Shocking Discovery! Alien “Doorway” On Planet Mercury? 11/8/16

Mercury image:
Correction: Meant to say plane was flying at 40,000 feet, not 70.
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  1. grizly cody on

    but isnt Mercury supposed to be a non livable planet? one half is too hot for life while the other is too cold. or am i wrong?

  2. Jose Lopes on

    or maybe Mercury is just too fuckin close to the Sun lol… the image looks like the Moon this picture could be anything.

  3. Lovely 1 Jett on


  4. Joseph sideman on

    70,000 feat is impossible for civilian plane, they top at 55,000 max. Concorde used to have converted military, the R/R Olympus and they had a sealing of 65,000 feat. 17,000 should be more accurate, it’s impossible for a 737 to fly higher than 50,000, maybe 55,000 for a short period but the engine stall passed 52-53,000.

  5. Lil G BGD on

    mercury ,venus all planets that used to come visit us but when mercury moved away from earth we lost capabilities so we would not know of it .We are going thru the darkage

  6. king reefy leaves legalize marijuana on

    you were completely biased at the end of the video saying that only the info you post is true. I laughed so hard, for you seem to be unaware of ANONYMOUS.

  7. frostyeverclear on

    Now i know our brains are hardwired to see faces. But if you look just to the lower left of the monolith on Mercury it looks like a Mayan statue head laying face up tilted about 45 degrees to the left with some type of headdress on looking up at the sky. is anybody else seeing this?

  8. Joshua Traffanstedt on

    when will you realize there’s no aliens flying around the solar system? The nearest star system is TOO FAR AWAY. If aliens exist in our solar system, they’re more than likely microbes. no life would be hanging out on or in mercury. It’s too hot and there’s NO ATMOSPHERE.

  9. Arnold Robert Lee on

    Why can’t I see what you see? and why would there be that object, all by itself on huge area of nothing but stones and craters.

  10. cody donovan on

    I remember hear when I was a kid that mercury has an atmosphere to where you can inter but not escape don’t remember where I heard it from but I was around 6 always loved space great video man love your channel

  11. aNathan southern on

    up lightning strikes,you can see it’s lighting strikes.if something hit it it wouldn’t have the spaces apart,the. China one was hit by foreign UFO.

  12. Samuel on

    5:03 DUDE THERE IS A FLOATING SPHERE JUST TO THE LEFT OF THAT MONOLITH< COMPARE THE CRATER SHADOWS. The dark side the crater are the top and the sphere's shadow is on bottom. 8:08 That is not a crater it is a clearing. It's almost square, meaning someone blasted away the loose soil. 9:42 Looks like something cause electrical arcing. 13:48 More arcing patches.

  13. Frank Campos on

    Sorcha Faal is supposed to be Russian or US Navy.. WhatDoesItMean does post some hard fo believe stories but their sources are always linked and tied in so well that it’s hard to deny.. Like the discoveries in Antarctic, in Afghanistan, in Saudi Arabia with the cross of Ankh being found under the mosque and the explosion that followed killing hundreds of people and authorities claimed it was a crane falling…

  14. Sterling Thibodeaux on

    that looks like an internal shortage of the electrical system. shortages can cause massive heat plooms (sp?) at weakened wiring points causing electrical arcing in-turn cooking the exterior paint from the inside. majority of the acft’s main power wires for the avionics run under the skin in that area (most acft run off of 400 Hz, reg. households are only 60Hz in US). with that being said, having multiple burn areas would denote an incredible overload situation that may have been caused by lightning, hence the multiple burn areas “attacking” multiple weaknesses in the wire. i.e. terminals, splices, components.. etc.. if it was only the acft power generating the shortages, you would only have one burn/short.. maybe two but doubtful cause once the electrical circuit “finds” a weakness and exploits it, the other points of weakness are irrelevant. plus i’m sure the acft has multiple overload electrical interrupting components throughout the system to stop further damage once a short has occurred but it wouldn’t stop a massive overload like lightning.. it would do exactly like the video showed… electricity follows the path of least resistance… always.. oh btw.. someone made a statement on “how the acft must be flying upside down due to the location of the possible lightning strike..”. lightning travels up and down. which ever way the electrons “need” to go to equal out the unbalance the ionosphere.. (is that what it’s called?.. lol) atmosphere.. stratosphere.. iaintgotnophere.. lol.. peace out!

  15. Lue Liv FairyBreeder Mistwalker on

    You should probably play No Mans Sky on PC or PS4 the monoliths in that are crazy huge to

  16. Tj Leonard Jr on


  17. AllOrNothinEnt on

    10:44, this is a floor with some random dirt on it, a drain and the words WATER SYSTEM on the floor above the drain….this channel has lost all credibility.

  18. Jayson Whitefield on

    I noticed that to the left and down a little from the monolith there’s what looks to me like a giant face, and when he zoomed in on the monolith you could almost see the whites of the eye.
    Also , what if those monoliths have a connection to our own? The biggest collection of giant stone rectangles on earth is stonehenge, maybe the primary gateway to all those others? Just a guess

  19. Jack S. on

    hi uhm .. that large rectangular buildind .. look just too the left and just below that building and tell me what you see .. I see something mind blowing .. need a second opinion … oh an it takes up close to 25% of the picture

  20. rich lowley on

    that monolith has got ledges on its sides that i think will be for landing space craft you can see by its sides shadow and you can see flat ledges on the monolith this is some kind of space port?

  21. Daniel Bornstein on

    It’s funny how bigfoot went extict when smartphones appeared. I suspect the extinctions of alien monuments on our planets will occur when telescopes improve.

  22. light warrior on

    light warrior
    light warrior1 minute ago (edited)
    after the flood the fallen took to the skies ,their children perished in the flood and became spirits of the air, the lights you see, some are spirit based and some are physical based the fallen ,they appear as a angel stripped of it’s appearance and a vehicle coming back to earth, some are made by those who have joined with the fallen to conquer the earth. Jesus said ‘never before have these things coming has man seen’ he is right cause never before have the fallen had spirit children to help them, before they where making the children God said ‘they will watch their children slaughtered’. Now they have a greater power now because of their form now, we as man have a spiritual battle to face very soon, not physical, a battle of the mind where ONLY God children will be able to overcome thru belief- mind power

  23. Henry on

    bottom left of the square thing and shadow, I see a huge face!!!!! don’t u see that there? some alien faces around the top as well wtf. how did u not see that

  24. patrick ray on

    A bird? Really my nigga, a Bird? NO bird can cause that kind of damage, I mean hell, what gave them the first clue? THAT FUCKING HUGE ASS DENT?

  25. Jo M on

    on google earth mars there are a few structures. reminds me of some kind of obelisks close together. 32°50’9.81″N 174°52’19.97″E ; 32°45’12.61″N 175°11’14.50″E ; 32°56’58.23″N 175° 6’8.65″E ; 33°32’39.70″N 174°27’12.91″E.

  26. Andre Williams on

    The damaged airliner looks like it was extremely close and it was burned by the ionizing field off the saucer this is not the first time airliners were hit by an identified flying object’s one was taxiing to approach when it was reported to be a pilot by the tower there was a UFO in the area and his aircraft sustained significant damage to the landing gear

  27. Andre Williams on

    Tyler you should do a story about the Coyne incident where our UFO tried to take a US army helicopter for crewmembers on active duty were approached by a long 80 for the object that shined a greenlight on them lit up the canopy and also listed the helicopter up 1000 feet more when Pilot was deciding to push the collector down found at the aircraft was still a rose to 3000 feet and a family on the ground and witnessed a sensitive and testify to it

  28. justin3571 on

    As a pilot, personally, I’ve been hit by a positive charged lightning bolt which can cause these burn holes. Lightning that is negatively charged, harmlessly passes through the aircraft mostly unnoticed, but positive bolts can weld control surfaces together and blow holes on the aluminum or composite materials through the skin like an arc welder. What perplexes me is the many holes along the belly that makes me think these were directed zaps instead of one or two bolt exit points. Definitely never seen damage this extensive before. Way to go for the crew documenting this!
    Tyler is getting better, but does mispronounce and states alot of stuff that only professionals can state. i.e. 70,000 feet, twice the cieling of an airliner, more like the altitude for a U2 spyplane or SR-71. Thanks Tyler!

  29. Cole Fairbanks on

    does anyone else see a big hand and half of a face above and to the right of the monolith? Also E.T. to the left?

  30. Matthew Kadlick on

    FYI Tyler secureteam 10, commercial airliners DON’T fly at 70,000 feet. Mid 30’s – low 40’s max. Also, has anyone ever mentioned a MONOLITH being discovered on earth? Maybe there is one that’s never been found or talked about. Middle of the the Brazilian Rain Forest perhaps?

  31. Tory Allan on

    few aircraft go above 40k feet let alone 70k. Some fighter jets get close to that and unofficially 80k feet. The damage looks like a high powered pulse laser.


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