“Unexplained” Mystery Object Beyond Neptune, Detroit UFO Lights & More! 8/12/16

Moon coords 1: 0°40’52.24″N, 23°27’36.95″E
Moon coords 2: 9° 5’51.04″S, 15°29’5.44″E
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  1. lmwrt on

    We are in a journey of study. Mankind is brilliant but very, very young in this Earth of ours. We are only in the brink of discovery and almost everything is new to us, so we are always in awe of the waders of this universe. We are like a child amazed with every new tiny thing in his grasp. That´s why scientists are always saying that they were not expecting this or that, and that such phenomena violates the laws of physics. What laws? The laws of the childish scientist that despite not knowing what realy goes on in the universe, acts and thinks like if he already knows it all.Human race has a long journey to go through in search of the real and true knowledge, and it will take same more hundreds of years to get a broader image of the whole picture, and even then as the wise know, with more answers come even more doubts, and every answer is nothing more than the prelude for a new question. Meanwhile we have to be humble when locking to the universe and presume we know it all.Eyes open people. No fear. Be safe everyone.


    no ones ever been to space tho lol..aliens? lol c’mon sheep waaake up! stop falling for these space agencies c.g.i 😅

  3. Mike Casas on

    I’ve seen the same thing those guys in Detroit saw but here in California about 4 months ago I really believe I saw aliens till my friends mentioned them possibly being lanterns released into the sky then I was disappointed

  4. Kelly Oden on

    Does everyone think if there were such things as ET’s that they would be smart enough to travel faster than light just to be dumb enough to crash into the ground?

  5. Adam Bradburn on

    This comment isn’t related to the video, but can people please learn the difference between, there, their and they’re please?
    Anyone that tries, thank you

  6. Wildtrackmusic on

    All these light beams in the sky from thunders – Questions that these UFO crafts are the future intelligence of us – examples of using the speed of ‘light to their advantage! (These planets and stars that are light years away) my theory (conclusion) is that they use thunder and light using their technology to travel how they do (speed of light) not only that but form (morf) into different objects due to high level intelligence. It makes sense to travel to these planets that are (E.g) 100,000 light years away you have to make certain unique types of crafts that can produce some how light speed! (just my thoughts) 🙂

  7. jason howell on

    Chinese lanterns those were in Detroit, I live 4 miles away from where this was recorded. people were sending them up for well over a month after 4th of july. We launched a couple ourselves end of july lol

  8. James Applegate on

    I always wondered Why do the stars vanish when there taking pictures from space? You can only see them from earth? And if they have a probe flying by these planets, Why can’t we get behind them,  Same pictures every time,  And with camera’s that can see a zit on a nat’s  ass, were are those pictures?  Just a lot of irregular observations, Don’t you think?

  9. James Applegate on

    Is this were the Red Flower saying comes from? There moving, away from us, when they clear the Van Allen Belt they will disappear,   just thinking?

  10. Nella Bartley on

    sorry mate that last one was coppers in the sky arresting someone so IDK how the Fuk it turned out like that but it was all over the news n all so it ain’t a UFO it’s just how the camera captured it lol no offence but it’s not that fascinating to me cos I already know what happened there

  11. Lillian Ballard on

    THey are trying to call attention to themselves by going ‘backwards’. I am ruled by Neptune and 3 days after my birthday of the 3/12,things have changed,softly but changed.

  12. Lillian Ballard on

    TO NASA – Please pay 6mo of attention to Neptune. It is my planet.I am not getting any younger, so would like to know more! Thanks so much.I have been with you since the beginning,now be with me for 6 months

  13. Renee Jonker on

    if you dont understand anything you broacast, but other people have the knowledge and explain it, maybe its time you should stop this channel, because you feed info you get from other sources ( you dont have the knowledge or leads to teach anybody anything ) who allready solved their own studies, and still you show it on your channel. so what the f+++ is wrong with you man. were you born the day before yesterday, cos you cal everything a ufo and dont have anything from your own research. you are a dumb believer in things you do not understand. please research b4 you start your silly channel ‘info’

  14. galvincaine on

    planets don’t go around the sun they are draged at a figure 8 movement. smh scientists are fool’s cause they think they can measure the immeasurable smh. an they wonder why they are always stomped

  15. captainmorales on

    Go to 4:04 on the video and notice the orientation of the shadows. The big one in the middle is totally perdendicular to the horizon, while the other shadows are at an angle to the horizon. Doesnt seem right does it..?

  16. X-Hammer -X on

    I seen the same orange glowing lights in a small town about 20 miles from Flint Michigan. In the city of Flint there is Bishop Airport and for 32 years of my life I have witnessed planes taking off and landing, I distinctively know what a plane looks like in the night sky. About 2 weeks ago I seen an orange glowing light moving horizontally and slowly across the night sky. I knew it was too orange to be a plane, after observing it for about 2 minutes the light just disappeared. It was the exact same light that this guy just captured on video. I’ve been watching in the same area every night watching planes taking off and landing and have never seen a light that bright and that orange again since that day

  17. Seven Stars on

    Excuse me! About the moon anomalies. It actually are parts of the spaceship before they land they release some parts before the spaceship lands so thst explains it

  18. Hajar Renate Midbrød on

    Oh how I wish African Americans would stop being so Stereotypical :-((( its just cringe worthy having to listen to every other word being N****A….

  19. Mr. Zero on

    Why is it that in so many pictures from the surface of the moon appear to have no stars in the background? I always thought that the lack of atmosphere around our little dust ball would make it exceedingly easy to see stars and what not. Am I wrong?

  20. Cuckosaurus Sex on

    shits in michigan all the time. we have a huge bright light (looks like someone is shining a flashlight into your eyes from space) almost everynight. weather does not affect it and it seems constant until it just disappears.

  21. Nate Swartzentruber on

    This is not the first time a UFO like the one on the beach in Australia!
    There was an eye witness account and photos of one in China on July 7th 2010! ABC news actually covered the story. It actually shut down an airport for a brief time.

  22. NorthFace051 on

    did you notice that in the video with the 2 red orbs one of them shot something off it? after you showed the clip and started talking about it and showed just the one orb. it shot something off. look at 9:13 and 9:17

  23. John Christiansen on

    I think that if a craft that big was shining a light on the beach many people would have seen it. I think it might be a made up pic. Sorry

  24. CameroX on

    The panorama is Saturn with Neptune or Uranus behind it how ever the second picture definitely seems to be some form of ufo

  25. Aly Smoothiepup on

    I suddenly got a strange add, and at a part I KNEW it had to do with aliens, well, there WAS a picture of an alien creature, not surprised I just got that add while watching this lol, actually I didn’t expect an add at all, ok I didn’t expect that there…. Lol

  26. James Harlan on

    you might want to check your research. there are many objects that revolve opposite normal.

    there is one object in earth orbit the revolves opposite earth comes close and turns around. goes the opposite direction all the way around to just turn back again.

  27. jeannie limberg on

    OMG, they are the same ones I saw when I was a teenager, my dad and I saw those reds dot ufos flying over the bay and zooming over our house, then we heard a loud fighter jet flying toward them and one of the red dots stopped in front of the jet like it was standing still, moved straight up and zoomed over the fighter jet, as if was just looking at the jet for a moment like WTF are you in my way for?, wildest things I ever saw, never will forget it.

  28. Isaac Baye on

    seriously. just consider the color of Neptune. it’s almost pure blue. if there’s any planet in our solar system that has the potential for having water on it I would say it’s Neptune.

  29. AlterFunKtion on

    I had to take my kids out of the room, not because of the foul language, but because I don’t want to expose my kids to Ebonics.
    Im way too racist to allow my kids to even hear that kinda talk.


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