PROOF Of Invisible ALIEN ENTITIES On Earth? 6/14/17

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  1. Bryan McHugh on

    the human eye can only see an extremely limited portion of the total spectrum. Scientists have known this for a long time. It is good to see scientists finally building devices that allow us to see more of it

  2. Gods Word on


  3. Alexandru Iacobescu on

    This is full of wrong information.
    When did modern scientist say that all there is in our universe can be seen by our eyes or “current optical instruments”. If you study any physics past 12 grade you know that the universe is 68% dark energy that can’t be seen by any device, we can only measure the power that it applies to matter. And 27% is dark matter, this can be seen with new telescopes but it was invisible till recent. so only 5% of the universe is matter and out of that not all can be seen with our eyes or “current optical instruments”. So that is wrong.
    Second you say that we can’t see antimatter witch we can see, we have antimatter in our labs at CERN.
    And the most incredible think is that you can have big object or entitys made of antimatter in low orbit or on the ground . Antimatter in contact with matter explodes. If that telescope can actually see antimatter then it sees the normal antimatter that is created around earths electromagnetic filed.
    And common really, convex versus concave that is just ludicrous the difference is the focal point position.
    Anyone that has glass knows the difference:
    Convex lens for farsighted people(those who have problem watching nearby objects)
    Concave lens is for nearsighted people i.e people who have problem watching far objects.

  4. Isadora Brush on

    Don’t do it, Tiller. Vodka is bad for you. And you have two lovely dogs to care for. And by the way, you have given us no news of Sophy, that puts you down several grades.

  5. russ miner on

    hey bud I live in Vegas and I’m working the world’s biggest rave EDC and I see a thing in the sky over one of the stages, it looks like a giant ribbon in the sky and the was nothing around for this ribbon to be tied down to it was floating in mid air around dusk time and when ever head of this ribbon moved the body followed it was atleast 20 ft long and I couldn’t capture the picture of this thing, It was clear but vibration was clearly in sync with it, do you have a opinion about this?

  6. MisterWhite on

    Tyler…I love you…no matter what. It’s not all sanity…but cheers! Vodka is good enough for a party 🙂

  7. MisterWhite on

    That is simply two toy telescopes, and maybe you want to use them as a stereo-scope…but I have never seen a human with eyes that far apart from their noses. So yeah it is making you able to see aliens…the first one watching it with the eyes allined on either of the telescopes…simply must be an alien LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, Did you put in the text to the video before or after you drank that alien vodka Tyler??? XDDDDDDDDD I advise you to go learn something basic about lenses Tyler, since this will put down a lot of the viewers…please study ok before you take things to a screen. It kindof makes a fool outof the one or ones bringing this data to you. Please…adjucate yourself.

  8. Karl trembath on

    what evidence is there that it’s not just an anomaly due to the creation of this new technology? you’re right. this is a very bold claim. and taking the next step to call it life is pretty nuts without any more evidence

  9. Nando Prudhomme on

    Keep up the great work and congrats! The diet Coke had me laughing as you diluted the heck out of that drink!

  10. Lee Ripley on

    yes this was confirmed ITE1 ITE2 they reside at military bases around the globe confirmed with just a small pair of telescope binoculars using concave lenses, new type of lenses​ used to discover anti matter then he stumbled on to this both ITE move intelligently, tho not much has been mentioned since.
    THE Vatican have had Lucifer telescope with concave lenses for over a decade imagine what they can see.

  11. Andrew on

    seriously, you must be dense. Convex lens reduces the focus, concave spread out (enlarge) the focus. This clown, dumbo, thick head of a physicist is showing them doing the same thing.

  12. Lance L on

    Hey Tyler this is old news but I thought secure team 10 is in the know? 🤔 This news is at least a year old and has been around the net for a while.🤐

  13. Alternativeknow on

    Its nothing more than particles or even micro organisms on the lens itself. Convex lens focuses on objects that are at a distance from the lens while Concave lens focuses on objects closer to or even on the lens itself.

  14. LotWon on

    If you invert the shape of the lens, doesn’t that make it a microscope? Maybe he seeing germs on the end of his telescope.

  15. DyingCr0w on

    FOR FUCK SAKES, Shamwow v2. Tyler for fuck sakes, dont. Just fukin dont. Keep you shit together, sort the weeds. Think. We like smart ppl, NOT $$mart ppl.

  16. Love animal insect planet earth and nature on

    Aliens could as well of be us from the future if they have the technology to travel across time or galaxy cloaking device is really not a big deal.

  17. Pull Up on

    i believe that consciousness is what we are and why we are able to have our own thoughts and do what we want to and when we die our consciousness comes out of our body and you have the choice to go into your own mind and live the rest of eternity in you mind however you want to or reincarnate yourself as whatever you want so like infuse yourself with a fetus of any species or stay conscious on earth or any other number of things

  18. tony salazar on

    I absolutely love this channel I love all your topics you’re very right on point with a lot of things but I hate the goddamn list sometimes I fucking drives me nuts other than that good work Tyler

  19. oldskoolhead0 on

    vodka yak pour it down the sink and fill it with jack daniels instead 😉 and diet coke yak get the full fat stuff that diet shit is poison

  20. downscale on

    JESUS CHRIST!!! –=- DIET Pepsi??? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU???? Diet soda is made with an amazingly terrible chemical sweeteners. WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU TYLER!?!?!!

  21. Cara Cook on

    it’s “for all intents and purposes.” Not, “intensive purposes.” Whu do people even attempt to use phrases they don’t understand?

  22. ronie327 on

    wow, you’re the first channel that doesn’t show just how much you’re making on patrion. but even if you only being $1 from your subs you’re getting well over $2000. I was gonna donate $1 but it seems like you are making quite enough because I’m sure everyone isn’t just giving you $1 each. but good for you.

  23. Leah VanZandt-Ruth on

    Faeries. The Sidhe. Sylphs, Undines, Salamanders and Gnomes. Elementals: because life is not limited to 3rd dimensional biochemistry. The ancients knew what these beings are actually. They knew how to communicate with them. Some indigenous cultures still work with them, via shamanic practices.
    You don’t need a special camera or telescope; you need the Sight,

  24. End animal cruelty KARMA on

    hey Tyler, you will no doubt get your one mill’ before long!!..Thanks for your very informative channel,,one of my favourites..cheers from Australia”

  25. Fissle Wine on

    Isn’t antimatter supposed to be destroyed upon contact with normal matter? And antimatter is just a particle with opposite charge, so it should be visible under normal means?

  26. Happydemon on

    using a concave lense wont let you see dark matter… It wont let you see anything outside normal light range. Its like you dont even science…

  27. Amir Amjad on

    Just because there is life on earth does not mean there is no life in empty space. I believe water is not the only thing that needed for life to exist.

  28. Martin szmidt on

    so if i would use this telescope as a scope for a rifel….

    that would be a hilarious day at the police station

  29. redtree71 on

    The sad truth is that the vodka is actually healthier than that diet Pepsi poison. You have to get off of soda, it’s just chemicals not providing and benefits. Actually harming your health!

  30. Orchestrated Madness on

    then my question is if the large hadron collider is creating anti-matter or capturing it then why doesn’t that react with the matter around it what contains it is made of matter in the first place?

  31. Orchestrated Madness on

    also dude its vodka! make a freaking vodka tonic with fresh limes and lemons you say you don’t drink well you just might start if you make it right!

  32. deserteagle511 on

    where you getting this info from? I looked in the description, you didn’t leave a link for your sources. So how do i know that it is true?

  33. Westmount Legal on

    Yayyyy Diet Pepsi. Me too. For a DRINK. 1 OUNCE Rum. 20 Ounces Pepsi Diet. If I can taste the alcohol. Yuck. Plus of course. I use round ice cubes. Keep going Tyler. 22June17.


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