WHAT Is Happening Under Yellowstone Park? 6/19/17

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  1. David Kitchin on

    HAARP => Get out of the US… They’re going to herd us underground and set off Yellowstone. Georgia Guidestones say it all…

  2. jimbert50 on

    From Boseman Daily Chronicle: “According to the National Park Service, the largest swarm happened in 1985, when more than 3,000 quakes were recorded in a three-month period in the northwestern portion of the park.” And: “The park is one of the most seismically active areas in the U.S., experiencing 1,000 to 3,000 earthquakes a year.” So this is not extremely unusual.

  3. Out Beyond on

    Who could hide a super Vulcano from the public? Don’t think they’re trying to hide it…not sure they could.

  4. Etheriea on

    According to the FBI database, yes 100’s of thousands of people disappear every year, but close to the same amount are found every year as well. So, people disappearing isn’t that odd. Most are found one way or another.

  5. Jay Tee on

    I disagree all your videos are fear mongering. Actually surprised you still have as many subscribers as you do. I point out a video you uploaded saying alien invasion imminent (Guess what NOTHING) We are still waiting haha. Quick grab your tinfoil hat lad they are stealing your thought. Twit

  6. Allen Smith on

    People like you and videos like yours make it difficult for people to ascertain truth and facts. You need to ground yourself in reality and stop spreading delusional fantasies… Yes, I call you crazy.

  7. SoulWithNoValue Sv on

    I’m disappointed. I was entertained until you started talking about military guarding something, alien bases, abductions.. I hope your next video is more informative than this one.

  8. Martin szmidt on

    im not a historian or anything but wouldn’t it be asking for desaster building a subterrainian base right next to a supervulcano that is over due for an outbreak?

    it’s retarded

  9. Timothy Gelios on

    I think all of the videos coming in regarding weird sounds, all come from these underground boring machines.

  10. chris hines on

    how to stop a volcano just like a pot of boiling steaming hot water there is a hole in the top to relieve pressure so it should be a hole somewhere around the top of the volcano to relieve Pressman two or three of them at a time that’s just stop the volcano from erupting but nobody’s going to stop a volcano cuz they want the destruction they want the death of people

  11. Mr. Celifubiac on

    maybe they’re digging tunnels in an effort to relieve pressure or to detour lava flow from the giant pocket to keep the volcano from erupting.

  12. pete strouse on

    I hope when it does erupt it erupts right in securetam10’s ass. Hell maybe it’ll flow down to California and wipe that shit hole away

  13. G8GTJav on

    Worry when the ground starts to swell upward, water runs out of the lakes, more gas eruption activity, mass exodus of wildlife, etc.

  14. Lucky Charley on

    Maybe there is no supervolcano. Remember ”Close Encounters of the Third Kind” where the government put out a false event in order to clear the area for the extraterrestrials. Perhaps the underground bases house aliens which devour humans (the ones that go missing) and they are preparing for something, so need to frighten everyone away from the area?

  15. Francis Blanc on

    Compelling. I don’t like fear mongering either but people have the right to know.

    ““Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.” ~ Matthew 25:13

  16. James Meritt on

    Everyone gets nuts occasionally. Underground base in tectonically active area? Surprise that people disappear in the rocky mountain range or areas where you can fall through the crust and be turned into soup? Any idea what would be required to dig multi-state sized giant tunnels in secret (ever check a subway dig?).

  17. fish lover on

    I live Super close to Yellowstone National Park. I have not felt any earthquakes and you would think that I would be able to feel a 5.0 earthquake. It hasn’t been on our news at all.

  18. Chase Hickman on

    What if all of those places and connecting lines on that map aren’t really secret bases after all. What if the dots (The Bases on your Map) are just points of entry for secret drilling teams set up across the nation carrying out one single job so massive and secretive they need armed guards 24/7 to prevent sabotage. And that one job being carried out is to drill deep into the Lithosphere just far enough they would begin to feel the heat from the edge of the Asthenosphere. The reason for drilling down so far is to use the heat from the Asthenosphere to keep the magma in a molten state for ease of flow through the system. These points of entry (The Dots) situated at intervals along this artificial piping system would be used for entering the tunnels during construction and then turned into collecting stations to harness energy from the steam built up inside of the tunnels created by the magma flowing through them. The tunnels I’m talking about are the ones seen on your map connecting the entry points of the drill teams where the people end up disappearing from. These tunnels however were not made for civilians to use for fleeing the disaster, but for the sole purpose of redirecting magma from the upper crustal magma chamber and tapping into the lower crustal magma reservoir. The magma would flow through these artificial magma chambers (The Tunnels) through the country dispersing thousands of cubic miles of magma thus preventing a worldwide catastrophe by eliminating all of the pressure on the top chamber, and buying the United States a few thousand years. These tunnels range from depths of 35 miles to some reaching 70 miles deep riding along the edge of the Asthenosphere utilizing the heat and pressure of both keeping the composition of the magma as it flows through the artificial lava tubes.

  19. Mr. Womb: Lord of Unmerciful Torment on

    7:55 That map of underground bases looks like the Orion constellation is getting kicked in the nuts from behind by some strange alien creature.


  20. Hector Gonzalez on

    forget about Yellowstone or Korea or ISIS or trump, choose ye this day whom ye may serve, you can only get to the Farther, but by the Son

  21. Nick Diciurcio on

    Gohead and jeep giving the internet and enemy country’s our information.. you won’t be talking that shot when they bomb your neighborhood

  22. Kim Ullrich on

    The Salton Sea has also had their share of earthquake swarms in the hundreds in September 2016. So with what we are seeing today all over the world.

  23. Mhi kl on

    Hope it is far enough away from Vancouver area so if she blows, we’ll still be around. I’m close to the mountains so should it become evident the bugger is going to blow, I can head for higher ground.

  24. John Tosh on

    All things being equal, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. The CIA has a program to kill Americans.

  25. Krystal Potter on

    Eh nobody will believe me anyway so here goes. The underground labs are researching how to trigger a massive eruption in case it becomes strategically prudent for them. All of those spots you show have connections to Yellowstone, long valley, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and even Hawaii. They also purposely cause quakes.

  26. Mianlo Mangaing on

    Couldn’t we put some of the lava out of volcano to reduce some of the volcanic pressure, though it will be marginally and costly.

  27. Cristian Volosen on

    “maybe give it a little time before you go there” I always love your wisdom Tyler. Thanks for a great video

  28. captaintripps100 on

    the history of Yellowstone park. FACT, Yellowstone has an average of 1000 to 3000 quakes a year, the biggest in 1959 was over 6.0. fear mongering or ignorant of the facts ? normally I don’t even watch secure team  videos. because of the misinformation. and you can look up my facts and see they are right. your facts, not so much.

  29. Mr Spiralz on

    If they are digging tunnels under Yellowstone they could be creating tubes for lava to flow through and away from populated areas in the event of an eruption?


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