There’s Something In Our Skies We Can’t See 3/9/17

Mystery Booms In Arizona:
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  1. Bhalchandra Godse on

    heyc secureteam10 not only USA but here in 3 – 4 districts of Maharashtra, India these booming sound are being heard since 2011. Not similar to the sounds like trumpet but It sounds like an explosion has just happened but cant be traced. For a fraction of second vibrations are felt. Most of these event have occurred in summers.

  2. slarty bartfast on

    I figured out the noises.
    What do you get when you add wind to sewage pipes (those giant concrete cylinders) laying on the ground waiting to be placed underground?


  3. Tj Jourden on

    I heard the second set of sounds on my birthday in 2012. It shook my house. no one was outside like they didn’t hear it. My roommate and his dog where also in the house and they did not hear it

  4. Erik p on

    underground digging , tunnel making, lots of vidios out there about them doing these things….d.u.m.b.s…underground military bases.

  5. dolb owen on

    Hillary said they’re trying to crack the dome we often see shapes of the things on the other side of the dome ?

  6. adrian nicholson on

    the sound is to do with -&+ iones in ice couds when -&+ cross over ech aver in cold form you get that sound

  7. Z4rrow on

    A couple of days ago the moon looked so… special. Looked like there wasn’t anything around it… no stars. Just darkness.

  8. Bryan Strittmater on

    the sounds in this video is exactly what me and my friend heard about a month ago. we were watching a movie and we could hear it coming over the sound of the tv with the windows closed. it was later at night and when we heard them we went outside. even our neighbors were talking about the horn sounds. im so mad at myself for not recordibg it because its exactly like what im hearing here.

  9. Danusha K on

    I think it’s the tectonic plates grinding and /or colliding with each other as people also have felt ground vibrations at the same time or it’s CERN , they are trying to open a portal or a different dimension ,they succeeded to do so for 26 seconds. Maybe they allowed something into out atmosphere? Research CERN.

  10. zackster020168 on

    These sounds are come from under the ground. I have heard this real loud early one morning, me and my wife. Our house shook underneath us.  I believe Corey Goode said something about this being underground bases.

  11. Doc Grimm on

    as mentioned many times… Check out Industrial Surrealism’s channel. These “cloaked craft” have been documented many times over. There is a mini series on that channel that’s a good starting point to understanding/seeing these craft.

  12. ThatGuyKnowsTooMuch on

    I was using google maps to find out where that strange sound maybe coming from. From where the sound may have been heard in riverside, Missouri, their’s an airport a couple miles north of kansas city. That airport being called Charles B. Wheeler downtown airport. Maybe it was a jet engine at low RPM making that sound, but no jet engine can make a eerie sound like what was heard in the first video. I honestly do not know but whatever it is, it’s not earth like.

  13. WTF ALL TURBO on

    @secureteam10 did u see that object at the top left corner of the screen it comes of and shoot to the left real fast…….???? I’m having a hard time figuring what it is.

  14. Lucky Lizzie on

    I heard sounds in WY and there was the harmonious sounds plus others that I thought it might be something on a railroad that went through the city. After moving to MN, I started hearing sounds that I thought were just like the steel beams banging into something, like they were trying to build something.

    A few nights ago I saw a very bright light outside my bedroom window. I heard this weird sound and then the damn windows were rattling. I didn’t know what it was, but I did know I didn’t really want to find out. We have a railroad going through the city I live in now, but the train just moving down the tracks has different sound.

    I think there just may be a chance that not everyone hears these sounds and I am not so sure that I want to be one of the few that can hear the sounds. I would like for someone to live close enough to me that hears these sounds too.

  15. Doug Laurinat on

    An old friend of mine kinda suggested that some of the sounds in MO are of the Giant machines moving underground of the enormous tunnels being built and the sounds coming up through possible man-made air vents and natural cave entrances, others have heard strange stories also. But who knows.

  16. Mary Belin on

    You talk too much and show too little. Just show us the material instead of telling us about it. People are intelligent, they don’t care how you feel, they just want facts and photos! Thanks.

  17. that gamer guy on

    Those machine sounds from Ukraine, I heard the EXACT same sounds in 2011 here in Albuquerque New Mexico around like 1 am I believe. It woke us up and we went outside but we didn’t record due to being so distraught and running outside. It sounded like we were being invaded or something. Haven’t heard them since, but yea it was pretty scary.

  18. Terry Strauser on

    I have heard a sound very similar to that and it was steam being released form a large container at the nearby Paper plant. It was being washed out.

  19. Lost and Found - The Face of America Abroad on

    Sounds like the neighbors had this dude with the loudspeakers and their stony lightning storm prank

  20. AnkhRising8.0 on

    I hear these sounds from time to time. it reminds me of the sound you get when air moves over open glass bottles or hollow tubes. a constant, eerie but harmonic sound that comes from above. usually at night, but I’ve heard it during the day too. I live in the country, but near-ish to nasa plum brook research center & Wright Patterson af base. fwiw.

  21. Solski on

    I remember one day my brother and I were walking home from the park and it was like 8 or 9 pm it was pretty dark… we saw this huge flying”air ship” it kinda looked like a frigget from Halo… it was about the size of the park! It had huge antennas or something​ with red lights at the end.

  22. Brothersall on

    Maybe its that dark satellite that is suppose to be going around for 1000’s of years that is making the sound as it probes us. .Something that Mr Tesla discovered. Just a thought.

  23. Angelica Wells-Gonzalez on

    Am i the only one that noticed the black figure fly out of the sky in the upper left corner. fwd to 8:01

  24. Lost and Found - The Face of America Abroad on

    Lol…they’re sawing rebar and moving trash at a construction site in the Ukraine. Wait…why are we watching that?

  25. Jayne Myers on

    I heard these sounds kind of like a metallic scraping and banging in around 2008-9 it was summer and in the daytime, I remember going into the house and trying to see if I could figure out the direction they were coming from by opening a second floor window. After listening for a while and wracking my brains trying to figure out what was causing it I reluctantly settled on it maybe being from a housing development about a mile away and maybe machinery there but after another day of it the next day it seemed too loud to be the building works it’s only when I heard the second clip that I recognised the same sound and only in recent years I heard about the phenomenon. I’m in yorkshire england

  26. Markes Johnson Jr on

    ive heard this sound to i was in the forest camping with my friend then we heard this sound then we got up and seen lights and was night out and it looked like a ufo then i seen an alien no JOKE CAME OUT OF THE UFO WE RAN I WAS TOO SCARED TO PULL OUT MY PHONE AND RECORD BUT WE RAN WE GOT in the car and left

  27. OG Double J on

    It’s a dual tone signal as well. There’s a low note and a high note that sounds an octave above. The high note is the one that shifts. Similar to the dual tone you hear on the emergency broadcast system in the US.

  28. Dom Ex on

    IS IT POSSIBLE that this is simply a harp effect caused by winds on power lines , ? or pylons , i have heard that myself and it is eerie ,,. never felt vibrations tho ,

  29. Salvadore Hushpuppy on

    One thing we do know for certain that this is ‘sound’. On this basis if we look at how sound is formed we may begin to form a better understanding of what it is thing could be? However it may cause us to have to completely change how we view and understand the universe this is whats known as a ‘mindfuck’ if youll excuse my french, because to do such a thing for many is a scary experience, humans naturally fear what they cannot understand so challenging them boundaries for some is exciting and for others too much. One partial theory could be and only focusing on what we have without going into the realms of fantasy is that ‘form’ cannot exist without sound. Everything is created by sound, when we think of feel we emit waves of energy which changes the energy around us to resonate at that same vibratory level. That wave is actually sound broadcasting beyond the range of human hearing. The solar system is created by sound so in reality is actually more of a sound system than a solar system but light obviously plays its part. Sound is created when an object is moved or struck. Because these sounds are audible we apply the principles of how sound is formed and we have to conclude that an object has been moved or struck. Typically the larger the object the larger the sound which then gives us idea of scale of the object being struck or moved. Given that the sounds that have been heard are loud, very loud, the object or contruct must be simply massive. If i tried to duplicate that sound using a sound system and amplifiers at the same frequency do you know how big the speakers would have to be??? OFF THE SCALE is the answer. I could do the maths but maybe later. One other thing we could also determine just from the sound and its frequecy level would be the distance from the source now thats the mindfuck part discovering the distance and size of the source. It would have to massive and very close given what weve heard and on the basis of how sound is formed. Obviously im no expert i have some sound engineering and broadcasting experience from my mispent youth as a wannabe DJ and music producer but i wouldnt mind guessing this would be a good starting place. im not gonna lie it does blow my mind hearing these sounds and trying to visualize the movement and size of an object creating them….

  30. Ricardo Yosago on

    I’m better off using these 15 minutes on the toilet, and no, I do not own a “smart”phone. These are signs of the end of the age, angels blowing trumpets. Revelation 8. I’m glad I cut if off 10 mins in.

  31. Aly Smoothiepup on

    8:00 something flew out of the clouds in the left top corner….. A black object… And it flew away, NO JOKE

  32. Eagle Eyes on

    Maybe it’s that hole that was created years ago from one part of the earth to the other side that was made or maybe it’s aliens ? that are hiding in plain sight but they have those invisible shields to hide them like in the movie ? Independence Day. Or maybe god is coming back and he’s gonna save who he wants to save and then he’s gonna crumble it up and maybe he’l start the planet all over again because he’s fed up with man destroying it and everything else that’s going on if that’s a possibility I am glad ? hel do it. I know where I am going because I’ve seen god before when I was little and talked with him when I died and came back. Good riddens to man and his evil ness. Signing off a Native American Indian woman.

  33. ThElaZyinVokEr on

    i dont give a f**k about this shit because im just sitting here playing and doing my own stuffs while waiting for the world to end……so Yeah 🙂

  34. General Muffin on

    When the video was first playing I thought it was just scary background music ?? it wasnt until the guy clarified what was going on til I realized what was going on. Great video, this topic has always interested me since its just so creepy. Hope we’ll get some more video evidence in the future

  35. sara mara on

    I remember when I been child, (like 35 yr ago).., I been playing with other children’s, and I hear the same sound ..I remember I felt my skin become like chicken,:), very scary…and seems that time even I was child I felt there up in the sky is something…alwais I knew it.

  36. sara mara on

    Thats mean on bible wrighting about the trumpet sound , they right , but is meant that is time to reveal the ufo and that we are not alone in universe..

  37. Mara Reitsma on

    Can I just add, to go along with that Terrace B.C Video, I have also heard the words ‘Gabriel’s Trumpet’, along with talk of some Gov device that projects audio and video into the atmosphere?? Any ideas??

  38. Je'Cahn Burnett on

    As an audio engineer, can these sounds be recovered and put through a frequency reader? And then discern the pattern , and level of the frequency , to see if it has an effect on the human body/ psychy…..similar to hitler when he gave speeches

  39. Dom Morrison on

    Did anybody else notices the flashes, prbably a storm, but ufos are sometimes linked with storm systems and thunderstorms…

  40. Nongtdu Dnc on

    okay, have you seen that movie ‘horton hears a who’, well if you do…imagine we are living in that situation….

  41. el1te1984 on

    I live in Riverside MO but did not hear the sound. On 3/3/17 around 1am my friend and I saw a perfect Triangle craft hovering in place at a very low altitude over I-35 in Claycomo. We pulled off the road and turned around to get video but it was gone! I was not driving and got a perfect view of the silhouette of this craft. I have never seen anything like this, it was very low, may have been about 2 football fields high with 3 lights at each point of a perfect black triangle.

  42. Irving Brownstone on

    Hey, I live in Northeast Kansas near the Kansas-Missouri border and I just saw this video and thought I may be able to shed some light on what it may have been. Well there happened to be tornadoes all throughout Kansas and Missouri that Sunday evening during which the man recorded the strange sound seemingly emanating from the sky or atmosphere. So there is a possibility that the sound could have been the eerie sound of tornado sirens off in the distance. At least that is similar to how they sound when they’re about a county over–they almost sound like traffic moving along at a high rate of speed on a busy highway. It could be something else, but I thought I’d put suggest the possibility of tornado sirens, for like I said, there were tornados all throughout Kansas and Missouri Sunday, March 5-Monday, March 6, and while tornado sirens sound quite different when they’re much closer, when they’re coming from 4 or 5 miles away they do have a sound that’s quite similar to the high pitched sound in this video.

  43. Alpha GHOSTOPTIC on

    There is more than just something there is many in skies no one is seeing I am shocked actually but excited but worried to because I remember things when I was a very young baby infant

  44. courperationX on

    That whaling… I’ve heard it before when I was a teenager. I can barely remember it, basically forgot all about it until that video drudged up the memory. It was in the distance, not nearly as audible as the clip, but it was there for sure. I think I was in Ohio at the time.

  45. JF Hunnit on

    i live in kansas city too & its hella activity in the sky here ive seen 2 shooting stars &2 comets here

  46. Tech Smack on

    Saw a program on this phenomenon.
    They deduced that it was caused by the noise of passing freight trains or other heavy machinery. The atmosphere filtering a lot of the frequencies leaving only the remaining sound. Something to do with air pressure and the sounds being bent and refracted back down off of a denser layer of atmosphere. But who knows, it could be a cover story…

  47. angel wings on

    dimensional phenomenon…is connected to what we don understand about the atmosphere…environment…how it is connected to our solar the quark fabric running through us…and to the frozen outward explosion of the known universe…the outer verse is still it began and why are directly connected to us…and our skies are apart of it…our minds are apart of it…but the more we alter our earth…the more we alter the fabric of what is undoubtedly running through us…our solar system…and beyond. friendly warning….it’s a ripple…a reverberation #quantumtesting #quantumtheory #dimensionaltheory


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