UFO’s Cause Major Earthquake? Mystery Ocean Object Found! 11/14/16


Mars pic: https://goo.gl/3qaH1a
Ocean UFO coords: 24°26’13.22″S 109° 5’3.65″E
Mystery object falls from sky: https://www.rt.com/viral/366563-chinese-space-debris-object/
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Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod
Kevin’s website: http://www.incompetech.com

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Date: April 20, 2017

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  1. Raymond Sanparhte on

    You have many fan from Myanmar bro. I have been watching your channel for a year. i can’t enough to watch your video. Lovin’ it.

  2. bbmnb on

    yes the earthquake in Peru. really happened in Ica. hours from Lima, where I was. brother and rest of ppl of the building was out in the street and they said the ground felt like they were on water…and felt waves. I stayed behind idk…I saw an elderly neighbor and I couldn’t leave her…I came back and once we were in second floor thru the stairs…I see it. only me..she didn’t. I saw the most gigantic flash of light that illuminated a great amount of the country. videos of a few angles were taken. and after i saw that huge light I got this eerie feeling. they said street electric poles in the area had all exploded. I’m like sure..that would mean all electric poles at the same time and every single one which is not possible in those circumstances. every city I leave..these beings are seen there or ufos, bothers me very much coz I feel they are avoiding me…little shits lol

  3. Larry Galpin on

    I experienced earthquake lights in the 6.7 Northridge (California) quake in 1994. As I was getting out of the building, it looked like thousands of flashbulbs going off all over the sky above me.

  4. RAIN HAVOK on

    My daughter and I recorded about 15 minutes of the lights flashing for no reason, no noise, no shaking, and it didn’t come from the any downward, it was going upward. Ill see if my daughter still has the video.

  5. Tim Spencer on

    Looks like transformers on utility poles going out, just like in a hurricane or tornado – wires cross, you get an arc – wires stay crossed and the transformer goes.

  6. Sustainable Love on

    I’ve always heard that the lights and resultant electrical charges are a result of piezoelectric effect of the bending or rubbing together of rocks in the Earth’s crust, particularly quartz. Piezoelectric effect is defined as the ability of certain materials to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress. Would seem logical something like this could occur during an earthquake.

  7. Qwerty Qwertable on

    why is our government trying to keep extraterrestrial life a secret? what if the only reason why they invented the idea of a single god for each religion is to keep us separated and controllable knowing that in the “god we trust” we will individually blindly follow orders and keep us controlled

  8. Porter Austin on

    the earthquake lights are inter denominational beings travailing to earth. it take a lot of energy ant the discharge create the earthquake

  9. Wdomino on

    Arrival was awesome! It was indeed a deep movie, you had to think alot while seeing it which I love to do. But as I saw other people sitting next to me just staring at the screen when the credits started to roll, about 9 of 10 didnt understand the ending. Im so glad I did 😀 This is true science fiction without action of thriller.

  10. Terry Edwards on

    wow the lights in the sky are awsome.
    A hollow asteroid spaceship well you might be right Tyler. I am off to watch THAT film thanks for the heads up

  11. Jaime Bunde on

    thats not strange, i remember the 2010 earthquake here in Santiago Chile, i was looking outside from my window and there were a lot of those lightnings kind of lights, theyre just tranformers and electrical wires hitting eachother cuz of the heavy movements

    • Oscar Vazquez on

      very true. I’m a mexican living in the U.S.. and that’s exactly how they categorize us. as aliens. even on the resident ID . it says “alien”.. by the way Germany is me favorite country. I’ve never been there but it’s my dream. I’ve been doing some research over the last couple years and their way of government is unique. love the culture and music. I’m actually starting to learn German.. hopefully I get papers one day so my dream can come true!

    • Gon2Soku on

      I guess the problem is, that the word racist has now a bad connotation. But the primal meaning of this word is not vicious at all. Here in FRG, the media use this word to bash people, it is a killer argument.

    • Oscar Vazquez on

      well at least your honest. still surprising though cause of your educated response. you don’t seem racist to me… more like very patriotic

  12. the truthknowing on

    i saw this lights in the sky like 3 days ago , i live in north carolina and i was about to get to my house ,i was driving and me and my mom saw this star high in the sky, it was the only star in the sky and it was green and it was like moving slowly and i was like what is this , so we stay inside the car looking at the star i was parked and suddenly the green looking star change the color to intense red and started falling to the grown and i lost sighted i stay there waiting but i didn’t see it again

  13. Frank Blood on

    Earthquake lights are nothing more than electric particles displaying during the movements of the earth quantic plates with other reasons… Aliens do not exist and never will… No, we are not alone in the universe. However, to say because of something that happens everyone wants to think it is alien in nature, that is just not the case. While everyone is consumed in aliens and not believing in what they see to be something higher, people are just misinformed….

  14. Kerem Gogus on

    Earthquake Lights happened in 1999 in Marmara e.q. took place in Turkey too. Not something strange or never seen before – always happens before really strong earthquakes.

  15. iAM007 on

    “cinematography was great,music was great blah blah” lol. dude.tyler you have no clue about what cinematography is. for craps sakes,hahaha come on. you thought the guys name was “dez-Cart-ez

  16. deaderthendead041 on

    I’ve seen Donnie Darko like 5 or 6 times and I’m still trying to understand the whole plot and everything,(SPOILER AHEAD!!!, BUT IM ASKING SO I CAN UNDERSTAND THE MOVIE) all I get is that it’s about time travel and him going back and dying when he should have because of him Staying Alive has altered his version of reality or for the future, oh well if anybody knows explain it to me please thanks ✌

  17. Jay Foss on

    There’s a second 20 mile wide object right behind the first like it was split in half upon impact and the bottom half slid past the top half.

  18. deaderthendead041 on

    I remember seeing a multi series special I think it was on Science Channel it was about arrival and alien contact and what would happen if they ever showed up and all that if anybody else remembers it post the name please because I can’t I have a terrible memory

  19. Tresa Lamb on


    • Tresa Lamb on


    • Jay Ackrtman on

      For once, someone got it right. ( I Know ) the scientists / nasa / cia And homeland know! So why won’t they share this with us ?  Can it really be That Scary!

  20. Brenda Carroll on

    China’s first space station is expected to come crashing down to Earth next year, fuelling concerns that Chinese space authorities have lost control of the 8.5-tonne module.

    The Tiangong-1 or “Heavenly Palace” lab was described as a “potent political symbol” of China’s growing power when it was launched in 2011 as part of an ambitious scientific push to turn China into a space superpower.

    Alien life, or noise? Russian telescope detects ‘strong signal’ from sun-like star
    Read more
    However, speaking at a satellite launch centre in the Gobi Desert last week officials said the unmanned module had now “comprehensively fulfilled its historical mission” and was set to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere at some point in the second half of 2017.

    “Based on our calculation and analysis, most parts of the space lab will burn up during falling,” the deputy director of China’s manned space engineering office, Wu Ping, was quoted as saying by official news agency Xinhua.

    The announcement appeared to confirm months of speculation that China had lost control of the 10.4m-long module after it suffered some kind of technical or mechanical failure.

    Bits of the space station have been landing on the earth for months now 🙂

  21. Leslie Newman on

    I am not a scientist but a pretty educated individual. I do believe in aliens as I have a friend who has seen a mothership. However, in looking at the pictures of Mars in this video, it does look like the rock formations/erosion were caused by water. Those square shapes could just be parts of the rock formations which have broken away. My guess but who knows.

    The lights in New Zealand. I am thinking that they are electrical explosions or gases being released from the earth during the earthquake.

    Sorry but these particular incidents/photos are not significant in my mind.

  22. Raddy Baddy on

    Luke 21:11
    “And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.”

  23. iconicist on

    Yo man I just seen two blue flashes in the sky this evening about five minutes ago in Thunder Bay , Ontario bit of a storm but no earth quake

  24. orange70383 on

    Electromagnetic exchanges with different types of plasmas forming along with perhaps other energetic phenomena. Just think of the amount of equivalent power it would take to tear the land apart like it does, it would be at least hundreds of megatons if not more. So I would think there would be quite alot of visible energy signatures resulting from such events.

  25. LeRoy West on

    Regard guarding, cover Up’s. I just watched a utube vid, ” Zero Point Classified Anti Gravity Craft UFO Full Documentary by James Allen R I P” = and now I can finally start to take all this seriously..– You most likely know all about this…be care full brother..

  26. LeRoy West on

    I was always thinking what, lights, get real, why lights..Yet now I see the zero point energy using Alien reengineered tech..which make’s a torus of extremely high energy, which makes a bright light…-= lights floating in the sky/ air….now I understand…

    • Lori-Ann Leavitt on

      when you look at the shot/pic in tyler’s video of the gas station half falling into a crevice, the grass looks burned. to me, i immediately thought direct energy weapon such as what brought the twin towers down. there were ‘toasted’ cars. this looked like ‘toasted’ grass to me. Hmmmmmm….

  27. BLP4 on

    Tyler; thank you for your videos! You’re doing a lot of good work! A lot of us appreciate what you are doing! Stay safe and don’t ever stop what you are doing!! =)

  28. John Mejia on

    Chuck Nolan
    Damn you aint too brite !
    learn how to read the reviews ! The one where I called you a champion masturbator and backward trailor park, possum eatin’, farm animal humpin’
    reetard is still there !
    Dont get yur panties in a bunch sweetheart … remember, you still got a hole-lot of sailors to please tonight !

    • Melinda Knight on

      bless you miserable existence….don’t be a keyboard bully… its very unbecoming, I’m sure the comments are read, but they obviously aren’t worthy of a response. I feel like I’m not too bright myself wasting my time entertaining your ignorance right now, but I feel like you could use some proper guidance, so ask yourself, john, is there even a fraction of a chance of you actually acting on the true back wood trailer park  behavior in a comment?… personally, I find it to be a cowardly and uneducated reflection of you as a person.   It drives me mad to see shit like this. GET OUT FROM BEHIMD YOUR COMPUTER AND DO SOMETHING IF YOU WANT TO TALK ALL THAT IGNORANT NONSENSE

  29. Jay Rees on

    In this day and age if something crashes to earth, no matter how remote the area, we’re bound to find out about it on social media.

  30. Lori-Ann Leavitt on

    when you look at the shot/pic in tyler’s video of the gas station half falling into a crevice, the grass looks burned. to me, i immediately thought direct energy weapon such as what brought the twin towers down. there were ‘toasted’ cars. this looked like ‘toasted’ grass to me. Hmmmmmm….4:28

  31. #California Growers on

    👽Alien Invasion👽🌍🌏🌎⚠WARNING⚠ short circuit2 💥🌋🔭Scientific🔭🌋💥 eruption over mattress ⚠WARNING⚠ Are robots aliens?


    Tyler, the stone blocks on Mars are covered in carvings and symbols which are clearly visible when the shadows are removed.  I have it posted on my channel.

  33. gaAry1 on

    oh sweet summer child, I’m from Chile and during an earthquake is a common thing that electricity transformers explode, or power cables make that lights due to electric arcs.

  34. Janet Brimson on

    In the case of NZ this week there was a lot of sparking and arcing as the powerlines began to swing and collided into each other in the larger towns which from a distance could have looked like a pulsing aurora – just one other anomaly of the earthquake.

  35. Notscott on

    Tyler, you and whomever else is part of your team make some quality content. Good information, pacing, and delivery. This has become a good channel. Imo

  36. Jewel Lady on

    Good video. But the truth is in the name of science they are damaging earth with their technologies of destruction, too many experiments on earth.

  37. Kelushan on

    OH, I just sent you an email while watching this. But, if you prescribe to the idea of predictive programming, think of those planets with those obelisks, ports, or holes that seem to point to intelligence. Now think of Star Wars, what was the weakness of the Death Star (or almost any other super weapon). The ONE exhaust port. Star Wars is getting steam again, and people have been talking about how just having ONE exhaust port for an entire MOON sized base is such a crazy, amazing, design, to vent ALL of the heat/whatever through just ONE port. Sooo maybe the obelisks are something like that?

    I’m not saying that’s what it is. I’m more or less just throwing it out there as an idea.

  38. Kelly Oden on

    if aliens came in peace in exploring the galaxy, who do you suppose would be the first humans they would talk to? It would be a politician or a general. We are screwed.

  39. Samantha Bogan on

    I like to believe that ufos can be observed during things like earthquakes and volcanoes, but I’m not 100% on those flashes (orbs excluded) I’d be more inclined to believe electromagnetic lightning or something. Especially because of the colors reported being seen. they remind me or auroras; atmospheric gas and its electrical state, and the energy of the particle that hits the atmospheric gas. The atmosphere consists mainly of nitrogen and oxygen, which emit the characteristic colors of their respective line spectra which is normally green and yellow but can be blue and red to. I don’t think its a transformer blowing up either.
    awesome video! as always.

  40. Friscoboy on

    what do they do after the earthquake when they are repairing and rebuilding i mean with those huge cracks on the earth in the citys and stuff? Do they just fill it up with earth soil or do they just leave it alone?

  41. K D on

    I had occasion to observe these type of lights emanating from the ground during a late night earthquake some years ago. The fault line which had been the area of slippage was in a long valley where several copper mines extracted rich ore from deposits located along the fault line. My point of vantage afforded me a wide panoramic view of the night sky. A green ghostly gas cloud illuminated the valley running the length of the fault line just for a short while both during and after the quake. Some of the geologists employed at the mines concluded the lights originated from the release of rare gases trapped deep in the earth and the static energy release interaction causing the illumination much like neon lighting.


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