“Unacknowledged” PROOF That Aliens Are Here! 4/25/17

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  1. Jeff Sol on

    i remember this press club conference in 2001, and one month later we had sept 11. Coincidence? trying to distract the public by creating a horrible event?

  2. Jason King on

    It’s probably just me but there’s
    something off about this dog of mine.

    Alien spy,…I suspect. LOL

  3. Nancy Chasteen on

    I believe we have been selling them gold for Decades! Plus other precious metals- along with water. They feed on our livestock instead of us, and are free to come and go as they like! In exchange for their technology!

  4. Paul Stoddart on

    He’s one of the only people to want to open and hire people for testing and UFO technology. Not to mention spoken to the CIA Director and his wife

  5. Paul Stoddart on

    Tyler, stream Unacknowledged to us. See if you can secure rights to show his movie after he sells his copies and made up his $ for future projects

  6. Linda Muthaura on

    Some conspiracy theorists have been saying that a massive alien invasion will be staged soon. What are your thoughts on this? The religious theorists say that it’s not aliens but demons from another dimension brought about by the LHC and D wave computers… can you clarify all this or point out a video you have done to put all this in perspective?

  7. Kate C on

    Tyler, this is awesome! Congrats on the exclusive with Dr. Greer. I’ve watched his previous movie “Sirius” and was blown away.
    I beg the people who are fans of SecureTeam to share this post with all your social media outlets. We need to become such an overwhelming number of believers and demand the truth that our government cannot afford to ignore us!
    If the United States doesn’t lead this, who will??

  8. Lenny Smith on

    anyone else think this is to good to be true? dont get me wrong I so hope this is all true and they are all for real but what about everyone that has been silenced over the years? but all these THEY let live and tell the world.lets hope its not just a set up THEY want us to think were getting close to the truth but theres a big part of me that says as xfiles says dont trust anyone

  9. LM F on

    i find it quite convenient that this movie is released, on the heels of the announcement that there’s going to be official government alien disclosure in the coming months…in NOV 2017 to be more accurate. is this movie part of govt agenda maybe? rather than shock us in nov, they are slowly getting us used to the notion of ALIENS by allowing movies, and other things like alien related news stories- which are increasing in frequency lately…just sayin..

  10. samasia skipperable on

    Wouldn’t be surprised with all the threats between governments over nuclear arms and wars that it was mutually agreed that disclosure would be done when war escalates to use of nukes the Aliens step in to save us all then everyone promptly forgets war famine etc and no one is afraid of our ‘NEW FOUND FRIENDS’ thus saving ‘face’. Subsequently all nukes are disabled and everyone then welcomes them into the fold only they take over and rule us all!

  11. gossipgirl101xoxo on

    how has this been able to turn in to a film with the facts and files given in this film from greer himself? im more surprised at the fact he has not been killed yet for speaking out

  12. firstcomes firstserved on

    dare only going 2 come out with dis ufo information until sumone makes this accessible 4 everyone 2 c and use available 4 everybody 2 see n touch but right now da government is not comfortable or thinks people r not ready 4 dis type of surprise technology or how 2 handle it well

  13. firstcomes firstserved on

    lets b real 4 one second if sumone gave u 2 dis advance technology first of all u wouldnt b able 2 use it cause u dnt know how 2 use it or how it works it would b useless 2 u cause it doesnt exist n dis world or solar system it would just b a model of display 2 look at

  14. firstcomes firstserved on

    let me put this into prospective if u give a laptop 2 a dog do u think he would understand it or how it works or turn it on n lets b a little bit more prospective do u think he would know 2 even build a laptop haha i think not same as 4 alien technology vs humans were da dogs n dare da laptops we still live on earth and rely on da sun 4 life were day dnt rely on da sun or earth 2 live day live n outer space day dnt rely on the sun 2 live or planets

  15. I folo him on

    I Feel Bad For alot of these UFO PEOPLE, Cause they are being Assassinated and made to look like a suicide or a car accident. like Max Spears, Phillip Shnieder and the doctor i forgot his name I think it was Roger that was pulling all those chips out of abductees. this subject is no joke

  16. Bruce Wayne on

    I don’t trust Dr. Greer. “Turns out… he is a big fan of this youtube channel.” Or… he is a specialist in disinformation. If you follow his career… He has made a career of the ufo phenomenon. I’ll continue to lurk… good luck to you all!

  17. John Tia on

    sorry guys but u cant find something (ming-blowing) here in youtube.. if u wanna know more about aliens try surfing the deep web… its bcos sites there are hard to shut down ..

  18. QAWI KHAN on

    I don’t want to say but, You know, If govt Don’t want to disclose this information…. So Why your channel Of aliens thinghs is Still going Good, you know in this world as you said, We cannot trust anyone, might be You are also a part of This documentary & the truth was diffrent, But What You are showing us, We believe on it… Answer me, Why?

  19. Wahrheitskampf on

    The big goal of the globalist elite is just to create a one world government,
    because that is a big act of centralization of power, while souvereign nations, organized in peoples, languages and races is a decentralization of power. Thats just it.

  20. Cezza on

    Congratulations Tyler! So badass to be working with Dr Greer. I’ve been following his work. The movie comes out tomorrow so I’m excited to see it. Clear Skies!

  21. john lannom on

    The narrator sounds ridiculous. I hate it and I don’t dismiss the possibility of alien life existing. Just hire someone else. I hate him.

  22. Carlose B. on

    I don’t know why Tyler, I trust him, I just can’t something about him is off can’t exactly put my finger on ot my gut just tells me he not who he is telling us he is….

  23. ZX14R BUSA KILLER on

    I served in the Marines and trained with a guy that was Stationed at Wright-Patterson AFB and I learned a lot once he was drunk! I have been quiet for over 20 years until now! The shit is real!

  24. Calyn Presson on

    I love this channel. Tyler is the reason I YouTube at all anymore. lol.. You are so awesome Tyler. I get excited every time there’s a notification for a new video! ♡

  25. Kyle Gravano on

    most ppl r very skeptical. I try to be open minded but I refuse to just trust what anyone says or does. I think some of these folks r just actors in the greatest play of their life. We’re (the general public) r they audience.

  26. Shane C on

    They talk about how we shoot down these ufo’s wouldn’t they develop more sophisticated technologies? We’ve literally invented the TV not even 100 years ago. 30 years ago we were playing PONG for video games yet the us gov’t were developing Inter-dimensional portals? Interstellar beings would have to be thousands if not millions of years more advanced. I highly doubt we can shoot them down. It’s all very confusing to me.

    Look at the 50’s and look at today, this much progress was created in 67 years.

    Now imagine aliens who are tens of thousands if not millions of years more advanced.

  27. MARDUK on

    SecureTeam is the last youtube channel you want to watch when hearing about disclosure. This channel makes everything theoretical looking ridiculous.

  28. Jzone hadzone on

    i just watched it for FREE! someone posted the full movie hours ago but then when i went back to my liked list it was deleted.

  29. Fred Egg on

    He’s being saying the same thing since the mid-80s. Greer, just speak to your aliens and make a tiny anti-gravity device or a non-energy dynamo and we’ll ALL become believers overnight! (xeroxed documents and off-the-record interviews DO NOT count)….

  30. Vaurie on

    No such thing as aliens. There is a such thing as the spirit realm. Satan has been busy behind the scenes, pulling strings and causing confusion, chaos and wars, on this earth, since the Eden exile. No one has ALL the answers. Over the past 150 years, the evil agenda of Satan propagated to humanity has accelerated. We are in the end of days. Satan wants to blind you from the truth. Christ is the truth. There is only the physical and spiritual realm. If you want to call demons and angels aliens, then so be it. They are not from this earth. demons have appeared to many in altered states, in an attempt to mislead. What I find strange is how people will cosign with the information spewed in this video, yet disagree with the information i’m giving. My point is the only way to truly know the truth and be at ease is to build a relationship with Jesus Christ. The only GOD in all the religions who suffered for his own creation.

  31. Gordon Welford on

    Question: What do you have if you have one small gray ball in one hand and one small gray ball in the other hand?
    Answer: The undivided attention of a Gray Alien.

  32. First One on

    this is why we get star wars and and sf movies cause when the “shit hits the van” so to speak were gonna be used to this kind of stuff in a way lawl

  33. Pacific NW Native on

    was working on my parents car, they live out in the Styx, cost guard helicopter circling around, and again, at 12 am as if they are looking for somerhimg, Huge eye shine in the bushes!! not a rackoon, unless they can stand 6 feet high! shot at it!! It screeched like a trapped rat!! ran away, sounds of bi pedal upright, two legged!! the whole time I was grinding a bolt off the exhaust manifold, kept hearing rustling and eerie being watched feeling!!! WTF!! WAS IT! AS I type coast guard still circling 12:24 am!!

  34. powerlight on

    Greer’s a bug encouraging contact with highly infectious beings. Thanks to people like him, the aliens are truly here… using the human body like a battery, running their virtual worlds at our expense, and controlling ours. They are “hidden in plain sight” because they are inside us.

  35. powerlight on

    Just to clarify, I enjoy your channel, but don’t get involved with anything Greer promotes. No amount of advanced technology is worth our souls.

  36. Richard Conner on

    Mr Greer is not the original founder of the Disclosure,was the Sirrus,project.It was astronaut Edgar Mitchell.Do your homework.
    Mitchell was educated at Annapolis,&with funding by the military went to MIT for his doctorate.
    He was in the know,before his death,about MUCHO insider UFO information,but did not say alot about his knowledge.
    Greer is a disinformation specialist operating in coordination with the military industrial complex.
    Most of the stuff that he speaks about is NOT THAT deep.
    He needs to really serve mankind by going back to the medical profession.Like working in South Central Los Angeles.

  37. Anthony Roy on

    Dr. Greer aligns himself with the Clintons who are well-known ILUMINATI and regular attendees at BOHEMIAN GROVE! How this gets by so many is a question for the wisemen!!

  38. Joseph Jurewicz on

    To secure team 10 I have now been following your channel for a while now and I am a disabled veteran that believes there are other forms of life ET living among us now. I commend you Tyler for your tireless work that you and your team does to inform the uninformed. We are brothers in arms and we wrote a blank check to the United States of America good for our life. We need more Tyler’s than critics. Tyler great job find the truth follow the signs their all around you. Energy flow = /10101010100101100110011100011011001011

  39. Dale Mcneil on

    Dr Grays a well-known disinformation agent now you’ve been infiltrated because you got your nose right up his asre. conclusion… you’ve now become a disinformation agent yourself. go fuck yourself Tyler

  40. Anthony Rios on

    I always look for this kind of stuff. My dad taught that we were descendants of Mars. We are the only specices that have no natural preditor. There are too. many questions than awners.

  41. DoppiaW27 Vince on

    Ciao a tutti voi. Al minuto 10.35 nel quotidiano c’è scritto RAAF (Royal Australian Air Forces) se non sbaglio? Mi pare che in base ci dovrebbe essere l’USAF . Sorry for may English.Bests regarding ☝️

  42. Otto Booth on

    On a clear night when I go out they can be spotted they flash me back when I use my old type camera flash , I live in the hills of England low light pollution , I don’t need to prove it to anyone or take photos as they would be up for scrutiny and we have enough proof any how,, its being drip fed  the proof  so fast now they want us to know but I think its only those who look will be enlightened its the unenlightened one who may panic that’s why mainstream will take time ,, just a thought

  43. Happydemon on

    ah… i see a small mistake in the title of the video. the “” are placed around unacknowledged in stead of proof. ^_^ no biggie.

  44. Light Warrior on

    Well time to check in again…I have been following and researching a very few who are consistently correct. All I can say is the war going on below groud, above ground, and in space is winding down as the Cabal has lost. Sure there are hold outs, but all in all things are getting close to being part of the news here. In other countries they they talk openly about the UFO subject. I will say this, if you think back upon some of the stuff in popular movies, they (Illuminati) are giving the answers.

  45. King Corey on

    I’m sorry but I could only watch no more than 30 minutes of that “Unacknowledged” documentary. there’s no video footage just a bunch of people running their mouths. Was too boring.

  46. Jeazy27 on

    Tyler i sent you an image through email and i don’t think you thought it was real 😛 Took it from my back porch in a small town in NY.. you’d think it would be notable xD

  47. Dee F on

    Hey, I’m new to the channel and I’m loving it!! These last few weeks I’ve been staying up way to late watching lol


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