Space Exec ADMITS “Aliens Here” In Bombshell Interview

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  1. Charles Davis on

    Childhood’s end is upon us all. Mankind is not the center of creation nor the center of God’s attention. CVD

  2. curtisol on

    This is nothing new not to people who are aware of what is really going on. There are many credible people speaking out about alien visitation.

  3. BlassReiter 1100cc on

    You’re the king of overstatement Tyler. “IT’S A BOMBSHELL!” Is it though? Is it Tyler? An eccentric billionaire believes in aliens. Seriously, who gives a fuck Tyler? I’m sure you’ll call me some CIA plant. Sent to misinform lol

  4. Dead Bambi on

    Tyler, why dont you get an interview with him yourself? Would make a great Youtube live stream event for Secureteam10

  5. Scott Allensworth on

    People will believe the most absurd details of a giant’s Opinion! The deceived will accept continual deception.

  6. B Vz on

    Good video lil brother, once you read/listen to the book of Enki everythign like this makes much more sense, same with world religions the book of Enki explains all of it.

  7. DragonPlayzYT : And freinds on

    If we was alone in this universe and god made us and he made space why would there not be more or space was created for just a sick and cruel joke and we’re all alone in space set to adrift tell me what u think

  8. Jay Foss on

    I’ve made a major discovery!!! If you look to the sky’s during dusk shortly after sunset with binoculars or a scope of some kind, several degrees to either side of where the sun had set, you’ll see them, an unbelievable number of them, something about the dusk to twilight light levels must inhibit whatever they use to cloak or mask their crafts……really kind of scary……I live in northern California and I’m not real sure if this is the case in other parts of the country or world, however, the sheer numbers visible make me quite certain you will be able to see the same activity at this time of the evening no matter where you live!!! I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me until I saw it with 9x magnification on my rifle scope…..every single night this happens!!! Tyler if you personally have never seen ufo activity, or anyone else for that matter, well, that’s all going to change if you try what I’m suggesting to do!!!………..Don’t say I didn’t warn you, its some scary shit!!!

  9. moodpump studios on

    I live here in Downey California, about a 15 min drive to LA, if the traffic is good, which isn’t usual, but I was there when that mysterious light in the sky showed up, ever since I never questioned if we were alone or not, we are not alone.

  10. kalon511 on

    The Bible told everybody a long time ago that we weren’t alone. {Revelation 12: 7-12}. Those “E.T.’s” are demons who are going to seem as though it’s alright to communicate with them at first, just like the False Prophet and The AntiChrist are going to (INITIALLY) come off to everyone as “messengers of peace” before showing their true nature.
    ? Shalom

  11. Matthew Coupe on

    Dont usually comment. But excellent post. Im a scientist, and a designer and have experienced unusual things that I try and quantify however to believe that there is no other ‘life’ in an ‘infinite’ universe is ridiculous in itself (see karl Sagan and waste of space) but if we start from the ground up our own tech and knowledge (physics) we find understanding and progress from the simple equation of the exponential. We can then look at anything we have dreamed to now is in, in most cases in existance. I have the honour of having friends who are scientist’s at CERN and the break throughs there that. have only lead more questions of the make up of the universe and theories of existence in itself.

    In 1979 my uncle (who was a scientist) gave me a book on the ‘theory’ of the existence of black holes. They are fact now. We dont understand them really up unto the point of the event horizon and then can only speculate/ theorize with current kbowledge what occurs after that. The point I want to make is to discount these am I allowed to say, facts is infact stupidity in itself as the future is just around the corner.

    Cover up?.. probably but for more benign reasons than conspiratorial. I was informed by an old friend a few years ago (who worked in weapons design) of tech that the British government had stowed away that his father knew of, that worked in defence. The beautiful and simple answer to ‘But why did he tell you?’.. answer ‘Well he said I can tell anyone as no one would believe you anyway’. Food for thought.

  12. Incertus Veritas on

    I do hate to be a killjoy here but he said that he has spent millions of dollars… is he going to give us anything solid as evidence? indisputable evidence? Is he planning on releasing something that will make our entire species shake, some with fear and some with joy (I would be in the latter group, it would be the greatest news of all times).
    He can be a billionaire that doesn’t make him a serious person… let’s not forget about Howard Hughes here…

  13. Adexter23 on

    you said you felt like your the only one saying it, lol, I get it, its like an expression. I’m 56 been saying it all my life too. In the 60’s people believed you were a complete moron. Not so much these days.

  14. dinger09 on

    Tyler, have you ever personally seen anything in the skies that is unexplainable? Or are the videos people submit to you all you’ve seen over the course of this passion of yours? Just curious, I enjoy your videos so I’m not trying to troll or anything.

  15. Bull vine on

    Far too many credible people have come forward at this point, no intelligent person can shrug this subject off as fiction.

  16. JKC on

    no there not as space and planets do not exist therefore aliens could not exist, there extra dimensional in origin

  17. Sir Louis The Third on

    so when he says there are ready here does that mean they look like a human or are we the aliens

  18. Thoros Thoros on

    Again this is nothing more than
    the *Alien Agenda Deception*
    that they been talking bout for
    years now coming to fruition
    by being pushed forth
    thru the main stream media
    and youtube to brainwash
    people and make them believe
    we are under an Alien threat,
    all for the Elite illuminatti
    agenda 21 world take over
    End Game..
    they manipulate and deceive the brainwashed masses every day
    in believing in some sort of SciFi
    Ufo threat that doesnt exist,
    just like anything else they do..
    gimmie a break..wake up people!
    there is NO THREAT
    there Never was…
    its all a game to them!
    its all an act, make believe

    *All the world’s a stage,*
    *And all the men and women*
    *merely players*

    Stop being part of their Play and wake up!

    all it is is basically another False Flag operation to justify their sick twisted corrupt luciferian actions
    to the masses so as to willingly
    give up their freedoms and
    liberties once and for all.
    Wake Up & Survive!

  19. Chris Smith on

    whom ever made us planted all fruits and veggies in the middle east..they all originate from there look it up, one for everything, an example is carrots for eyes..we don’t need meat..protein in nuts iron in w.e I forgot but there’s something for it..anyhow just sharing some knowledge

  20. Ivan Pantaleon on

    We are the aliens(humans time traveling from the future) not alot just the ones ineterested on the never changing past

  21. deaderthendead041 on

    why is it that they say you have to use Green Lasers if you try to contact aliens does red mean something bad or what?

  22. Nun in Bikini on

    What would you think If some high up executive told you “Aliens are here and they are having people shot in Chicago to harvest their organs to survive in our atmosphere , but making it look like a gang killing” .. What would you think?

  23. Ambivision on

    “Under our noses”… interesting choice of words, meaning underground? This is their planet and probably always has been.

  24. sugarbear & the principle of peace on

    i guess. or he’s just rationalizing spending all that money.
    I’m convinced too and i haven’t spent a dime on it.

  25. Worm Turns Florida on

    So the man actually offers no evidence…just his firm belief. That is not so exciting. The rich can afford to allow their beliefs out…the rest of us have to edit our public comments in fear of some company handing us a pink slip.
    This is a story about economic disparity…not UFOs.

  26. hideouse blob on

    well since space aliens are here they’re obviously here illegally and they fucking need to be deported vivala Trump

  27. Greg Meadows on

    Let me get this straight. He’s rich, he’s not seen one. But I need to take his word for it?
    Saying he’s convinced is not the same as seeing one. Is it?

  28. cody cox on

    The only crazy ones are the ones who laugh at this matter or simply don’t believe because they are simpletons.

  29. Ron Simons on

    If I had billions of dollars, and spent that sum on an investigation, I’d hope someone would have taken a picture or 2. If he had undeniable evidence, he’d show us. He doesn’t. He can send a network of camera satellites watching continuously for passing alien vacationers and then he’d have all the proof he needs. No alien tourists.

  30. Dana Sarokon on

    I have been following this man for quite some time how good it is to hear him come right out and say it….its about time this happens and hopefully more are to come

  31. John Tosh on

    Are aliens real? YES

    What do they look like?

    Aliens are dark brown skin colored, ugly by Western standards and stink like Ammonia. The African pygmy is a perfect example except for the shape of the head and the large eye balls. The so called gray aliens are not real. Some do put on a gray metallic robe which may confused people.

    Are there aliens on earth? Not exactly, but yes their descendants.

    The African is the direct descendant of aliens and ancient earthly creatures. The problem has always been to move creatures from one planet to another, you would have to change the creature or change the environment to fit. Genetics allowed aliens over 400,000 years ago to breed Aliens and humans forming the African.

    If Africans are descendants of aliens where is the technology?

    Technology is needed to modify the environment. If you need to adapt to a new planet, you let the creature genetically adapt to the new environment. The lack of technology enables nature and genetics to interact and produce the perfect creature for that environment. Modifying the environment to fit the creature means the creature would not genetically change over thousands of years.

    What is the game plan of the aliens? Earth has a new host, in one thousand years, everyone would be dark colored, exactly like the aliens.

    Do you have any evidence?

    The Brazilian alien crash were dark brown tiny creatures stinking of Ammonia.
    The Roswell creatures were dark brown tiny stinking creatures.
    The Aliens at the Zimbabwue school seen by many children were all dark brown tiny creatures with Dark eyes.
    The Aliens seen be Beguine “Ring Makers of Saturn” Were tall Dark black Aliens getting off a ship.


  32. andrei.ok on

    Its popular to say things like that these days, to be honest. Plus, hes independent, so he can say whatever he wants, but its just talk though. There has to be real proof, not just talk. Real proof can only come from aliens themselves.

  33. Lucky Lizzie on

    I am having a little trouble finding a certain video I found before, but it said that the military is fixing and flying ufos that have crash landed. I want to say it was area 51 classified, yet I am not that sure. I was just thinking that maybe someone that watches Secureteam10 could maybe let me know if it is true.

    I asked Tyler, but did not send it in an email. I just included the link in a comment.

  34. StreetLife925 on

    Hey Tyler, thanks for your great work. Okay so I have a question; in my opinion, I believe the Earth is round. Considering everything you know, I’d like to know what you believe. Thanks

  35. Russell Lamb on

    I believe they are here living looking just like you and me infact i believe that there is other races that look very close to us earth people the only difference is they are much more smarter they didnt have a government that suppressed them from knowledge and many other things that we need to know…

  36. Joaquin Phi on

    I think that as always this is the opinion of sole one person without any prove.

    But at least is interesting to know that inside #NASA there are people who believe strongly in aliens in the #Earth

  37. Replayability on

    The only people interested in UFOs and aliens are virgins and trailer park people. You need to wake up and smell the tuna! You need to focus on two things and only two things; getting a job and getting laid. That’s it. Everything else is bull crap. SantaJebus created us in his image so we could lay down with the lion, the wolf, the lamb, the witch and the wardrobe. It’s time for you to repent and to turn your life over to SantaJebus before the anti-cripes puts chemtrails in your breakfast cereal!

  38. Mrfiufaufou on

    Well, think it this way. Some people openly admit they believe in GOD. How can you sound more crazy than that? Believing in life out there is far less crazy. Believing in god = Literally product of imagination, no proof can ever be shown on this in any form. Believing on aliens = Quite possible since we are here too, and we advance in tech all the time. Not to mention there is billions times billions of planets there, and more. so yeah, silly show asking him if he is scared to be marked as crazy. More like only reasonable one.


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