Silent UFO Locked In Sky Over Store Parking Lot – MAJOR Alien Sighting – Coverup

Must watch: “SMOKING GUN HD Alien Moon Structures FOUND! Giant Vehicles & Bases 6/9/2015”

This video was sent in to us yesterday, after a couple leaving a department store noticed an object sitting in the sky, not moving, with 3 triangular lights. The object was there an hour later when checked on, but vanished soon after.


  1. mrmateo513 on

    i saw the same thing that night here 15 minutes away from cincinnati but didnt have my vellphone around to record it.i did some looking around and believe these are government projects called tbr 3 guessing since cincinnati is so close to dayton’s airforce base that the tbr 3 probally came from there.i also saw a triangle shaped ufo in cincinnati in 1994 but it was shaped different then this just to let you know i saw the same thing in cincy that same night.

  2. seeingUFOsPA on

    Triangle giving itself away by hovering. Ohio state is hot recently with sightings all the way up to Lake Erie. Any more footage? Perhaps someone can stabilize this for ya….

  3. Glitter on

    they couldnt land in the wal mart parking lot because it was full of uneducated welfare trash democrat liberal run public scrool chirins!

  4. TheMatrixUnveiled on

    I live in Youngstown and have seen these triangle crafts that can hover. Ive been trying to capture them hovering on camera with no luck. These are real and im glad someone finally caught them! Thanks so much for posting! Please upload more if you have it.

    This is a huge step in disclosure!

  5. secureteam10 on

    @rhw7879 Actually in this instance, it was. Pocket FLIP type cameras are carried by plenty of people, which is exactly what they are made for. The person who filmed this had always kept the camera with them, for years. There is no trickery in this video, and I’d ask anyone who wants to analyse it, to do so. Thanks

  6. secureteam10 on

    @spacecase7717 The man who originally filmed the object, was leaving a store with his wife and child. Temperatures are low and it was late, and as I’m sure you can understand, they didn’t have room nor time to sit there recording in the cold. From what I know, the father drove back around 40 minutes later, where he sat watching the object until finally at the 60 minute mark it quote “vanished like turning a light swtich off”.


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