UNDENIABLE Alien Craft Caught In Motorist’s Dashcam Footage 3/8/16

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  1. Jack Digiacomo on

    Kinda bummed … every indication we never see them! They fly fast ! Odds are up if your out doors a lot yeah sure might see them but still… they fly fast and or fly out of our eye vision spectrum or cloak !! And I know they can go cloak !

  2. Devin Caliri on

    I saw a craft like this back in 2001 late one night when I was unloading a semi load of propane in New Richmond, WI. It passed directly overhead and I caught a reflection of it in my glasses then I turned and watched it pass by. It seemed to be cloaked as well.

  3. Ale Falis on

    I really respect this channel and your work Tyler.. please re watch this footage and take in consideration that due to the car speed passing by and the speed that the craft moves across the screen almost steady hoovering this craft seems to be close to the ground and its size must be small.. I doubt this is a real ufo (not trying to disbelief but.. the size and the speed doesn’t make sense).

  4. Raúl Saenz on

    “Did you catch it?” Of course not! The only human way of noticing that is knowing that it is there, and the only way to know that it is there is having editted the video yourself.

  5. Sweetsleep7 on

    looks like a Ouijiboard ?. imagine tho… in another dimension and all the ufos are kids from another plane trying to communicate with us…

  6. Seathasky on

    I’ve never disliked one of your videos, but this one is just blatant, you should of known better, suprised you haven’t deleted this one.

  7. Krill Siluroid on

    Something like that would make the perfect human surveillance platform wouldn’t it? Apparently it’s no longer a secret because it flys over populated areas.

  8. 30Chompi on

    I don’t understand why he was randomly filming with his cell phone of all things, while speeding..during a random evening drive.

  9. Scott Miller on

    I think this video really seems legit because first off he wasn’t even trying to catch anything like this on his camera he was just trying to show the speed of his car and caught some type of UFO on accident and it does not look like the tr3b at all this looks like something else thank you Tyler for this great video

  10. Jennifer Lewis on

    I’m going with a black project. Looks like a Stealth way too much. Being this is in W. Virginia how close was the nearest military base? They do maneuvers at night

  11. MaCH on

    from that perspective of it it looks like its almost a diamond shape. also you said west virginia which would leave me to believe its a government vehicle because that would be more than close enough to the langley cia head quarters

  12. William Florin Jr. on

    It’s ours out of area 51! Saw the same craft in 2001 fly over Tucson AZ one night. Heading towards area 51. With two black Hawks escorting the craft. Never told anyone what I saw that night as a Pinkerton security officer.

  13. dess Duvont on

    Thats crap footage fuvk off with the slien shit there the yanks and fuck nos wat other countrys have these tr3b triangles by this time they had them since the 70.s at least. Talk about make big thing of fuck all old news. Lol

  14. SummerNights & Neon lights on

    oh I don’t know , what would make him notice that ? its really hard to see , and there is alot of pixelation around it . im suspect to how he hzppened to notice this. Not that convincing, seen alot better.

  15. Nash Doyle on

    That one you found on google maps made me think maybe because those balls on the bottom might be magnetized that may be why cameras and devices crap out weather done intentionally or not that much magnetic energy could really screw electronics up bad. If you put a magnet to a tv it messed the screen up.

  16. colbs nudda on

    wait tho, am i the only one who seen the light blinking on the object? it was like an airplane or helicopter light, made to flicker by the goverment. possibly reverse engineerd craft, but why even add the blinking light then? seriously though we need to put someone in office that will tell us the truth next time. cause if not im going to get in over my head trying to put this puzzle together

  17. Matt Britton on

    does anyone else see a small flash of light on the underside of UFO , might be my shitty screen or eyesight , but I am sure I see a light flash a slight red

  18. FairyAss Timmy on

    Looks like a drone to catch speeders , we have those here Florida and they are triangular shaped btw and it’s flew by remote google them

  19. Mike Evans on

    if it were secret gov plane they wudnt fly over highways….i was in the navy in the atlantic in 02 i seen this type plane 3 times…i reported it but they said it cud be stealth bomber or fighter jet

  20. Daniel Kincaid on

    I am from Fayette County West Virginia and I know where this is at lol, we have been seeing alot of strange things around that area, stay tuned and if we catch anything we will definitely upload it to your site brother.

  21. WOLV4TRON on

    Evidence is right there ….. Pause at 7:49 and you will see it was put in by the pixel square shape around the craft. 🙂
    I have personally seen a craft similar to this not to long ago but i don’t think this is genuine

  22. Rick Frazer on

    Tyler, the low altitude reminds me of the new drones highway patrol are experimenting with to catch speeders, especially at night. they can catch speeds at a distance then with cameras automatically get the license plate. It just seems to me that the light is low enough to keep hidden but second it needs to be seen by ground control.

    That particular one I think this is a pretty clear answer for. I’m not a critic. I believe these things are being seen (explained and unexplained). I do have a slightly different belief as to the source (both man made and from unknown sources, won’t go into that now. I only say this so you don’t think I’m one of those that tries to debunk everything.) However, I’m pretty sure it’s a speed/traffic monitoring drone. Keep up the good work.

  23. Terence Murray on

    Its knot fair if we have this technology they should share it with use.. I would love to just shoot of into the stars for few days to tour the galaxy and see unbelievable sites and planets.. there like kids with toys that they dnt want to share that’s my toy knot yours blah spoilt bratts. and i dnt like that they drip feed use this info and what we see.. it’s like movie trailers that have not yet been released we see but we dnt no when the release date is such a fu..ing tease….i dnt care about the off world or on world beings if there here thats the fact would love to see how we interact with but more interested in the stars

  24. random_gamer on

    This is the TR-3B. A highly secretive anti-gravity craft which is being tested and is now in the public domain. They are watching us….

  25. Keboozi Shockley on

    WOW!!! going back and watching vids I missed and this is nuts!!! amazing capture!!! very TR3B looking

  26. Paul Hill on

    this is fucking unreal footage bods who dont belive just dont want too belive fuckem keep up the good work brv

  27. Daniel Diaz on

    why does the “dash cam ” moves away after the “craft” appears ? And look at the view of the dash cam ,in front of the steering wheel and not under the rear view mirror where they usually go as if it was meant to barely capture the craft on the top left corner.

  28. madsplatta lot on

    not like that one , this almost looked like it was alive or made me feel that way cause it changed show before taking off . videos in utube. titled for secureteam UFO on ground north Alabama

  29. Anell Swet on

    It looks like a fidget spinner… isn’t a bit suspicious that as more and more footage is being found, a “children’s toy” shaped like a UFO is becoming increasingly popular? FULL DISCLOSURE

  30. Glyn Davies on

    I realise that it’s almost a year late, but I’ve not seen this vid previously. However, I don’t necessarily agree with your view that this object is ‘not one of ours’ – mainly because it demonstrates the same triangular geometry and underbelly arrangement as the TR3B – my feeling is that this is possibly an ‘improved’ 2nd. generation model. Also you ask why should such a craft be flying at night in a backwater of West Virginia? My answer would be because this craft may now be being deployed nationwide and is being used to train pilots at local air-bases? (being English, I’m not familiar with the locality of military airbases in the US, let alone Virginia!). Flying at night over rural countryside is possibly the only option the local military have to trial the aircraft and train its crew – being spotted by a speeding motorist was obviously not a hazard they anticipated!

  31. John Wayne on

    Ok let me get this straight. This car has a dash cam. He is driving at night. The viewers barely notice this very faint Vicks Cough drop over head. And the driver gets home and goes gee I love to review my dash cam footage. Hark! There is a Vicks cough drop flying overhead and great day in the morning I couldn’t see that due to the harsh on coming headlights messing up my Batman night vision.

    Come on. seriously this is as bad as seeing squirrels from Mars rover pics.

  32. Kenneth McBride on

    who would ever slow down the video and check for a very faint object in the sky unless they created the UFO?

  33. MadTAII on

    Why you think that there is only one type of TR-3B may be it is new version called TR-6B or something else – definitely look like one of ours not alien.


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