Secret DOOMSDAY BASE Under Denver Airport Exposed! 5/31/16


Fox News coverage:
Correction: Meant to say 22 million miles, not 22 in regards to comet elenin. Sorry guys, been a long night! 🙂
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Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod (The best damn music producer in the land)
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SPECIAL Thanks to LunaCognita for his amazing work in enhancing this footage.

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Date: April 15, 2017

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  1. natif6souljah AT8 on

    maybe the demons in the suitcases is to symbolize how they plan to administer the death of 7 billion people.. also considering that dia is a major international airport… it would be pretty easy and ideal to be 1 of the centers of spread(ing) something around the world

  2. Drake Byars on

    my dad was one of the first builders he told me that he helped make the “storage tunnels” and he seemed nervous when he said it

  3. Pari Exon on

    O.M.G Illuminati puppets for Alien domination and depopulation !  Dial 16108 Krishna for all your afterlife insurance 🙂

  4. Pari Exon on

    O.M.G Illuminati puppets for Alien depopulation and domination …. Dial 16108 Krishna For all your afterlife insurance 🙂

  5. J. LU on

    the state of colorado tax payers voted for it DIA…thats who paid for it….and mayor Webb and mayor Pena..and city employees had to take 7 days off with out no FUCKING PAY ..BUT I CANT REMEMBER WHAT THEY CALLED IT AT THE TIME..BUT IT SUCKED

  6. justin Rodriguez on

    the under ground bukers are from wallmart thats wallmarts are closeing down and then gard by soldiers then giant tunnels gets built right by it they go to all way to DC

  7. Gran E on

    I know who’s behind the Georgia guidestones.
    RC Christian is the
    Rosy Cross or aka
    Christian Rosenkreuz or aka
    Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis – Rosicrucian Order, AMOR.
    They are just one of the luciferian secret societies.

  8. Dakota Mosher on

    Hey Tyler I’ve always been curious what would S.W.A.T and the police do during an invasion from foreign powers idk if you ever cover stuff like that but just curious

  9. something somethington the 3rd on

    the plaque with the masonry symbol looks a lot like braile not sure im spelling that right, but you know the language for blind people….

  10. Kicktv 123 on

    i worked on a drilling rig that drilled multiple holes by the runways at the denver airport no joke ensign rig 16 2010
    and they found no gas but we drilled 15 or 20 more holes i kinda wondered why we kept drilling holes if we didnt find anything
    holes were drilled 8600ft deep everyone of them so yeah

  11. Rick Clark on

    I want to know how it’s been done like this. And no one has done anything about depicting such death and destruction. And not one person objecting or making a fuss. But run around destroying property over the fact Hillary Clinton lost???? Wow small minded people live small minded lives.

  12. Andrew Chavez on

    When presidents visit Colorado, they land at Buckley Air Force Base because public airports can put the president in potential danger of a terrorist attack and what not

  13. kerry mcinnis on

    Martin Marietta, better known as Lockheed Martin, built not only the underground parts of Denver international airport, but they also built a deep underground nuclear missile base maybe 15 miles from where DIA is located. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

  14. Mona Lopez on

    I worked at this airport back in 1994-1995 and it’s so big u could get lost. not only that I worked there before it opened and we where testing the baggage system and it was so screwed up. but at times in different areas it was a little eerie. I heard it was also built on Indian land. But the. place is big and beautiful… u could get lost I did one time.

  15. Glenn Diamond on

    The need for DIA vs. Stapleton is not mysterious or unknown. Stapleton’s parallel runways were too close together to allow simultaneous operation in bad weather. If I recall correctly, this was THE biggest reason to build DIA. Also, Stapleton was TOO close to the center of the city and the airport could not expand. DIA was placed in a more remote setting for growth, and it’s really not that far away. There is a toll road and light rail that provides transport. Don’t get me wrong, DIA is plenty strange, and some of the theories are probably right, but the reason it was built is not mysterious.

  16. Space N3rd on

    Stapleton may have been working fine, but it was too small. it had no space around it to expand. planes even had to go over a highway to get to a runway. dia has so much land to prevent this. people also don’t like livingnext to an airport, so they bough enough land to keep that issue from happening.

  17. The Man With An Accent on

    I think it’s the new beginning for real humans. It’s the end of monkey like people which is the majority of “human” population. A test: Are you afraid of MORALITY?, Have you tattooed your body? Are you feeling confused about your gender? Drugs? Homosexuaity? Are you creative? Are you looking for true knowledge or to be right? Are you even looking for knowledge?…. Well it would be the end of monkey like people. They served a purpose. They’re not needed any more.

  18. Will Baker on

    The guide stones were put there by an anonymous person with the name R.C. Christian, which is a anagram symbol referring to R o s i c r u c i a n i s m.

  19. Timothy Mott on

    Omg all these comments are so fucking funny, I’m sure Comedy Central would have a kick out of reading all of this

  20. ψ Holographic Principle on

    i was in DIA riding the trains and exploring the airport way before it was available to the public. Ive sat and messed around in the cockpit of a 777 at a United terminal before it ever took its maiden flight. My father who works for United at DIA has scoured the entire place along with pretty much every other employee. After all these years nothing has ever been out of place or found suspicious. When I asked him about this YEARS ago he laughed his ass off.

  21. G W on

    No, they desperately needed a new airport. I used to fly through Stapleton all the time and it was a run-down inefficient shit-hole for many years. Check your facts.

  22. Brandin Dow on

    LOL looks like a swastika… ok sooo?! you tryna say hitler funded the airport? hes still paying off his Gas bill from the 40’s

  23. Michael Duffalo on

    Tht aerial shot of supposed land fill is shaped like a pyramid. This whole thing gives me the creeps. We the people need to start to demand that our gov disclose what it is theyr prepping for. Its so so obvious tht something is going on and I’m sick of how when anyone brings up the subject being ridiculed and mocked. They are tunneling toward the the nearby mountains bc there is a cataclysm coming that they know about and that is gonna require that they be deep underground in order to survive. Plain and simple. Is it nibiru? An asteroid an alien war? A human war? What evee it is we the common worker bees will not be notified or included for we are needed to to maintain the order and create the very goods and commodities the elite need to prep for the upcoming catastrophe.

  24. Wtf_Pls_Stfu Thx on

    Why 2094?? Because it’s 100 years after 1994, when the airport was built. It’s not uncommon for time capsules to have 50 or 100 year reopening ceremonies. That part wasn’t “sinister” at all to me…

  25. Chris John Michael on

    I have lived my whole life in Denver and the city did need a new airport Stapleton was too small and was to close to neighborhoods so the neighborhoods always complained about the noise from the jets this new airport is in the middle of nowhere so it’s perfect

  26. Dank Memes on

    When i lived in Colorado i went to that airport and i used to tell my mom why they had those weird paintings and every time we went by the horse it would have the red eyes and the stones never made sense to me or the statuses​

  27. jeanco lapierre armande on

    Google Earth shows two very strange items of this airport. Firstly, although there are six runways, at the instant the satellite picture was taken not a single aircraft is showing on one these runways. Secondly, nearly all of the stationary aircraft have been tampered with. Look for yourself! Why has that been done? Get, for example, London Heathrow and see the difference. That;s is normal airport!

  28. Alienmojo on

    Why schedule the time capsule to be opened in 2094? Why do you think dummy? It’s 100 years after they buried it! That’s standard time capsule procedure. Also it’s pronounced MY-ANN, NOT MAY-ANN.

  29. Kevin Owens on

    Just one question if people are trying to make a nwo why would they put paintings and other things that tell us what’s supposedly coming? Wouldn’t they not want us to know until it’s time?

  30. Terry Carr on

    I hear this quite a lot that Denver airport was just fine and didn’t need a new one,I wish someone would of told my ex wife that about the bathroom unit I liked that just fine too ,hence she got her own way,hence she’s now my ex


    I been in that airport , I am an empath and that place is a giant under ground base like men in black. When we got in the tram it went so fast I could not understand why we were on it for 7 to 8 minutes . It creepy as hell.

  32. The Rev. Bob Channel on

    My 1st mother in law was a tour guide at the new Denver Airport. She started out there when it first opened. She swore up and down that there was nothing “hidden” out there. But then, on the other hand, I had a chance to meet an older gentleman several years back and he told me a story about his crew was working on some underground tunnels for the trains that run around the concourses, or at least that’s what they thought they were building. His story went on to tell if his crew breaking through a huge wall that already had a completed tunnel behind it with what appeared to be some kind of new train track (mag lev?) in the tunnel they broke into. This guy said he and his crew were immediately pulled off the job and the next morning he found out his crew had been disbanded and they were all assigned to new jobs at other locations not at the airport. The old guy seemed to have his wits about him and when he told the story, I got the impression that he was telling the truth. And that horse? That thing is definitely Demonic! At night when the eyes are lit up, it is particularly creepy.
    Thanks for all the stuff you put up! I really enjoy your channel! Keep it up!

  33. PortalKnife on

    There was a guy who had gone in an elevator and pushed a button because he was looking for a bathroom or something and when the elevator opened the guy said that there was high hallways and lights and that when he found the restroom that the urinals were really high like for only really tall aliens.

  34. Erik Coulombe on

    most time capsules are 100 years from the date of burial. That is why it is 2094 100 years after it was buried in 1994.

  35. Teri G on

    actually, i think someone proved that rockafeller had the guidestones erected. as for the denver airport: wouldn’t be a total loss if the friendlies in town now would take it over and convert it for humanity’s good (like they did the moon).

  36. Danica Lee on

    Australia Antigen isn’t a “new virus”
    Its a part of the Hepatitis B virus. Not the whole virus, just part of what makes up the virus. Australia Antigen is what causes the body to react to the virus as well as allows us to test for it.

  37. Candace Scrivner on

    900,000,000,000; billion $$ missing from the fed reserve bank; could that be who built that thing. If the Elites where eliminated, that would take of the population problem.

  38. Cathy Lee Davenport-Boyter on

    Saturday, April 8th, 2017 Yes, some 33 degree Mason and the other Elites designed an entire underground facility under the Denver International Airport. But when Planet X, Wormwood, Nemesis, Nibiru passes by and the Yellowstone Super Volcano erupts, that airport and whatever is beneath it is going to be ashes…

  39. Edd Kirchberg on

    I don’t wright on these but I will add a few things there is a bunker maybe miltary…. it was designed obviously by free masons know I’m gonna repeat what a high ranked free mason told me there in the train ways if you look around you’ll notice a key pad there is a combination you put in and it brings you to a elevator to which leads under the airport a few miles or something like that it is a big facility. it has its own life support and energy. Know I was told this place was built by free masons for free masons.

  40. Nancy Reisinger on

    hey, love your videos. I was in Dayton Ohio six weeks ago. I visited the united States air Force aviation museum and it’s amazing. free parking and admission also. I’m always stargazing and and am fascinated by the cosmos. keep up the good work brother


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