What Is It? Strange Glowing Object In Ocean Off Antarctica 4/28/16

Search “Deception Island” on Google Earth to find this object
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  1. James Hanson on

    Hey man I don’t know about the rest of you but to me and I know this is going to sound nuts but it looks like a Orca whale being attacked by some other large creature and as crazy as it seems, I actually think it’s a megalodon. This may be the best proof I’ve seen that they still exist.

  2. James Hanson on

    they’re prehistoric monster’s still battling today. they’re was also a ancestor of the Orca whale that existed at the same time as megalodon that was about a hundred or so feet, and to be honest nobody really knows how big they got cause they are basing it on the ones they’ve found so that doesn’t mean they couldn’t get larger. I still think this is the coolest thing I’ve seen from Google earth.

  3. 0o I Died In A Time Machine o0 on

    off of some islands like Fiji for instance at some parts of the year you can see glowing stuff in the waves I can’t remember what its called though I doubt this is that tho.. just a thought.

  4. hYdR1tK0 Pmf-rpb on

    Yeah Tyler dude please don’t get frustrated by troll non believer and pure haters …. These are the people who need to be taken care of or just plain old vaporized as we all know will end up happening or who knows what’s gonna happen but I think they have been breeding us since forever remember the past and the Egyptians and the pyramid theories etc . Past groups of people vanish .. Nothing found of them or anything other than biblical or what not stories …. I believe that each type of colony was produced and taken away to another galaxy … I think we are the aliens , think about how fast our technology has advanced seriously in the matter of 100 years top . What happened the last 2000 years than ?? Like what is going on Tyler really?? I’m totally freaking out I know it’s happening I know they are here on this planet and the ones that’s talking shit guess what … U been taken over already

  5. Tina Haigh on

    Could be something like a massive sea creature feeding on the glowing swarms of illumous sea creatures

  6. isha hendricks on

    Hello, in regards to your video, the imagery was done by Digital Globe, they are a profit industry so credibility is minimal. The image it self is of a structure which appears to be connected to a submerse body. It is not a squid, LOL but cute guess. structure is possibly in the process of being raised as water movement shows a 180 degrees of  splash not in correlation to water currents (if know weather conditions, I could tell you if the object was moving or if its just the current causing the wake) as can be seen from the wake washing away from structure. lighting is improper as imagery was captured during dark (imagery does not appear to be IR )  the structure would have to supply its own lighting which does not explain how the upper portion of the structure is being illuminated, causing difficulty in substantiating authenticity.

  7. Ashton Roo on

    it looks like an orca or killer whale has a giant squid. it could be a pod of whales that attacked a giant squid.but their are squids that are called humbolt squids that reach to giant lengths some 100 s of feet long, there are myserys of the arctics still today. we havent even found the paintings that hitler hood in the arctics in ww2 yet.

  8. LOGIC 1ST on

    So what we see here boys and girls is called PLANKTON. Plankton are micro orgenisms that exsist in cold seas, it is the main food source of whales, and they got this property that they GLOW. Because they swim in clowd shape formation, what we see here seems like a glowing clowd of plankton. Hope it rests your curiousity.

  9. Jeff Schultz on

    Secure Team, am a subscriber so obviously love your work. Do though think above object is just a small rocky island. Reasons are many. Do think picture is during Day. See nearby object to northwest of object just of coast of Deception Island. That “island” is small and brown…same color..and is a daylight image. The water looks dark/black as from space during day light it is. On our object in question you see waves hitting rock and small about of snow…just like on its neighboring object.

  10. Cameron Driscoll on

    That is in fact a whale, it’s mouth is open. The glow is caused by a species of single-celled algae called Noctiluca, I’d recognize that glow anywhere.

  11. MrShelbyGTman on

    honestly, looks like the head of a Giant Squid. From what I understand is that Sperm whales dine one them and will drag them to the surface because it kills them.

  12. MrShelbyGTman on

    Also, if it was bio-luminescent the waves wouldn’t glow. There is even some light at night and the camera on the satellite may be good enough to see it.

  13. P.Gallo AllAmericanAngel on

    I was going to be a Marine biologist but couldn’t do to an accident but I do know enough to tell you a large object was heading to the left of screen then it was stopped or struck. The rounder object is the only one casting a shadow which is odd. There is a type of plankton that glows but that’s not what I think I’m seeing here what we are seeing is air in the water. Which is the cause of the other 4 shapes we see in the water. kind of like you might see if a whate was breaching. but I think what we are seeing is bigger like an air craft carrier. being hit or stopped about 4 or 5 times. Can you measure it for us?

  14. Tamsin Wood on

    it could be a volcano erupting under the sea as the island is a caldera however, iceland is a shield volcano on a constructive plate boundary so its unlikely the eruption would have such a massive impact as shields are gentle and are not as violent as composite

  15. MsCryss82 on

    Even though I could see how this does look like an orca and a giant squid, like some have said (possibly fighting, some whales and giant squid have been known to fight), I think it is far too large to be that. Whatever this or these are, it is measuring at nearly 150 feet. Orcas can typically only get up to 31 feet. Even the largest whale (the blue whale) can only get up to almost 100 feet, and they wouldn’t have white markings like this appears to have. There’s no telling how big giant squid can get though. The largest one ever recorded was 43 feet. But it does look very much like a squid’s head in that one area. Maybe the krakken? lol. I’m only half joking there. You never know. And anyone else’s guess is as good as mine. But I do think that the glow is possibly bioluminescence from plankton, and that it is some sort of animal (at least related to the squid) that is either feeding off the plankton or feeding off of other animals (fish or whales), that are feeding off of the plankton. Or maybe it’s just a cleverly disguised UFO, emerging from an underwater base, disturbing the plankton in that area. No telling.

  16. Tracy Bodin on

    I understand how this can be seen as an orca and a giant squid battling, however, if this photo was taken at night, where is the light reflecting on the waves surrounding the object coming from?

  17. Mike Lcml5c on

    I’m going out on a limb here and say this is part of the Pacific ring of fire that rings Pacific basin. Its not out of the realm of possibility that a underwater volcano burped pumice and it covers hundreds of miles. Islands pop up all the time of course they sink as well. The don’t necessarily belch smoke just foamy pumice, I know it sounds weird, but it happens.

  18. Yvette Serrano on

    In my studies into whales,and squids as well as octupus both Marine Animals have suckers on their arms which most people wrongly describe as tentacles. From the begining of their arms to the end of their arms theres just suckers and while some may mistake this image to be of a possible orca being taken down by a large octopus or squid (AKA Kraken) I don’t believe this is so in this image. If it is a possible orca in the image above, what may look like a fin on the Orca body I believe it not to be a fin because if you research the images of orcas and their body structure the fins are not as big as is depicted in the vid and are black in color as well as much shorter and located closer to the upper body and not the midsection area, if it was a fluke it also is much shorter and at the top of the body and some where in the middle also black in color and fully erect. when all is said and done i do believe that this could be an orca, the body itself has the same like color patterning of an orca but there definatly appears something is attacking this being. what that greyish thing on top of the orca’s body is im not sure but i strongly believe its not an octopus nor a squid. octopus and squid are known to change color with the environment to blend in to appear of something its not. but thats the changing of their color pigmintation, and if a squid inks it certainly would have covered a part of the body of the Orca. squid ink,nor octopus ink doesn’t glow. theres definately something unnatural going on there. a weird pheonomina . I wish i could see the image in another angle and wish the picture was zoomed in a bit more to focus on that greylike thing on the whale as well as what was happening around the whale. its very intriguing indeed

  19. Dj Knyfestryke on

    I think it might be a killer whale that’s disrupting the phosphorescent algae, I’m almost positive…

  20. Steve Nantz on

    Best guess… an extremely large giant squid and its primary predator, a sperm whale, struggling in water that is ‘fluorescing’ due to light-emitting microorganisms in the surrounding water (a common phenomenon).

  21. 2HIP4U113 on

    Making a living BULL SHITTING people… Mom and Dad must be proud and can’t wait to go to the world in the middle earth, with him. If he didn’t think the earth was flat, I might pay attention…

  22. LordPhenix1 on

    It could be a sub, but I seriously doubt it. The water behind the tower part of the is splashing way to much for it to be coming up to the surface. sub can not ascend or descend fast or it could not only damage the sub, but also the equipment & do serious harm to the crew.

  23. Korben Phallus on

    I’m gonna have to go with an undiscovered species, but if the Gov came out tomorrow and said it was aliens I’d probably believe it.

  24. Izzy-Sorna on

    Wait what do you mean by that it was taken at night? I thought those dark spots in the ocean signify a deep trench?

  25. Free Thinker on

    There’s a ton of anomalies near Deception Island. First of all, there’s an eye to the east of it. Hover over one of the photos it says “Direction to Deception Island-Antarctica.” One of the photos labeled “Deception Island” has a username of “magiceye.” There’s another photo labeled Antarktis by username “Belsebub.” There is another photo from the island labeled “Total Deception” of rusted vats of oddly shaped metallic structures. First time I’ve seen this Island, and everywhere I clicked was just beyond bizarre. Who names an island Deception Island? Not long ago the Russian Pope came here and was photographed with the penguins. Not long after, Obama and his family and 1,000 NASA scientists and corporate suits traveled to Argentina and spent the day “sight-seeing.” Bush bought 350 acres of land in Paraguay. Seems like a lot of interest in this location. Strange times we live in.

  26. Curry Chris on

    I’ve seen two fireball ufos that moved whale or worm like through the sky. There could be some truth to the legend of the Dragon. I’m not saying that’s what this is. But I’ve seen them twice so I’m keeping my eyes open and camera ready.

  27. 19Starzfreak90 on

    is a volcano activity, that area is full of volcano activity, deception island was abandoned for that in the past

  28. Alex MH on

    it’s a type of algae that glows, I think it might only be found in the Arctic regions. Read deception point by Derran Browne

  29. Alicia Cardoso on

    It’s something big but it’s not a creature it’s a huge rock just put bills channel in YouTube and put mystery creature in ocean he will explain and talk to the person who took the picture and saw it ☺️

  30. tegoblue on

    Hi, Tyler, Grammar queen here. You can just say, “Your help” instead of “Your guys help.” “Your” is a possessive pronoun that includes everybody. Have a good one. Love your site.

  31. George Valdez on

    so when I was in the Navy I would be on the aft of the ship at night I was surprised to see the churning water from the ships propellers glowing I learned that phosphorus is in the water and the stirring of the propellers activates and excites the phosphorus and causes glowing ocean water.

  32. Brittany on

    The rounded diamond-like shape on the right side captured well at 3:57 looks so much like a squid. If you are right about the 140 ft, then I feel that either rules a squid out or points to a phenomenal giant squid find. Do squids travel together, perhaps that? I can only really give my biggest suggestion which is that by looking at the water, it seems to be rippling out so this would match up more to something entering the water when image was captured

  33. Jack-o-Chica on

    many of the comments are saying they r bioluminescent plankton and tbh that sounds way cooler than ufos or things like that. dont get me wrong, i love me some ufos but i never knew about fuckin glowing plankton. thats hella awesome!!! i dont know much bout the ocean, my interest mainly lies in insects, but damn the ocean is full of cool creatures.
    so from ur local insect lover i shall provide yall with a similar fact: many spiders glow under uv lights!!!! GLOWING SPIDERS, FOLKS. -also uv lights just so happen to make spiders horny but its best to ignore that and just think of glowing spiders-


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