SCARY Truth Behind Mass California UFO Sighting 11/11/2015


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Date: April 17, 2017

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  1. trxxxtr on

    your an idiot! you sound like your 13 yrs old. lol. you make up shit in your head and expect us to deliver it too. well, we aren’t idiots. you show this test launch then add bullshit along with it.

  2. Mark Zraik on

    A good question is…”Who controls the launch codes?”, even in a drill or test, it takes the launch codes to do so. The importance of this is who sanctioned this??

  3. Kelly Sheridan on

    I told you it was a Trident ! And that the bigger question was WHY did they launch it !!! And pls tell your hotshot Trolls to back the fuck up and maybe listen for a change !!! Not everything is ALIEN … ..

  4. Yuri Gagarin on

    One must be all sorts of ´´american´´ to accept any shit they tell you ……very funny !!!….It IS very funny for me cause I live more than 25.000 kms away from that shit country …..otherwise I would be VERY concerned about those STUPID lies and the way YOU all take it as face value. You deserve it !!!

  5. Marciano Marciano on

    not a missile, i saw that, from tha time that objet entry tha atmosphere,after five seconds , im starded to take a video, not yet seen a video , like tha one i have, most ot you guys are wrong, we not alooooone.that objet stopped on mid air, and took of, missiles, don do that, that sample,

  6. Liam W on

    Probably just a test as the missile system won’t have been used in a long time. So now and again they will test them to make sure everything is working properly. 🌍✌️

  7. Manny Quezon on

    what ive heard is different.what ive heard is…this is not an American Missile.this was lunch from a Chinese Sub near our cost…

  8. John Hardin on

    you are great i hope that u will keep us well informed on any UfO or anything the we need to know about thank you for your serves Secureteam.

  9. Duke Nguyen on

    so instead of shooting the missile out at sea, our government shoot it towards civilians area. what are they trying to say to the enemies over there? That our governments is ready to kill their own if they feel threaten? hmmm I think I like the the ufo story more. so stupid

  10. bronseng on

    If u guys was smart than u would know that our Gov or “shadow Government” created Isis!! They need to have wars because it = $$$$$ plus it hides what they are really doing… Watch Sirius!!!!! Disclosure!

  11. Manny Quezon on

    dont under estimate what others have because you might be surprise. caught empty handed.sometimes “SELF”confidence “KILLS”.and a secret weapon or any kind of secret need to be a secret and not to Brag.right?just use it when its the right time.ive got a question..”we are relying on computer this days everything is computerized and hightech.”How can the Military Launch those Trident Missile if they need to if there is no Electricity?ofcourse computer and Internet rely on Electricity right?hmm i wonder “HOW?” Lol i forgot “NUCLEAR POWER”Submarine’s powered by Nuclear now a days i forgot.well what about Sattelite’s?weapons now a days defend on sattelite right so it will hit the target right?thats why they call it “guided missle”right?ok it can be launch by a nuclear power but how it will hit the target there’s no sattlelite?oh boy its gonna be a big problem.Lol…..

  12. Manny Quezon on

    this is confirmed.a U.S Missile.this missile targeted a Pleidian Alien ship or UFO but the missile was took down by the target ship.Obama ordered the attack because the Pleidian Aliens ship or the Aliens are trying to avoid world war 3.that night Obama ordered a huge American battle ship to head straight to China and attack and start world war 3.but the Pleidian Aliens didnt allowed that to happen and they shotdown the american ship by taking out its electricity.this battle ship carried a lot of jet fighters to use in the attack in China.


    so you believe what they disclose, its always far from the truth, thats why they disclose it in the first place to missinform, so thanks for giving it an extra boost man…

  14. Roger J on

    You really do utter the worst rubbish I have ever heard. It’s absolute constant drivel that falls out of your mouth in these recordings, and frankly the only thing you achieve is your own embarrassment, and confirm to the rest of the world your lack of education and absence of insight. Do you seriously believe that the U.S. is firing ‘warning shots’ China & Russia; do you really think that the U.S.government would engage in, and what amounts to the juvenile behaviour of a six-year old. All governments are acutely aware of the number & type of weapons each other has. I don’t think you’ve ever travelled very far, and you certainly are mentally barren when it comes to foreign policy & relationships. Has it not occurred to you that the navy might just be testing something? Obviously not, since your first thought was that it was something from outer-space. I doubt you’d recognise something alien if it landed right in your own back garden!

  15. smacl61 on

    Make no mistake – America has learned a tremendous amount from the behavior of the North Korean military! They have fully implemented their findings and now taking it to the international stage. America is now ready for WW3. Are you? Well you better prepare. And in doing so you may want to reflect on the question – do we really have the best possible people in our government?

  16. CapstoneGaming on

    Theres aliens.
    White people cover up that fact because their boy alexander the great used them to conquer the civilizations surrounding the Mediterranean Sea . Then they created the library of alexandria to contain all the knowledge they collected on these conquests only to be burned by julius caesar. So you essentially got aliens steering the boat here and white people are their representatives on earth tasked with conquest and cover ups.

  17. Canan Akturk on

    God has given us a unique beautiful planet full of food oxygen nature its like heaven.. all we have to do is live in peace and evolve spiritually to the next level… but no.. we want to compete see who’s got the biggest dick, and the best toys, in the end the UFO will disable all the missiles on both sides…. were really pushing it here.. 🙁

  18. Hector Garcia on

    why do pleople like to kill each other why dont we all live in peace .. using the atomic missile its just going to destroyed this planet that we live in

  19. RvGJK on

    If you believe that then your one of the most stupidest humans on earth stop listening to the news that’s owned by the elites!!!! WAKE UP!!!!

  20. No Stars In The Perimeter on

    To be honest, we had a very similar sighting in South Florida about the same time. The story they told us in the news is that it was a navy satellite launch.
    I’m not saying it is or it’s not aliens but I’m not buying the missile or satellite story.

  21. Joseph Urso on

    you are horribly mis informed. Russia,China ana America are working together at this time. A few days prior to this launch, mass sightings of foo fighters occured in Rancho Cucamonga

  22. Jim Browski on

    whew, I was worried but now that you say the honest Obama’s government has come clean, it must be so. i mean we know historically they never lie about anything! smh.

  23. Humble Muslima on

    America could care less about its citizens. The final war, which is going to be nuclear, already has its soldiers/armies in place. But since all of the news is focused on bogus ISIS/ISIL and other bogus and staged attacks worldwide, people have no clue that the first nuclear attack is going to take place very soon- it could even be any day now. Once that happens it’ll be fireworks all the way until 99% of mankind will be dead. The Sun will not be able to go through for 3 days. Russia is prepared to the point that Putin has supplied all of its citizens nuclear gear. Back at home, our lovely President Obama has his gear ready to go and we are still hating each other like armed chickens without a head being armed with hate speech, guns and others. We are so out of the loop of things that we don’t even know that we should be stocking up on food, water, nuclear gear ourselves- should we be so unfortunate to survive this final war. This is CNN Reporting…take cover! The missile from Russia is about to………………..

  24. ABSD GERSW on

    This Missile wasn’t American, it was Russian, writan on it “FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE”  and exactelly if USA not buck off supporting terrorists and killin People all over the world, next Missile test will be over pentagon.     Interresting what than American bullshit media gonna say,  “we mistakingly hit our  Headquarter wich was terrorising whole world”??????

  25. Gabby on

    I’m not sure what type of missile launch this is but it sure didn’t look like it. I have never been aware of any type of missile launch that can be seen across the entire state of California and parts of Colorado, Arizona and Hawaii? When I saw it I sure didn’t think missile and it gave me a creepy feeling.

  26. TheSparkafied on

    why would we need to fire a missile that other countries already knows what we have…seems like conspiracy theory. who knows..

  27. Hoss victory on

    the nuclear payload is not used in a test fire. without wind resistance the flames are blue and much wider in space. if the reentry vehicle was attached you would have seen the blue swirling. stabilization motors spin the Rv like a bullet.

  28. Phon Xieng on

    usa dont want t make russia a enemy? then why THE FUCK ARE YOU OVER THERE nera their border? and stiring crisis on their door steop in ukraine and SYRIA? fucking HYPOCRITES. if anyone feel threating it should be russia not yuou usa

  29. Seabass Films on

    I live out in the antelope valley and when I saw this Edwards Air Force base came out saying it was them, then a navy base in San Diego said they did it before the Naval Base in the Bay Area said they were behind it

  30. Lekshmi Mendez on

    Y is it that every time there is a ufo that looks like an alein space ship the government always says it is the military

  31. Fluffy 10 on

    tell me if I’m right people dosent believe on Santa if he was not real how do we know about him IF there was a alien and its not fucken real how do we see shit flying in the fucken air like that bigass light some called “missle” the government be hiding alot of shit we don’t know but we see aliens and their ufos come on I rather be dead then living on this shitty ass planet call earth

  32. KnowItAllElite on

    I hope Russia will know what to do to defeat USA successfully. Good Americans need to move back to their native lands and Russia needs to take in Native Americans into their East coast housing they made for victims. The bad Americans will stay and should get what they deserve. I mean this as fair as possible.

  33. SIG442 on

    I think it will be America that rather would do the first strike, this because America loves war a little too much. History has shown America being in war almost constantly ever since it was founded. From large scale wars up to small pokes at governments other then the US itself and civilians. Russia is not doing that and China mainly keeps to itself and it’s own population. Both will however form a united front if America decided to strike. It’s rather America that is the aggressor once again by showing teeth instead of talking like civilized people

  34. Simon Watts on

    They test a couple of Trident, Minutemen and MX missiles every year or so, to make sure the rest will fire. Remember, the youngest are over 20 yrs old, some are getting on 50.

  35. Liz Bgood on

    Alright, alright, alright. Just don’t test your freaking missiles over my house. Test them over congress and see what they say.

  36. bon scott213 on

    you all really need to watch the YouTube up link titled ‘the petro-dollar explained’ with pic of former sec of state madalene Albright to understand what’s really going on and when you are done, spread the word

  37. insanity54 on

    America this, America that. “We” this, “we” that. I am an American individual and none of those statements represent me. Russia and China are not my enemy. I happen to like Russian cake and Chinese electronics, but it’s more than that. There are individuals over there too, and putting a whole nation of individuals into a group is wrong. That collective thing is dangerous.

  38. Crabsinthe Malloy on

    There was a great PBS nova program on hacking which aired about a year ago. In it a defense specialist stated that the majority of cyber attacks on US systems are coming from China. Literally thousands of attacks are happening daily from China on our entire network system.

  39. Erin Delic on

    Is there any actual proof that this thing is a missile? The government lies about shit all the time, it’ll take more than just their word to convince me this wasn’t a comet or something.

  40. Chris Lara on

    I live in Arvin & I saw the lights outside my balcony that night & aporxamitly 10 min after the lights went away three fighter jets were flying in a fast speed towards were the object where.

  41. joy rivera on

    just for the record. you stated that the “missile” was launched monday. my daughter was born Saturday November 7th 2015…. so this was started off with bullshit. no offense.

  42. Patrick DrinksToMuch on

    It’s a test D-5 rocket shot. The range is off the coast of California. These test happen more often than you think. I know you don’t know me, but trust me on this.

  43. Chris Turnblom on

    “Back Off!”? Who’s propaganda have you been reading? oh the NYT. You aught to pay attention to what is going on in the international security conferences between U.S and Russia. I love my country but it’s been hijacked by war mongers that consider surrounding a nation with missiles and missile defense missiles (that can be turned into offensive weapons in 15 minutes) as protecting our interests and they consider any resistance to it as an aggressive posture. Propaganda has been made legal once again for the fist time since WWII so you better look for reputable yet non-mainstream sources of information if you want any chance to be objective. This is all part of the need for an enemy. Go read The Report From Iron Mountain. That is certainly related to UFO’s for par of the report so you may find it interesting and helpful.

  44. SunShineSamurai on

    hmm seeing the craft next to the missile makes me think back to 2014 when mr. putin said to his council and to the United states that they have a power that they made that will be used in defense if we ever where to continue our nuclear weapons making he said to us all that it is a greater power than nuclear energy . I think that this is proof that they have made flying saucers and our tracking and watching our movements but not only that I think that after watching this video it is more likely now that they are acually the ones who are stopping the missles / destroying the war heads while the missles are traveling I think that the secret power that they have is the ability to catch up with the missles and by sending this “ray” twords the warhead it disables it maybe they have made a galactic partnership and have created this power with the aid of other lifeforms that seek to stop these events on earth

  45. Sumerianharp on

    I’m in Arizona and I saw it but it was not moving. It was smallholder than the moon… Much smaller yet much larger and brighter than stars and itblngered without moving then it disappeared

  46. Conduit Mexico on

    The threat of nuclear war would make sense due to the mind boggling UFO sightings since then. They typically become interested when the children start splitting atoms.

  47. Conduit Mexico on

    I dont buy it though. these have shown in many countries over the past few years and we saw it from san diego but we saw it dispear but looked like more of a portal than explotion.

  48. Codz YT on

    It’s a ufo cuz there is no way we are alone in this worl there is so many planet like for sure there is someone else that us

  49. Drezzi Gashouse on

    this is bs I remember this like it was yesterday just look at it… that is not a missile that is clearly something else there is no way the military will launch missiles over a populated area I am surprised at your reaction on this video I was a fan of your page but not anymore I mean while I’m like how much did you get paid to say that this was a missile come on man smh missile my ass!!

  50. Gabriel Felix on

    i saw it while on the freeway, 405 s in santa monica it was southwest of me, not south east, it was over LAX or somewhere over the pacific. not a missle


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