Shocked Mom & Daughter Record Eerie Diamond UFO Over Australia! 6/9/16

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  1. Valkyrie612 on

    The pair of lights look to be 2 fighter jets flying in echelon formation, without running lights. The lights are the jet exhausts, which definitely glow, even without afterburners ignited. A possible explanation for the lack of running lights is they are flying “secretively”, or in EMCON Alpha conditions. Why they would be doing so in a public area, I don’t know; but if they are flying in military airspace, they are allowed to exercise EMCON.

  2. TheHynzee on

    The first UFO on this video was spotted flying over
    Birmingham, England @ 15.30 approx last Saturday 4th of June 2016 by myself. It
    I would guess was Meandering in a South Westerly direction at between 5 & 10000 ft
    and I watched it’s progress for 2-3 mins but as I was in slow traffic, I had no
    opportunity to  photograph or film.
    Initially I had great difficulty trying to work out the shape, but what I saw
    in this video is it.

  3. Kouki_Monster on

    If it was a windy day I’d say its a safe bet to say it could also be a bag in the wind but its staying in the same shape too much.

  4. Cigol Zëlev on

    I had a dream about a craft like this almost a week ago…wierd. In the dream a cop helicopter was chasing it bu the craft was being followed by hundreds of mini diamonds. The whole thing was like a flack of bats. Very strange.

  5. David Stuckey on

    The first one looks like a commercial blimp. They fly them from large commercial premises here in the UK.

  6. Brian O'Kongkohr on

    This “capital H” object, if rotated “upward” is very similar to these “black knight shapes” that Secure Team has been posting. It seems to be a matter of positional orientation. These “black knight class” objects have variation but undeniably are of similar architecture. Discs and triangle ufos have many variations too – so it’s not surprising .

  7. Bill G on

    It kinda reminds me of an arial banner (the type that are towed behind planes) Though I don’t see a plane towing it…

  8. josh weber on

    This Channel is a joke now. Sorry, Tyler. I used to love secureteam. Now that you’re approaching 500 000 subscribers you are clearly just doing it for monetary gain.

  9. Fleese Johnson on

    Why do people troll this shit so much? Y’all just doing that to hide the fact that you think it’s really real

  10. 6977warrior on

    I see these ‘ufos’ all the time at different beaches. It is an advertising banner being pulled by a plane from a long distance. They sometimes practice without an ad on it to see if the plane can handle it or not. It puts a huge strain on the motor’s prop. Mystery solved.

  11. Rob Roberts on

    Turn that diamond shaped UFO about 90 degrees and it would look a lot like the one seen at Wright Patterson.

  12. La Dame De Coeur on

    I’m from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and sorry to break it to you, Tyler, but.. the noise is basically a small plane and the ‘ufo’ is a sign flag pulled by the plane.

  13. Nola West on

    @ 2:09 there are two other objects going along with it: 1) one above to the left 2) a darker one [closer towards the freeway] & 3) the UFO the mother & daughter saw = 3 all together!

  14. kimbal summers on

    I come from Melbourne Australia, but now living in Brisbane City. The highway the Melbourne sighting was seen on – I know of it. It’s part of the main ring-road around the city. The Melbourne sighting though I did not personally see it – it is similar to one I sighted first hand in 1993 while travelling home from work along the Warburton Highway just out of Melbourne and going in an easterly direction. It was flying above me and parallel to the highway. I stopped the car to take a better look.

    The craft i saw was not diamond shaped but it was a black flying triangle, which was going so slow it would have fallen from the sky if it was a normal plane. It was about 5.30 pm when I saw it, still broad daylight. I did not have a camera to take a picture. The ship was very close to the ground – you could’ve almost touched it; – it was that low in the sky. I later checked on its origin to be a Sirian Craft surveying the area.

    It was huge – estimated to be about 100 metres across each of its 3 sides. No visible markings and matt black in colour. No lights were visible. The thing that was exceptionally eerie was that it was totally silent, not like a Military plane which roars at low altitude. The ship was silently gliding ( with one of its 3 corner points leading the ship ) like a giant Manta Ray in the sea. At that time in my life, I was involved with a small UFO abduction group, who met once each month in the Dandenong Ranges east of Melbourne. They were the only ones who believed my sighting experience.

    [ Most UFO sightings in Melbourne, Australia, seem to be on the eastern side of the city around the Dandenongs and to the south of the mountain range where the Kelly Cahill case occurred in 1993. I also knew Kelly personally – as she use to date my younger brother for a short period. Her case was mentioned in the X-files ( 1st episode ) 6 part series on TV recently.] – Kimbal Summers

  15. Anthony Giallourakis on

    This is an IFO not a UFO. If you watch the first video until the end and look very carefully (use screen magnification if you can) you can clearly see the outline of a ram-air elliptical parachute. The motion during the entire video is forward and slightly down. The speed is also consistent with a high performance sport parachutist. None the less, everyone else’s comments are pure entertainment and enjoyable to read (assuming they are not offensive beyond a reasonable limit).

  16. Alien Grey on

    It’s a guy paragliding behind a boat. There must be a body of water over there. You can see the curvature of the rectangular parachute.

  17. Slyone Monsema on

    The way the 2nd clip is describe seems like the same ship from jacks ranch on thirdphaseofmoon youtube channel where you can see a long ship with lights then it suddenly splits up in amazing high rate of speed into 3 or more individual lights, then all the lights/ships reverse interlocking with each other back to the main ship.

  18. karen shear on

    At 2:51 there appear to be 2 round objects hovering/flying near the diamond shaped craft. Do you think they might be related? I viewed it several times to make sure I was seeing them. Thanks for a great channel. Karen

  19. Richardo Monty Hanna on

    It is so idiotic to film vertically with a phone, as it renders the footage exasperating to watch! ..people please when you see a UFO next time turn your phone on the side!!!

  20. Austin Harding on

    Its a blimp everyone, cmon the wind, no wind; “who cares” – Trump, an the guy with the cardboard chip theory, good one, real clever, your head is full of cardboard chips LOL

  21. Julian Henry on

    what is a disclosure +secureteam10 if you play the title at .25 at 0:13 it quickly flashes disclosure is coming this really freaks me out man please respond. i looked it up but i didnt get anything

  22. n0ka on

    cheese bread butter evil spirits and the other day and night and I was unable to get it to stream again for the first time either eug the crack man did you get the most important thing that you can also be used to work with the gofundme type sites that are available in the UK and Europe and North America and the other day it was only a few minutes later on today and I will be in a few hours to get the most important part of the month of July and August at least one of the reasons i dont use the following models are you a call on Monday

  23. xstreme on

    What I don’t understand is if these UFOs are indeed not human controlled, why be lit up as a ball of light like a satellite viewed from earth? why not just be hovering around in a normal state? might as well considering they are putting themselves out there to be seen anyway. strange agenda

  24. Anthony Santa Cruz on

    Doesn’t look like it was man made??? Ridiculous comment!!! Like you know what is being made from top secret programs.

  25. HeWentThattaway on

    All that advanced alien technology and that’s the best they can come up with? A space ship shaped like a piece of baklava?

  26. bodipsypha on

    If you looked at it from a different angle it seems to share similarities with the Ohio UFO that seemed to disappear!!!
    Anyone see what i mean???

  27. Alex Trebek on

    its a test jet, like how area 51 was for testing experimental aircraft (skunkworks)
    Australia has the same thing…duh.

  28. DTGJUDGE on

    The 1989 footage is real BUT it was a social test. A team of engineers built an R.C floating ufo to capture peoples response. It was part of a uk tv documentary.

  29. Jordan cleveley on

    i seen a bright green glowing one of these it looked like it was falling, no shit it lit up the sky!! my gf was scared. i had my fone ready

  30. AzraelPercussionNEO on

    come on their isn’t any footage of the two “objects” splitting in real time? Come on how can you call that credible UFO footage. I believe that their is a higher species than us that created us but this footage stinks man sorry to be so harsh….people please read the Book Of Ezekiel and please tell me there is indeed a metaphysical relationship between aliens and what the Bible scribes.

  31. too many on

    I honestly saw something extremely similar in 2005. I’m also from Melb, Australia.

    At the time I thought it resembled a cube with shadowed edges, but it also looked strikingly similar to this video footage.

    I have always remembered this because it’s the only time I’ eve seen a UFO.

  32. julia393n on

    Good old Melbourne, my home town, coming up with the goods. The Valentich disappearance flying from Moorabbin airport, and now this video. I saw a UFO when I was a kid back in the early 80s, with my father as a co-witness. If only I had a mobile phone with video like kids do today! I wonder what the aliens find interesting about us Melbournians LOL

  33. Julia Pucci on

    i saw it and it was an advertisement for a health insurance company towed by a helicopter its a flag you don’t see the helicopter because its simply not in the video

  34. SUPERJET - Sewer Cleaning, Drain Cleaning, Hydro jetting on

    I know this is an old post but I just came across it. Ok, so how does this lady know how loud it was? It looks very far away and she said it was really windy, I’m not sure but are her windows UP? Windows down would have been an awful lot of wind noise in the car. Just playing detective. aside from that, it is interesting looking..

  35. James Davis jr on

    WOW, Hey Tyler there are TWO OTHER UFO’s in that first video and one of the ones that are moving around the stationary UFO IS INVISIBLE except for a shadow effect that can be seen tagging along with the other ORB-LIKE UFO!!!!!! WOW AMAZING FOOTAGE DUDE!!!! I missed this last year when my computer went down I guess. So glad that I did the research now and have another look at what I saw okay……especially at around the 2:00 to 2:14 marks.


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