PROOF Of Aliens On The Moon In Apollo Radio Transmissions?


Apollo Transcripts:
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Music: Spellbound by Keven Macleod
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Date: April 18, 2017

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  1. David Roger Jarvis on

    Lol, the bright lights were film sets, this landing never took place with a manned expedition, get real with some proof, not conjectured rubbish, I was nineteen years of age and watched this happen, pure bull****!

  2. Traveler2017 on

    They have been back constantly many times and have a very large base and numerous outposts. You can say that they were warned but basically they knew they were being closely monitored and the old hands were not going to put up with these “Johnny come latelys” trying to take over. They are all well aware of who we are and what we are up to long before any landing.

  3. Michael Fisher on

    It is so easy to make this stuff up and for that reason it is to easy to dismiss as bs… Sad really.. Because I would love nothing more than absolute proof that we are not alone (or just to settle the debate one and for all)

  4. DM75 on

    There was a TV station in Canada that recorded all the transmissions from the early 80’s and on. Their compilation of astronaut comms is the best I have ever heard. I was 5 in 1980, I remember watching most of those missions on tv…Something is out there, it is not so much the ‘void’…

  5. Black Hole Universe on

    hello secureteam10. I invite you to my channel, maybe you will like theory about black hole universe. Watch part 3-5.

  6. Liviu Dorobantu on

    Think about this cover up. It must be huge. And nobody taking part in it has dared to speak the truth so far? It is unlikely.

  7. Reaver17 on

    if there are aliens on the moon why don’t we set up embassys to communicate with other species and exchange items? If they knew about us and didn’t kill us I’m pretty sure we’ll be safe at this point

  8. Hunter Camp on

    after Apollo 18 there were 3 more moon missions
    the 1st was to retrieve the data when the orbiter saw a shining structure on the dark side of the moon
    the 2nd was to go and see how cold it would be and what equipment they would need to go search the area it was seen
    And the third you can find that they landed and found the object but no more information can be viewed after that

  9. Terry,Cha,Sinsy on


  10. Terry,Cha,Sinsy on

    at 10;30 in the film at the farthest right of the screen are large square buildings in the crater,…you might have to slow the film down.

  11. sleepwalkblue on

    I like having my tentacles pulled as much as the next creature but anyone who buys into this stuff should crumple up their tinfoil hats and move out of their mom’s basement immediately.

  12. chester on

    mybe we are like a garden for allians ,they come to see how all there things in there garden is coming along ,something like how we watch over all our things ,like cattle ,trees.animals ,they could be doing the same thing ,after all any thing not human is alian like dogs cats fish cows think about it ,if you seen some thing other then that what would you think ,if birds can build a nest on the side of a wall with only a beak ,they got to be just as smart as us ,allians is our watchers ,seeing how every thing is progreesing .

  13. Monica Cottrell on

    Has anyone ever thought about Area 51? Why don’t let visitors in? 9 men that were from Area 51 have said that they found alien life form, the men either died or disappeared. There was no evidence of their death and the missing of the men. The people of Area 51 will kill you if your even close the Area 51. Scientist’s have found planets that are close related to our planet, but they are millions of light years away from earth. The lights in the sky? They could be walking among us in human life form, but how do we know? I believe in Aliens.

  14. Odane Solomon on

    we never went the ships need shields deflector shields
    space is a dangerous place beyond the vanhallen belts

  15. SeafaringSlinky on

    Assuming that aliens are real and NASA knows they are why won’t they tell us? Aliens existing doesn’t change anything as far as I’m concerned. I for one would be excited as it would confirm that the entire universe must be brimming with life and that we are not alone after all.

  16. Inoke Kirikiti on

    Does sound exist in space? If not then how could they hear melody playing. Is it possible to light a camp fire in space? just trying to understand the science behind this mystery

  17. Carlos Moran on


    • jim oberg on

      I can’t make an informed comment on your personal experiences, but so far your record on this comment thread is to spout imaginary claims of you seeing people say things that they actually never said. Judging from that example, the credibility of your say-so is inadequate for it to stand alone.

    • sharon anderson on

      no. plus how would they make billions? if they had come out and said we have aliens on the moon. the mass hysteria would have been uncontrollable. look wht happen with orson wells radio broadcast in the thirties. and if you think i am wrg just consider no matter how much video evidence there is look how many stil deny it. multiply tht by how many are not even interested. all those pl who are not interested do you think they would take such disclosure calmly? no. once the lie has been covered up it is easier to keep covering it up than to be honest. as long as the gov does not admit to anything they cannot be held responsible. and we are left to guess at the truth. i know i have witnessed two things not from our technology.

    • B A S E D SBG SOLDIER on

      There is no money to be made by disclosing alien life. All that will happen is that society will crumble because of the poorly instilled belief systems that all these fucking plebs have will no longer make sense, nor will religion, and hell if anything the govt. would be losing money.

  18. Blind Terry Tucci on

    The U.S. government/NASA goes through incredible lengths to cover up and hide certain aspects of THE greatest achievement in the history of mankind but we’re supposed to trust that they’re telling the truth about EVERYTHING else that happened? What bullshit…..and what “live” video? We can’t even have TV interviews “via satellite” without a time gap in 2016 but we’re supposed to think there was was live footage from the fucking moon in 1969?

    • Blind Terry Tucci on

      …and if anyone thinks a man would be able to be the first to walk on the moon while being “watched” by aliens without shitting themselves in fear or not saying ANYTHING, you’re out of your mind. They sound like it’s just another day at the office. No big deal. You’re just walking on the moon with aliens watching you. Break out the hammers and feathers!

    • Blind Terry Tucci on

      They pulled off the greatest lie in history…well, not really…but there will always be people that believe it. The press conference after they “returned” to Earth is embarrassingly obvious. Those are not men who know what they’re talking about.

  19. Roblox_ Anarchist on

    sound does not travel through space, what’s another explanation ? , radioq frequency coming from someones radio station ?

  20. bademoxy on

    it’s obvious those aliens don’t WANT we the general public to know of their presence.
    if the government has been threatened into nondisclosure by these very advanced beings, then don’t expect any disclosure by anyone for generations, if ever.

  21. METHOD ONE on

    I’ve read lots of NASA transcripts like this. Notice how they calmly said they had ‘visitors’ watching them, instead of freaking out about the fact that it should be completely impossible for anyone else to be up there but themselves. To me they were prepped about what they’d see…and maybe had seen these things before.

  22. sexy_purple_pikachu on

    how did you get your hands on such leaked information? if the government is trying to hide this kind of info then how did something like this even get out?

  23. D. Senthy on

    First, I want to state that I’m 99% sure about the existance of inteligent, advanced alien life forms. I’m about 80% sure that we’re in contact or at least we have been in contact with them… but for fucks sake man..
    next time write something on your pancake and call that a proof too…..

  24. Bartholomew K. Williams on

    I didn’t realise that we had the technology to make space suits that protected these guys from such powerful radiation in 1969 ?

  25. Rosemary Jane on

    why was the video of the moon after 9:00 rocking or swaying?? if it was is space wouldn’t it be a lot smoother? idk it looks like it also slows and speeds up.. lol I’m I the only one that sees this??

  26. Mike Hogue on

    I was just saying to somebody yesterday that I wanted to see the HAM transcripts, after watching some of TUFORC’s videos. They were briefed ahead of time. Nasa knew before they even planned the moon missions what they would probably see and find.

  27. Arpa Nar on

    Neil Armstrong was supposed to be big American version of Gagarin and to world fame and do the world tour. But instead he happen to be like peisoner in his home and cut out of the world till end. Because thise alien fact real and he chose not fully cooperate with US government to lie all the way but instead cut him out from public duping campaign and world fame.

  28. Craig Curtice on

    Tyler what’s with all the jet fighter collisions like one that just happened in Ga. seems to me like the technology forbids bids that wondering if that’s actually them defending us against something

  29. Prot4x on

    Im just curious about how did they hear something in space when there is no oxygen for sound to travel in, but regardless great content, keep up your work!

  30. MiiSeeks on

    Obviously there is another sun and civilization inside of the moon, afterall it’s just earth from the distant future that was transported back in time by the lizzard alien federation.

  31. Think Harder on

    Secureteam is by far one of my best channel to provide concrete and well made information and video, cheers man

  32. brian critchley on

    The US needed to get to the Moon to achieve the words of JFK but the system needed to get rid of him, strange, very strange!…

    • Foxy the pirate on

      Okay so the US spent all that money making all those pictures and footage of the moon? That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I don’t remember the exact date but it was somewhere in the 2000’s. Something NASA sent to space got a good picture of the surface of the moon. In the picture you can see a flag.

  33. Lorna Swallow on

    Question. No life, (and that means NO life) can exist without water. So if there is no water on the moon how can any creature stay more that a short while?

  34. Gannko Mule on

    i always thought sound can’t travel through space unless the voids are tightly packed, like on earth where we have air.

    • saw09200 on

      Sound is differences in pressure creating waves in matter. Electromagnetic radiation does not need a medium to travel through

  35. law man on

    Evidence? Where are the recordings? All you presented were transcripts. How were those transcripts transcribed? Who transcribed them and from what source? And what is that source? What you say might be true but what you just presented was horseshit.

  36. Quality Landscapes (Fencing, Turfing, Decking, Patio & Drive Installer Serving Orpington, Bromley) on

    How about China’s moon craft… It’s there right now

  37. keo keo on

    I remember growing up I never saw the moon in the day time only nights now you can easyly see the moon why is that ? someone enlightened me please

  38. J vdSpuy on

    Aliens were prob muttering to themselves, Great! The idiots can now move off-planet. lol

    Our intelligence and the mayhem we will cause reminds me of the movie Space-Balls.

    That’s us. When the loooong ship finally passes the screen their bumper sticker reads:

    “We brake for no one” lolol

  39. Victor Galante-Ferreira on

    Nobody went to the moon, is impossible , because the radiation, we don’t have the technology today how they had in 69?? wake up , the biggest lie ever

  40. Chris Smith on

    It was us from the future looking back in history, same thing happened to christopher columbus right before he discovered america.

  41. kenny rennie on

    Interesting, there is definitely other lifeforms in our solar system. Who’s to say that they are not using the moon. H3 mining has always intrigued me.

  42. Angryhedgehog on

    I can imagine even for very advanced Aliens it was a pretty exciting event to watch the human species taking its first steps into space and even onto other worlds.

    You can almost imagine them on the edge of their seats eating their version of popcorn and in rapture watching the clever humans get their moon on!

    I can imagine an aliens version of aplause/approval as we made a success of it!

    Then they thought after watching several very successful missions “okay enough of that! These clever little humans are getting a little to close to our moon bases and technology. No more of that”!

  43. Michael on

    I wanna believe this video. I really do. But the “transcript” between Armstrong and Mission Control cannot be proven accurate, factual or reliable. It’s just one of those stories floating around on the internet without any proof whatsoever.

  44. Jason Vylášek on

    It’s impossible to make it through the Van Allen radiation belts. They still can not make it through them to this day without damaging equipment and killing all on board. A trip to the moon back in the 60’s is improbable. There is a video of a nasa employee posted just last year, talking about how their excited because their finally sending a rocket to and through the Van Allen belts, that they believe will not be destroyed. Check it out. The vid. will pop up

  45. Ahmed Al-Gendy on

    You guys are not noting the obvious and it is PISSING ME OFF!!!

    Moltke was never a word for a crater before 1969.
    These guys were obviously hypnotized by a theremin and given strong suggestions beyond their ability to resist. But statement analysis reveals more: Moltke is a surname and is referred to as “he” repeatedly and never “it” in this transcript. The theremin is a very strong hypnotic instrument. They were apparently trespassing and had to be stopped so they could not see what the real operations were. Everything here is probably a visual metaphor for something and/or someone else.

    1966 and 1969 are the most fucked up years of paranormal activities such that they were the years of supernatural epidemics.
    The same year, The Golden man of Scythia was found with the same golden helmet structure as the helmet worn by the Prussian “Moltke”. You need to know the history behind the cone head in such parts of Asia and what/who it represents to get a clue as to what they came across. They didn’t even know which is why you never heard from them afterward and Buzz Aldrin is so jolly ignorant that he seems like a MK Ultra doll to this very day.

  46. Bob Best on

    if hundreds of ham radio operators heard the transmission, surely one of them would have recorded it. a book saying something happened sells books. that is not real evidence.

  47. Arkady Bogdanov on

    Why can’t you all be satisfied with sci fi tales as sci fi tales?

    Why do you have to pretend they’re real?

    Are you bored with reality? If so, that’s just tragic…

  48. DarkX on

    I always had a feeling Aliens were there with Neil, Alsrin, and collins. The 2 minutes of cut out on live television seemed a little off. then I discovered this and now I believe aliens were there. Thanks Secureteam10!!! 👽 👽


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