UPDATE: Massive “Ship” Over France, China & Australia! 5/3/17

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  1. George Meladze on

    I remember the Chinese UFO case mentioned at 2:40 , it was in the news back then. Mentioning “a hidden US bomber” by the Chinese media (also quoted in this video) was hilarious – if this alleged bomber is “hidden”, it was not hidden very well in that case. No-one would send secret military/reconnaissance craft to fly and hover over populated areas and airports with scores of departing and arriving passenger liners. It makes no sense.

  2. BroadcastThis2me on

    > 1:30 Fucking up your country so badly that extra terrestrials feel the need to save you from yourself
    > ( ⁍᷄⌢̻⁍᷅ )

  3. Ananana X on

    omg that’s the SAME if I I saw hiding just past the cloud line right above the vegas strip (where I live about quarter mile away. west from luxor). Vegas is 2,001 ft above sea level so the cloud line is really close to the ground. I was looking up into the night sky and thought to myself or out loud in my head “I know ur there show urself s” or something of that sort and then I see what looks like a rectangle on its side with square windows and a dark frame around each window. it was pretty close… I thought I was moving bc about 2-3 seconds later it was back behind the clouds. then I focused my eyes back out and I realised it wasn’t moving it was the wind movibg the clouds around it. no sound no crazy lights emmited from it the only lights I saw were from what seemed to be lighting up the inside of the ship and shining out from the windows. it looked just like that. I tried describing it to a couple people but couldn’t really describe the angle I saw this in since half the if I was covered by clouds during the few seconds the clouds broke and I saw it. then…. it was gone again just like that.

  4. scott carter on

    You clowns should stop fucking with the occult ,thats why you have experiences with u.f.o.s. Their demons angels of light your decieved

  5. Bob Wiercigroch on

    man I always wish I was a multibillioner so I could build my own space station and see what’s really going on up there.

  6. Khaos Inoculation on

    Fun fact.. If a US bomber went to China? It wouldn’t be to drop something to start a war, it would be something to end one before it starts. That hasn’t happened so that theory is gone.

  7. George Fell on

    I think they are all Estes model rockets being launched at night. I used to launch model rockets similar to the images shown. At night, they look ominous and freaky.

  8. Andres C on

    Why didn’t Chinese army or Air Force fly to it? Why doesn’t any country ever? All these UFO sitings and no contact attempts ever?

  9. Flor Del Campo on

    they are more than welcome to come but just take the corrupt politicians, the evil people, the criminals all the bad seed please, leave the kids alone just take the bully’s

  10. Adam Sochacki on

    Look at 10.08 ????? I saw it somewhere this kind of object behavior !!!!!!!! Or it is my subconsciousness ??? It is so familiar…or maybe it is a scene from some sci-fi movie I saw somewhere?

  11. AZURE SKYE on

    ✌? (I work from home…I’ll help you sift emails if you like?!?!)

  12. Kelly W. on

    This is an awesome video! Amazing how the very small ufo/craft (on the right of the screen) is showing its maneuvering capabilities around the larger one. Love this stuff…You rock Tyler, keep up the good work!

  13. SoulOfSpace 101 on

    And I think these UFO’s are scanning our world researching our buildings and our transportation devices

  14. Steven Oshannessy on

    northern nsw just off the gold coast in the mountains I see some weird things in the sky late at night very weird I’d say UFO cause I can’t identify what sort of flying objects they are ..

  15. Tammie Heazlit on

    dude, this is something i saw 1986 thanksgiving weekend while i was driving from Ky to MI late at night. It was by Patterson AFB in Ohio.Its not cigar shaped, although it looks like it here. Its actually triangular and has like a belly underneath . Iwill swear this is the same thing.

  16. Tammie Heazlit on

    ok, so at 5:11, that is what i saw looked like. I have always wondered if it was a US construct, a secret development or something alien, and I’ve even wondered if i really saw it at times. It was around 130 am and only one other vehicle was on the road heading n near me. He pulled up next to me, turned on his dome light, made a wtf gesture, then saluted and drove off. Shortly afterward, one of the two crafts i saw was instantaneously flying close, in front and immediately above me as i drove N. IT was huge compared to my truck. it tracked w me for quite a while or it seemed like it….my radio went fuzzy. The second one stayed over by the field where they had both been to the west of me. when it moved to position above me, it was instantaneous. and the same when it left. zip, it was gone, joined the other craft. It continued to track me at a distance until i75 joins us 23 and then the both of them went zip up and away. i never told anyone for a long while. but i’ve always looked for it to see if anyone else had the experience as i was never quite sure i actually had it. i know that sounds strange, but it was strange.

  17. T. Vig. on

    If there are infinite universes then that’s a lot of possibilities for the inhabitants of one of them to have invented inter-dimensional travel.

  18. Suzie Greer on

    Tyler, Suzie Greer here I have something to tell you we are at the grip of a global conflict every structure eco structure financial structure meterelogical structure etc etc etc we can’t afford to second guess or say well it won’t happen to us or say you’re wrong and listen this is why my arragance is a good thing when you can see I’m desperate to get my point out “I’m usually right”.) I get really frustrated when people don’t take me on board after all I have your interest at heart I can’t explain why I can say so little yet mean so much. I know why I rabbit on but it’s usually the later for me but the later for me is a frustrated person looking at the world without the aid of rose tinted glasses because I don’t want to blind myself to the world, our world, our country, our place… your world your country you’re place.

  19. Suzie Greer on

    some people have used the expression “that is not Susan” to them I think they think that I’m that loopy person that used to make people laugh just as effected to put my foot in it along the way but, the fact of the matter is I’ve been putting up a front all these years, it’s what autistic people do to deflect their disabilities away from the world so I suppose you could say the old me is out of the bag “no more impersonations of celebs that impress no more comical remarks that are not or miss but get a laugh anyway” this is me and I’m trying to live in this big world with you and it’s so frightening for a normal person never mind me. So act now not tomorrow the climate is killing me off.

  20. Timothy Perdue on

    I think this could be very real! But I doubt it is extra terrestrial. The design is understandable and cohesive. It’s Very pretty. Also you can see the tolerances in the lighting. It’s definitely a solid mechanical object. I don’t doubt the propulsion system. I’d like to know definitively though. It just looks so obvious that it’s man made. Like they tried to cover a conventional craft in Vanta Black. Lol.

  21. Clank on

    At the moment we got so much sightings all over the world. In Germany too. The aliens are back! They want to protect us. Nuclear war 🙁 between USA and North Korea

  22. Ryujul23 Mcpegaming on

    Hmmmmmm the beams like shut down and On is like a x ray or searching someone if this a secret weapon thats means came from Area 51 and i think the aliens on Area 51 are alive?

  23. Lukaz Lkz on

    Hey man! tkank you so much for your clearly talk. I’m from Argentina and i can understand you really well! good video!

  24. Kas.Ft on

    “They are very open in their belief that aliens exist”

    Seriously we are in 2017 and we know that the universe is infinite and there are billions of planets similar to earth,its not questionable,there is life out there and for sure there are planets in the milky way that have life like earth.

  25. Teacher Robin on

    so they are using cylindrical ships with antigravity to scare china …because of north Korea … sure maybe

  26. Matt 50 Caliber on

    this might be real…I’ve seen similar craft moving and it doesn’t look like some government experimental craft

  27. KingdomChildOnEarth on

    C’on!! They’ve been here WAY before us. If you don’t believe you are keeping yourself dumbed down.

  28. Metanoia 112 on

    At 5:01 when theres some light or beam coming from the object, hast the point it was focusing down on been identified and if so has any anomaly been discovered there?

  29. philip gray on

    the one in australia is on the gold coast surfers paradise in front of pacific point hotel the footage was taken from narrowneck hotel security cameras

  30. House Of Pheromones on

    I live on the gold coast and there was absolutely no news coverage of this whatsoever… very suspicious!

  31. Michael Hall on

    The secrecy is to make us MORE scared of it. Its intentional so they can keep there hands around our throats. People are scared of what they don’t understand not to mention Hollywood makes big bucks from that type of stuff.

  32. no po on

    Lol, yea alien UFO’s who supposedly can travel faster than the speed of light have lights on their spacecrafts that give away their position. Um no sorry but I don’t buy it. If aliens exist on earth we would either not have any idea they were here or they would make their presence known to all. All these sightings are advanced military crafts.

  33. zouzou zoro zoro on

    there is no ufo the closest habitable planet around its star is 25000 light years from earth
    stop dreaming

  34. Luis Baeta on

    these lights look much the same to the ones Billy Meier describes as being from Andromeda. The Andromedans are the most spiritualy advanced civilization in our Universe. They suposedly form the Andromedan Coucil, which oversees and advizes all civilizations belonging to their federation. The Andromedans are no longer Human but light beings. This is due to the fact that they have evolved into a half material, half spiritual energy form, so they vibrate amnd oscilate inbetween solid and energy. this means that they are one step from joining consciously with Creation, which is the final goal of all human beings in the Universe.. Due to their advanced knowledge and wisdom, many civilizations like the Pleiadians are part of their coucil federation. Their ships are normaly seen as is shown here, they look like long light lamps.

  35. GrdMstr75 ! on

    Very compelling especially being over the beach/ ocean — reminds me of close encounters movie hatch opens in mid air

  36. secureteam on

    I work at night on the 3rd floor with a nice view of the sky. The company I work at was located on a rural area. In the night sky I often see some blurry lights pass by with very high speed and some planes. The lights are faster than the planes!


    The UFO is from the future they went there because of the bomb that blew up there years ago in the ship yard a new type of nuk bomb that was in the contaner and the china Gov used on there own people after US and Israel used a similar nuke bomb trade centers.and other places they are watching so we don,t do what the GREYS did to there Parrell Earth.They are shuting down nuk silos and catalogging werer we store them and power plants

  38. creativeProjects720 - 420 on

    why does you tube have SO MANY paranormal videos. ?? its a paranormal INVASION, why dont they just finally make PARA-TUBE. and ban all these videos over to — PARATUBE paranormal tube.

  39. RScott on

    Hello SecureTeam_10. Thank you for this video. It is most intriguing. It’s hard to believe that many people on the strip there by the beach in Australia didn’t see this. They likely were there to witness it. It was no doubt reported yet here in the states we hear nothing…such nonsense. I’d like to speculate a little on these ‘portals’. Seems so many think they’re using portals to another dimension and so forth. I don’t think so. I think, again only speculating, that the smaller ships are entering a simple docking bay on a cloaked mother ship. We’re already working on cloaking, and if we don’t wipe ourselves out, we will eventually refine this technology and have it ourselves (if we don’t already – everything is so Top Secret). As the docking bay opens the light from inside the ship is emitted. When it closes it goes away. I think that is a much simpler idea than inter-dimensional portals. Considering Occam’s Razor this would surely be the most likely answer. Just my 2cents. Thank you, and keep these great videos coming – i subscribe to ST10 and appreciate your work! best, RScott

  40. The Hundredth Monkey on

    we’re stuck in 3 dimensions. these are tears into the 4th dimension!
    Now you’re thinking with portals…

  41. Mark Wood on

    i have never seen a whale in person only on videos…..does that mean it dont exist lots of people talk about them and i believe them .


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