They’re Back! Phoenix Lights Caught Over Arizona Again! 3/31/16

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  1. Zoey Rochelle Zhombie on

    Is there any footage that ISN’T amazing? That appears to be the only verb you know. Use it too often and it becomes meaningless.

  2. Hiloha'homa on

    Fuck the traffic I would get out and record my ass off and if anyone said shit I’d just point out the f’n lights and object.

  3. Helal AlMheiri on

    Can I ask a question, why is there always just a couple of lights in the sky and no objects is it that dark?

  4. RainDanceKidd RDK on

    A10 flare doesn’t stay lit like that plus you’d be able to the flare fly way from the aircraft, illuminating the aircraft for a very short period as it ignites on air contact . unless its a LUU-19, the LUU-19 flare has a parachute that’s visible while the flare is burning and produces lots of smoke. Just coming from a guy who works with AF countermeasures.

  5. Goofhead Rodriguez on

    Not gonna lie just last night i saw three lined up lights appear high up the white tank mountains on my way back home! But when they appeared, it only appeared for a second and never appeared again and at first I thought they were just airplanes but the night sky was 100% clear! And I realized it mist have been something close to a UFO but idk! I was kinda hoping it to appear and stay for a while so i could record but they appeared and disappeared quickly!

  6. Blank on

    Phoenix Lights is like the only valid or one of the most visited placed in footage in AZ, and people still do not believe in Alieums/Angel/demons = same shit even tho we do kinda have a air bases near by

  7. Kingeptacon on

    It’s obviously swamp gas from a weather balloon that was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus.

  8. Ray Donlon on

    ive actually seen this in phoenix, arizona!!! you know what it was?? planes lining up to come in, i nearly crashed the car when i seen it, then as i drove up the road some more (about 5 miles from sky harbour airport!!!) and the angle shifted, i could see they were airplanes.

  9. Jake Thomason on

    me and my brothers were riding our bikes in a golf course in verrado and we saw the lights , we knew what they were since we had seen a video on it. The lights then slowly faded away for no reason, whats weird is that they werent in phoenix, if anything it was between buckeye and gila

  10. Brandon Martin on

    Why is it that the lights appear to be red and when the traffic lights turn green the lights in the distance turned green also? This kind of looks like it is just an artifact created by looking through the windshield at the traffic lights.

  11. Like Sunday like rain on

    whatever the guy shot, he made it look like a spacecraft
    it’s a fucking traffic light !!
    oh my gosh, people are so credulous.

  12. ceelow107 on

    Magnesium flares. Curved cause they were dropped seconds apart. The old Phoenix lights was real cause the object itself was seen by hundreds… Not just lights that aren’t even spaced perfectly even.

  13. Trickoholic on

    theyre back just in time to see independence movie. apparently they get shitty reception on their own planet so have come to earth to watch it on imax

  14. David Hernandez on

    Yo you were going westbound on 16th street and Baseline. I’m from the SS of phx right off of south mountain. I see that all the time out of estrella and the far west valley. But there is the occasional anomalies I can’t explain!

  15. Matt on

    I have a theory about the Phoenix Lights. Witnesses describe the mile wide boomerang shaped craft as moving, gliding, slowly over Arizona. I think it moved “slowly” because the beings who sent the ship wanted us to board the craft. If I were an extraterrestrial seeking first contact, I’d try to get the humans to come to me; it’s safer for everyone that way. So, I think this spacecraft was on autopilot, and I think it will be sent back to give us a second chance to board it.

  16. Nando Gonzales on

    No shit, I live in Parker AZ and one day, was at a football game and saw these weird lights shining off and on, stopping for a while and then going back on

  17. stevester'8308 on

    I do believe the first set of lights were real and unexplained but the latest ones are probably a group of kids with modified drones and good planning .

  18. Brian Miller on

    dude we see these lights every time we go out. tonight they were realy active looked like they were giving birth to other light as my wife said. we live in gilbert az this happened on December 9 2016. my wife and I were like wtf same as you

  19. Pure Legitness on

    I live in Avondale and I saw those lights in 2014 and it seemed close to me and the lights were orange and they moved around and kept disappearing and reappearing

  20. yzfBrandon on

    For fucks sake our military has a long history with triangle or ‘wing shaped’ crafts. You’ve got the stealth bomber that is in such shape and you’ve got the B2 bomber that is literally a wing shape. If you saw this thing at night or even at day you’d swear it was a fucking triangle because it is in that sort of shape. So when people report seeing these type of shaped crafts the first thing that comes to my mind is military aircraft, not extra terrestrial

  21. Mike Cromwell on

    Wow !!! Thank you so very much for uploading this ~ 1997 encounter is my all time favorite UFO incident

    Can you imagine what would’ve happened if it were the Phoenix Lights object which crashed at Roswell ??
    Debris would be a little tough to hide in that event

  22. Moises Rivera on

    i see these lights almost everytime ,in row of five lights ,and they always leave one by one and more keep coming but when i see them get closer they look like airplanes but i mean an airplane cant stay still in the sky for that long so im guessing they could be drones or maybe im wrong and there airplanes but there not ufos thats all i can say💯

  23. Ljiljana Knezevic on

    Think of it too, look at the movie “The Phoenix Incident” it is a true story and the aliens are coming back they are looking for a good time to strike. Search up on google Ryan Stone, Mitch Adams, Glenn Lauder, and Jacob Reynolds. They got killed, murdered and abducted from these aliens. SO be prepared guys.

  24. kevin mynatt on

    I was at a friends house about 2330 when we saw the lights in the sky. Our location was Thunderbird and 59th area and it was a bit a ways south west from us.. to far for video trust me i tried

  25. xXMLG Player345Xx on

    NASA employees only want us to feel safe so don’t count nasas opinions. Do NOT listen to NASA I have seen a UFO with my own eyes. It was at a soccer game and I saw something in the sky. I thought it was an airplane because I didn’t believe in aliens yet. But if it was an airplane there would be one red and one green light. But it was a silver disc with a steady blinking light like a heart bum bum… Bum bum… I now believe aliens are very real. Pls respond.

  26. Matt Kulesza on

    These lights with the multiple sightings + going through other info and videos online… The shape looks like it could be the boomerang UFO that is the most commonly seen UFO just outside earth’s atmosphere. And has the most accounted sightings… I believe this is the same space craft

  27. pistolero Jake on

    I remember seeing this I live in el mirage not to far from Luke AFB this flew right next to my house and over Luke I know this deference between aircraft and UFOs! I live right next to Luke all my life!

  28. Geezer Laroo on

    Thanks for this. I am now subscribed so hope to receive a notice soon of more videos from this evening. I have a pal just moved to that area. Have instructed her to get off her computer, sit outside in the night sky with camera at the ready. Will let you know if she’s fortunate enough to get the crap frightened out of her.

  29. Nova Alyousef on

    UFO belong to your government not aliens thoo ! and it’s a new weapon rather than a UFO ! aliens ain’t got time for human shit . they don’t need to invade or come to us they’ll wait untill we seeiously kill eacother like dumb assbitches and then they’ll take over an empty planet

  30. Gsus Dayz on

    The new Phoenix Lights Footage just looks like a bunch of planes lined up from afar. If you live in Los Angeles you see a lot of planes that line up like that. The Original Phoenix Lights was more strange since the lights changed in weird ways. The Footage from Canada was strange and actually looks like it can possibly be extraterrestrial related but the new phoenix video just seems exaggerated for what it really is

  31. Fook Dat on

    I live in Phoenix, I saw them as well! I see them all the time I just do not have a camera to record them well. If you want good coordinates to find them here send me a message!

  32. Sarah101 Dana on

    I’ve seen same lights around gilbert mesa area last March 11 2016….took video and pics also!! Also called all police stations to see if they were helicopters! all stations said no copters were up…Something strang they all happen almost exactly same days in March!!

  33. ehsus william on

    how dumb could one human be

  34. gotta get that cash Mula on

    looks to me that they definitely aren’t flares. the angle makes it seem weird, but the lights look to be precisely spaced apart from eachother, just like the pheonix lights in the 90s. No sound, perfect shaped and colored lights, they weren’t moving not one bit, and people that look at it didn’t seem to be freaked out. Alot of witnesses claimed to have felt a connection to it, as if they felt the lights were welcome there. good video Tyler, been watching docs on the original event and it baffles me when I think of a conclusion what it could really be.

  35. Mischievious Jirachi on

    Tbh I could care less about those damn lights. While you could freak out, I’d be pissed trying to get home with people recording that.

  36. KrazyAz68 on

    we see those all of the time thats the jets lining up for sky harbor. its alot diff than the phoenix lights
    they come in from the west like this and from the north.

  37. Ark Survival Play on

    I don’t know why everyone calls the original sighting the Phoenix lights. It went over Nevada and western Arizona long before it got to Phoenix. I was stationed at MCAS YUMA when it happened in 97. We sat on our catwalks and watched the incredibly strange event. It traveled from the NW to the NE slowly over a period of about an hour or so at sunset.

  38. StormRider WANTED on

    I think it might be a count down
    cause in a vlog that jake Paul made there was 7 lights in this there was 5, 6, and 7

  39. TheLordRampant on

    Well, you asked a question in the video just as many of your other videos, especially as there’s an increase as time passes…..the answer unfortunately is war.

  40. Mrs.M on

    I don’t get it… if there is something like this in the sky, you would usually think that everyone would stop and look or even record the event. But no, they’re just driving, as if there is nothing. Was the guy who filmed the lights the only one who saw them? I doubt that. But why didn’t the other cars stop?
    And this happens every time, no matter what UFO-video you watch… ok, except the Phoenix Lights… but every other video – it looks like they just wouldn’t care. “Oh, an UFO. Well, fuck that, gotta get home, dinner is ready.”

  41. Talon Frost on

    Hey Tyler. I live about 45min south of Phoenix in gold canyon. This is a Weekly thing. I live at the base of superstition mountain. I move to Az from RI the skys are so open all you have to do here is look into the sky and you will see some crazy stuff. I see them same lights at least once a week. And have seen menny crazy stuff on the mountain. I did not put much stock in the ufo epidemic. But in less then a yr iv seen so much. Its crazy.

  42. Light Speed343 on

    Can somebody please tell us what @%$#! is going on with these mother @%$#! phoenix lights already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Advanced Civilisation47 on

    I'”m from North Queensland, Australia and I saw glowing orb u.f.o”s that were out to sea.
    They would travel at great speed, change colour, direction and other craft would come from them and eventually return to the main craft. I showed other people that were on the beach and they also were amazed.
    Then when I told my family they wanted me to see a psych doctor because I was a loony, but they refused point blank to come and witness these lights for themselves which appeared every night for weeks, these arseholes are brainwashed shheeple.

  44. Vegan Funny? on

    Excellent video from in a car, a good thing really…Gives a sense of scale that the 97 vids don’t provide….


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