Shocked UFO Skeptic Can’t Explain This! 1/3/17

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  1. thomas kelly on

    if he just stumbled upon the image when deleting photos, how the fuck can you say he then watched the object for a while and then it shot off, hahaha, give me your job!

  2. Ozzmantis69 on

    On that second footage…Great way to freak your kids out by saying “were all gunna die”.Could he not here that the kids were crying?

  3. Øystein A. on

    I just hate dental issues. The reason the medics get all pissy is that an infection in the dental region can spread to tze brain, leading to, you know, insta death. Or so Ive heard.

    Good you re feeling better, if you are going to die it should be aliens or some secret government cult, not a lame dental infection.

  4. fishy fingers on

    unfortunately Tyler I think in this case it’s a radio controlled drone,camera on the bottom.I hope I’m wrong 🙂

  5. Bill & Bill`s Gentlemans Club on

    Man I had no idea you could go to the ER for that and actually get treatment. I have had 2 infected pulled. I feel for you, that may be the worst pain, I have ever felt…. Makes me curious of how they did it before science, anti-biotics, etc….

  6. Bill & Bill`s Gentlemans Club on

    My friend called the police at like 2am 10 years ago because he saw a UFO, he was a stoner so they kept asking him what he was on, then they finally looked up and saw it, and 2 dudes and 2 cops proceeded to stare at it for 15 minutes, and then they left.

  7. Veeter99 on

    Glad you’re better, but I think you’re a little confused on the true size of a baseball (based on the photos you posted). Either that, or you just enjoy exaggerating things for attention. Hmmm. And those lights seen in Houston? They’re *not* sitting still; why are you saying they are? And they *are* moving around and changing where they are in relation to each other. SMH

  8. Fat Sack on

    These people would freak the fuck out if they ever got out of the city and deep into the desert away from all the light pollution where you can actually see the stars.

  9. SmithsCrhronicles on

    made my day…. “we’re all gonna die”, the fiery falling ball that fell in the sea somewhere in 1998 at 4:40 am could have been a meteorite but also could have been a shot down UFO because there was no atmosphere light as it came in and it got so close that we felt its heat… the whole night was red, the other UFO at close range was outside my window as a fiery ball levitated down the street 20 meters above ground, then separated in to 3 balls and went out of view

  10. xXMLG Player345Xx on


  11. m4xfl4xst4r on

    HOLD UP. This guy stumbled upon the pics while clearing his camera and then remembered in detail his encounter with a UFO?? How the hell does one FORGET they observed a UFO for a few minutes? They don’t, unless it never happened.

  12. BACON BITS on

    WE call that the Parking Lot Shot!! Hurts all the way to the parking Lot, OR, it has some numbing med in it, that, makes it START hurting around the parking lot time………………glad you are feeling better Tyler

  13. roxanneworld11 on

    ummmm…forget alien anthropology or artifacts…”wife??” wtfrak?? Tyler has a…”wife??” oh, when do we get to ‘YouTube meet’ her?? because this a woman I have to see with my own eyes!! I just know there’s an interesting story there…so, when and how’d you meet?..and we want *photos!* wedding, honeymoon walks..or honeymoon dinners..proof, lol! ? ? ?

  14. GianniCash15 on

    So which is it? He’s a believer after witnessing this, or after finding the photo some time after “taking the picture”? Cuz it sounded like he stumbled on this pic and only noticed it then, so how did he “witness” it to be a believer.And as @Capshaw pointed out the shadows not matching, shadows or not, this does not look legit at all

  15. Voorhees Jason on

    that picture reminds me of an episode of Star Trek Voyager where they go back to 1996 and a news footage caught voyager sweeping through the night sky.

  16. karl Andersson on

    If aliens exists and start communicating and co-exist with us humas freely and without government hiding it. How long will it take before we have alien porn on youporn?

  17. rblibit on

    I hope you’re feeling better, Tyler. YOU CAN’T GET SICK ANY MORE. You are NOT ALLOWED! With what is coming out this year, YOU will be one busy dude. The MSM networks will not believe it, so they will be LATE or WRONG on EVERYTHING. YOU will also be able to tell when they are STILL trying to hide some of it, and only telling a little bit of the truth. STICK IT TO THEM. FORCE IT OUT!  You’ll top a million subs so fast you’ll freak out.  Happy Alien New Years!  Cheers, Richard

  18. Seth Tyrssen on

    Canadian photo: the guy takes a UFO picture, then forgets all about it? And, why is the moon all out of shape? His second photo at least looks more like a proper moon. …It isn’t made clear if the cigar-shaped craft of 1978 is actually depicted in one of the two photos which followed. Actually, the craft originally shown looks more Terran than alien to me, but hey, just mho. The next clips were hilarious, because of the commentary; “we’re all gonna die!” Well yeah, sooner or later … Sheesh …

  19. Chris Wiggins on

    Why is it that you’re the kind of person I’d want to kick back and hang out with; glad to hear all is well, medically speaking. I’m a new fan, but regardless, I know I’m not alone when I say I both enjoy and appreciate your content.

  20. Patriot Forlife on

    Hey, I live in NJ (south jersey) and I’ve captured a very bright object in my sky last week. It was there for two nights. Then just disappered. Just now I am walking my dog at 8:15pm eastern time and I capture the same object. This time I have it on camera when it disappeared!!

  21. Joe Edwards on

    That video looks to be indeed Chinese lanterns, they are drifting a little, and one burns out at the end. A further reason the are probably lanterns are it was New Year’s Eve, a night of celebrations, and that’s what Chinese lanterns are for, celebrations.

  22. irrelavant13 on

    sorry but the lighting doesn’t match and the image saturation is different for the object and the rest of the image.

  23. jay love on

    I enjoy this type of stuff, but seriously, to those that have not experienced this, you are not qualified to tell someone what they saw.  Did you know that clear undeniable pictures and videos are usually not allowed to be posted, only the images that can cast doubt usually can be posted.  Unfortunately, UFO are real, some are just that Unidentified Flying Objects, but not alien, and then there are those that are not “ours”.  Some things can be proved but it can be dangerous to do so.  There is no reason on earth that something can be considered classified and top secret although it do not exist.  Can some experts explain this to me?

  24. seymore glass on

    …adore your sight. FYI: Newfoundland is a province of Canada, analogous to a state, and is a series of islands as well as part of the Atlantic Coast called Labrador. In case anyone in the US cares about geography.

  25. analdo mooriski on

    two great ufo reports there – im hooked, – i spent my new year too at the hospital – and like you, im on the mend . brilliant channel, keep up the good work <(") <(")

  26. R Dick on

    there is definately something happening in the skies over Hamilton, Ontario.One week before Christmas I witnessed three extremely bright large stationary objects hovering in formation hundreds of feet across. The distance across was too long for it to be one craft, it had to have been three. stretching the entire shoreline of the lake just over the city.Then on thursday Jan 5th at 5pm until approx 830pm directly over the downtown core of Hamilton IWitnessed a large illuminayed triangular craft hovering above the city skylline. The craft was completely lit up, then when a medical transport helicopter came close, the object began to ascend and dimmed to black. A few minutes later it had returned to follow the lake coastline around Hamilton Harbour westwards. I was at work but did have my Android with me but the picture isn’t all that clear which i posted to my fb wall.Richardurquhartii. Thanks and please no stranger  frien requests

  27. Xiomara Clement on

    Wait how did he all of the sudden witness the object move from it’s position and shoot out? That is, after having said that he only noticed the object while going through (deleting) his pictures to make room for more… ?

  28. watzizname on

    First image looks like one of the Pleiadian craft Billy Meier claimed to have photographed and interacted with in the 70’s..

  29. im2BIGTEDDY4u 85 on

    I live in Newfoundland, been here my whole life and it’s crazy that this stuff is happening here too. I’m a skeptic but I will admit that it is possibly an Alien UFO. I can’t say it IS for sure, but I also can’t say it ISN’T for sure either. Great Video Man

  30. shawn wilson on

    I don’t know if anyone else sees it or if my eyes are playing tricks on me but the last picture of the object in Canada I swear I see a face

  31. MArk Wilson on

    The three lights in the sky at the end look to me like a triangle ship that is shifting and moving and you can almost fill in the object between the three lights as the three end points of the triangle change angles to the camera (viewers).

  32. la maker on

    Maybe it was called “Random” island to hide the UFO secrets, i mena who would care about an island that is so random it called random?

  33. Samuel on

    3:41 I am ashamed to know this but that is a Star Trek Nova-class model ship. More than likely modified into a drone. Air Hogs RC make a flying Enterprise that lights up even.

  34. Nathan Smith on

    why is it these news sources you show always look like something you’ve quickly knocked up yourself. and why whenever you claim you’ve had an email. letter etc about whatever do you never show these ? sorry pal I liked your content when I first started watching It but with each new video I’ve seen you’ve became more delusional. seeing things that aren’t even there . Just because you so desperately want to witness such things you fabricate them in your head and slowly start believing it to be true

  35. Joseph sideman on

    Not bad at all, 213,000 viewers in four and a half months plus almost 5800 positive hits. Keep at it, I’m telling you, you’re making a great contribution to the UFO subject by exposing what you cant find in the “majors” official news channels and medias. Happy New Year ! Peace and Love to Humanity !

  36. melissa schreiber on

    Tyler that guys pic of the craft is the same as the video you posted 5/29/17 i believe. pretty sure it was yezterdays video. but its upside down. the drawing pic

  37. GregJay Panem Et Circensis on

    Put coconut oil in your mouth and swish for 10 minutes then spit and rinse, I thought this was bs until I got an abscess desperate I tried it, not only did the abscess go away but it has never come back. Went to the dentist and got a clean bill of health, no abscess no cavities even. Just gone.Plus I eat a garlic clove raw every morning.


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