WHAT Is NASA Hiding In This Area Of Space? 6/8/17

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Skyview pic: https://goo.gl/HKI4Cs
Google Sky coords: 13 48 1.0 -8 28 20.5
SOHO UFO edit video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgT9zyfILjQ
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  1. L M on

    Injecting this test video into the UFO culture… Good job, Tyler *Illuminati wink* The outcome looks to be as expected; the future is bleak.

  2. Gold Star on


  3. Variety_Pack on

    Dudes, it’s just Harambe’s spirit. Stop freaking out, it isn’t aliens. Harambe is just a cosmic spirit and he’s still mad about that business with the toddler and the guns.

  4. Vo iD on

    can anybody else see the face of a beautiful woman? it s the exact height of the black box.. its exactly on the right of the partly “censored” lights… 5:08 for best view.

  5. Iam Meena on

    So if the blacked out square was initiated by NASA do please explain the long blacked out wave patterns? Too many FuckWits on UT!!!

  6. David Ellis on

    I wonder if James Oberg was aware before the age of Hd  Nasa was fuzzing the pictures on the night side of the earth STS 48 Fuzzed, Tether incident Fuzzed, Mier space station fuzzed, They New what Martin Stubs had discovered  with his recordings and apart from some scientists, kept quiet.

  7. positron underVolt on

    Another ‘something is going to happen on this specific date sometime later this year’ bullsh!t prophecy that all of these paranoid, delusional conspiracy nutbags hold onto..

  8. Nicholas Schertz on

    I don’t believe it’s censored. If you look closely on google sky, the black box has stars on it. This could very well be a glitch.
    I watched the rest of the video, and noticed that you showed other sources that also blocked it out. That deems my comment somewhat obsolete.

  9. Dhhoyt on

    Oh boy, yet another “THE WORLD IS GOING TO END ON THIS DATE” conspiracy. Remember guys, 1,000th times the charm.

  10. aytinchis on

    There are more of these anomalies than this one and they’ve been reported since at least 2008. Articles about it tend to get buried


    i think since many Sciencetist dont believe in god and i mean A CHRISTIAN and im a christian and i think i have a piece of the puzzle here, mybe NASA wont let us know any thing that will happen in the outer space if its a christian lr bible related thingy or Issue
    so might be Tricking us

  12. Anthony Valencia on

    The book of Revelation is by a false prophet. if you receive a prophet for being a prophet, receive a prophets reward. read the book.

  13. octavian on

    I do not see in my Google Sky the Infrared and Microwave tabs (in the upper right corner) like in your video, therefore I can’t choose an Infrared View!  Why?

  14. Lishadra on

    I can tell you one thing, in the Bible it says no one will know the date or the time of the endtimes.

    But then again that is one *sweet* coincidence. I’m looking forward to seeing what – if anything – happens!

  15. Kristaps Leggott on

    Most likely cause. They don’t have any data on that spot. You need to find something productive to do with your time. No offence.

  16. boboala1 on

    Something strange in the universe? I hope not. I like a universe defined by KFC, Casey’s, Dollar General Store, WalMart, McDonald’s and Subway. Who needs anything more?

  17. everythingfilms on

    so when you zoom out all the way in google sky and it looks all cool and stuff everything is repeated over and over if you scroll to the side and that black square is there in the same spot over and over is this because when zoomed out they have space over time so those are just different days or why is it repeated ?

  18. Number 6 on

    Obviously restricted access to this object(s) I’m more drawn to the ‘little winged point of light (star?) seen best at 4.05 secs.

  19. Bruce Keller on

    Looks like two big systems colliding with a gamma ray shockwave coming out. Hope it’s far away and not aimed at us. 🙂

  20. Kirk Decker on

    According to David Flynn, on September 22nd, the day after a total eclipse of the sun, the planet Jupiter (“the king”) will enter the constellation Dracois (the dragon) and Jupiter will bounce around in the “belly” of Dracois, due to retrograde motion, for NINE months. The average gestation time for the birth of a “human”. I use Red Shift astronomy program and it confirmed that….

  21. Foxy Emerson on

    Please don’t be one of those ‘the world is gonna end on x date’ weirdos Tyler, its embarrassing. You’ll lose people like me who otherwise thought there might have been a shred of sanity in your vids…but if you jump on that end of days bs…

  22. juicebox on

    “there is a set of stars that somewhat resemble a smiley face” we live in an infinite universe. I’m sure this is quite common.

  23. BroadcastThis2me on

    I had no idea that Tyler went on /pol/. Sieg heil my dude.

    edit: it was on 8chan months before 4chan fyi

  24. Tylenole on

    just now hitting the web? no it hit the web back in 2005 and was forgotten and then it hit the web again in 2010 and again in 2013 and now again your dumbass is posting it.

  25. Maurice Lauzon on

    do you realize how far those anomalies are from earth ridiculous that anyone with a brain would beleive your bullshyt about nibiru. You failed to prove anything about nibiru but hey ya there is a blacked out area but so many light years away from us and we will never be anywhere near it. We will be wiped out by an asteroid way before nibiru lol. 2029 is the year.

  26. Maurice Lauzon on

    mothman is just a way point pleasant wanted to get put on the map and still to this day and you who chose to beleive is what is keeping any conspiracy going.

  27. Billy Gordon on

    I hope nobody is buying into this end of the world bs again!! The world has been here for over 4 billion years and it will be here for another 4.. the only thing we know that is going to wipe us out for certain is the sun. And that’s not going to happen in any of our lifetimes

  28. STAG162 on

    Yeah I remember this one, all throughout 2010/2011 they were running the same Nibiru shit (incidentally, it’s SE of that covered up area), prophecising the end of the world in 2012, again the same thing from some religious nut in the US in 2015, never happened… but some day, something will happen, and this is ‘the boy who cried wolf’ all over again. We’ll be asked what to believe and what to discard, and because we’re de-sensitised to all this shit, we just won’t know anymore.

  29. Yinepuhotep on

    When even “Answers in Genesis” considers the Sept 23, 2017 thing to be ludicrous, you know it’s out there in la-la land.

  30. stuart lockey on

    The question is “As all these web sites use the same data from NASA, why woudn’t they all show the same glitch?’

  31. Jayapullani on

    Strategic positioning of weaponised satellites for future space defence procedures and control of Earth ……………….

  32. corilew26 on

    Lol why does NASA even bother censoring the UFOs…If they censor them that’s just gonna make people more suspicious.

  33. SZIN BARGER on

    nope its november 22 they are just trying to get you to look for the event before it happens so by the time it happens you wont be looking anymore!! important!! november 22 2017 i released my album “revelations” a year prior to this on porpose i have known for a long time im not putting my album link cause this aint a plug post its about 11/11/17 be watching

  34. Lesser Son on

    Planet X/Nibiru with orbiting moon(s) and dust/debris cloud in its wake (the smile) ???? BE READY BE PREPARED!

  35. Paul Stoddart on

    I saw the mothman on 9/11 and so did the NY Post (a rag) but, a good likeness of the creature in motion on emulsion based character storage or digital. I’d need to know more about this curse from the Native Americans.

  36. 0CT0FunT1m3 on

    I astral projected.. I have a message “we are coming”

    From above
    This isn’t a joke

    From years of meditation you can astral project and go anywhere
    But after i came back I got really nauseous

    My consciousness got shot back too fast in my body I guess, but it wasn’t my doing

    Which never happened to me before
    These “beings” are well above any human consciousness, spiritually

  37. thesboys on

    Clearly the same object? There’s nothing clear about any of this. If they were going to hide it, why wouldn’t they black out the whole thing instead of half of it.

  38. Rocco reto da bandito on

    All they’re doing is hiding the u-verse’s a- hole cause we’ve some horny buggers down here on this sick little rock called earth !😂😂😂😂

  39. NitNat Scentsylicious on

    I believe Sept 23 2017 won’t have any thing of significance. The bible is very clear that none of us will know the date of any future event. Like the rapture, antichrist or anything.

  40. Haxzaw on

    …all that stuff is photo shopped and all it is is a hidden “Happy Face” put in there by the programmer as a joke and someone actually found it so NASA blocked it out as they didn’t think it was very funny that’s it that’s all no big conspiracy here 🙂


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