Space Fleet For “OFF-WORLD” Conflict Confirmed! 6/10/17

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  1. KCTV on

    dig the show tyler, but def ready to hear another piece of show intro music. It was cool for a while but I have heard the same intro too many times. Play the breakdown or the ending of song sometimes or a variation of the mix. Would save reaching for the mute button, and make new episodes more inviting. Peace.

  2. Daddywolf 13 on

    my wife and I saw something very similar to this wow the same light blinking and everything it was like 2 football fields or stadium sized and it cloaked itself a huge v I need to know what that object is it bothers me everyday not knowing but am glad to have seen it

  3. Taina Amayi on

    “I have ‘ran’ your request”… The syntax is wrong, and demonstrates that there are idiots in all the wrong places.

  4. Casey Carnes on

    those are more than likely drones at the beginning of the video. it would not be hard at all to program a few small drones with LEDs to blink in that manner and maintain the same flight pattern.

  5. Lars Erik Vestergaard on

    I’m suprised it took this long for Corey Goodes name to tun up on this channel. He has disclosed more information than any other. At least, that is what we are supposed to believe. The fact that his handler is David “we are all going to ascend in 2012” Wilcock, sort of dampens my enthusiasm.

  6. Light Love Images on

    As you now know from Dr Greer, Tyler, most of these are our own government. Kind of takes the mystique right out of it, huh?

  7. mustangbeauty4 on

    Dude why the fuck would they make spaceships only for defense against aliens. If they make spaceships, it’d be for satellites and/or colonization, but how could the government try to hide this? People could just see the ships with a telescope

  8. John Cruiz on


  9. conlew on

    Once Tyler says “It would seem” that’s lying language. Keep notice words like this all over the tv too:

    It seems to be
    It would seem
    Seems like
    Seems to be etc.

    So when others what to begin their lies they all speak like this.

  10. Earth Ascension rising on

    Corey Good who’s real name is James Corey and David Wilcox are controlled opposition that is releasing a narrative that the elite want the masses to believe. Most of those individuals whom work the speaking circuit whom are also presented as truthers on Gia TV are all sellouts and controlled opposition to deceive the masses.. Now I am not saying that there is no secret space program but just like everything the puppet masters are presenting a narrative that is a lie.. Any nuts and bolts ships are not if the divine and are working for the controllers. When one has seen the ethereal ships then you can see that there is a controlling agenda by the powers that should not be.

  11. Trine Ballistix on

    please please dont fuck up the last hope the aliens has for humanity. if America and Russia going to out weapons in space, they might as well leave us for good.

  12. Steve F on

    I was fishing on the Texas City Dike about 2 years ago. it was about 12am when I saw 3 green lights shaped like a triangle rise up from the shoreline about 5 – 6 miles aways. I was freaking out, no sound and I thought it could be one giant craft and it started moving directly over the spot myself and about 20 other people were at fishing. I was frozen with the thought of “holy shit all those podcast and people weren’t lying or crazy or want attention.” …

    the lights were about 200 or 300 feet above us. CLOSE, and it wasn’t til the the lights were about 50 – 100 yards I saw it was 3 separate lights then thats when I heard the propellers.

    they were 3 separate helicopters in perfect formation just driving around for some reason. they were so close I swear you could the people looking at us fish.

    they flew off in perfect form and switched the lights from green to red at the same time. that was it. gave everyone there a heart attack lol. severely disappointing

  13. Thunder X on

    I’m not lying but I actually saw such stuff in the sky exactly like those in the video. I actually went to the roof randomly just to check out the sky and after I saw these things some jets passed by and military planes too, believe me,

  14. ThEmAdJaCkHaTtEr on

    I’m military and can tell you that all this Alien stuff is a load of crap. We are not covering up anything and we are not preparing for an invasion.

  15. John Secret on

    Ah buddy, you said “people like Russia and China”, you must be aware that Russia and China are countries, not people.

  16. Adam Gonzalez on

    what should i do tyler? i have a whole repositories of images my house seems to be a hotspot ive reached out a few times

  17. That's Me on

    The lights at 3:00 aren’t sitting still, they are flying toward the viewer… You can tell because they are gradually getting bigger.


    “Translation” instead of “pronunciation”. Seriously, dude, you lack basic cognitive and analytical skills and yet you want us to create an entire belief system around a few blurred pixels? Grow up.


    If it ever happens that a “Ufologist” actually can hold a camera steady
    [aliens took my tripod?], focus a camera in adequate light and snap an
    picture you will all likely have heart attacks.

  20. JimZiii on

    i’d love it if there actually were a fleet of man made crafts, able to travel to other planets and that they’re using a different propulsion system, one that’s way more advanced.
    BUT… i need more than the word from an abductee and a lot of the real tangible evidence that comes from the government, nasa or even from the hack where the british guy found the list of non-terrestrial officers, even these space fleets which you claimed confirms this theory, the problem with all of this is the wording, most of this so called proof could actually mean something else completely based on the way they’ve worded it.
    and also, knowing how legal documents and military documents are written and worded things often don’t really mean what we culturally think it means.
    for example, a fleet aimed at off-world attacks could simply mean a fleet, stationed on earth, ready to take down missiles aimed at satellites since taking down satellites would blind a country enough to improve your chances to have a successful attack when starting a war. no matter how much i want it to be a fleet stationed in space, the reality is that an earth based fleet that has nothing to do with space travel is actually the only logical option.
    especially since these programs supposedly went black, in these situations when programs get buried no one who don’t already know about it is basically not in a need to know, so there’s barely any information making it out, which means nasa don’t just keep a document laying around titled non-terrestrial officers, especially not if its about officers stationed secretly in space. we wouldn’t see any information at all about a fleet for off-world conflict if the meaning is that they possess secret space ships and weapons to defend us from aliens and threats in space.
    i definitely believe there’s more to space than what they’re telling us but sadly non of this really proves anything. if we ever get a smoking gun we could go back and consider this evidence but this alone proves nothing

  21. Jon Leach on

    Looked like A/C on approach to land at night, I see this all the time for TPA airport. Can we confirm where the Airport approach traffic was flying that night. Better know as line the pearls up….my opion being x-ATC. 🙂

  22. Mark Lewis on

    Amazing how EVERY video of UFO sightings are ONLY seen and recorded by epileptics. WTF???!!! I have a debilitating cyst in my brain and I could record a better video.

  23. Ruben Valles on

    Here I haven’t seen anybody ask. it’s sitting there and sitting there and sitting there you know other people seen it they must have reported it. no news helicopters no police helicopters no military helicopters nobody’s up in the air trying to figure out what this is? come on now.

  24. Ruben Valles on

    Maybe we need to start asking different questions like when things like this happen and they’re sitting there in plain view why isn’t there any news helicopters or police helicopters investigating why is it always so quiet and nobody is ever around????????

  25. Stuart Hamlin on

    I believe the triangular lights are a new government craft. They’ve been developing and reverse engineering for decades. People always seem surprised when a new advanced aircraft or propulsion design is introduced to the public.

  26. Marquet Nipple on

    I seen the same thing back in November 2016 it was the week before Thanksgiving but but there were three red orbs in the sky one we blink and then the next one will blink and then another one will blink it was going and patterns and it lasted for about five minutes scared the hell out of me never seen anything quite like that

  27. PigeonLaughter on

    Those first two clips from England, look more like lights blinking on the side of a saucer shaped craft.

  28. theCoachCGY on

    Here’s the thing about mysterious lights in the sky. Why do they always resemble a light that we recognize? Considering how advanced a species would have to be to find us, I would assume that their technology far exceeds our own, including the use of lights. Why do they resemble lights on an airplane?

  29. Josh Philbee on

    If anyone is interested, I really recommend reading about Corey and the Secret Space Programs, very interesting read even if you dont believe it, has some really thought provoking information

  30. JD Alwaysworkin on

    I WANT to see a video of a u.f.o. witness as close as the one was in canada, and open fire on the s.o.b.
    i wonder what would happen. do you think they would shoot back or would the m.i.b. show up at your door and erase your memories. lol

  31. Wide Awake1 on

    3:28 reminds me of the craft that was seen on March 13, 1997 In Phoenix Arizona known as “the Phoenix lights” case. One of the best UFO sightings in history.

  32. The Healing Spirit on

    A friend of mine was abducted 3 or 4 times as a small child and saw the “little doctors.” When her father found out he was furious. He quit HIS GOVERNMENT JOB and moved the family. She said after that the little doctors never came and got her again.

  33. OCTANE91 on

    man a few years ago out in the hills were this place is called rocky hill myself and 4 others saw a triangular ufo it block out a huge part of the sky which was at night and moving very slow to bad my phone was dead and there’s were low on battery

  34. Nathaniel Jordan on

    well last saturday while i was waiting for my girl i seen four individually ufos roaming in queens new york when i feel to watch the sky they come to let me know the do exist and i embrace them and there energy ,guys come check out my footage !!!!!!!!!

  35. mike alexander on

    Maybe this why the US debt is around 20 trillion. And maybe 9-11 was a coincidence that allowed a massive ramp-up on spending in part for it without attracting attention. It sounds really out there, but it does sort of fit! If this stuff exists, it’s got to be financed.

  36. harry walker on

    o.k.heres my 2c,couple nites ago,while outside on ph to bro,i allways look up just in case,anyhoo,wathching 2 stars,on & off while talking,one at 12,say,one at 5 o clock,then,bugger me,the lower one starts drifting towards the 12,while im telling bro this,then curved under the 12 & dissapeared,no noise,looked same size as star,which is still there now,so is real.only seen a few wierd things,mainly satalites across horizon,but one hell of a fireball when i was a kid,scary too.keep up the vids,

  37. Isadora Brush on

    Tyler, I told you, your startup music is too furginhIt loud and blows up my eardrums before I have the chance to put the volume down. FIX IT, BUDDY.

  38. Isadora Brush on

    Tyler, there is a man who can give you a lot of information about Mars. Provided you publish it without political oppression. Let me know.

  39. Sonalan on

    it never ceases to amaze me why people think lights in the sky are aliens. They have the technology to cross the vastness of space, but for some reason all you knobs think they need headlights or something. Why? What purpose would they ever have to put lights on their craft? to sit in the sky and send famer Jed morse code?

    And don’t get crazy excited about training us forces for “space aggressors”. They also have a zombie invasion plan. And i think we all know that will never happen.

  40. Mista Flexshot on

    holy shit !!!! im dead honnest i seen that today , im from australia ! i little bit different but same blinking light , omg that s epic haha

  41. heyyoupooeater on

    Are the heavily pixelated images of spacecraft, just after Goode was mentioned, leaked from the man who hacked NASA? Or are they just used for reference? Curious. Looking for a reply from Secure Team.

  42. kimailis on

    “solar warden” was a proposed plan to defend an another proposed plan for a “rods from gods” sub orbital weapons system. both plans were scrapped because of very high implementation and maintenance costs.

    and those lights were drones in a triangular formation, those were psychological warfare tests, the us military developed some very quiet drones.

  43. ozeeloc _420 on

    I honestly think that it is something were not being told because think of all the other times with this and even at this minute the government lies to us and we are going to expect it’s “gps”.

  44. Jozie Payne on

    in May 26 2017 I saw military air planes flying in a smiley formation and a week earlier a saw military helicopters fly over my friend house going south east

  45. Paul Bland on

    If our governments are conducting off world missions and in contact with ET’s, we would never know unless the shit hits the fan and we being human cause conflict. The ET’s would have the upper hand as we would have already given them the keys to the city or planet.


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