Stumped Scientists Find 3 Earth Like Planets Around Dwarf Star 5/3/16

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  1. Nigga White on

    Aliens don’t even need Earth planets. Humanoids, yes not really like ours but yes because that’s how our creator planned them. But some of them(most of them are from 4D to 12D and definetly higher densitys than ours). The good news is that our planet entered the 4th density on 21 december 2012 too. We are close. In our galaxy are around 500 millions civizations but just around 50 milions can be seen by us because they look like repriles, birds, lions etc. Our existence and Universe is much more complicated than that.

  2. SwagNinja 225 on

    Some time last year i was in my pool when i noticed something that was moving and no it wasn’t a plane because it had blue and yellow lights not red and green tell me what it could be and what you people that watch this channel could be

  3. Majur Galactika on

    we dnt care wat you say….!!! we gonna keep going you can continue the road to the river of denial…!!

  4. Detoxing Reality on

    Lol… Animation just like in our favourite video games! Don’t believe all you are told mate.

  5. CHeeZeBALL INC on

    What are these aliens doing or waiting for if they are hostile their clearly superior why not just take over our planet here by saying they might be negociating or stealing resources or helping considering there is clearly different species of aliens peaceful and hostile now saying the peaceful are visiting and have been since day 1

  6. Harvey Mitchell on

    Great video….thanks. 40 light years is still one heck of a flight. (but the SkyMiles will rack up fast!)

  7. Temeka Davis-Cline on

    i have a few vids i wanted to show you i uploaded them to my page…tell me what you think it is

  8. Frank Cunningham on

    Hmm, this sounds so similar to another story going around on the web! Oh yea, our other half to our solar system. The system with something they say is a Brown Dwarf star….and its orbiting planets, Nibiru, and others. The bianiry star system that we are a kin tooooo.    hmm  …..must be a Myth!

  9. Patrick Pavliša on

    Omg ,you all se ufo,thats only the same dna,and the same humans,we make that,there will be better days even for us,1 is all all is 1, it could explain why people are seeing UFO’s,becouse they are the same dna, with advanced technology,they problably newer left our sistem,becouse they are part of the same,and they control our and another near by,,we human see them most of time during the war,,becouse they control the earth life,etc..

  10. Rick Norris on

    This is NASA slowly leaking info about Planet7X (Nibiru) which they have been trying to cover up as long as they can to avoid panic. Soon they won’t be able to hide it any more

  11. Francisco Chardon on

    I saw the wing planet, on a sunny day take a quick pic of the sun in negative lens, to your rite, u will c the the wing planet, people go to the book of Malachi chapter 4, it talk about the wing planet, get ready , is going to get very hot, I mean very hot, 7time, we don’t know the day, but the Messiah is coming with fire and the glory of heaven, remember on a clear suuny day, god bless.

  12. Francisco Chardon on

    let the the trumpet sound, omg save all the children of the earth, the beloved, Almighty God of Israel, god bless.

  13. Vince Von on

    the elite are saying all those planets and theres no such thing as aliens , some of those planets could have treasures ..ours for the taking lets explore space for all the precious metals and gems ..

  14. Michael N kayla Mills on

    75 percent of the comments seam to be coming from the minds of complete idiots.Give the guy a break.Atleast the things he says makes sense unlike most of you idiots that are just joking around and replying like 2 year olds


    bro what if there is life out there like us and they’re looking out and studying our planets? that’s kinda crazy to think about lol

  16. Muhd Hazeeq on

    the bigger the habitable planet , there would be much more monster compared here since they have enough resources and still balanced in number.

  17. Tina Haigh on

    I haven’t spoken to my brother on planet earth for years but I would like to see if there is life on other planets

  18. Daniel Smith on

    come in star command I have crashed landed on a strange planet there seems to be no sign of intilegnt life anywhere ha

  19. tubermier on

    How the hell are we supposed to countem. There’s 3 COUNT EM. We don’t have the real telescope images so you give us an animation and tell us to SEE, COUNT EM, theres 3 of em. Don’t you even think about how dumb you sound to folks like me????

  20. Colin Brouillette on

    let’s be realistic OK a red dwarf means is near the end of its life 2by time man can do any deep space travel that star is dead there fore renders the planets in inhabitable

  21. Colin Brouillette on

    what we need to do is located stars that are young in there life now to give a idea of that thats the age of the sun when dinosaur’s roamed the earth

  22. Jadefox32 on

    Ugh, okay you’re hurting my head with how much you got WRONG in your video. This star yes is barely bigger than jupiter but it is a red dwarf star not a brown dwarf (Brown Dwarves are not able to achieve nuclear fusion within their cores to become full fledged stars). Next, they found the signatures of three planets each seeming to be relatively Earth mass, they have not been able to deduce anything about the atmospheric composition or how long their orbits at all. Finally this corroborates NOTHING about the existence of alien species, it only shows that planets can form anywhere. Do yourself a favor and instead of hyping things up based upon expected evidence actually read the articles first then speculate away. If you can’t even get the basics of what was found here correct I and in my opinion many others should not take you seriously at all.

  23. Tru Knobull on

    this is nothing new Africans already left this find in the pryimid .they also spoke of the destruction of the pale fox …

  24. Paa Hawkins on

    What’s comical is how stupid humans can be. Scientists keep zombie brains duped by saying a Planet’s entire surface has to be in one state. Too hot or too cold. Our own Planet isn’t like this. We have too hot areas, too cold, too this, too that. All on one Planet! In the so-called “habitable zone” yet on said Planet are environments that are uninhabitable. Matter of fact, 90% of Earth is not livable to humans. I get sick of people repeating what ignorant scientists say a Planet’s environment is in another Solar System, let alone they are clueless to Planets in our own Solar System.

  25. EwokFuica on

    This is all good but I have the impression that they are setting things up…… Oh look we found more exoplanets like are own but the possibility for life to evolve and travel the stars and land on earth that’s impossible ( sarcasm ). Yes, there are real scientist doing real work. But I can’t shake the impression that the powers that be, want to soften the blow so ” disclosure ” is not to hard on the most septic of humans…… But I could also be very wrong.

  26. Layne Cobain on

    They are not “NEW”!!!, turd houzer. I wish you had some sort of knowledge base that would prevent you from saying stupid sht like that.

  27. toto wolf on

    You actually believe the shit these thieves claim? Space and all the bullshit we’ve been taught is at best theoretical.

  28. Erick Bove on

    This news is about as exciting as discovering that some nobody sheep herder all the way down to Zimbabwe just won the lottery in a million Zimbabwe dollars… not very exciting! I do not understand how any one could fall into believing all these lies of planets being discovered 40 to 1000 light years away from Earth. A star looks just like a pin point of light with the most powerful telescope, and people are expected to believe that planets can be seen revolving around these pin points of lights 40 to 1000 light years away? It is like looking for a microscopic organism with your naked eye 100 feet away from you… just will never happen unless you are a super duper mutant. We are shown animations of all this bullshit, and everyone is supposed to believe it? Uuugghhh…

  29. Abby Romanish on

    u guys are really cool I want to become an astronaut when I’m older and I look up to you guys a lot keep looking for aliens for me thanks

  30. Valhalla Warrior Gaming on

    Can you guys make a video of earth like planets that could have liquid water on them instead of liquid methane?

  31. vicksmoka on


  32. diGritz1 on

    Earth like WOW I am impressed someone had the time to go there and check them out.

    There is no possible way to directly sample anything about these planets beyond basic size, density and distance from the star. Therefore it’s impossible to know they are Earth like. And just what the hell does that even mean “Earth like”. Or is this one of those “Yea NASA asked the aliens they have working for them in the basement and they are confirmed to be Earth like.” Because everyone knows life that’s spread across our Galaxy all has the same requirements for life.

  33. Shawn Pringle on

    I notice the exo planets in the graphic of the known are all bigger than the Earth. Do the relative sizes in the graphic reflect that of measured sizes?

  34. toushane big on

    dam that is so cool, just sucks that none of us will ever get to go to anyone of these planets for the experience…

  35. susan loach on

    Very interesting, I do believe there are many other earth like planets in the universe, not just in the Milky Way.

  36. Ioan Jordan on

    I’d like to see the face on certain Theists when they realise that Earth wasn’t special, or “chosen by God to house humanity”.

  37. Christopher 10X on

    Dude, love your enthusiasm because discoveries like this should be on the front page of every major newspaper and broadcasted on CNN, MSNBC, NPR etc etc etc and its simply not. I heard one mention of it on NPR and thats it. I subscribe to the Houston Chronicle and WSJ and listen to NPR all day basically. And nothing! WTH is freakn wrong with this picture? 50+ years ago JFK ignited our passion…”not because it is easy, but because it is hard” wtf happened … NASA is a joke and I’m losing confidence in Elon Musk and the “privatization” of space exploration (and Musk is a genius pushing boundaries).

    Did not mean to go on a rant…or maybe I did. idk but I am so tired of NASA’s ineptitude. Its like customer service at the DMV…slow, shitty and they do not care. Lens flares?

    We should revolutionize this science, how and who studies it and privatize it to get the answers we know exist but continue to be covered up. Idk… crowd fund a Kepler telescope and the means to launch it or a Hubble telescope where the feed is live and unobstructed!

  38. Christopher 10X on

    on a side note and a request: Can you do a follow up to certain stories you posted years ago. e.g. Baltic Sea anomaly, etc

  39. 1freethinkr on

    You know, something that to the best of my knowledge that HASN’T been asked is how exactly can NASA KNOW they’re earth-based planets? Sure, supposedly, the planets are detected by the wobble that they create around their home star but unless I’m out of the loop here, there’s some VERY powerful technology being used that aids in MUCH better information gathering!

  40. mitch Mitchell on

    There is life out there will we find there home like they have found ours who know? But i do know if we were to find them NASA would probably say the thing u see walking is a new ice flar on this planet.. They will never tell us the Truth

  41. Victor S on

    +secureteam10 you keep saying rendition in your videos. What you mean to say is renderings. To rendition id to kidnap and torture interrogate someone. just FYI.

  42. Burnetta Hood on

    cool another place to kill the planets, people, and animals…see you mofo don’t appreciate the planet you live on so why find another one, I hope you don’t find them…I you stay the hell away from them…racists and you don’t go green with them and hopefully they will light yo azz up

  43. Luke Brazil on

    I get so sad watching this stuff because I know we’ll never have the answers to these questions in my lifetime 🙁

  44. Mass_Killer_SJM on

    So he is basically saying because they are ” Earth like” and an artist did a drawing making them look Earth like that this is 100% proof that aliens are living on them? lol, I believe in Aliens but you need more proof then that.

  45. Steven McCann on

    hey dick face- I know its not Planet X. I was asking secure teams take/opinion on the subject of planet X. read, and understand the post, before you open your fuckin mouth- you dirt bag.

  46. Swagtastic707 on

    if ya actually go to Google and type the name of the star he talks about 2 of the 3 are mostly inhabitable because of radiation “on the human scale” but the third is not known and I am sure we will hear nothing more about this one lol

  47. Henry Yulfo on

    Love the videos that you post. Watch them all the time ,however if it’s any at all possible that you could eliminate the word (basically) from your vocabulary (basically) is a filler word you say it a lot

  48. Theresa Feeney on

    Amazing! The Universe is so big and we can’t be the ONLY life in it. There has to be other Solar Systems just like ours out there with planets just like ours and someday, hopefully they will be discovered. Thanks for sharing!

  49. Mysterious Sheep on

    40 light years?
    I’m just too interested like I really want to go there and take a look…
    Guess I was born in the wrong generation.


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