SCIENTISTS: “Alien Ships” Behind Repeat Radio Bursts? 3/10/17
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  1. Torg Borger on

    so…..light having been quantified in terms of how long it takes light to reach earth…we see a star explode, it actually exploded thousands of years ago… etc… did this frb strong actually happen thousands of years ago too?

  2. Torg Borger on

    Why Tom delong? either a) you’re correct, and he’s nothing more than another cunt, being strong along, or b) a likeable face on a talentless fuck boy, we used to know, that is being used as the face of disclosure (based of your more recent uploads)

  3. Martell Mcclain on

    we should make Tyler an award he deserves it only YouTube channel I watch about ufos on a regular basis. and he wasn’t hating he mentions other YouTube channels not just himself

    • Phil Mc Crakin on

      I did not say they are in the same field , did I bc? Read the question.. if you want to chat try me bc,I bet your not as smart as you think you are.

  4. Michael Fiddler on

    Man your head is getting to big for your body. Idk if you call looking at google maps and google moon a UFO researcher. Your just a dude who uploads people videos dude. Don’t be mad cause no high official is sending you emails lol

  5. mad honeybee on

    Always look at motivations…
    never accept anything at face value.
    Especially if information coming from a Government source….

  6. sclock2 on

    The guy didn’t make any of this stuff mainstream it’s been a popular subject way before he had any involvement. I’ve been following secureteam and other channels regarding UFO phenomenon for years now and the last I heard about that guy was when blink 182 broke up which was years ago. Since then I haven’t heard anything about the band members or what they’ve been up to. Talk about giving credit where credit isn’t due.

    It’s obvious he didn’t get the award for making the subject mainstream, he got it because of the fame he garnered with the band, he’s a washed up member of a popular boy band and he just so happened to get involved in UFO research. I wouldn’t doubt that podesta helped his ass get that award, that dude is all kinds of sketch. I don’t trust anyone’s research that has been in regular touch with someone like that.

  7. michael mcpeek on

    JON  Pizzagate / Pedogate  PODESTA   E-Mail buddy of Tom DeLonge  ?  I do believe there is a Rat I smell . Check in to Pizzagate  You will be Sickened and Disgusted .

  8. martinesi on

    wow like 5 minutes of you crying like a baby about tom delong. really, bitter much. You can win an award for most cry baby researcher of the year… 🙂

  9. FolonRNG on

    so given the circumstance that radiation only travels linearly it means those radio bursts are directed at us to power some craft on it’s way here? scaaary

  10. Leandro DaVinci on

    Bruh why be so salty about awards lool I though you was here for the people and not the mainstream shit starting to think your just here to get recognised and get a award 🥇 that’s fucked up for your subscribers

  11. L Lup on

    dont take it so personally that u didn’t get a meaningless award.
    and anyone close to Podesta is probably a pedophile…..

  12. Richard Scott on

    I wouldn’t worry too much about that silly award mate. I think youre right about them feeding him bogus information. Plus you have almost one million listeners who thourghouly enjoy the work you do. The satisfaction you must get from knowing that has got to be better than any stinking award. 😉 Keep up the good work Tyler. Peace!

  13. Prime Style Ltd on

    Its because he’s a celebrity and once again there is plausible deniability. Lol! Disinformation at its best.

  14. Stephen Dennis on

    Makes perfect sense that Podesta is a UFO devotee, it is all part of the big diabolical deception. The aliens are demons, their power is preternatural not Supernatural. What a sin, all of this fascination over false gods when there is a real God to love and follow and Who is Infinitely fascinating. Rock stars, pedophiles and UFO groupies all part of the same sad sorry gig that is as old as St. Michael throwing Satan down to Hell. After which he crawled up from the abyss with his fellow damned angels to tempt man and lead him astray, beginning with Adam and Eve. He is still trying to get that adoration from us which belongs to God alone. St. Michael’s battle cry is just as informative now as it was all those ages ago. “Who is like unto God?!” No one and nothing.
    And yet, there are people who care nothing about God and will leave no stone unturned in their search of “the truth”. The Truth was revealed in all of its glory 2000 years ago. But we are still searching…

    • Ben Stofer on

      ….Wtf is wrong with you Christians? Every time I watch an interesting video that pertains to UFOs and/or aliens, I scroll down to the comments and cringe knowing that one of you fucked up bible-thumpers is going to have some RIDICULOUS comment about aliens being demons….You do know that the bible actually mentions “Unicorns” 7 separate times through-out the book, right? It doesn’t mention the ‘idea’ of a unicorn, it uses the word “UNICORN”….. If you really believe in that shit, then you need to be ‘caught outside, how bout dah?”

  15. Arnold Robert Lee on

    I wasn’t aware that Tyler, hasn’t done any external research, but I think his comments are tongue in cheek, because he normally praises his fellow UFO hunters.

  16. Jedd Rowbotham on

    This didn’t bother me until right now when I was going through some pages about the Antarctica find and came across a book by tom. I was like what the fuck is this shit. Then i remembered that he’s a human with rights too and that yes he actually has been involved in the subject for years. I even remember them having a song called “aliens exist”. I still don’t know how I feel about this though. Part of me feels like they’re just pissing on us and making the study an even bigger laughable joke than it already is to the many many people who haven’t ever done a scrap of research in their kardashian wanna-be lives. Anyway I don’t think you need to go to jelly school. It was clearly sarcasm and your point was valid. Even I he is an avid researcher he will always be known as the dude from blink first and that is kind of insulting.

  17. Donald Cartmill on

    Tyler from SecureTeam10 you do totally deserve ufologist of the year award. I do not see nearly as much dedication from other people as from you. ive been watching your videos for the past year or so and It never ceases to amaze me to see the lengths you go to to find your information and the immense ammounts of time you must spent contemplating your theories. we appreciate it thank you for all your hard work I’m super disappointed ike I said and definitely think you deserve that award. totally a media play though xD


    More disinformation from secure team 10, blackening the name of a now award winning UFO researcher in a feeble attempt to play down any future bombshell revelations from this legitimate, hard working and very well connected individual. Ex rock star or not, this guy’s got his finger on the pulse in the field of ufology.

  19. Rob Joseph on

    I like your channel dude but sounds like you’re very jealous of DeLonge and sounds as if you haven’t done much research on him at all. He’s been in the ufo loop for a very long time, he’s mentioned aliens on tour dvds, interviews and he even wrote a song about aliens… you found the one about dogs but couldn’t find the one about aliens? hmm…
    like I said I like your channel but don’t shit all over a guy because you’re not getting the recognition… Blink are also a pop punk band who are/were arguably the biggest pop punk band on the planet.
    disappointed in this video, you’ve come across very ignorant.

  20. julie parker on

    zer01 are you a officer in the uk?
    have you looked at some of Gary Heseltines lectures and research? he is a officer in the uk and has even researched sightings made by other police officers as well as Rendelsham forest. you should check it out

  21. Coolhandluke doesitmatter? on


    • Coolhandluke doesitmatter? on

      ..lyrics?..”get into my CAR and drive to madagasCAR…..”?..(and thats just a typical example)

  22. Lee Jameson on

    dam tyler i wouldn’t mention Pedesta and ufos together! or could start an underground child abducted by aliens at Pizza gate rumour!

  23. mike johnson on

    Out all people I follow and this all I do everyday you best to follow i say in my book you get ufo of the year thank you for good ass videos keep good work up

  24. ghali sooki on

    Please avoid back ground music, your Documentaries are mega good. Consider for the head of hearing. Many Thanks.

  25. Mitch Ryder on

    Tyler Don’t downplay Blink 182 they were a major rock band with many hits and are still widely listened to today LOL I feel your pain you can’t win them all man

  26. Alexander Caballero on

    HEY Tyler !!! if it makes you feel better all of us your watchers, subscribers and fans !! dont think you need an award your not paid your not owned and your not shady dirty or A TRICK like some others out there so we award you the number one president of the UFO WWM (world wide media ) lol you go Tyler !!!

  27. Russell Swinehammer on

    I agree Tyler, credit where credit is due. Also Tom can probably be paid off and like you said fed false information

  28. DatCharmanderTHO on

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  29. Grim Echoa on

    i love your work and have been watching every video you’ve published over the past year but . . . this video was a bust . . . for like the second time i’m very sad to say, your video has wasted my time.

  30. deaderthendead041 on

    try not to let the bitterness get the best of you Tyler your information which is been put out has been proven to be credible it’s more important the work and the message that you’re putting out and the warnings for those who have an open mind is a lot bigger than some former Punk star being the book boy podesta the Baby Raper I think you’re better off not being associated with the likes of them

  31. The Art Gear Guide on

    Mate you are not friends with Podesta, you will one day I hope get the recognition you so rightly deserve for your work, but when you get it you will know absolutely that it has been for your work and not who your friends are. Your work stands head and shoulders above what Tom has done. Awesome video as usual my friend

  32. Olivea Rodriguez on

    Your losing a sub for trashing someone else’s actual like who cares if he’s a celebrity. That has nothing to do with the information he tells and you mad bro cuz he got a lip trophy and you didn’t. ✌️😒

  33. Cruikshank Diablo on

    3761 4485 4496 5521 6548 5584 3325 3365 2299 5496 1124 8545 9998 5542 0035 2254 0897 7620 9873 0029 7954 4496 5496 3325 3761 4496 9998 7620 2299 3761

  34. Ewan ET on

    Stop being a jealous little shit. Tom DeLonge has put more work into UFO researching than you. He has more connections than you. Get a grip you are like a spoilt little child.

  35. Desmond Snow on

    If these were first picked up in 2007 and they are propelleing alien ships than the aliens are obviously coming in this direction and we’re picking up beams that have missed and passed the ships. So depending on the relativity of ship speed attained to the speed of the beams and the distance they are travelling, they’ll soon be here.

  36. hispanicpanic89 on

    LOL i have listened to blink 182 alot in the past. however nobody has heard of this guy doing UFO shit. ever. like how die he just come up out of NOWHERE. ive been researching ancient history and ufos for 15 years now and ive NEVER HEARD OF TOM DELONG however you spell his name. super sketchy….just saying.

  37. Anshu Kumar on

    <3 you Tyler, you have real people supporting you, more than 800,000 people,
    That faded singer has just a title to his name.
    You are the real deal. I respect your work so much !

    Please you stay positive, i love you !

  38. Vicki Michel on

    As for Podesta he’s not a urologist- he just feeds children to the ” reptilians” after he has his pizza parties with his pizzagate pals

  39. Justin H on

    so funny reading all you’re fans “bum licking brown nose’s there like oh oh please Tyler please I’ve got my nose so far up you’re arse I need you to notice me haha it’s like you have loads of kids running to defend you reading all you’re comments” but mate I myself have nothing against you and wasn’t going to say anything but I keep getting notifications on this so honestly this did come across as abit jealousy but still cool mate

  40. Lynn Morello on

    Never heard as Tom Delong. I wouldn’t worry about him or his award. As far as I am concerned and I think Most of your followers, hold you in very high esteem for your website.  You often hear BS on line, I think this  Tom Delong is full of it, fortunately we have great information, accurate information that allows us to decide for ourselves. Thank you Tyler. You’re the best.


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