Ominous Flying Saucer Jumps Dimensions Over Denver! 10/20/2015


Captured by Ronald H. in Denver Colorado on 10/8/2015, at around 1:30pm.

Source states he had pulled his two trucks out to give them a wash, and noticed a ring/saucer shaped object, sitting
stationary in the sky, high above his housing development. He said that he didn’t think it was a drone, due to the fact that
it seemed to not only lock itself into position, without sound or movement, but also displayed maneuvers that have yet
to be perfected by any drone or man-made object he’d ever seen. He began to shoot the object, as seen in the first clip, but
stopped shortly in order to snap some pictures of the object in hopes of getting a better resolution view. The object stayed in it’s place for nearly 5 minutes after the first clip ends as the source watched and casually snapped a few pictures. The source begins shooting again, once the object began moving, as seen in the second video. At full zoom, he was able to catch distinguishable features of the craft. At one point, the craft seems to change it’s position, and then looks to be “jumping” dimensions.. Disappearing from one spot and re-materializing in another, instantly. The object then begins a sort of roll maneuver before jetting off into the distance at high speeds. The sighting of the object happens very quickly, but luckily long enough for someone to catch it on video. We wish to thank Ronald from Denver for this amazing catch, and will be posting analysis of the images he took on Twitter and FB shortly.

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Date: April 16, 2017
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