TIME TRAVEL Gone Wrong? The “Lead Glasses” Mystery

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  1. Jorgen Lund Larsen on

    Yes it’s disturbing, he cut have been in the hand of aliens, and as time goes on, he will come too sound more and more robotic.👽

  2. Lisa Palomino on

    This doesn’t sound like Tyler. I actually started to feel frightened for him as the video went on with the robotic narration. I hope he’s ok.

  3. craig christon on

    Tyler, I can always smell the CIA, this sounds and smells like the Company. CIA have played deadly games all over the World. They probably were paid foreign contractors.

  4. Dan Curlee on

    they may have been aliens in disguise. The capsules allowed them to look like humans. The capsules were about to wear off which made them rush. in you notice, the guy in the picture on the right eyes favor those of a reptile. could be reptilian. The lead glasses were to protect them from the UFO coming to pick them up. that could also be the reason they’re insides were “rotten”. also why no grew afterward. just a theory.

  5. Steve Hazarabedian on

    Government is definitely involved because there is a gaping hole in the cover-story. A toxicology screen can be done on skin, hair, blood, or even on the (allegedly) deterorated remains of organs. That is blatantly a half-assed “cover-story-reason” for not having toxicology results (tox-screen). They were electrical engineers so they may have invented something classified for a government defence contractor and then were conned into killing themselves by those who want to maintain secrecy on the new classified technology.

    The two engineers probably were told they would “ascend” or “time-travel”, then they were given cyanide-capsules and told it was a psychedellic or an “actuating-agent” as part of some BS story to make them feel like specially chosen secret-agent dimensional-adventurers. Sometimes smart folks are not too bright. Cyanide is very fast-acting… If they usconsumed virtually any other slower-acting poison, their unfastened masks would not likely have remained on their faces due to at least some body/head movement leading up to death. The psychopath/assassin who thought of this obviously has a highly-disturbed sense of humor.

  6. joeylondonxo on

    As soon as you translated the instructions, the pills had a lot to do with it. Maybe it was some really advanced toxic substance ..

  7. Ronny Bergmann on

    SecureTeam10: I hope you can have a text version of cases,also subtitled English cause I’m very of interest your really good true story’s. 🙂
    Hope so,what do your team think aboat this? Thank you for very good feedback and the high level there is in all cases aboat UFO’s. Never stop uploading!!😎👍🏼

  8. ricky boughen on

    ya should cover the story about the Painful Death of A Mutilated Man back in 1994 that was pretty fucked up man

  9. Marshgray on

    I think you guys are misunderstanding. Maybe he was having a bad day, and he was more depressed / less enthusiastic than is his regular videos. I think the last person we should doubt is Tyler

  10. Marshgray on

    6:40, sounds like audio was stitched together. Maybe you tried a different approach to editing? Possibly you were stuttering through it or something and instead of taking a whole new clip you decided to just peace the good audio together?

  11. macfixer01 on

    Duh, I think you meant author Jacques Vallée?  Strange you wouldn’t know that, he’s one of the real old timers of UFOlogy.

  12. Free Thinker on

    8:40 Tyler sounds nervous “Strange news from around the world”, sounds like he was forced to create this video.
    I haven’t been a subscriber to Secureteam10 for a long time like you guys, but I know there’s something up with Tyler, for some reason he sounded scared at some parts of the video.

  13. mike alexander on

    I’m noticing on several videos a very low eerie music score being played while Tyler talks. Very distracting. It doesn’t add to the videos. I’m not sure if was just thought to be a nice thing to have on the videos, but you also can’t help but wonder if there’s a subliminal intent too. It’s interesting that other people below are commenting on something odd about the videos.

  14. Planet Watcher on

    They are not time travelers, they are Terrans or Sebaceans. Descendants of Neanderthals or Denisovans that do resemble humans considerably well. They might call themselves time travelers as they believe they would be received better than saying they are human cousins that left Earth being more advance and have settled on various worlds in this galaxy. Sebaceans are descendants of Denisovans, while Terrans are descendants of Neanderthals. Denisovans left Earth about 30,000 years before the Neanderthals did.

  15. eileen MAIZE Carey on

    All I can say is I use to hike in Pacifica CA..and there is an open space area called “Sweeny Ridge” and if You walk in it long enough You will see a Lake the houses a “government” place this road has a locked gate and on the way back to the parking lot near highway 1…2 Ravens started warning calls & I turned around & was SHOCKED to see an electric Volkswagen car with 2 ” men in black” …i was extremely surprised because there was ABSOLUTELY NO SOUNDS whatsoever…we said nothing for about 1 minute as I held my Dog I stared at them thinking they were going to say something about my Dog not being on a leash …they had “gov. plates” however they said NADA…they had black suits thin black ties & VERY dark “sunglasses” ..i finally had to move into some “Poison Oak” in order for them to pass…EXTREMLY CREEPY…this is an area right above “Crystal Springs” reservoir (San Francisco drinking Water) that is also frequently “chemtraled” with giant Xs right near S.F Airport as well and TRUST those are NOT regular Airport Planes at all…very odd stuff going on there…

  16. NewtonDKC on

    Cool story, never heard of it before! One quick thing @~7:52 the author Jacques Vallee is French so Jacques rhymes with/sounds like “Jock” but with the soft J. Vallee is indeed like a ‘valet’ driver. He’s a Famous researcher in UFO circles and the French scientist in ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ is based on Monsieur Vallee, some UFO Trivia I thought you might appreciate. And as always Thanks for the fantastic channel Tyler!

  17. Bin bin on

    SecureTeam10 Is a Youtuber specialized in hunting aliens good
    SecureTeam10 There are also many more Like, Comment and Subscribe

  18. Jman 17774 on

    Hey Tyler,
    Could the pill they took be a radiation pill of sorts? If there was contact made that day when they died, radiation would be a big problem.

  19. Matthew Kadlick on

    I think you meant well known investigator Jaques Valle and he’s not hispanic or of Portuguese descent, so his first name is not pronounced WA-QUEZ, but with a French accent as in ZSJ -AHK. Just clarifying.

  20. Wayne Stevens on

    I know what the towels were for! Remember hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy?? Must take your own towel when going into outer space!!

  21. SpeaKOn It on

    Yo don’t send this guy chitt!! I sent him a confidential video in which I didn’t want to be put out there but with pressure from peers they said this has to be sent an seen it was a amazing video off my phone in which a mothership was recorded an if was about I’d have to guess 100 miles in length and in width, strange thing I could 9nly see thru my camera not with my naked eye, the lights ought sudden on craft completely shut off then one by one by the tens it lit back up it was stationary no movement no noise, showed this to about 4-5 my friends an family needless to say jaws hit the floor, sent it in to all Tyler about year 2 ago WHERE’S IT AT DUDE??? I know u get hundreds of videos each day but come on that was supthin I’ve NEVER seen on ur channel on utube in life period JAW,DROPPIN WTF is it lil Tyler, DO NOT SEND HIM CHITT HE EITHER STEALS THEM AN CLAIMS HIS OWN OR HE WORKS FOR GOVERNMENT. ? why haven’t u got a visit Tyler from MID or CIA give me an your viewers a answer!!!

  22. christopher mcmullen on

    well it could have been someone had convinced them that they could time travel or go to another dimension somehow told them to make lead glasses to make it seem more real and said take these capsules in order for this to work and the capsules could have been poison or maybe some type of corrosive considering the organs were rotted the most plausible theory is that they were victims of a phycopath/serial killer

  23. mikey lister on

    8:25 to 8:40 he said if you guys would like to hear more cases like this “Then do stick around to the channel Because in future i will be along with ufo footage adn strange news around the world be also reporting” notice how he says it i feel like hes either being forced pressured or it was taken from other videos maybe

  24. donald wassup on

    what if the human species have been prisoners to the orginal reptilians/aliens (government) for hundreds of years and the reason aliens won’t contact us personally IS because they know we are prisoners…..

  25. Stella Geurtsen on

    My cat goes crazy whenever the faces of the men are shown (especially the big pic in brown). Did any other cat owner notice the same?

  26. Brett Casale on

    time travel is real, atleast in a sense it is. weve already accomplished to prove it, we put watches on 2 different jets and flew them both around the earth in opposite directions, at different speeds. and altitude. when both planes returned and landed, when inspected the watches were out of sync with the watches on the opposite plane. i forget exactly how out of sync they were with each other but i know it deffinetatly wasn’t more than a few minutes, but hey its proof non the less! now as for this story i do not think time travel was involved, i just cant imagine a way in which a pill and lead glasses could possibly cause you to time travel. But a weird mystery none the less.

  27. JimZiii on

    a few things that really makes this sound like b.s.
    if they didn’t commit suicide because of the coupon the same could be said about time traveling, why try to get a refund for something if you’re time traveling.
    the author claimed grass refused to grow where the bodies were found, how is this even possible since you in the beginning said the bodies were partially covered in vegetation??
    and their items, led glasses won’t protect you against radiation no matter how thick your led glasses are, there’s nothing rain coats and towels could protect you against that regular clothes don’t except from getting wet.
    these were clearly morons who either got fooled into poisoning themselves or just poisoned themselves by accident which makes them even dumber…

  28. tony toe on

    these two guys were set up to catch something not sure what but the led glasses were so they could not see what was coming the pills were to make them docile

  29. Clorox Bleach on

    You guys can time travel if you boost up 100x horsepower to the speed of light. From a car engine or a bigger engine for power.

  30. stonner2k on

    if/if they had made contact with someone or thing to travel somewhere, where and how did they get the capsules from and who were they in contact with and how were they in contact with them??

  31. XxMariAdeliaXx on

    They may be physically dead here, but who knows what really happened with the ufo and their souls, if this was a ufo case. Maybe they’re living the spiritual life elsewhere, hehe. My Fiancé is Brazilian – I’m going to ask him about this.

  32. That Guy on

    Maybe the capsules contained some sort of radioactive chemical. Which is why grass doesn’t grow where the bodies were found. They should do a radiation test at that spot.

  33. Joey Diele on

    I have a theory that they were adducted by aliens who were in need of a certain material so they sent two men to do the work for them in a certain amount of time and later got picked up by an alien craft but when the aliens realized that they havent brought them the materials they needed, they sent them off the ship dead and anal probed while placed on the ground in a somewhat respectful position

  34. Steven Zehler on

    Take a close look at the photo with the men carrying a casket. The man on the right appears to be missing the bottom portion of his right leg. The left leg is presumably bent due to walking motion but even with that leg something appears curious about it. The man on the left appears to have no left foot though this is arguably less certain than the man on the right’s missing leg. ONE of his legs should have a foot on the ground but they just are not there. You could argue that this is due to movement occurring while the picture was taken but still would not the grass and dirt behind the leg still NOT be visible? Also, would not that scenario be more obvious as to that being the reason for the image characteristics. Whatever the cause, given the story behind the picture the anomaly in this picture raises the idea that perhaps something of note is being demonstrated here in this picture itself.

  35. juicycouturegurl1 on

    I want to say they were just 2 men going to do drugs out in nature but it’s sounding more like they were tricked into thinking it was the ritual for joining the mafia or some group/cult….but I don’t know how the glasses fit in unless they were smoking weed lol… Also, lead glasses…can they even see through them?? I didn’t know lead was opaque. Unless they were only to be used to protect their eyes and not necessarily to see.

  36. Marlene Widmann on

    that is not the first time tyler sounded strange and different. I noticed this in an older video before and was creeped out but nobody seemed to notice. He also didn’t use his signature introduction.

  37. The Free Hobo evanska on

    Ahh Towels…. They did’nt use the towels corectly ! Has anyone seen/read the hitch hikers guide to the Galaxy ???

  38. FilmersWay In on

    Tyler sounds odd, he reads like a robot and pauses between each word, not a huge pause but you know what I mean I’m worried now

  39. StreetkillnHD on

    they got poisoned, dumb fools thought they was gonna “time travel” by taking a capsule, bruh if there was radiation protecting wont do shit bruh.


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