Something Big Came OUT Of A Black Hole Recently! Scientists Baffled 3/15/16
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  1. Brian Hunt on

    Black holes don’t exist…

    Stationary earth….Sagnac experiment, Michaelson Morley experiment, Michaelson Gail experiment, Aires failure, gyroscopes with no angular traverse, the principal (the cosmic microwave background)

    Earth with motion….Foucault pendulum… that’s it…

  2. CaptN Mexico on

    what if the universe is a body from a much larger world and we’re a all just like atoms to them mayb were all living inside a body and the black holes are just asses and we’re all just the shit

  3. Benjamin Johnston on

    If that black hole was 5 billion light years away, let’s say that black hole changes, that change would have happend millions or biliions of years ago even though we just saw it because it is so far away. It doesn’t make sense but that is how it works

  4. John Boe on

    Maybe it’s a sentient blackhole emerging from its husk, like a cicada exiting its own exoskeleton, or a human baby exiting the womb.

  5. Sohail Khan on

    I have one question-
    You say that even light can’t pass through black hole then how come there are speculations that it can swallow up things and stuffs like that?

  6. KaiIsMyNameAndIWrite on

    At the start I just thought “Well if nothing in the known universe can do it, it’s from the unknown universe.”

  7. Gojifan54 on

    so, actually the thing came out 5 billion years ago, but we only saw it now because of how far we are away from it, and I didn’t mean to rhyme.

  8. Jacob Leonard on

    So if the universe is infinite then why would “aliens” be interested in us when there’s probably millions of other planets with way better technology

  9. TyboJB Ty on

    Haven’t you heard about BLACKHOLE TOSSING? I’m 11 and I know it, here’s how it works, two heavy objects float and orbit around each other, when the black hole approaches, the two objects will pick up speed, and one will be LITERALLY TOSSED out of orbit! That’s math from a kid folks :^)

  10. Kevin Baker on

    Maybe it is the exit of a black hole from a parallel universe …. like the black holes we see in our universe taking in everything around it! Maybe it’s an object that went through the black hole of another universe into our universe! Makes sense

  11. 413whiteninja on

    Are there any rules to space travel? Like what side of the galaxy do they fly on? I bet it’s all willy nilly like a skatepark and they have crash detect like our new Tesla cars. They just didn’t master it until after Roswell?… haha riddle me that. I know the answer too I just want to see if anyone else does.

  12. BEN CANNON on

    maybe Black Holes can have some type of Coronal Mass Ejections just like regular stars such as our Sun ?!?!…doesn’t seem far fetched to me…and yes I know the gravity is SO INTENSE nothing not even LIGHT can escape it’s pull…I have a degree in Physics and Math…but seeing is believing….RIGHT ?

  13. West Side on

    About time civil science is telling us what major establishments and governments won’t “cunt” people who think there is no life out there have their head in the sand. This reminded me of that spear shaped object that was hiding behind the sun and was the size of the earth. You could only see it though xray telescopes find by civil scientist. was about 2014/2015 can remember now. have a look its on yt

  14. Sarla Srivastava on

    when the vedio was ending I was drinking water and something came in my mouth…….I was scared but it turns out it was ice…..😂😂😂

  15. Antonio Higgins on

    The thing is though that what we saw shoot out of the black hole actually happened billions of years ago… That’s just so crazy to me. The fact that we can witness something happen that actually happened before earth even existed just explodes my mind

  16. Tim Williams on

    uhhh…we’ve known for a while now that black holes emit hawking radiation and in fact will continue to do so until it simply evaporates essentially.

  17. CaptainKirkDiggler on

    This is one moronic video? Where are you getting this incorrect and distorted information from?

  18. shelby hare on

    incorrect a black hole does not send you to another universe/dimension, a white hole/warm hole does. they’re are completely opposite do some research if you want to look smart

  19. Johnny Bumpous on

    scientists have no idea what a black hole is. they could be openings to work holes.. they don’t know if they even have gravity, which is another theory..

  20. Jimmy Biggs on

    Black holes cannot hurt spiritual beings neither can it hurt ufo’s!  It cannot capture all things that enter it.

  21. John Kang on

    You do know that astrophysicists only make theories right? In other words they make educated GUESSES.. no one has ever seen a black hole why do you think they’re called black holes because they cant see em. Dont get people excited over bs.

  22. Bryan Villamil on

    Maybe that’s how planets are formed and the burst of energy is what is needed for it to stay in orbit.

  23. William Burd 1 on

    Well being that black holes are real this isn’t no surprise….
    one day a black hole will destroy our galaxy or the sun will…

  24. Vannessa Coonrod on

    Nothing is impossible – just highly improbable. Same goes for black holes. Black holes are probabilities too like the rest of reality.

  25. David Darris on

    If ufos have anti gravity technology, and black holes suck everything in with gravity, make sense that UFO might not be affected

  26. Xyphira Vos on

    like I know atleast one other has spoken already, but black holes radiate energy via gamma emissions. like the star that existed in its place prior.
    yes, it is energy. but yes, it is also matter leaving the black hole. noble gases, light atomic elements. Just like any other mass in the universe, black holes have poles, and electromagnetic and gravitational fields. Just like on earth and the sun, these poles move, and they are areas of radiation entry and exit from the mass. While black holes are described as flat, their event horizon is in fact spherical. as observed by spherical gravitational lensing resulting from this event horizon’s field of effect on matter/radiation around it.

    Considering nuclear fusion is the primary function of a star from birth to Nova, it stands to reason, that the “black hole” is merely latter product of further Nuclear-Fusion based Stellar -Nucleosynthesis, the result being an element with a mass and density so large it is un-observable by our standard means. (aka singularity)
    It is not the object itself that obstructs radiation refraction or emissions, but it’s atmospheric conditions. like everything else in the universe.

  27. Aashlyn Boby on

    I don’t think this is true.
    5 fucking billion light years away.
    If it’s true……
    Then I guess it happened a long time ago.

  28. cheesecake lover on

    Figure out the mistake in Maxwells ( electro magnetic theory ) + gravity + time = control of zero point energy…..

  29. ghost0reaction pq on

    It’s impossible for anything to come out a black hole unless it’s faster than the speed of light and I haven’t even watched the vid yet

  30. Tyler Weathersby on

    if it’s something coming for us I guess they gave us a pretty good warning… like 5 billion years ago lol

  31. Rahul Nair on

    4:55 Maybe there more than one universe… and these black holes are just the gateways… to them… or it could also possibly be that it could be a gateway to galaxies… just a thought what do you think @secureteam10

  32. CreatureShadowOfficial GoddessOfBalanceOfGood&Evil on

    the black hole can be possible that it’s a worm hole to another universal type of dimension likw ours.

  33. John Henry on

    we are inside of a giant proton collider and black holes are drains sucking everything up so they can redo the experiment in the proton collider what may take seconds for whoever’s running the proton collider takes billions and billions of years in for us

  34. Burgerchamp987 on

    Jesus christmas man you don’t know shit about this lol, make videos about minecraft or something you actually understand

  35. Green Kreeper on

    Science almost knows what’s happening cuz since then they’ve been able to better learn about it it has something to do with energy

  36. James Marsland on

    Tyler look up the electric universe , black holes are plasmoudes are inherently pulse and can girth birth to other plasmoudes


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