UFO FLEET Over Russia Again.. Lights In The Sky! Alien Sightings May 2015

Must watch: “SMOKING GUN HD Alien Moon Structures FOUND! Giant Vehicles & Bases 6/9/2015”
➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJ_uCvTBhaA

UFO FLEET Over Russia Again.. Lights In The Sky! Alien Sightings May 2015
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  1. Tullock on

    Saw a shapeshifting light in St Catharines, Southern Ontario. I was at the edge of the city and it looked like it was over Country land where theirs nothing out there but old people and the 1 school. for miles. It was the first thing I ever seen that was strange in the sky. A small cloud passing by, passed by infront of it and it was gone. Was strange, neverseen anything like it. I went to get my tablet to see if it would come back and waited 15minutes. nothing later either. 🙂

  2. watershed44 on

    The first video I’m not sure, it could be simply battery operated lights in clear 
    The second video looks VERY convincing.

  3. Lisa Maynard on

    Second video, right before the one gets brighter at 3:12 mark, you can see another one to the right. I’m thinking it joined them during the brighter flash. The reason I say “thinking” is because I couldn’t see it actually join them.

  4. joe biden on

    Could be creepy if its real,i the exact same UFO in Edmonton Alberta Canada, and I got eastern European diceant.

  5. David Miller on

    Don’t flares descend faster? Even air deployed flares fall faster than what’s in the video. Plus that altitude is too high for chuted flares. Proud to be a nerd.

  6. sc0tte1 on

    I’d say these look just like flares from a fighter jet, but they aren’t moving down fast enough…weird

    • Bill Marion on

      +sc0tte1 I was thinking the same thing. Couldn’t it be parachute flares in which the parachutes aren’t visible? The wind could cause them to bunch up like that. The color is what makes me think flares.

  7. Sparmi1 on

    These lights did not look like usual millitary flares of the Russian Air Force (or any other Air Force). Probably a formation of UFO’s. I think Putin would suspect the US for violating the Russian air space. Chinese Lanterns or glowing wheather ballons aren’t a good explanation…

    • HighArchDruidMorph on

      +Alien Grey First take into account all possibilities it could be and eliminate each one until what you are left with is the truth… The mylar balloons is the strongest possibility due to the fact we have no pertinent information such as wind direction and speed, temp, relative humidity and dew point and also by the sky you can tell by it’s color the sun can still hit objects at a higher altitude….

  8. lunden rowland on

    Looks like someone took a picture then put holes in it with a needle and filmed up close..notice he didn’t look around with the camera. I know he was busy with the lights but still. Second one looks that way also but i think I saw someone turn on there lights. But i do hope it’s real

  9. leonel bejines on

    Hey bro how can I send a pic I got a legit picture with my iPhone the time, location zone and date is all there !!!!!!

  10. transientdreams on

    Fancy Mylar opposite a setting sun. Not “Lights” or a “Fleet”…Just some pretty balloons looking for a place to die.

  11. Steve Smith on

    I’m extremely disappointed that you refused to own your mistake about the radio tower video in your last video. You have even gone so far as to remove or hide all the many comments pointing out your mistake. Mistakes are to be expected. But refusing to take responsibility for one’s mistakes is much less forgivable.
    Very sad. And I really thought that I found a channel whose owner was committed to the truth and transparency. You’ve lost my confidence. Again, not because you made a mistake. But because you ran from it instead of owning it.

  12. Sometimes Contradictory Blue Bear on

    bah, they don’t move whatsoever and they’re way too bright and out in the open which they wouldn’t do unless necessary just as an general rule…
    they’ve the technology to hide themselves and they sure as hell know how to use it
    and not make themselves be seen or heard in most cases.

    actually i’m starting to think that’s probably for the best considering how much panic and mass hysteria the truth would cause… and no, i don’t know the truth either.
    i know there’s something out there that’s superior to us and they are dying NOT to be found out by the masses but they don’t seem to be hostile towards us.  no idea what their motivations could possibly be or why they want to monitor what we do.

    i’ve got speculations but they’re so out there i’d rather keep it to myself at the risk of sounding like a crazy person even with anonymity.

  13. Jack Daniels on

    Its real I seen these lights before I seen them 1 summer night in 2013 they looked like they were gonna land but they disappeared it was crazy mane

  14. Silke F on

    I just saw similar lights outside over the fields. These are lifeforms that use interdimensional portals to enter the reality that humans know. Reality here is at the lower 4th density. They are 5th density or higher. So they got no physical laws here. Actually its simple. Its like humans are dreaming. They see this here as a lucid dream experience.

    • Gary Kriv on

      He said he knew he’d find them there, and he said something about the video being a gift for someone. Then another guy butted in and said there’s a military base there, so it’s probably their stuff, and the first guy said “so what?”, implying it doesn’t look like anything the military could have…
      Sorry, I’m in a bit of a rush, so I’m not going to sub it, but that’s generally what was going on there…


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