WHOA! Mystery “Bright Spots” On Asteroid Ceres Are Changing! 3/17/16

Ceres vs Los Vegas Compared! https://twitter.com/zipp0324/status/710791985221771264
Source: http://www.universetoday.com/127897/bright-spots-ceres-blinking/
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  1. Ollie Woody on

    great video mate. made me laugh a bit tho when u said the base branches out like a tree, reminded me of the movie Avatar , look its home tree. or can we just called it CERES nipple

  2. WolfCastle Wolfcastle on

    liquid oceans, under ice. Main spot is center crater…looks like BIG young impact. possible liquid broke thru, turns to ice.

  3. Detlef Roters on

    weet je waarom de platte aarde theorie geschapen is       zodat we niet gedachtelijk de aarde zouden verlaten      weet je dat dat kan als je gedachtelijk gaat denken aan de universum zit je feitelijk er ook gelijk midden in en als je dus dat denkt is dat ook gelijk feit dat je daar bent    maar voor de rest als u denkt dat u op de aarde bent dan zal dat dus hetgeen zijn dat feit is en dat platte aarde denken gaan denken kan u daar zo op die planeet doen zijn en plaats nemen als u daar niet was wie weet kan zelfs buitenaards alleen door denken alleen al bij u in uw kamer tevoorschijn komen bij u gaan verblijfen en wellicht zelfs een vriendelijk gesprek met u voeren of alles met ze delen wat u weet dat kunt u ook met uw naasten

  4. Gangsterblast 5 on

    There is nothing there that I see to be from intelligent beings. I do believe that it could be something else besides ice or a natural formation. I believe in a creator and nothing is natural that is created by the creator. We are created beings. If there are intelligent life elsewhere created by God, I don’t believe we are supposed to know or find out. Some of us are curious and want to find out. But it could be dangerous. They don’t seem to want to be discovered.

  5. Whistler on

    Hmm. Asteroid impact from an asteroid/small collection of rubble? Small impactor penetrated the surface to the hypothesised water layer, and the tower is an upwelling that’s solidified. The second one is more of a graze/shotgun blast from a debris hit that didn’t penetrate to the water layer. The glow is an interesting one, wonder if it’s bio-luminescence from bacteria or something similar. Would also explain the differing thermal imaging results: cold one is the penetration/tower, other is just exposed ice. Changing could be dust slowly accumulating on the ice again. Then again, tower could also be a mining blowout from overpressure, either aliens OR humans mining for water/hydrogen/fuel…

  6. The jay lee degood show on

    I live in north Hollywood and every night I see lights in the sky and they just sit there for hours then they are gone by day break

  7. The jay lee degood show on

    4 days ago I saw 7 red lights light up on the side of the Hollywood hill on the north side …..it was 3 am and there is no roads where I saw the lights…..

  8. Huggy Bear on

    That looks completely natural to me. It doesn’t look at all like it was “made” by anyone. If the planetoid has frozen underground oceans, it is most likely a plume of water and ice that blasted out of the surface. Maybe a meteor broke through and it’s gushing or something like that. The ice and water looks like its glowing in contrast to the darkness. Every stupid inane phenomenon doesn’t have to be alien made!

  9. beautifulmicia on

    Ceres is much darker than our moon and so these ice patches, reflecting 40% of incoming light, look even brighter. They are not towers or alien structures. It has already been postulated that Ceres has an atmosphere and a large quantity of H2O.

  10. john creed on

    Bright spots probably changing in brightness as the body moves in relation to the sun and refracts the light differently in relation to the observer object. Tower sounds cool, want a more logical explanation as to how this structure is created!

  11. TheNade on

    omg a science hype channel that actually has science!!!! WOW! I seriously expected to come here and see some loony doofus talking about conspiracy and government coverups and aliens and i found an actual real valid channel!!! ive watched a few vids and subbed!!! keep it up! =D

  12. Caim Pact on

    -.- For crying out. Do you have any ide how much money somone would get for comming out with this… Yea it would be a ton. And people tend to like money a lot….

  13. Bloom Music on

    The lighter an object, the more light it reflects. Just climb into a black car with black leather seat on a hot day and this will be demonstrated. Likewise, if you shine a thermal camera on a black car and a white care in sunlight….guess what….surprise! The white car will have a lower thermal signature and everyone knows that thermal reflective surfaces redirect the light and do not in fact ‘glow’ just look into a mirror……just saying

  14. Aspen Cat on

    it’s just ice water, you should do another video in which you state it, since now that new pictures are out it’s pretty obvious, and you don’t want to fuel silly wrong speculations RIGHT??? RIGHT???

  15. Scott Navarre on

    Anyone else watch the transit of mercury on the soho site. To me it appears that mercury is not following the ecliptic plain for its orbit during this pass. I further went to research mercury and it’s previous transits both behind and in front of the sun. take a look and see.

  16. doɔʇoɹ ɯıdnıƃɥʇ on

    +secureteam10 not sure if you read this, or if you covered this in your othere Ceres videos, but if you stop at 6:09 and check the right light source(s) thereÄs something on the upper light looking much like a nother towerlike structure, casting a shadow in the same direction as the cliffs do. Doing a quick calculation based on said cliffs, that structure should also easily reach at least two miles in height…

  17. Farmeraap on

    Ceres isn’t a fucking Asteroid, how the fuck am I supposed to take this video seriously if even the title states bullshit?

  18. Earth Lab on

    Any advanced intelligent race with space travel capability would have a great use for bodies of that size. Under such low gravity any work of any kind would be much easier to do. To not take advantage of the moons, asteroid and comets would be stupid. They hold the key to understanding our solar systems past. If they were here or are here those places will still have the evidence. They are time capsule just waiting to be discovered.

  19. GhostInTheShell29 on

    I have two hypothesis. First possibility its a Weyland Corporation mining center.

    Or maybe its frozen gases/water mixture being moved to the surface from internal forces that changes its reflectivity based on exposure temperature and when its warm enough some of the surface frozen gases are being released explaining the haze. That the coolness of it is from the evaporation cooling.

  20. Tyler Christensen on

    It almost looks like something crashed in the second “group of lights” Maybe its a crashed alien ship, with a group of survivors living there? We need to get a rover there asap!

  21. Noble JUH on

    The lights could also be from a number of asteroid collisions with a composition that reflects more of the suns light. As for the diming of the lights, the light from the sun may be obstructed by other asteroids.

  22. sharpdodger on

    Eventually we will find them or they will find us only difference when they find us they will not be able to cover it up

  23. Eddie Rod on

    Secureteam Cast: Tyler, Tyler’s mom, that’s it what did you think it was an actual team!? lol kid says us and we so much now it’s amazing how much he’s deluded himself!! lmao

  24. mark vaughn on

    why is there a new TV show called expanse that focuses on harvesting ceres ice and fighting Mars for the ice in space cause it’s drinkable water

  25. Justin Alexander on

    These lights could be our answer to renewable energy. The element in this particular asteroid seems to absorb light at peek sun exposure, than begins to fade.

  26. J Sonders on

    That is a pretty big crater that may be exposing the core of whatever it is, but it glows. It’s probably being mined to build ships? Loads of it might be being picked up at the mountain area.

  27. MrBrendanepic on

    aliens travel 14 light years to set up a bright spot on ceres, in an asteroid belt in constant threat of getting hit by an asteroid. and not go to a planet that has liquid water and fuel. with tec that probs 100 light years in front of us it would be easy to just take it. but instead go past Pluto not go to earth and just mine a rock, then set up big bright thing and have no contact with the life forms on earth. i can believe that, i can also believe that obama is adolf hitler and the earths moon is a space whale egg.

  28. Luis Daniel GP on

    Magma? I mean you basically described an underwater pool of warm rock, forming underwater pumps like the ones here on earth, except this one’s basically a volcano from what could be a more or less recent impact.

    Or I’m wrong and it’s Mordor =D

  29. Shaun Szalai on

    according to this guy there are alien bases on every planet, moon and asteroid in our solar system, dam they be busy building aliens lol

  30. RockStarAz on

    I found what looks exactly like “BB-8 from Star Wars” out of this amazing Creator ! It even has a Face ! So I’ve been telling everyone that Ceres is BB-8’s HomeWorld ! Do the same !
    P.S. I have been a Long time Fan of your Channel ! Thank You for all your Hard Work ! Keep Spreading the Truths about Our Amazing Universe ! RockStarAz

  31. harryrambler on

    Meanwhile in the REAL world.
    A pair of studies published in the respected science journal NATURE suggested that the phenomenon is caused by light reflected off salt or mineral ice.

    “The global nature of Ceres bright spots suggests has a subsurface layer
    that contains briny water ice,” said Andreas Nathues at the Max Plank
    Institute for Solar Research, Göttingen, Germany.

  32. KTube5000 on

    You’re not pronouncing Ceres properly. That name has a long history (long long history) and it’s not pronounced anything like what you’re saying.

  33. KTube5000 on

    And you’re full of shit (miles high tower).. Don’t lie to people. This is unhelpful and contributes to instability in weak minds.

  34. Rían Lochlainn on

    Strange bright spots on Ceres? Aliens! Strange lights in the sky? Aliens! Strange vortices on Neptune? Aliens! Aliens! Aliens! Not everything is aliens dude. Hate to burst your bubble.

  35. Blake Moore on

    Tyler let me just say that I’m a huge fan and I love your Channel let me also say that to me this looks like ice or possibly salt deposits. I absolutely am a huge fan of your Channel. I just wish that sometimes you wouldn’t be so imaginative when it comes to seeing things on the moon and other planets because that kind of discredit your Channel. and makes everything that that really is something extraterrestrial or you really UFO harder to believe because your huge imagination on these most natural-looking different things on different planets.

  36. Martine Cornié on

    Hello, just like with the planet Mars (and the moon), NASA never sent a
    probe to these 3 stars, nor to any other solar system!
    The images obtained for the Moon, Mars, Ceres, or any other planet are
    those taken by telescopes in orbit around the Earth, and thus to its
    neighborhood !!

    In our opinion, Ceres is the only star, after the Earth and the Moon,
    whose diameter (960 km) we really know, and with my boyfriend, we
    controlled it with a very surprising mathematical relationship!
    It is happy to know that it was thanks to the famous German
    mathematician of the XIXth century, named K-F Gauss, that Ceres was
    spotted after being lost by his Italian discoverer in 1801.
    What is “abnormal” is that Wikipedia gives the minimum and maximum
    values of the apparent diameter of the planet Pluto (more than 10 times
    more distant than Ceres): 0.06 “and 0.11”, and does not give those of
    Ceres, Which nevertheless is almost 1000 km in diameter !!!!

    We may be wrong, but we think, contrary to official science, that Ceres
    has an average apparent diameter of about 20 “(not 0.74”, which is found
    by calculating it with the accepted value of the astronomical unit );
    This value was obtained (inaccurate 30% error) estimate of the distance
    from Earth to the Sun, calculated in its time, by Aristarchus of Samos);
    We also think that Pluto is 10 times smaller than Ceres, and not more
    than two times larger, as Wikipedia gives it !!!!! L.C.R.M

  37. Shifu Careaga on

    it is not composed of ice; it is just like any other asteroid/comet… it is having electrical discharge just like Hartley 2

    Lights are changing due to moving charges as the E field changes.

  38. Shahin Montazeri on

    why are you making all these videos,
    Every thing I search about space your videos pop up.
    Yo’re just a freak. I don’t want your videossssss

  39. Leighton Julye on

    From what I am seeing mass and light merged means more brighter light comingCeres’ temporary atmosphere linked to solar activity


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