stop shooting at them. then maby the aliens will stop peelin out in their crops and taunting the military.

    👍 =😀

    👉+👌= 😦

  17. tino westhause on

    Secureteam10+ hey Tyler look the Moon right pointly the sureface has change a bit i saw it the mouth of the moonface chhange a bit OMG!!!!😱 😨 u can see it with just eyes

  18. Константин Кураев on

    С самого начала, как космические аппараты стали снимать поверхность Луны. появились антологичные загадки… Еще со времен американских лунных спутников ЛУНА ОРБИТЕР были снимки квадратных кратеров, арочных мостов, башен и т.п. А также на лунной поверхности фиксировали какие-то механизмы… Когда повторно снимали уже другие аппараты и с более четким разрешением, то многих объекты просто пропадали.. Вообще фото обратной стороны Луны не атрофируется вообще.. а там самое большее число подобных загадок… в том числе знаменитые базы и опорные пункты, подобные что и у нас…

  19. Aeteros Rusbody on

    I’m sure there are aliens on the Moon, sitting there, looking down on us, laughing their asses off of how the Terrans propell themselves to nuclear holocaust.

  20. chris orr on

    Here Tyler is that photo official NASA photo or summit that photo you closin up on that mental it actually is summit there but it definetly ain’t the same thing you comparing too though I actually have a fair experience with lighting and understanding it from designing but this crazyyyggghy

  21. Willy Barraza on

    Don’t worry Tyler, I’m ‘Not Fooled by the Media” a Ron Paul sticker I have on my truck. Keep up the good work. As for Tanner Mizeres, they have contacted us. We are just not the privileged ones.

  22. Shane Darcy on

    Some smart person should create a program that runs google moon once a day and saves the data, then compares it to how it changed from the last data run. I think it might be interesting.

  23. Matthew Kadlick on

    That’s EXACTLY what I thought as soon as u showed the cylinder object. Just like the one on the surface of the moon.

  24. Marcus Wilson on

    Is it just me or did the pic of the moon with the structure on it look like a pic of a dog lol. I’m to high for this lmao


    any chance you can give an update on the black night satellite and any current sightings. along with current Chinese missions in space, the astronauts have been reporting that they hear knocking on the outside of the hull

  26. sky fina on

    why dont we go back is the moon a threat now. what are they guarding why are there strange structer like places on the moon if there not showing themsleves should nasa think its safe

  27. Paradigm Shift on

    lol that Triangle “hole” is not a hole, its a ship! lol i know that ship, and I know others know that ship too lol. Just wanted to clearify that. its not a hole, its a ship… carry on. great work though!

  28. Erik Malott on

    I know this sounds lame but I seem to attract UFOs I’ve seen them with my wife I’ve seen them with my friends and the things I’ve seen will blow your mind I mean it prompted me to just want to carry a camera not even my camera phone but a good camera so I’m going to start doing that and hopefully I’ll be able to show you something that’ll blow your mind

  29. deaderthendead041 on

    is it me or does anyone else see the big Arrow made out of pockmarks next to the red circle Tyler’s talking about with the triangle inside of it at like 10:55?

  30. deaderthendead041 on

    snap! talk about a backhanded compliment there Tyler, I’m sure nobody’s ever heard of Blink182 like ever right?🤔 this is getting better and better🤗

  31. Fab Dab Music on

    fuck all these things
    I’m making a spacecraft in my backyard and I’ll go to the moon & solve every fucking thing if there are aliens on moon I’ll be friends with them I’ll give them our food and take pictures and fuck the world out

  32. Lynn Morello on

    Looking at that “Flying Smoke Stack” it came to mind that it was similar to a satellite dish, As I am no expert, just another angle to think along. the dish shape surrounding it as a base….. The Smoke Stack shape could be a cylinder for instruments or even propulsion. Just flinging it out there, What does anyone else think?

  33. William Keefe on

    i thought of that right away. weve seen this “satellite dish” type anomoly several times…enough times to know it was the same object.

  34. Dave Midgley on

    The second triangle was clearly below the main triangle, yet when you brought up google earth and then flipped to the other photo, you were in the wrong place. At 8:14 there are no craters next to the triangle.

  35. paddles409 on

    12:38 should be “I couldn’t care less”, you say that you COULD care less which ultimately translates to.. butt hurt

  36. Bloody and proud on

    xD yep and my macaroni art that resembles nothing is special because I made it, because who cares if mona lisa was given away to your arch nemesis; nah but fr tho still a secureteam10 fan after so many years that went by too fast. keep it up man.

  37. James Paul on

    Don’t see my previous post? My suggestion Tyler, go to that same area now using Google Moon and see if they are still there. If not, it’s yet another bit of proof things on the Moon aren’t as advertised by NASA.

  38. infantry Jeetkunedo on

    I can confirm the late Phil Schneider’s Claims, Physicist Bob Lazar and late Colonel Corso regarding our government working with aliens. I did Force Protection with the Army on another area 51 type base nicknamed area 52 somewhere in UTAH. We do have underhround bases. Special Forces are the ones that escort the scientists and engineers. We used to watch them when doing night roving patrols on our humvees on top of a hill. The US, Russia, China, India, European governments will NOT disclose their government working with the known 75 plus species of visitors, many who are humanoids or humans not from here.

  39. Antimateriebatz on

    true story bra… in our eyes you should earn the “freedom novel price” for you Ufo disclosure Channel.. That Honk there im missed his Name looks like a marionette to me 😀 keep on the good work 🙂 and greetings from germany ..

  40. EXO BEATS on

    tyler do you notice the x on the moon on the pic with the triangle crator, could be nothing but looks like an x mybe like the frame work of the moon.

  41. John Gancarcik on

    I agree I would be pissed too if someone was being used like tom is and he probably doesn’t know it either

  42. DeWight Perkins on

    Tyler. look at this photo very carefully. To the left of the saucer with the smokestack you can VERY clearly see a done with some type of “arm” protruding from it. It is set back against the terrain but clearly visible. At the base of the dome is a light. It’s not refracted light because you can see the illumination. There are beams cast all around the base from this light source. Also at the top left of the dome there seems “to me” to be a smoke cloud or some kind of cloud formation. At the top end of this dome there seems to be a man made structure almost like a barrier wall with port holes in it. When you look at this tell me if I’m merely imagining these things or if you see them as well.

  43. JerrFlea on

    AT about 10:39 in the video, just to the right of the triangle, there are a series of craters that form an arrow shape pointing up from the bottom of the screen to the top. It looks as though the craters are forming an arrow to point at something. But where the point of the arrow would be there is what looks like a large flattened, circular area that appears to be a very large but shallow crater. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but it’s kind of weird.

  44. XxMcW1LL14MxX on

    I don’t see any difference between the two UFOs. Ones a flying saucer and the other is a giant fucking Bullet Bill that took a white shit that turned to powder or something.


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