“SOMETHING” Is Moving Around On Mars 4/20/17

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  1. GronTheMighty on

    Rocks that get moved.. wow.. Ice has never been known to do such things, especially not on earth where you can go observe it happening, would never happen in places like Death Valley… those rocks can only move by non-natural means!

    Aluminum also can’t possibly corrode, unless it’s from getting attacked by aliens, which are apparently abundant on earth, and strangely alive in pretty much exactly the same way as mercury or cesium elements.

    I don’t know what sarcasm is, can someone help me, i think aliens planted some in my comment? :s

  2. FlightSimDev on

    I bet a few NASA employees are placing things in photos just to see where they turn up, and then sit back and watch people like this guy try and describe it and then have a huge laugh, If I worked for NASA I would do it, wouldn’t you?

  3. Conor Price on

    Even without 100% proof, I 99% believe Life beyond Earth exists. In something so huge, how can we be the only life form?

  4. Grant Molyneux on

    Why can’t the first image you showed of “tracks”, simply be marks that rocks might make had they fallen from the mountain beside the valley and rolled down?

  5. Jay Fyten on

    The white rectangle: the black thing in the middle looks like a maple leaf. Almost like the Canadian flag maple leaf.

  6. Charlene Monk on

    nakyer: responded 2 ur remark earlier, however it was flashed on + off the screen.. Do u know who Baal was ? Call home + ur AirHeaded AirSpacers maybe able 2 psycho analyze my statement 4 u. 2 put u in moon crevice state of mind with a lunar crack smile on ur face.

  7. Potato Potato on

    2:39 “Strange dark shaped diamond in the middle” that’s the reflection of the rover, maybe?(sarcasm)

  8. nicole Lovett on

    I can’t wait till we find proof cause come on we are not the only lifeform living in this Galaxy and if you believe that we are then be prepared in the future to have your world flip around. be prepared and not sorry.

  9. Victoria Bellanova on

    Amazing. I’ve felt all of my life that we are lied to about space. Hell, they make movies about it.

  10. Chuck Moldenhauer on

    Hi, I thought I would comment. Back in the 1870’s about. When Jesus returned , He spoke about life exists everywhere. Is there life on Mars? Of course. And again, Is there UFO’s fromother planets? Yes. In finding life on other planets and moons is not a surprise, but proves that God exists.

  11. Ken027 on

    hey, guys it’s (the image at 1:50) clearly a maple leaf….I guess the secret’s out now, hope the yanks aren’t too disappointed.

  12. Mel Ociraptor on

    “Bacteria, viruses from Europe killed 90% of the peoples of Mexico and Central/South America”

    Link to this lawsuit paperwork for more detailed reading?

  13. butchtropic on

    Uh, you DO know that’s the curiosity rover taken from orbit right?, NASA has an orbiter mapping Mars while the rover is on the surface, and you make a vid calling it “aliens”, the lulz is amazing.

  14. lowell houser on

    The lizard is a shadow. There’s no breathable atmo on Mars. If there is any life left on Mars, it’s subterranean, OR some sort of secret space program from EARTH.

  15. Brett Allen on

    Ancient Sanskrit texts speak of the Lords traveling to and from the Moon and Mars, and their wars whichincluded them.

  16. Khalysee on

    Oh yeah and right next to the lizard walking there is a tiny dinosaur. Even if there was life on mars could you blame NASA for lying about it? People would lose their shit and hell would break lose. Humans should stay alone until the end of the species. We destroy anything we come into contact with. Plus, those remnants of civilization could be true, Mars was once just like earth meaning it is completely possible that it once hosted life. Whatever species or animals are left there could be the survivors of the Mars solar flare wipeout that probably adapted. Still, intelligent life on Mars will most likely not be found. If there was intelligent life there youd know it. Anything even approaching earth could immediately tell it is inhabited by intelligent life. Mars shows no obvious signs (which would be there if there was life) of inhabitants, maybe just signs of previous life.

  17. fikumichu on

    2:53 .I can see 3 humanoids (from centre of screen up tp left.+ another face/arm. First thought baby+parents…

  18. GiddeonG on

    4:09 What the sweet zombie jesus is that effing thing? That’s gorgeous. All of these other things, ok, they could be rocks, but this? Nah nah nah, this isn’t a rock. If it is I’d like a geologist to explain how a formation like that could form geologically.
    EDIT: Some one have a link to that please?

  19. Leocet on

    nevermind the fact that there’s not nearly enough evidense to assume the damage is due to microbes, if it is because of this it’s more likely that trace amounts of mold and bacteria managed to stay intact from when the Rover was launched from earth. apsolutely no evidense of alien life on Mars still.

  20. Samuel Luftensteiner on

    could you please refer me to the picture with the walls at 5:17 ? there´s nothing in the description…

  21. swimmer8585 on

    Dude there was nothing moving around Mars on 4/20. Everyone was just high as shit and thought that there was something moving around it

  22. matycee on

    How is it that in nearly EVERY image of something suspicious on Mars, it’s ALWAYS enough of a distance away so that one has to zoom way in, causing distortion, etc. and inviting near absolute suspicion? How come nothing ever CLOSE UP with indisputable detail is depicted? I’ll tell you why. Because Humans have a innate need/ability to see what they want to see. Done.

  23. Ronny Hermann on

    I think we are coming from Mars
    And that Mars was once like our earth
    The best example is the Rocky Mountains
    This landscape looks like the mars

  24. Chad Liss on

    Why would NASA want to hide this, what can they possibly gain from it? if the public knew wouldn’t we eventually get used to the idea of it? kind of like segregation, everyone hated it at first but now it’s just normal.

  25. Day Di Angelo Santos on

    Can we just mention that the u.s. Might hide Extra life out there yet other open countries publicly admitted to their existence out in the open?? Like yes more than one county but many large and publicly known and advance countries

  26. Micah Foley on

    I’m not gonna say it’s impossible, but… what’s with the leap past terrestrial sources? Life loves a vacuum.

  27. Hench Muscle on

    I’m all for facts and evidence as it helps us separate the real from theory but! Is it not possible that life (be it, human or otherwise) was on mars before mars became desolate and seemingly inhabitable?

    I believe there is life outside of earth, there has to be the odds are too overwhelmingly massive in favour of ‘other life’ than no life outside earth at all.
    Now, life is life no matter what form it is but intelligent life is something else, if humans have evolved, it must have happened elsewhere in the universe with the amount of other planets and stars (which is an unfathomable amount) humans can not be the ‘lucky’ or ‘only’ form of intelligent life.

  28. Matthew St Laurent on

    There was no catastrophe on mars. The planet got destroyed by the humans who lived there,  the same way we are destroying earth, robbing it of all it’s minerals and polluting the environment and destroying the ecosystem. White man is from Mars, this is why we are fair skinned, blacks are of earth, whites even have different blood type.  Blacks are black from being closer to the suns rays, unlike whites from mars, living subterainian for eons away from the toxic planet surface caused by themselves.  The white man jumped from mars to earth,, even Nasa has proof from the phycic people they used, giving them coordinates of mars and these phycics told stories of groups sent to another place to find a new home, full of vegetation and group never returning, that place was earth.

  29. нодар папазян on

    не убедительно! не важно где,но живой или искуственый объект должен иметь симметричные формы относительно к направлению движения.

  30. Anonymous 101 on

    What if we lived on Mars for a while but then it got polluted and water had disappeared then people decided to move to Earth but start over!

  31. ᎠᎪᏒƘ • ƘղíցհԵ on

    if we were able to grow up on this planet and evolve,live,eat on earth that doesn’t mean somewhere out there in the endless space there isn’t a planet with livings on it i believe in aliens or other livings on other planets but maby not in our galaxy but microbes were found on mars and those are livings too i dont expect those aliens or the other livings to look like us they might look different they might be smarter than us so i believe in aliens


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