WHAT’S In Our Skies? UFO Nearly Destroys Plane Over Canada! 11/16/16

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  1. Shannon Clements on

    If they kept that ufo in the upper left corner as they did for the rest of the video, both before & after the street light, then the street light turning on would’ve never been captured on camera. It looked as if they panned the camera bavk to wait for it to cut on & then proceeded. It was timed.

  2. dshmechanic on

    There was no ‘object’. The back of the stewardess’ head bumped the control column sending the plane into a sharp dive. They don’t call it a cockpit for nothing. This concocted tale was contrived to save the flight crews asses.

  3. Vlad Dracoson on

    So, what…. dont aircraft have a dash cam??? Why on earth not? Its not like they are too much ya know. Civilians are running around with them, why arent they are on the aircraft??? We dont NEED to make up crap about what it may be, we can simply look and see.

  4. Shaun Hauser on

    Velocity matching of the ISS makes you wonder if it’s not a “transport UFO”. Unique timing with the Falcon 9 debacle as well. Keep up the great work SecureTeam10 !

  5. VioletPine22 on

    What were those pictures of the plane over Toronto taken from? Drones can go higher these days than most people realize.
    Some consumer models in the $500 range can go above the clouds now. Military capability should be far beyond that.

  6. monconserv on

    Clif High’s web-bot predicted a UFO flyover sometime during November-March 2017 and that billions of people would see it. That would make a grand disclosure being the government won’t. I hope that happens and wakes more people up from government lies.

  7. Robert G on

    I have seen that don’t type of lights from the ISS but not towards Earth, but fading out into space…. this is through the YouTube earth view live feed.. happens to be a camera floating in the ISS but not the regular camera we see on the NASA channel

  8. Sinthia Jarrz on

    nothing is going to make a 747 go down unless it was of great proportion I truly believe that something is going on especially with the sounds of trumpet like loud enough that people are putting all of this unknown source and if anyone doubts this well that’s pretty sad….. I luv this site keep up with this very interesting and truly remarkable events

  9. Edgar Sandoval on

    I live in l.a and every night i noticed a star rising up from East it just keeps going higher higher and it moved to the side a bit I wish I had a really had a good camera to take pic of it any suggestions I also got some other ones where can I send them ?

  10. OldKing Cole on

    Technically, an alien craft would qualify as “unmanned” whether there were a being at the helm or not… So they’re not reeally lying.

  11. Anupam Poudel on

    That ‘Saucer-shaped Disc Object’ as you said on 16:55 is a “Shiva Linga” representing one of the Hindu god ‘Shiva’s sex organ’. Some say it represents both the male and female sex organ. Thought you should know.
    One of your viewer from Nepal. 🙂

  12. DaVine Vigilant on

    either trying to hide it or; flying an elliptical patern around it trying to draw our attention to it! there may be rougue military that now feel liberated under election of Trump.

  13. Teri G on

    or…it could have been a plane of individuals who were trying to fly somewhere they weren’t supposed to be going (trying to go to destination of escape vehicle) and were warned to go back.

  14. powernumpty on

    Probably a Dronicorn*

    *Dronicorns are mythical craft that can rise to any height, travel at any speed and never need to refuel or land.
    The media will invariably report Dronicorn sightings as “Drones” despite drones being real physical objects completely unrelated to Dronicorns.

  15. Jay Dee on

    Thats why i appreciate this channel and is the only one of its kind that i subscribe too, because taylor is able to find these images/recordings and and look at it subjectively and with an open mind, not blinded by what he wishes to see

  16. PsychoPat on

    You guys love ufo but should consider looking for asteroid, yes there other life in the univers , but the only thing that can wipe us and are not really looked into is the possibility of a 300 meter asteroid hitting the earth in our lifetime.

  17. MissTechnotravel on

    The crop circles (Sept) depict the approximate areas UFO are going to appear. They are in the process of keeping balance of the magnetic fields to protect our life on earth. UFO’s need to access the atmosphere because the amount of dark energy being released has to be controlled. There is also a gathering of the souls of the dead occurring. The dead in Christ will be raised from the dead first. The problem is when this occurs it becomes visible. Sometimes they become visible so that the plane can alter its path rather than get into the path of trouble. The plane in Canada and others needed to alter its path because of something either from the future, past, or things to come. The problem is so complex. They need to be able to contact the planes but need to get permission by the government which is forbidden by the agreement. This is a problem because they are not to contact or physically get involved. This was God’s decree. Problem is people need to understand we are going through a period in which we need to trust God. The lights are stationary beckons relaying information. They look like they are moving but actually the earth is moving. They are stationary. God is using all His resources in helping and protecting us but cannot alter His Word. The passing of Nibiru will release the demons. We need to be prepared and not destroy the strange places like in Africa, Peru, etc. which will be revealed. The problem gets complex because of the past actions of our black ops, etc. God’s aliens, angels, etc are so advanced that they want us to live in heaven. The dark side is man’s wanting control over the light of God and power of God. We need to make a choice. To be children of God or children of Satan. Powers of Good and Evil.

  18. FPV FREAKY on

    I don’t think it was funny I was on the bloody plane I was wearing my coffee 😡. At 16:05 alien pic hand giving middle finger🖕

  19. 1ndygirl on

    We know that a false flag alien invasion is on the NWO agenda. We have assumed that Project Blue Beam or something similar will be responsible for the scare. Is it possible that UFOs “attacking” commercial airplanes – this is the third event in a month – could be a false flag? We reportedly have the technology.

  20. World of Retro Gameplay on

    Before the existance of commericial drones, we were told it was either swamp gas or the planet Venus. Oh, the hypocrisy!

  21. jahsonmix1 on

    Greetings. We are here .we have been here watching you.we only let you see us if we want to.there are millions of us.just watching you

  22. Arnold Robert Lee on

    When the indecent concerning a plane that received burns under cowl etc was described I once again considered this to be the reason we are not allowed that new technology. Two former American military personnel are still suffering from an unknown illness, they were in England and at a Nuclear establishment in the 80s, when a UFO landed twice in a nearby forest. It is recorded on YouTube what happened next, these two guys were the only ones to actually Touch the craft although there were others at the site, including the commanding officer who took his tape recorder and still has it on the tape. The sensation of touching the craft was described as like a high frequency electrical static , (don’t quote me) it is on here somewhere.. It is also known that the energy source that has been reverse engineered has an extremely high revolution centrifuge which creates the lift but creates the electrical charge through banks of capacitors, again don’t quote this, I’m reverse engineering my brain cells!!!
    SO this static or whatever, has an unhealthy by product which might be the reason for the secret-or not…. .

  23. Ethier Suzanne on

    thay rely thaking i was awong euly 20 they brot mee back end its all Iremember but i was brot back by a large ball a f
    lihtyouge droping me in a bim blod was goshing 86

  24. Gazmend Qukovci on

    I am among those who belive in UFO’s. I always look for proof and have an open mind about this subject. What i find weird are the flat earth claimers that absolutely annoy me. NASA is not telling us everything, but why the conspiracy to hide the earth is flat??????

  25. Hiram Alvarado Garcia on

    My street lights turn on automatically around sunset. Around 7PM every day. Just saying. Im a firm believer. 🙂

  26. douglas hammond on

    i saw this crazy bright light yesterday in WA in the sky after work it was so bright i actually had to stop my car a watch it for a min, anyways i went back later at night to smoke and when i looked back at the sky where it should have been if it was a star and that bright during the day should have been easily visible at night, but it was gone i found this all quite interesting.

  27. AL Cappuccino on

    Ufo’s can cloak , just like the f22 raptor and the f117 nighthawk so the passanger jet should be able to fly right true it.

  28. Blank Stairs on

    The supposed “answer” to the Nazca lines is said now to either be to show where water was back then because they’ve noticed that they kind of follow underwater wells, OR they were for religious ceremonies. Haha

    I could just as easily say that it was to track ghosts and it would be just as evidentiary.

    The fact is, we have no concrete proof in any direction for what they were actually for.
    The “spaceman” design on the hillside, and the perfect straightness of them, and there as far more questions that answers on these. We probably won’t ever know what they were really for.

  29. steven herrold on

    i wish you would do as little talking as possible and show us the pics i don’t want to listen to you any more then absolutely necessary i damn sure don’t want to hear a lecture on your theories

  30. gingerrevenger on

    Lol…I was on a flight that sucked up a bird into its turbines, it smelled like roast chicken in the cabin

  31. Vonda Hartsock-Oneil on

    I’m sure it’s already been stated, but I’m not going thru 1521 comments to find out lol.

    That pic found in India of two “people” with the so called UFO overhead. OMFG REALLY? It’s called a Lingam. Hindu’s believe it’s a representation of Shiva. They are ALL OVER INDIA…



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