VAULT7 Revealed: Your Smart TV Is Watching You 3/7/17

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  1. goodgulf13 on

    Even your crockpot can now be wifi enabled. So not only can they know what you watch and when you watch it. They know your on and off times for your crockpot.

  2. Fivoe MF Crooked Comms on

    As a graffiti writer we know this to be true, thats why we never took our phones when we were up to mischief….. theres a good few people been snatched by being tracked on their phones. Although, if theyre dumb enough to spy on the average joe then i feel sorry for the poor bastard that has to “review” all of the nonsense they must get 😂. You have literally nothing to worry about if they are spying on you unless you’re up to no good ✌🏻️.

  3. Darren Stephens on

    Tape over webcam is smart, Id hate to be the person hacking the laptops watching people jerk off over porn allday.

  4. St0rmFlake on

    *when you just finished watching hardcore tentacle hentai on your smart TV for 5 hours straight and see this video*

  5. Sanu on

    Why other countries don’t care about this shit….Oh I know, so that people will switch off their damn devices from the wall once done… No phantom power

  6. Chris Cassil on

    So what, let’s post a video about the KGB. These tools are used as options to track those whom the CIA is seeking to catch, not some chicken finger eating gamer posting panic vids about big brother. This is where I part with Wikileaks and your use of the perspective that these tools are used to ‘spy on you’. Ridic. Please post proof your average Joe is spied on by the CIA outside of a bucket trove of available tools.

  7. Bonnie Valker on

    Remember when the government mandated that we get rid of analog signals and switched us to digital? even gave us vouchers for pre approved converter boxes?

  8. Bkooda on

    Good. I wonder how many attacks it has stopped. If you think your that interesting to distract anti terrorist orgs from possible attacks just to watch you then go take your head for a wobble. Seriously who cares. I understand privacy, but if it helps keep our countries and cities safe I’m all for it.

  9. DeathByFrag on

    Hell, I hate to say it…but they kind of need to do this don’t they? I do feel violated…but my safety is a bit more important than my privacy…I will cover up my webcam though.

  10. Кристиан Мендизов on

    All this is a part of the New world Order.I think from the all videos you have made it’s obvious.

  11. welcome to the machines on

    So, I pay taxes every year for government agencies like the C.I.A to spy on us!!!! I wonder if they take tabs on how much we are masturbating!!!!! LOL just kidding 🙂 OMG what next??? LOL 🙂

  12. Hector Velazquez on

    this is what they want, get us all paranoid not being able to do nothing without thinking that we are being watch, controlling our actions, that’s the power of the government through the media

  13. J T on

    Turn off your tv in the dark and the screen looks lit… they have been doing it for a while…. you can track whos watching you everything has an address their not smart at all….

  14. Bob Shmurda on

    I believe the CIA, has compromised wiki leaks, it’s unlike the to hint cryptic messages. This is something they would have dropped immediately instead of hinting at it through pictures.

  15. Mozart 728 on

    Secureteam10 ; whats the name of the intro song on your vid? THAT is a cool sounding track!!!! I dig it. Great bottom on that track paired with mid range.!!!!

  16. Michael Duke on

    See you should always buy Sony and not only that someone should take one of these Tvs apart and do a video on it and stick it on YouTube see what happens show people what’s inside these telly

  17. Stoner 916 on

    Do you guys not realize the scariest part about this? maybe the hacking is just a cover up too…and these companies just allow these guys right in for a paycheck??? Just a thought….something I feel like samsung would DEFINITELY do…..hmmm

  18. Paul Stewart on

    I’m glad you covered this as well. I try to avoid the MSM but don’t believe they are covering this the way they should. Scary scary stuff.

  19. Steve Lewis on

    Take out the cameras and mic if they not there they can’t use em don’t do this tho as I don’t know if your TV will mess up if you do this to your telly’s IF YOUR GONNA DO THIS DO SOME RESEARCH FIRST THANKS. Samsung say keep your TV updated regularly then you should ok but that’s like saying if you wrap this beef around you and walk through those Hungary lions you’ll be fine after because for every safety feature designed there is always someone else finding a way around it but yeah proper creepy makes you wonder what else they up to

  20. bones007able on

    Well if you want technology , you give up some privacy , just the way it is, like the FCC forcing TV’s to go to digital , much easier to hack than over the air signal, and people truly believe they have to have a smart phone , government taking advance of peoples vanity by thinking they have got to have the latest to keep up with the joneses….

  21. Kelly Oden on

    Aubrey Mclendon a Chesapeake ex CEO died after his SUV veered off the road at a very high rate of speed and drove straight into a concrete overpass. He had just been indighted to testify for rigged bidding charges while he was CEO of Chesapeake Energy company. Could be a car computer hack ramming his vehicle to kill him and prevent him from testifying.

  22. Hi Know on

    I’m not sure exactly how I can feel how my safety is now because of the CIA what happened’s to the Government when the government is being but they don’t know that they’re being watched by the CIA but hackers can take over the System right just think about it

  23. Judas Sleeze on

    Not really MALWARE if it is baked into the original product… it is working as intended. Most of these companies are working directly with governments. Funny how what I just said would have sounded “CRAZY” just a little while ago.

  24. CodeEmporium on

    Only things connected to the internet can be “hacked”. So your toaster is safe. As for the fingerprints, it should be possible for them anonymously scrape data with the right tools. For example, using the Tor Browser, one can cloak their IP Address and sneak around. So, thats not good.

  25. Astropunch on

    oh well, They will just watch me watching secure team on you tube…or banging my chick from time to time that should be pretty boring I’d think

  26. bill demmon on

    ha ha…big deal…they will be bored to death by most of us…do unto others what you would have done unto you….famous quote from a famous book….i think

  27. Cybor rooster on

    Lol I mean. Are we really that surprised? I thought people knew this already. I certainly did. What do you think “Alexa” and “Google Echo” are? They’re just more ways to discretely spy on and you and manipulate your behavior. Its long been established that the government can hack into and track your phone, as well as your computer. So why would a TV or other “smart” device be any different? Think about the name itself, “Smart” phone, “Smart” TV, “Smart” home. Its marketed to make the consumer want it. Smart how? Smart for who? Those are the questions that have always been ignored. I have nothing to hide, so I see not reason to not partake, but I never believed anything is private.

  28. Scooter 101 on

    Duh, you government spies on you ? He’ll everyone knew that for years ! Even these comments trigger words can get you on a list ! Remember big brother loves you !!!

  29. JYoshMusic on

    So basically when my parents are out at work and I’m home alone in my room jerking off. Some guy is watching me ?

  30. Danfeng on

    Lol I knew this a long time ago, you( general)would be very dumb if you think, no one is spying on you.. damn, your and my government knows your adresses.. this is no different…logically.

  31. Μαρινα Γουναριδου on

    Don’t blink. Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t blink.

  32. James Davis jr on

    Yep folks walking around nude has been seen by more than you first thought huh??? So is this also going to bring out our missing time feelings too??? Oh and don’t forget that speakers become microphones very easily too……

  33. Markes Johnson Jr on

    guys one time i cracked my phone then some of the screen came off and them ive seen a camera that ive never seen on my phone i had this phone for 3 years and never seen this camera it was under my phone screen

  34. IVIUT3D on

    it’s called “stand-by” and it has always allowed the hardware to run without the screen being on. PC’s have been doing this forever​. a dead giveaway of if your PC is on when it’s off is to listen for the HD spin sound and the fan, if those pieces are running consider yourself hacked. phones have done this since before touch screen as well. if you don’t want to be a microphone, unplug and take the batteries out of everything. then turn off all of your breakers, run around the house and listen for electricity, anything still hot is hacked, throw it out. now this is all over the top reaction, in reality most citizens get hacked by a citizen hacker and not the gov. the gov hacks criminals and criminals hack citizens, you are more likely to be hacked by the waitress at your favorite restaurant than by the gov 10 days out of 7 in the week.

  35. deaderthendead041 on

    no real surprise there, i figured as much when ot was mentioned years ago people were hacking into smart tv and laptop’s to spy but i do keep tape over cameras facing me.

  36. deaderthendead041 on

    I hate it when I bookmark a good video and then I go back to watch it later in my watch later and it’s deleted

  37. Sebastifurr on

    Perhaps so, however, I’m sure they’re  only interested in monitoring the private lives of those individuals who ACTUALLY pose a security risk to the majority of the population’s way of life. If you don’t break the law then you have nothing to worry about.

  38. RileyBear on

    I reckon the people who named ‘weeping angel’ had been watching too much Doctor Who…I mean something that activates when you aren’t looking? Seems pretty similar

  39. Adam Downes on

    David icke said be wary of anything with the word “SMART” attached to it, smart phones, smart TVs, smart meters, and probably in the not too distant future, smart driverless cars! Like something out of minority report!! The bad guys could just remotely shut down his vehicle and arrest him…

  40. Andrew Wright on

    How Are Things With Cyber INTELEGENTS , WEAPONIZED covert hacker’s bleeping using general Electric , MA bell it goes on and on ?


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