Stunning UFO Following Jet Linked To Notorious 1980 Incident! 6/5/16

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  1. amybarb25 on

    He said it disappeared after the video camera ran out of batteries. Could it have been a reflection on the glass?

  2. Kenny Watts on

    Ok this is the kind of videos you should be showing not all the other bull shit videos you show .so coke on dude you should know by now what are real and not real by now

  3. Mer Madeinusa on

    This is cool. I grew up on Lake Livingston in east Tx and while I never saw a ufo, I did see black helicopters and several Chinook quite often. I had several dreams I thought were real of my room being flooded with light and the house shaking. My grandmother told me it was just someone turning around in the driveway. This was also the period and place where I saw what Miles Johnston calls scuttlers but it was on a smaller scale than his and only in the 80’s for me. In the late 90’s when the shuttle exploded, for some reason I was awakened mysteriously to go outside and I saw this and just thought it was a meteor shower but now I wonder if it was more. I thought east Tx was strange and now all of Tx.

  4. Blake Denson on

    I started listening to your videos every morning at work a few months ago. Very interesting stuff. I’m glad to make your channel part of my morning routine. I have yet to see anything Interesting with my own eyes but I am always looking. Keep up the awesome videos.

  5. SteadyFlyer 24/7 on

    i think it is a laser pointer being shined on the window of the aircraft. but i could be wrong…..

  6. Dave B. on

    The camera does not turn off due to low battery – they turn it off for your (non) viewing pleasure. Happened to me with an orb.

  7. chrisitalia1 on

    Who the fuck would actually wanna meet aliens,everybody comes back like a fucking big mac burned to bits,hair falling out,radioactive yea patch that shit.

  8. Kashi Katz on

    I believe maybe that UFO craft reported in the cash incident was a government craft.I don’t believe intelligent alien life would be so careless to use radiation with their craft.

  9. American Patriot Forever on

    What’s going on?!
    THEY know we see them and yet they still have not officially introduced themselves. We may not know their motive but there is most DEFINITELY a game being played ……..
    ON US.

  10. clintrock on

    so what is that in the beginning leaving a Chemtrail? is that just an airplane ? looks like one. maybe footage from earlier?

  11. Gin Starwin on

    so your friend steve happens to work with planes, has his own ufo youtube channel and happened to capture a age old ufo on camera?? thats way too perfect.

  12. John Rambo on

    Try turning off the flash on your mobile phone while recording. Then no more UFOs……..Also saves your battery too

  13. fight4freedom1000 on

    Looks also like the diamond UFO seen on the A646 in the U.K. by 6 Police Officers and PC Alan Godfry on 28/11/1980. Check that one out.

  14. NE Power on

    @ Tyler…awesome post and comparison. You mentioned that you would share Steve’s YouTube page in the source section. Am I just not seeing it or is it in the comments below? Thanks

  15. Ari Lindholm on

    Looks like a another Dragonfly Chrono-drone to me. Again we are observing the plasmic event horizon of the projected field of its technology. We see the field signature impressed upon “time space fluid”. just sayin…


    curious theory.  other aircraft (s) full of passengers, that have disappeared. “what if” there was something exactly like this, doing the exact same thing at the time of disappearance (s),  and after alien craft is close enough to aircraft where it could “scan” to see if airplane contained the ‘right’ subjects before TAKING? I mean seriously. Apparently, this aircraft wasn’t interested in what was inside? Kinda makes you wander what type of people were on board? doctors, scientists, astrologers, chemists, etc? Makes perfect sense to me. /figuring out the types of humans they are looking for makes me extremely curious? Are they friendly and scanning to get humans to transport to the new livable planet? some theories are we are ALREADY “their” experiment and we are destroying this planet and at some point they would want to save this species ? this goes beyond human corrupt government experiences… jus sayN’!

  17. Godfrey1Nation on

    Will the truth ever come out??? There must be a terrifying reason why the American Military & Nasa are constantly lying to the whole of humanity!!!

  18. Mike* on

    whatever this is it looks like the propulsion system is spinning out of the exaust in a strange way,  ….fantastic! footage thanx tyler,

  19. Nola West on

    @ 3:45 it looks like spiraling beams coming from the bottom of the UFO – in this particular photo… Very Interesting Segment!
    I have been surprised that more of these airplane rides haven’t produced more UFO pictures in the past. Maybe with this, others won’t be so afraid to show theirs!
    Thank you!

  20. Jorge Alves on

    A very interesting case, both of them really. I almost feel it’s legit but those legs…. just kidding guys!

  21. Gonzo Indigenous One on

    The reason the US government will not tell the free world that aliens exist? Is because people will freak the fuck out. Religion will fall, riots will break out and civilization as we know it will break. Hell will literally unleash. People are not ready for the truth.

  22. smokez alot on

    Ufo’s are all shapes and sizes. It’s up to the individual what they want to believe. Aliens are all different colors and sizes also. There’s short ones and tall ones. There are pale looking ones to green colored ones. And from what my grandfather told us there are freckled ones to. But the world will believe what it wants and let the government tell em what’s real and what ain’t!! It’s sad how much the world is like a herd of sheep, the people will follow almost anything the government or authorities say is true or whats happening and believe every word. But I’m just speaking my opinion and what I know is real. As for the rest of the world, I can’t even begin to understand how ignorant and stupidly blind it is to a universe of possibilities. There’s a reason why we live on a place called mother earth. shes a mother to all species that live on and off this planet. Tell me, do ya’ll see another planet in our solar system that has water on most of it? Let alone that has life, such as trees and plants? Only thinking logically about the possibilities of why they come and go from time to time. Our planet can replenish what they take and need. As to where most come from and live, their’s cannot! Ouch I hate to see the responses lol believe what ya’ll want and have a great day! Thank you Tyler, your doing a wonderful job!!

  23. MachOverspeedsPlace on

    Career pilot here… I know “Steve” and might very well have been flying that Gulfstream myself when this video was taken, if it weren’t for some asshole cage driver who ran me down on my Speed Triple, leaving me for dead in a hit-and-run motorcycle accident not a week before ground school. That was back in 2002.

    Enough nostalgia. My point is that I know these folks, and they are 100% reliable. LOL… But please take note that the pilots aren’t mentioned. And trust me, there’s a reason for that.


  24. epicgaming 18 on

    I have a emergent question if u build a wall around a spheir is it a dome or is it a circular wall or is a circular wall a dome or is a dome a circulsr wall omg this confirms illuminotile

  25. Kitty S on

    I’m watching Daniel Craig’s Cowboys and Aliens movie right now, and I thought the intro line would be, “Hello everyone, this is Tyler from secureteam….” 🙄😂😁😆

  26. Silver Knight on

    People can’t accept what they’re shown and won’t do the real research to look outside with your own eye’s. I’ve seen the unexplained. i know for a fact! Yes a fact that within my own conscious logical mind that something exist beyond our human understanding. THERE IS TOO MUCH EVIDENCE from the past 100 years to now to dispute the facts.

  27. Kurz Kurz on

    Real but certainly man made. No advanced inter galactic alien race would travel light years by burning fuels.

  28. Spencer Avery on

    That just looks like a flashlight’s glare, that is why the camera is so shaky, they are trying to cover up the other person moving the flashlight. One of the least convincing UFO “Footage” videos on this channel

  29. Jatin Lalwani on

    Thats not a flying object.. That the reflection of your camera’s flash light falling on the window glass.

  30. short sighteddog on

    If this is in the top ten ufo stories…then without doubt Bentwaters Farm/Rendlesham is NO 1 Rosewell is nothin compared to it.

  31. Chaleco Salvavides on

    We have the latest in digital cameras on our phones with a lot of high pixels. When will we actually get a good picture or video? The pentagon back in 1955 could get a satellite shot of President Eisenhower’s cows on his ranch drinking water from a trough. Our cameras are superior now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. NY EXPOSED on

    that’s just a reflection in the cabin window sillies!but anyway I’m going to get back to building my space craft and get ready for the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE my precious sillies.

  33. Ivy Crawford on

    This is amazing footage..I’ve actually seen many more videos and pictures of these glowing diamond shaped craft! One video showed this diamond craft shooting out little glowing balls of energy! It was awesome! These are a lot like the INTERDEMENTIONAL craft Dr.Steven Greere sees and films all the time! I Highly recommend everyone look up some of his real video footage from his viewing meditation sessions becuase it is truly stunning!

  34. Monica Daniels on

    Yes I know all about this case. it gave these women cancer. radiation nuclear the doctor said. There is evidence the government went had re paved the road where this happened at. Witnesses saw the road looking burnt and trees in the area too. They tried suing and of course or government lied and covered their ass’s once again. It’s sad cause this family was sick and never really healthy after this!

  35. Rodney Jones on

    hmmmm is Steve a tyranny as you can see the legs from who filmed this shit they don’t look like they belong to a steve

  36. Lost and Found - The Face of America Abroad on

    Steve isn’t even a pilot! He doesn’t do this for a living! He’s an A&P mechanic with mental problems!!!

  37. Lost and Found - The Face of America Abroad on

    Okay…maybe I’m wrong, BUT:
    The target did not move and was at a heat distance…the only change was the zoom on the cheap camera. AND, the observer was unreliable.

  38. DragonflyArtz1 on

    IMO the UFO did not intend to hurt those people. They just got too close to the radio active radiation. All UFO should be avoided because of this. Unless you have a radiation suit.


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