Scary Portal Opening Above CERN? Helicopter Chases UFO & More! 9/20/16

NYC UFO channel:
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Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod
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  1. Ben Groube on

    I have a sick feeling that when all the planet’s align in the solar system something bad is going to happen involving pyramids and this portal.

    Idk I think I’m just crazy

  2. Don Dada on

    Ok why havent you seen the black objects in the cloud ring in the sky? Even when you played with the contrast I can see light reflecting off the object near the left center inside the circle of the ring. Also i sent an email with the exact circular black object in the first video a few months ago. Thanks

  3. tosha benegas on

    Did you realize that in the pic of the clouds over CERN there is definitely one anomaly in the center of the clouds that looks like the anomaly from the other video clip the one that had the three in triangle formation, I thought maybe but when u enhanced the photo it turned white like the other anomalies when u enhanced it…. CRAZY YO!!

  4. WolfTheMadMan on

    The LHC is only capable of creating black holes that are nowhere near large enough to sustain themselves, they almost instantaneously evaporate through an effect called hawking radiation. Prior to the first nuclear detonation, scientists believed that a nuclear explosion could cause a chain reaction in the earth’s atmosphere, effectively setting the planet on fire, but that never happened, and to date, there have been well over 100 detonations just in the US alone.

  5. Justin Carvin on

    Looks like balloons in a trash bag. Especially in the last frame it looks like the air pressure from the helicopter pushed it down..

  6. thomas troxel on

    Looks like I’m not the only one that sees a black “hefty bag” blowing in the breeze. An empty bag changing shape with the wind.

  7. Dougie fresh on

    Tyler, I’d stay clear of the ‘CERN ” subject for now ! I is a hot spot for your average TABLOID SLUT ON THE YOUTUBE EVERYWHERE ! Its like a huge clogged toilet, and probably will be for some time ! WAY TO MUCH CONFLICTING INFO !!

  8. linuxaddict11111 on

    Those aren’t teeth, it’s a spiral. Yes it is clouds. The cloud is following the outline of the ether effect that cern is creating! Clouds bind together with ether, Reich taught us that.

  9. Pseudonumb on

    On the footage of the three lights hovering in the sky…there is a fourth off to the right, a little further down.

  10. Tony MilleBloogiant on

    Guess what ? ? ? Its future air crafts that the USA has built ! LMAO …CMON PEOPLE. hAVE YOU NOT SEEN THE LATEST AIR CRAFT THE MILITARY HAS BUILT LOL ! And Bigfoot has no family , he is slow , tall and we just cannot catch one in the forest isnt that a shame. WOW ALOT OF BELIEVING PEOPLE. OM WORLD I BET DRONES HAVE BEEN AROUND FOR A LONG LONG TIME AND THOSE ARE THE THINGS YOU SEE THAT HOVER …YEAAA I BET IT IS !!!! yU PEOPLE ARE CRACK UPS !!!!

  11. Concerned Citizen on

    I’m disgusted that our Military is sending a tortoise chopper up against a speed-of-light ALIEN VESSEL.

  12. Zac Marks on

    If you lookreally closely at the ringed “cloud” above the geneva corporation ( dont know why i just see it that way) it… dips? well it loks like it does

  13. wesley stogner on

    its not flying its descending cuz its a bag or parachute that didn’t open as for the spinning around it could have caught a wind gust and spun like a cyclone clearly it is not a UFO or any type of phenomenon

  14. Dibyajyoti Gogoi on

    I witnessed a same event some years ago. exactly the same. I live in India. I witnessed a same event like this some years ago. the meteor like object

  15. Jason Webb on

    I wonder if they will give him a speeding ticket for going that fast over the water. And yes you are right. Our perfect little government wouldn’t let any of regular people get one. You said The Green Goblin and for some reason I was thinking Mr. Mericle out of DC comics. But when I went and looked. You nailed it 100%. That really does look a lot like the Green Goblin. Man I love this channel!!!! Keep it up

  16. Ying Yang on

    its going at a very very high speed then going up again definitly a ufo or a super advance military black project rockets.

  17. count69 on

    2:19 carrier bag blowing in the wind. The camera catches the trees and attempts to focus, bringing the object into focus, showing it is close to the tops of those trees.

  18. elisha mcginley on

    did anyone else notice those black objects floating in the sky in the picture of the cloud formation near cern? there’s one outside the cloud closer to the camera, one just inside the cloud, and one further in(i only saw it when the picture was filtered). they don’t look like birds to me. anybody have an opinion as to what those could be?

  19. gin steve on

    looks like one of those playthings that has those plastic balls in it got caught up in wind and the power of wind from the helicopter dislodged it from its path and down it goes.

  20. paulpaul69atLiveCom on

    dam it….. thats the last swimming pool i buy, inflate and not put water in it….. and i thought my neighbour was steeling them

  21. Benjamin Rhoades on

    The 3 lights were seen Memorial day weekend in Peoria IL.The more we hollered and pointed at them,the more the y blinked at us..Its real you guys.

  22. Pedro Hernandez on

    that flying invention is the best thing in the video. im finding out how its made and gonna make my own for personal use. fuck cars.. haha, theyd probably hide the tech just to keep people in cars or motorcycles

  23. Peter Marshall on

    The strange thing about the triangle is that it looks like the illuminati symbol, and I also noticed a sideways alien head to the right of it.

  24. RossHildick3D on

    The lense distortion of the fottage is causing it to appear to change direction. Im not saying it a meteorite, but its not actually curving like that.

  25. Matt Luongo on

    The Bible is clear on this stuff it will start to happen more and more in the last of days! These are demons

  26. Krazi Renee G. on

    It’s strange I’m getting this notification right now for a video from 2016… Confused!! Tech Support!!

  27. Heather Sailes on

    I think CERN is very dangerous and is contributing to the Mandela affect which I’ve been experiencing for a while, but I was truly awakened when I really started looking into this last week when I realized that in this timeline or reality, James Earl Jones says No, I’m your father and not Luke, I’m your father and stopped dismissing things like how in this timeline, Oscar Meyer is Mayer among other things. I’m trying to stay positive, and I’m starting to see this as more of a spiritual awakening. Anyway, keep the videos coming.

  28. Vishal geerwar on

    Curiosity is over ,mankind has long been kept in darkness,the real facets around us are showing their true identity. Influential countries are responsible for this. Innocent and poor people have always been victims of wicked world leaders.

  29. Stuart Cookie on

    Anybody wanna buy my Prius….gonna get me a 90mph hover board! No traffic,arial drive by’s and no more easy pass!!

  30. Kenneth Mathison on

    That is why we see Pyramids build all over the world – Triangulate energy source of the fallen world – and ET Aliens ( FALLEN ANGELS ) phone home – Opening the gateway to hell . CERN will do the same. Does anyone remember the tower of BABEL ?? GENESIS 11: 1-9.

  31. Chris .P Bacon on

    I’ve seen ufos and they’re a daily occourance around the world. I don’t think they’re aliens . I think the alien deception is coming. Not a rapture thing or what not just obvious now aliens are a government program.

  32. Panos Andrianopoulos on

    This triangular formations reminds me illuminati. But seriously talking now, it is like they are UFOs doing investigations or try to talk with signals

  33. Panos Andrianopoulos on

    about the cloud, it is like google earth or google maps, that it shows on the ocean some strange round-shaped things, that make the ocean height bigger than the entire ocean.

  34. David O'brien on

    Pause at 4:46 and top middle slightly to left is a very clear human face,now I know this happens a lot but this one is so clear u can c 2 eyes nose mouth shape of face and head and even hair,very strange

  35. Brandi Harrigan on

    I live in northern CT, just south of Sprinfield, MA & yup, I’ve seen these triangular light formations out here a couple times. I’ve tried to get video &/or just pics but none so far have come out clear enough to bother sharing.

  36. Terry Simpson on

    you can call me crazy?. but at the time counter 9:26. when you invert that shot. at the top middle to slightly right. I see an eye and a mouth. must be my right brain seeing that. But very strange!

  37. Roger Lamm on

    Why do all UFO videos assume that aliens are so much more advanced than the human species. Puzzled by the anomaly of the ignorance.


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