STRANGE UFO Activity Over Mt. Etna Volcano 3/19/17

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  1. Ash Kroft on

    hell is in the middle of the earth. when a volcano erupts, hell expands it’s territory to accommodate the influx of lost souls, ripe for torture.

  2. Nico Gonzo on

    I watch and look for secureteam10 vids everyday, I can say probably 95.99% that the volcano vid was some sort of lens refraction or reflection. I am definitely not a skeptic, just positive that’s what it is. Just look at the shape and movement of it the whole time.

  3. Ryan Lipan on

    Hey Tyler hope You tube is paying you for the commercial interruptions. Moving on up my friend, keep up the good work!

  4. Joe Pizzo on

    I can make a perfect circle by putting a steak into the ground, cutting a length of rope and tying it to the steak, and then walk in a circle around the steak. Easy. Don’t need to be an alien to figure that out. Also, some of these strange lights near volcanoes could be related to electrical discharges as theorized by The Thunderbolts Project? Just a thought…

  5. Amirul Hakim Roslee on

    Wait is the logo given to you randomly I mean like you received it without knowing who it is? Careful… Maybe there’s some manipulation there..

  6. electrongarbage on

    It’s the moon, just out of frame so its light shines down like a cigar. Kind of like when you see the moon’s reflection on the sea.

  7. Jonathan Thorne on

    been watching ur videos for a couple years now ty, keep it up. channel is getting bigger and the videos are as good as they’ve always been. keep staying real!

  8. tiger93630 on

    the movie your referring to is called Star Trek ” Into Darkness “, at the start of the movie there on a planet called NIBIRU and they’re trying to save the planet from exploding from it’s volcano.

  9. Lost and Found - The Face of America Abroad on

    Volcano footage was dope.
    But Tyler…really man?
    Tie a string to a point on the ground. Put it taut. Walk forward maintaining the tension.
    Voila! A perfect circle.


    I wonder if the ufos are using thermal energy of some sort harvested from inside. and volcanoes are supposed to spew a slew of gasses as well. could they possibly be harvesting those. and how different are the gasses I wonder the further you go into a volcano

  11. Dayna Wood on

    Well done Tyler! Even though you deleted my constructive criticisms post, you seem to have listened and the video quality is much better now. Good for you, I knew you could do it! Cheers 🙂

  12. Martin Jansen on

    Could be a Man made missile shot into this crater. We have seen before how sick we can be. Everyything unidentified is Labled Alien. Why? It Stains what is.

  13. David Abshire Sr. on

    Each state is represented at U-haul on trucks and trailers. And no two states are the same. I know this because I was a
    Area Field Manager here in the Orlando area. Just thought you may want to know that.

  14. Fed up With lies on

    I think there is some accord to take care of Earth and avoid major disasters. I have noticed activity around volcanoes, nuclear reactors and the like. They know we cannot handle it and assist to avoid planet contamination and total ruin. Maybe they have different agenda and it’s for THEIR convenience, not ours.

  15. Sirius on

    According to greek mythology Zeus has throwed away and prisoned Typhon the evil monsters god in mount Etna and everytime Typhon moves it makes Etna grows and earth crackle. If Typhon moves too much Zeus throws lightnings to earth to keep him under control.

  16. Stephen Criddle on

    Tyler I got Spaceship in Stonehenge in my vid STONEHENGE Busted 2 and a Blue Alien in Stonehenge the Visitors.
    Let’s see how good you really are

  17. Smigga Needtoknow on

    Hello All `Hey Tyler`Well Buddy once again some really good footage from you things concerning UFOs seem to be gaining momentum and the Videos are not getting taken down by the Top Secret people known as `Majestic 12` since they had the double vote for full disclosure which went in favor to disclose all things known to them about the UFO/Extraterrestrial activity around Earth out into the public domain.God Bless You All.

  18. travis reed on

    hi tyler youve reported on this previously a few years ago as have some other utube stations ,it seems mt edna is a hot spot for ufos espically when in eruption

  19. Tweedle on

    OMG TYLER!! Did you notice that on the plaque that was sent to you was the SAME pattern that was in the same crop circle you showed in the same video???!!!!

    The checkered pattern is from a crop “circle” that is widely regarded as a response to a radio message that we sent out, but years later we discovered the NEARLY IDENTICAL pattern in a crop “circle” but with alterations to it in the areas that identified out solar system, DNA, and a radio telescope.

    SURELY you’ve heard of this Tyler?

    It’s just an AMAZING coincidence that you happen to use a picture of that crop circle in the same video that you showed the plaque that one of your fans used the same exact symbol!!

    Looks like the Universe is trying to tell you that you’re on the right track, Tyler !!!


  20. Thomas Sheriff on

    Isn’t this the opening scene to Star Trek Into Darkness? You know when Spock detonates that ice bomb thing to freeze the erupting volcano in order to save a small civilisation – on a planet called Nibiru?

  21. Matthew Taylor on

    You know there is buried tunnels all around Mt etna lots’ of underground City from roman and civilizations much older.

  22. greig mccready on

    mayeb its using the heat from teh volcano to charge itself. or the static electricity from the dust cloud of the volcanoe to charge the ufo.

  23. stuart coyne on

    Hey Tiler how come there is no new videos up for the last 2 days ???. I hope all is well with you !!!. Please could you put some more new vids up ???. ?

  24. stuart coyne on

    By the way supernovaheights have you even bothered to watch the news lately ??? Or have you done a google search about the Fukushima nuclear DISASTER ???. Do your home work before using condescending remarks like moron you MORON !. I hate internet trolls and bully’s. A friend killed her self because of internet trolling abuse, they all should be banned from the internet. Horrible people !.

  25. Major Kronig on

    Not Aliens but GINS they are made of fire, and humans are made of soil. If you believe in God you will understand. Not aliens but Gins dimensional beings, with whom is forbidden contact. They shape shift, do favors, etc.. Read in Quran.

  26. Henry Yap on

    until present, mankind has yet to confirm alien advance technology. we are not even close to any of their intelligence. possible alien can go anywhere without doubt. perhaps they need all the earth natural resources.their existence require enormous of material for their long distance purpose. building their sphere n construct shields protecting stars ensure energy is kept for their civili

  27. Jake Clauson on

    rofl uhaul puts all sorts of random pictures on their box trucks with corresponding facts.. nothing significant about that… I worked for uhaul 2010-12 and had one of the trucks with the alien on it.. along with 100 other trucks with all kinds of random facts on them. they put random stuff like that on the trucks to get your attention so you will look at their logo long enough to burn in into your memory

  28. Kyle Partlow on

    I work at one of the large package delivery companies and when we ran out of trucks to load during the holidays, my warehouse rented several U-haul’s and one had the very same design on the side. I saw the thing every day for about 3 weeks.

  29. Paul Hiiginbotham on

    looking at toba, 73,800 years hence, when humans fell to a population of just a couple of thousand. Just like a nuclear war with thermo nuclear weapons. pretty much ruining the biosphere. So, with millions of years advanced technology, you would think they could do something if they wanted. what would be their motivation, humans became much more social creatures after toba. no islam till recently, totally anti social in nature.

  30. RockChar Rocker on

    That’s us again. When a man gets military men to drop a bomb on Fukushima and Drop a bomb inside Yellowstone. We are all fu????????I hope you didn’t have kid’s.

  31. Seth Tyrssen on

    There are often “UFO’s” photographed over active volcanoes. So much so, that I have to wonder if it isn’t some sort of natural phenomena. Or not. I don’t know, but it’s … interesting.

  32. NightStrike on

    They are using the volcanoes as an entrance to Agartha, inner Earth. These “aliens” are actually more highly advanced humans who occupy Agartha.

  33. jason chow on

    Oh please !!!! You mind is already make up that it is Alien so why make it sound so mysterious ..oh please !!!!! Just say we have proof this is alien not a U F O ….

  34. Tyler Spencer on

    It looks like the webcam was behind a window, presumably inside the researcher’s house, and the “light” is a reflection of something moving by on the window it’s recording through, either inside or outside.

  35. Stephen R. Greenwood on

    Hey Tyler, regarding your new P.O. box, if I were you I wouldnt trust your haters, some are way too weird and definitely powerful I could guess, so please hire a decoy to pick up the mail could you..? 😉 loll

  36. tbird 55 on

    I don’t know about elsewhere, but there is footage showing many, many UFOs diving into Mt. Popo, fairly regularly. It hasn’t been explosive. I don’t think there is a military base there. I’ve heard people say there could be a portal there or maybe the UFO-nautslive in there.

  37. Bernard Buckholtz on

    Hey Tyler! So that crop circle at 9:29 is what the guy uses in your plaque at 11:32. It’s called the Arecibo Answer.
    You should do a video on the Arecibo message as well as the answer that we received years later. FUN STUFF!

  38. René' Cruz on

    ???Every time I see a U-Haul truck with the Alien/UFO on it, I always look to see if it says Roswell, New Mexico & they all do! UFO Spaceship Flying Saucer Starcrafts always flys out of Mt.Pinetubo Volacno?& Mayon Mt.Volcano?in the Philippines, where I was born, seen them fly out of these 2 volcanos when I was only 7 years old & then my family moved to San Francisco, CA.& saw a UFO fly in the air on Bartlett st, between 23rd & 22nd streets here where I lived in SF back in 1978, I was only 12 years old!♍/

  39. Timothy Hazlett on

    i want to comment about all the “lights in the sky” that have been seen all over the world and documented ever since we (meaning humans) have been able to wright or draw, i believe that the increase in activity and sightings are leading up to something, might it been that they (who ever or what ever they are) are planning on revealing them selfs to the world in a friendly or even in a unfriendly manner, i think that “first contact” is right around the corner so to speak and we will all know very soon if we are truly alone or not

  40. Franklin Puerto on

    they either live inside the volcano or are charging up their weapons. unless not all UFOs use water as fuel….

  41. Nalin Badyal on

    It could have been that the aliens caused the eruption by strange lights falling inside It.. I don’t know but who knows what is going on

  42. Jimmy Geikie on

    So sick of the words “cigar shaped”…. it’s a friggin beam. a cylinder. Just because someone used that term to describe a UFO’s shape decades ago, doesn’t mean it has to be used as term for EVERYTHING that is cylindrical or straight and related to possible UFO activity.


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