UNKNOWN “Anomaly” Heating Pacific Ocean! 2/19/17

Source: http://www.sciencealert.com/a-massive-blob-of-abnormal-conditions-in-the-pacific-has-increased-ozone-levels
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  1. Robert Andrews on

    yes fukushima and all the microwaves along with chem trails of aluminum being blasted out all over the world,this is criminal.God what is wrong with these people.wanting to destroy our own being.JESUS WILL BE HERE SOON.

  2. Lucky Lefty Lucciano on

    it’s the nuclear pollution the 650gallons of plutonium and mox being dumped into the ocean everyday since 2011.. that’s the answer fools

  3. Lucky Lefty Lucciano on

    we dropped 2 bombs on Japan on ww2 Japan dropped 777 nuclear bombs into the world’s oceans.. full circle

  4. If only on

    Ozone is the good stuff. It protects the earth from dangerous UV rays. Holes in the ozone are what’s bad. Or a lack of ozone, or the depletion of the ozone layer.

  5. aly nicholls on

    its fukushima but not radiation per se, its caused by bacteria introduced to break down radioactive waste, its a plume of it the heat is the by product, i think that this bacteria is being consumed in the food chain and causing die offs.

  6. WatcherInTheMeadow on

    Why are you using a picture from May 2015?? Do you have an up to date heat signature on the Pacific Ocean? One that is more current? Pun not intended.

  7. Shanean Gilling on

    Tyler…Fukishima has created great concern, even amongst et contact. Radiation! What do you, as a professionally ordained fringe expert, think?

  8. Sethdarkus on

    Ozone is a byproduct of life so the increase in algae could explain it or we could go Crazy and say that aliens are terraforming Earth to the conditions of their home world by tapping into the cores heat as a source to cause it or something,.

  9. Beagle 32 on

    there’s a hole in Antarctica that has been creating heat and is blocked off by the military and almost everyone that has been near it has reported alien activities.

  10. E Loesch on

    Have you thought that maybe a large enough stellar object entering our solar system would cause large scale gravitational disturbances in our planet? What effects would appear if our core were slowed or outright stopped by those forces? The Earths magnetic field has been getting weaker at an alarming rate, even as the suns has been getting more powerful.

  11. Ryan Draper on

    You know what, I think you out there may have a valid point, I originally immediately thought Fukushima Diiachi was going to be the cause, but you are right, we would surly see this around the coast and away from the site, I concede. Aliens then. Lool. 👽👽👽

  12. Ryan Draper on

    ….still stand by the latter part of my comment tho, whether or not this particular anomaly is involved. we still F’d

  13. Jeddah Pankau on

    I know this sounds crazy, but we did this. People talk about aliens, but the truth is that aliens are us from the future that came back as tourists. They didn’t realize it would create a paradoxical nightmare that has an endless loop. One of the Rothschilds came back in time and told his ancestors how to control the planet by using banking systems. The twist is, when he went back to future he found his double but didn’t understand why. Because the past was changed it changed major events that were significant so in order to keep the space time continuum in tact. The powers that be created another of himself because he forgot to tell his ancestors he came back in time. Anyways, the body double killed him out of fear and misunderstanding and that’s what crashed the system. Like a computer. We are in an alternate timeline, that’s why things are so outrageous lately. This doesn’t happen in a normal world. Sorry to break it to ya…

  14. Thomas Petrie on

    We do NOT know what is causing this massive heated up area of the Pacific ocean. However, what is conspicuous about this video is that Fukushima is not mentioned–even once! I can’t imagine that a few melted down nuclear reactors could do this, BUT I’m not an engineer and this would be question that should be asked. But 300 metric tons per day, x 2,191 days (since 3/11/11), is 657,450 tons of highly radioactive water! Now when you divide this into the 6.38 x 10 (20) (ten to the twentieth power or 20 zeros: 638,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilograms. Since 1,000 kilograms is a metric ton, remove 3 zeros and you have the weight of the pacific ocean in metric tons. So, 657,450 metric tons is a very small amount of water, HOWEVER, for some reason–perhaps because it’s very “hot” (e.g., radioactive), it RISES, so all this radioactive water may be on the SURFACE and it is the SURFACE temperature that is being measured by these satellites, NOT the temperatures that go two to twelve miles below the surface! So my little exercise in arithmetic above, that shows 1.03 billionth of one percent radioactive water in the pacific ocean might be IRRELEVANT! Now 1.446 million pounds of highly radioactive water ON THE SURFACE of the ocean divided by the surface area…

  15. User1984 on

    who here is qualified to speak on nuclear technology I would like to hear from an actual authority on this subject if there is as I have always believed that the japan meltdown caused the huge increase in birth defects in and around north Australia the Philippines and Papua New Guinea, and that the fish have been dying and maybe radioactive. But the Aussie Govt are saying it is a virus from a mosquito bite, which is hard to believe that this is three seperate countries anyone have any other knowledge of this?

  16. James Paden on

    Any chance there is connection to the Yellowstone Caldera? No need reply, just somethings I wondered if you had considered. Some say it is overdue and could blow at any time, and super volcanoes are something we also have never experienced. Just seems possible, to me.

  17. M. ARS. on

    Earthquakes, volcanoes, radiation, gamma rays, massive animal die off, aliens, planet x, hell they even think the earth is flat lol, wars, political chaos, Antarctica melting, is it worth even trying to understand or prepare lol…

  18. Peter Schmidt on


  19. Tony Meldrum on

    Just curious about how much salt is in the area, more salt less water?? Can sea life handle to much salt?? And yea, the japan incident could have a strong affect, plus how much oil spilt everywhere combinded?? All this is humans faults, screw aliens, i believe they are around but really? Its careless humans!! The volcanos been there forever, why now, all of em?? Idk, its all messed regardless.

  20. Splatterhead Jones on

    Secureteam10 dude,
    Not a head scratcher. In addition to Fukushima, farming runoff, draught, overfishing, sewage both treated and untreated and all the other insults to the planet we have deemed necessary “for economic growth” have joined forces with the main greenhouse gasses to heat the planet, a mostly ocean planet, to the point that we can’t even begin to predict what will happen next. The Arctic ocean will be ice free for the first time in millions… MILLIONS of years. 94% of additional atmospheric CO2 heat forcing ultimately goes into the ocean. El Nino represents the climate system releasing concentrated heat back out where some is radiated out to space as the climate attempts to rebalance the input to output. Storms release heat back into the atmosphere from the ocean in a similar way. Satellites have made it possible to learn so much more about our world, and hopefully we learn in time.

    IF the rate of extinction which is at LEAST 100000%, or 1000 (1000 to 10,000 is the range estimated by the Center for Biological Diversity) times greater than the “background rate” which is a base line determined by abundant, robust historical data,
    THEN we have apparently perturbed the climate, not only with Fukushima and all the other ways we pollute our only home, but primarily by pumping out CO2 and other greenhouse gasses enough to kick off some geophysical phenomena that we need to use our imagination to visualize. That is because you, sir, are right! We ARE living on a planet that is not the same planet occupied by humans even fifty years ago. This is not a changed planet, it is a changing planet and it will continue to change as long as we continue to add CO2 in amounts like 40 Billion tons of CO2 per year on top of what land use and other natural sources produce. The rate of change has accelerated in several areas we, as a planetary society should care about… since there is no plan two because there is no planet 2. Scientists have come out of academia from disparate disciplines, typically disinterested in public policy. Preferring the lab or the field to a TV studio, they have come out anyhow issuing dire warnings. I’m surprised that society hasn’t reacted with more urgency than it has. We are truly facing an existential crisis, a crisis that threatens our very existence. Frankly, I kind of hope the aliens do come rescue us. They couldn’t fuck it up much worse than we already have. We can hope for that all we want but we should also do what we can to lower our emissions to a safer level, pursue zero carbon energy sources and use our land wisely. Every year that passes we dump another 10GT of carbon into the already saturated ocean and atmosphere. The warm blob is the result of heat accumulating in the ocean because of Global Warming. Thanks for helping bring awareness of all the crazy, fucked up shit that’s happening to our home, the earth its atmosphere and its oceans. You rock pretty fucking hard. Take a break when you need one. Make time for your family and all the other things you love. I hope you continue to love putting out the videos… laying it out as clearly as you can, not giving a clean fuck what anyone thinks or whether someone agrees or not… and keep on keepin on.
    Your Subscriber and friend,

  21. The Lone Wolf 6161 on

    I got a proposition like Tyler said Aliens, UFOs flying into the ocean and vise versa What if the aliens are heating up the planet so the can extinct the human population or reduce the human population so it is easier to over take us?!?!

  22. Jason Sykes on

    Its no anomaly its radioactive waste from Fukushima nuclear plants that melted down on average 5/600 metric tonnes if radioactive waste a day is still pouring into Pacific ocean just from reactor 2 alone

  23. High Uare on

    ok i normally enjoy your videos, however this one just seems like you did zero research on the topic. the fukushima nuclear disaster is the only conclusion to your questions. it has nothing to do with aliens, or some weird strange thing.

  24. nazra7 on

    It could just be the Earth’s natural way of reproducing its ozone layer as it has been decreasing over time due to air pollution.

  25. Tommy Baker on

    From the scale of the picture, this is nowhere near the “middle” of the Pacific ocean,it’s more like 600-700 miles west of Portland, Or. Another Global warming scare???

  26. Dany Backpunch on

    hydro thermal extra production or fracture of the bed ocean wich is might trace a straight line to the core!?

  27. Fred Carter on

    So much more BS! Lightening strikes the ocean and fish die for miles what is so hard to figure out about these things? Duh!

  28. VideoGames4Days ! on

    just incase you guys didn’t see every other comment, allow me to be the know it all, here to provide all or the answers, so just incase you are a total retard, and for whatever reason don’t understand what every other comment on this video is saying, fukuchingchong is the reason… ya know, if for whatever reason, you still didn’t see what every other dip shit said. I love how people want to pretend they have all of the answers, everyone just happened to comment the same thing as everyone else, without ever scrolling down and seeing what is being said… haha fuckin people these days,…

  29. ItIsWhatItIs on

    yooo isn’t that where the Bermuda triangle is? another thing I’m a muslim and our last prophet of God said that Satan’s throne is in the sea. it could actually be that.

  30. Jeff Molton on

    hey Tylor, I was just wanting to say. that I’ve seen too many unrelated news sources fizzle out because of getting burnt out. If you need a break take it brother, but I look forward to seeing your videos

  31. Sylvia Ernst on

    Fukushima Radiation has ongoing leaking and that is the blob that is growing!!! That is the radiation in the waters and evaporating into our atmosphere as well

  32. Carex Pendula on

    Here’s what’s happening: Uranium 235 fuel pellets fragments were/are purged via pumping measures and became introduced to the Pacific. What this means is: an uncontrolled nuclear reaction in the ocean is occurring. The heat anomalies are evidence of active fission. Beyond the under reported release of radiation from Fukashima reactors 1,2,3,& 4; additional cesium 137 /134, strontium 90 and iodine 131 are occurring as a direct result of open ocean nuclear fission.
    This is beyond really really bad. May the lord have mercy upon us, we need all the miracles we can muster.

  33. R Bianco on

    Is Fukashima going nuclear?
    Seriously, maybe solar radiation hitting us because our magnetosphere is becoming weaker as we approach grand solar minumum. If so – then we’re screwed right? This would be an extinction event, above ground, under ground there would be no hiding and life cannot exist in that environment. It’s almost like a great cleansing of Earth is beginning.

  34. R Bianco on

    I watched a video by MrBBB that showed some kind of energy weapon shooting in that area coming from the rough area of Antarctica. Could that “wave” of energy be heating the water fixing our atmosphere or saving us from Neutron radiation coming from the solar minimum that is supposed to peak in three years.

  35. Justin McGowan on

    How can you fix this wow nuclear power is bull shit who would make something like this man only God can fix this 1stcorinthians 15-1-4the gospel kJv

  36. music man on

    gotta be honest secureteam10, your video before seemed fun and fun the watch stoned, now your channel is fooking worrying, with this and the Fukushima video makes me wanna be sick!

  37. pyccos on

    algae bloom releases gases that traps ozone, the planet will kill humans before we destroy it. kinda like a fail safe


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