Secret DOOMSDAY BASE Under Denver Airport Exposed! 5/31/16

Fox News coverage:
Correction: Meant to say 22 million miles, not 22 in regards to comet elenin. Sorry guys, been a long night! ūüôā
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SPECIAL Thanks to LunaCognita for his amazing work in enhancing this footage.

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  1. SEN1LE on

    It’s airline economics to build that airport at that time. I’d reccomend reading up on it. Dr. V Bilotkach is known to be very good at it

  2. Nick Coulthurst on

    Its a bit strange choice for a continuity of government location, its probably on Russia, China and North Korea’s ‘Must remember to nuke’ wishlist by now.

  3. treesfourme on

    at 1050 you show picture of Denver Airport swastic. I see to the upper left hand corner
    a face of a demon with horns. looking to the airport. Does anyone else see this?

  4. David Wright on

    IDK but this is some really weird shit going on at that airport,and if I seen one of those ‘things’ coming out the suitcase I dang sure aint getting on a plane….note to self!!!never go to Denver….

  5. Then & Now on

    I didn’t know about this, thanks for letting me know. What seems funny though is I just watched a video on YouTube about this guy finding an unknown tunnel under this same airport. Check out how he talks about the demon underneath as he was working for the government.

  6. MeMyselfnI Hernandez on

    I’m so Happy I’m a Believer Fallower Worshipper of Jesus Christ. I’m Trusting in Christ’s salvation. I pray He takes All my children before any Evil that is comeing to This Sinnful world. NWO

  7. Atahulpa on

    The airport itself is nothing more then just a ” SLEEPER ” to keep us all in wonder .. But what is underground is totally another story altogether .. There’s a whole city underneath .. mostly military … Right under our noses .. So when the shit hit’s the fan .. The powers that be can have a very sophisticated bunker .. Wake-Up Folks …

  8. Volks Dragen on

    The murals and statues are beautiful but I don’t think that an airport was the best place to put them. I’ve been there before and it think it might be one of the most eerie and unsettling places I’ve ever set foot. It gave me some reaaaaly bad vibes…

  9. Time Flies on

    The murals put me in mind of the Alamo and the history of that part of the US. It originally belonged to Mexico but some settlers made a deal Mexican Indians and peoples agreed to it then the settlers lied to them and cheated them out of their land. I’ve been to this airport and it is stunning but I think that it was built that way for bragging rights. The country is getting so bad about that….in a lot of places like schools, for instance, where they used to use extra funds to help underprivileged students to have the same opportunities as other students- they now use those funds for needless, useless beautification of the schools or anything affiliated with….its sad but true :-/

  10. Time Flies on

    and those trans…omg! They are so freaking fast you better hang on and pay attention! That probably also has a lot to do with the way they are built.

  11. jfkdotcom on

    the tunnels are supposed to go all the way to norad, and there are “barns” in a perfect line to norad from dia every few miles scattered along the way…

  12. musedonna on

    7:41 Interestingly enough, the contributor listed at the bottom as ‘Martin Marietta Aeronautics” merged with Lockheed to become Lockheed Martin in Marietta, Georgia (about 12 miles from my house). They made the Stealth Bomber, among the other military jets.

  13. Nash Doyle on

    Well this could be alien related at the same time I could just be bad people in power taking advantage of a crisis situation like an invasion from space they are either getting ready to work with them, are them knocking out all our threats to them or are planning on taking them out and using the the ending to take us over for good. Obviously a good reason they would keep what they know and have hidden so the general public won’t be a threat and they can stay ahead and in massive power.

  14. Wide Open on

    Too much ‘actually’ like judge judy shows… I really dont get how people dont oppose such ugly occult images, aren”t we in the age of anti religion? So much bitching against a creationist museum… but no one cares for an again satanic display?

  15. RandomlyBeautiful13 on

    I usually love your content, but the part about the time capsule made me chuckle a little. Why 2094? Cuz that’s 100 years after it was built. Usually, time capsules are to be opened 100 years later.

  16. Jesse Rangel on

    I live in denver… I’ve flown many many times to and from this place, I have a lot of buddies who work for TSA even… and I am personal friends with some of the construction workers who (with in the last three years) had built and worked on the new elevators and addons for this place… it’s an oddly built place with a creepy vibe. I won’t lie. And yes those murals are there and make no sense, and are beyond weird! and yeah, that landfill is on tower rd. it’s still being worked on right now and the South portion of it is now closed off… between 104th and 120th… with 88th and e470 being the only way to the airport access road Pen√£. It’s baffling to those of us who live here.

  17. Lee Brown on

    The New World Order: The time the AntiChrist will have world power for 7 years until Christ returns and destroys the Devils followers and lock the whole bunch up in the pits of hell, in which our blessed Saviour will reign on earth..

  18. David Avina on

    I think the Denver Airport just might be the new MIB secret location. Although the demonic horse is a bit creepy, the other statues seem to be gargoyles which are believed to ward off evil. In history gargoyles have been seen and placed outside churches as guardians. There are many fascinating interpretations to this that may vary. Also I think those seemingly disturbing murals remind me of events that are indeed happening on our planet already. Such as that mural with that military soldier figure holding the Arabian knight sword in one hand and the AK-47 in the other. You may also notice that he is wearing a gas mask. As you may have heard in the news, it has been tragically reported that chemical warfare attacks on innocent people in the middle east have been occurring already, with the culprit and fingers pointed to their own government trying to suppress uprising.

  19. Ool√¶ URorn√ł on

    well for the time capsule to be opened in 2094 that makes sense because that would be exactly 100 years later from year 1994

  20. blottoinchcago on

    again I love the read the commentary. here are more facts to the trollers out here. This has been a long , shady story. The contractors that were digging out the airport and tunneling underground, were fired in waves, and were never told what the completed project would be, They were replaced until the contractors were no longer needed. I lived in Colorado for 8 years and started using DIA when Stapleton was shut down. There was no need as Tyler mentions, to construct a new airport, They could have simply worked with Stapleton. There were, NWO and freemason markings all over the airport. Leo Tanguma’s artwork, which I saw frequently , and which was utterly disturbing , was mostly removed after mass complaints and outrage by passengers. To see these images on the web, versus getting off a flight or getting to a terminal on your flight out, was probably some of the most disturbing imagery and artwork I have ever seen. Let’s say it was all , APOCALYPTIC. DIA is not what you think it is. There is speculation that DIA links underground to Dulce Military base in New Mexico. Long after the facade of the airport and the runways, roadways and terminals were completed, many folks, employees driving in and out of the area, and residents miles away could hear tremors and loud machinery under ground for months and months after the airport was completed.
    Everything about the airport, about it’s history, about it’s construction, about it’s delays, about it’s eventual purpose, are rather sinister. Sure it is an amazing structure, at the time, it was allegedly one of the most advanced airports, sans the automated baggage system debacle, but it had the worst, most horrible, creepy energy and ambiance. It is a very baffling place. Then add a runway system from aerial view, in the shape of a swastika. One thing I’ve learned, is that there is no such thing as coincidence.

  21. Ra√ļl Saenz on

    7:21 “Why did they choose 2094? Did they know something that we don’t?” Well, I suppose that they chose to recover the time capsule 100 years after it was buried in 1994…call me naive.

  22. Jer-z Grown on

    Tyler ……. you have disappointed me once again. The mysterious engravings are nothing more than braille writing you dumb ass.

  23. Purestock on

    Never put it together, but the Freemasons are a strange bunch of people. A friend of mine belongs to them and they have some strange rituals. The way they walk first of all is weird.  So it does make sense how all of this could be possible

  24. John Awesome on

    also 3 of the 5 building that were “Buried” are used for people to enter and exit trains and the extra 2 are to expand to make concourse D and E

  25. Jacob buchhop on

    JD Rockefeller funded it he’s the only multi-billionaire that I know of has been known to believe in the new world order. He has some interesting pictures with him floating around of him online walking with madam Hillary Clinton holding a book about aliens and some other weird stuff. It’s really worth checking out.

  26. Cherie Hott on

    Not only did we like Stapleton, but it didn’t take seven thousand years to get to! Lol But…once I saw it for the first time 2 weeks after it opened, I fell in love with it. It’s quite an intriguing place. Very weird art, beautiful marble and granite floors, and so much character! I was 16 during that first trip, flying to Paris with my two best friends. We were so excited to see the new airport, since it was supposed to have opened a year earlier. The year before, I flew to Italy with EF tours, and we had been disappointed that DIA wasn’t open yet. Anyway, it’s a cool and mysterious airport, and I would NOT doubt there being something strange buried underneath it.

  27. chad wilson on

    its simple omg the oldest fucking culture on our planet explains that not only in 2022 but also the egyptains new that egypt is like eden to this planet they whatched as the world died and wrote the hiztory down like holy fuck 2022 is are end and beggining

  28. chad wilson on

    everyrhing we know about the aleins and there plans was takeibg from the egyptains hidden tomb below anouther hidden tomb

  29. chad wilson on

    they had everything just rite from set up to set down the safest place on earth when the world goes to shit is egypt at the giza pyramids

  30. SnYpA1337 on

    well incase of an apocalypse, if the world agree to meet at the airport, we will easily take it over ūüėČ

  31. Freiflug on

    a BASE???? The Protocols of the Elders of Zion-23.09.2017 – — “Soon all the capitals of the world will be traversed by lanes of the subsoil. From these galleries, in the case of danger, we will blow up the whole city with state lines, offices, documentary collections, and non-Jews with their belongings. “[10] SHARE IT – LAST CHANCE

  32. Sable Phoenix on

    Will answer two [2] concerns:
    @4:10 *Re: Mustang horse* $, had been paid out for each one killed; it’s said that this campaign to hunt them to extinction began in the 1950’s. Later, Thoroughbred stallions were released into the wild.
    *Animals do not get the credit they deserve. They possess empathy & compassion & other wonderful traits.*
    Even insects, or bugs can be a topic. It was something to find U.S. medium/small black ants honor their departed & their graveyards of beauty. Imagine how organized & intelligent that is & other sorts of species including fish.
    @9:45 *Re: Comet Elenin* there was never any comet. It meant 11-9, both of these #’s signify words or terms. ‘9-11′ obviously reversed, but means the same. I feel someone interested can find. Also, besides that language. . .’Ele’, is short for 11, what is ‘nin’ for? ūüôā

  33. D Winslow on

    People trying to make something out of nothing….Braille, duh, a time capsule is usually opened 100 yrs later, duh, a blue mustang that happens to be the same color as the Town’s football team, duh…..

  34. Nash Doyle on

    What it looks like to me is our own war or martial law bs man as cool as people can be many esp governing people really piss me of leave us the hell alone.

  35. Jaclyn Tamura on

    I guess people don’t understand how construction works… you buy the amount of materials you need and a lot of the time you find out you have far from enough.

  36. Janine Busald on

    Hey Tyler, I believe those “demon-looking things” are gargoyles. They’re all over Gothic cathedrals. I’m not sure but what they’re actually benevolent creatures of some kind. Perhaps another knowledgeable viewer will know more. Great video. I used to travel to Denver thru there when it was new, over 20 years ago. I don’t remember much of the artwork although I do remember the endless delays because of the malfunctioning baggage claim carrousel.

    Edit: According to Wikipedia, legend has it that it was the head of a dragon that was mounted on the walls of a church to ward off evil spirits. But the ones used on Gothic cathedrals had a practical purpose. They were used to keep water off the walls and away from the foundation in much the same way that we use downspout extenders to channel rainwater away from the foundations of modern buildings.

  37. H Gee on

    Outstanding segment. I wasn’t aware of most of this info about the DIA. Interesting to note that in a country with more than 300 million people, more aren’t interested¬†about WTF is going on in CO. The usual outcries¬†when the facility is first constructed, then, ZIP. I’m not particularly a conspiracy theorist but it appears to me that the worship of satan, and evil, is proliferating across the globe. Clearly, something very sinister is afoot at that airport. And here’s a side note: spellcheck is trying to show me the word, “satan” should be capitalized. Not a fucking chance. Why?

  38. Mae on

    The plaque to be opened in 2094 is obviously a time capsule (a very common thing people do, we did one at my school) and it is common for the instructions to say for it to be opened in either 50 or 100 years after it was buried. As the airport was being constructed in the early 90s makes sense that in 1994 they would’ve buried it, and for it to be opened in 2094.

  39. Ed Schirra on

    Some guy called RC Christian (not his real name) commissioned and paid for the stones called the ‘US Stonehenge’ and he and others who use the stones for occult meetings and ceremonies are known to want to scrap ur current belief systems and replace them with one, under a new world order.

  40. The Tree Hashketeers on

    I sent you a ton of videos and photos of UFOs and anomaly from earth to mars please check your instagram or your email.or your Facebook.

  41. iMarks Tech on

    LMFAOO!!!!!!! “very mysterious engravings…” BRAILLE .. hahahahah boiii I sure hope my kids aren’t this dumb

  42. D Duncan on

    This is so funny.¬† I’m a DIA employee and 99% of this info is pure made up trash.¬† Come on dude you have no proof of what you are talking about.¬† So sad. Get your facts, OK.

  43. Robin Taylor on

    The government has figured out that with cutting down all the trees and the population always growing, That by the year of 2098 some one will push a button and all mankind an all the starving that will be going on,, That’s what I think How bout you ?

  44. david sherrill on

    Denver did need a new airport. I have lived here 32 years. IN FACT WITH THE AMOUNT OF PEOPLE MOVING HERE DIA IS ALREADY NEEDING MORE.

  45. Neo Vega on

    if they knew about future events. it doesnt make sense how they or the president would go to the base underground to seek shelter, when they claim the know about future events.

  46. Michael Florian on

    Ive been in the Denver Airport before, it was very bland inside unlike the Orlando Airport, i did actually get the feeling it wasnt supposed to be an airport.

  47. grantpynaert on

    22 miles???? Where do you get your info?? Most of this is easily explainable you talk about gold and silver yet completely ignore the image around it which is clearly a mining cart

  48. innercry on

    Runway position in the shape of a swastika I think is incorrect. If you look at the arrangement they point to the four cardinal points and would allow planes to be landed from all four directions simultaneously. Also note that the airport is very near to the geographic centre of the US and not far from the Rocky Mountains. I wouldn’t be surprised if the real underground base is underneath the Rocky’s and Denver Airport is the access point for it. The reason why it’s situated centrally? Furthest point away from the Oceans…

  49. TheTruth on

    I lived in Denver for approx. 15 years,¬† before and after the building of DIA.¬† At the time, it made no sense.¬† Nobody foresaw or could imagine the growth Denver has experienced.¬† Probably fastest in US.¬†¬† Anyway, the then Mayor Pena was a nobody, never did anything & later gets appointed Secretary of Transportation.¬† Nothing suspicious there huh.¬†¬† The¬† state of art underground baggage system was highly praised before building it, then after opening they said it wouldn’t work even though it cost millions.¬† So they said it couldn’t be used & went with a traditional system.¬† Nothing unusal bout that huh.¬† The underground trains from the terminal to the gates has lots of side tunnels that I have never seen used.¬† Driving on the long Pena Blvd to the terminal I always noticed construction materials, including what appeared to be pieces of preformed concrete tunnels, hallways, even though I never saw any halls that size in the airport.¬† Nothing strange bout that huh .¬† Major road named after the do nothing unknown mayor Pena.¬† Lots and lots of open land there all the way to Kansas City.¬† Only about 70 miles to Colorado Springs where there is a lot of military¬†presence & Cheyenne Mountain which already was underground.¬† I believe the entire area from DIA to Colorado Springs has more tunnels than a termite nest.¬†¬† Connected with Utah, Nevada, NM.


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