Strange Skies! Bizarre UFO’s Over UK, Alien Mothership Visits Malaysia? 9/4/16

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Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod
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  1. Tony Kuli on

    ‘At the moment the Great Powers of Earth are preparing to make war. In a few years their swords will be drawn, making a holocaust in honour of their Moloch, and a host of victims will fall to the self-interest of a few potentates who stop at nothing to gain their objectives, even at the cost of many living.

    Human blindness is deplorable. Men preach peace but destroy the Earth; they talk of love and perpetrate deeds of hatred; they believe in progress but disregard finer feelings, becoming worse than beasts.

    We have been watching the carnage on Earth for some time and we had hoped that man might one day understand the work of God and repent. We waited for this transformation to come about, but in vain. However fruitless our efforts may be, we have come to present ourselves and to offer you help. In this we are obeying an order, and our hearts are glad to be able to extend a helping hand to others.’

  2. dherfurth on

    Great channel dude! Don’t miss any of the chapters. Those are formations that resemble constellations guys. They are telling us what constellation they come from. Let me know if you have any comments. God night guys!

  3. TJ Worker on

    i recently heard, that the originals,, came from a war veteran. name not given, however, he went against the grain, capturing footage he wasn’t supposed to. then gave this footage to a friend. his friend ended up posting it, before our easy go lucky yt.. I’m telling you, this footage did not come crom man bird1200

  4. JenkPac Shakur on

    Bob Lazar said the bottom of the sport model UFO he worked on glowed a faint or light blue on the bottom during or shortly after it’s test flight. Also witnesses to the Roswell crash said it glowed blue on the bottom as well which seemed to indicate it was still charged with power. Apparently later after a good amount of time had passed the bottom of the craft went from blue to I believe magenta in color and then finally black.

  5. rayen ochi on

    7:04 … ummm… i ve heard that if you look at the sky at night you will see some stars. i am not sure tho. it’s just a rumour. -_-

  6. Silent Zoner on

    I live in Scotland in a little tyny village and when I was about 13 playing footy with about 9 friends in a park around 9pm we saw a mass of lights doing crazy movements in the sky zipping back n forth darting in and out from each other zigzagging sharp angles lasted maybe 20  mins then 1 by 1 the lights shot upwards supper fast and vanished there was  no sound from them either we all stood watching them wondering wtf we saw not long after that we saw 2 jets and heard then screaming above us totally different lights

  7. Daniel Rodriguez on

    I have a video of possible alien footage but idk what it really is. I tried sending it to you via email but. it won’t let me. I want you to look at it ?

  8. Military Man on

    Why are they freaking out? They are everywhere. What’s the big deal? The USA hides this info but other countries don’t. How self involved you’d have to be not to know about them.

  9. MarsShaker War * on

    People just go outside aim your 4k camera at the sky and snap pictures, many UFOs up there especially hiding in & around clouds. SERIOUSLY

  10. Clinth Jhon on

    years ago … we got black out becuase of some electrical malfunction in the city .. so we go out and I had the chance to look at the sky and I saw a blinking light like moving weird it was going insane .. not like an airplaine who can roughly do straight line but what we saw was it was moving weirdly .. first it stops then move to right then stop then move to left it’s just weird .. just sharing what I’ve experienced .. any thought what might that be?

  11. Jeff Smith on

    I recommend everyone NOT VISIT anything Smithsonian. This institute has been used for over a hundred years to gather, hide, dismiss and otherwise lie about our true histories. By supporting them you are allowing them to continue this HiJack of Human History.

  12. Kyli Ladawn Cox Serrato on

    my family and I saw a light 4 nights ago, it looked like a fire ball, it moved over us and stopped over our neighbors house. hovered there, and slowly disappeared. . we are in Lubec Maine. wtf is going on. scarey!

  13. Cyfer fire on

    hey guys. i was in the united states air force so i herd stories about a secret human space command with advance alien and human mixed tech. so they have advance space ships big and small. these could be them

  14. Imagination Conversation on

    Thanks for another awesome update on what’s really going on in our skies, I’ve only ever seen what I think were alien spacecraft once, briefly flying over my house. But I wont go into detail about that story

  15. Deth Wilson on

    @11:43 am i the only one getting a Fallout 4 vibe from the image? it looks like one of the eyebots that go around the commonwealth looking for stuff.

  16. Joey Wilson on

    It’s demons. It mentioned in the Bible that evil will be disguised as a brilliant light that people will admire and look up to.

  17. GreatDarkMB on

    Manbird12000 here, creator of this original video and the series. Apparently this video has been modified and is being used in Malaysia and going viral as an actual UFO encounter. This UFO is NOT real. The entire video is series is for entertainment purposes only. I’ve always said so. Please do not be mislead into believing this is even remotely real. Hopefully someone can translate this so others can read. I no longer have access to manbird12000 channel, I can be contacted through this username.

  18. Nigel Jones on

    it’s got to be people getting together and screwing around with drones, surely ! … trying to freak the rest of us out ! … It’s a serious subject but people will screw it up if they can … (call me cynical) …

  19. Ody Lego Films - Gaming - More on

    I think The lights may be One Craft but Having The lights Active at different moments, On The UK footage There is a Shaded triangle Behind The 4 Crafts. I’m getting an Eerie feeling im being watched….

  20. OLD TITAN on

    Einstein never realy got in to phisics until he was 18 he said it was fortunate he didn’t learn until an older age because learning as an adult he looked at the universe as an adult so it looked different to him in a different way than a child would look at phisics and looking at patterns all day long  and summarizes all that up and i think that helped emencley what a star

  21. MrWizbangIWD on

    The ares of the country that I live we have what are called ”trade winds” where as the wind close to the ground blows in one direction while the wind up higher blows in another. so if it appears that lights are traveling against the wind , that might not be the actual case. I’m not trying to debunk the video, I just saying that it’s a fact that needs to be considered.

    For the record , I’m a believer that we are not alone.

  22. Julian Carver on

    The Malaysian footage is a doctored version of another video that I saw here on YouTube back 2010. Can’t remember the channel now……I’m sure of it, the ship is the same but the trees were different. I can’t find it here now. However the original was much better than this Malaysian footage. Did anyone else see this older video?

  23. Nice Breasts on

    TYLER!!!! You often say in your videos that you post every other day or every day or at least once a week im assuming. But I cant find any recent videos =(. Im subscribed.

  24. andy7666 on

    Interesting photo from Yorkshire – I wouldn’t be surprised if there were loads of “Eye-bot” style drones floating about – probably man made, using advanced tech to spy on people, troll and perhaps deceive people over UFO’s? I don’t know though, I think there are lots of real ones out there, various factions and races, though how anyone would know the specific details (as some claim they do) I’m not sure.

  25. Penny Griffin on

    @secureteam10 can you please use the contrast and ambience on these video clips, especially the one from the UK please?

  26. weskal on

    Very interesting. I saw a daylight sighting of an identical shaped UFO with arm-like projections seen here at 12:06 several years ago.

  27. John Rodehaver on

    Tyler the first part of this video is similar to the one that was filmed n Chicago where the guys are driving at first then they continue to film when they get home

  28. Alexpmgr8 K3 on

    Alien invasion lmao pmsl !! Kids , idk lol its not a big deal, we need to get used to this and much more. Getting over excited will not help.

  29. tjghost recon on

    I live out in the country in NC and see objects like this all the time but what I don’t understand is why there’s not Government helicopters all over the place! There is something in our skies, I want to know what it is. I’m working on getting a enexpensive camera that will get good pictures because my phone camera stinks! Thanks Tyler, I watch your channel all time. you do a great job, keep up the good work!

  30. James Delk on

    That’s a man bird 12000 image los roques UFO mini movie series look that up it was going to be a movie in 2009

  31. James Delk on

    It’s only a real looking movies that didn’t happen but looked real but said that the one like it could become reality like Richard Byrd said look up his channel man bird channel and his losroquoes


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