OBJECT Exits Earth & Meets With Second UFO In Orbit! 5/12/16

Special Thanks to Fredrik Haga Madsen for sending us his find!
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  1. Ken Mull on

    Am I seeing things but it seems to come into the picture from a circle or maybe a portal. Then flies into something that is already there that causes it to illuminate. Disappears, then meets with something else. Watch where it comes from. It almost seems it flies into the object to maybe slow down???

  2. Eric Givens on

    I noticed that they have a Science channel on cable now, for the simple fact that they can’t hide things from us anymore and something big is coming towards us. Be prepared people of Earth, something big is about to shake our world like we never seen before.

  3. Stormy Syndrome on

    What was the location of this?? Looks like one of North Korea’s failed missile launch attempts. I swear they’re going to nuke themselves one of these days. One of the comments from others on the right was, “Crash, Boom.” the rest was cut out of the video.

  4. Suave Smooth on

    Upper atmosphere lightening. It happens where the bolt of lightning discharges up towards upper layers of charged atmosphere, not down what we see on earth.

  5. Poul Egorov on

    Вы знаете такую вещь, как кристаллы льда в верхних слоях атмосферы? Именно от облаков отражается свет и происходят его радужные переливы.

  6. psy101514 on

    you already said it yourself. it’s a rocket meeting up with something else. anti-aircraft missle exploding after hitting its mark. case closed.

  7. m beginization on

    I think your only seeing the end of the second craft, when it flashes you can see more outline of a much bigger object which may be cloaked

  8. shakuntala bandekar on

    There is a phenomenon of lightening getting generated from ground up.
    Kindly search over it.
    Clearly this ain’t UFO.
    And if it is then I would like to get more edited version.

  9. MrJohnblackstar on

    It is hard to get an idea of the distance that we are looking at so possibly when you have the first flash and then the second, it could have been 200 miles more or less. Also we have never seen craft jump to light speed before so maybe instead of going out dementionaly it made the jump to light speed in atmosphere and that is why the flash. We are always left needing more data.

  10. Guillermo Lopez on

    People like to dismiss that which is an unknown phenomenon and like to stay with the most and educated simple answers such as if it looks like a duck and Walks Like A Duck it’s a f****** Gander the male aspect of geese
    simple minds need simple answers most the time people post some of the stupidest things I have ever read to help keep the masses in a Perpetual state of ignorance or just lighting it’s your mind decide for yourself

  11. w01ffr34k on

    this seems like a reflection of the sun off a river. i can see differences in color behind the clouds there. it’s very cool to see the whole river system light up from the sun located behind the ISS. the second time the “object” appears can be a small lake? seemed oddly shaped for a vehicle.

    I’m slowly working my way around your channel and I don’t have many negative things to say, but this one is WAY to wild.

    you have a lot of videos here but do you happen to have heard anything about a UFO or set of UFOs across the Rockie mountains? in the last three years? I’m looking for a sighting from three years ago that should have been seen by southern Colorado or northern New Mexico. to me and my friend it seemed like the sun was rising in the south for a moment. then a streak across the sky heading east and extreme speeds before turning sharply right and disappearing into the sky. it was around 3 am. unfortunately it happened so fast I had no time to pull out a camera.

    anyway stay sceptical about Everything, Tyler.

  12. Stephen Preston on

    hi there, I just wanted to point out that an object burning up through clouds does not mean its burning up from the atmosphere. if it was exiting the atmosphere shouldn’t there be another visual of it burning up some time after passing through the clouds? but it seems to be lost track of.

  13. jorge salas on


  14. Arun K. Babu on

    Where did this Unidentified Flying Object found. Can you provide me the exact location or Coordinates on Earth?

  15. stonner2k on

    tyler you talk like you are 100 % sure about these things when in reality you know very little more than the average person and why i think your full of shit most the time, because you are full of yourself and don’t think you can be wrong, that’s the problem right there you believe in what your saying just because in your head it’s right. you nor anyone else can say what way and why the sun/ clouds work because as humans we know very little to 100% most is just an educated guess

  16. Matt Ramey on

    here we go….stupid flatties and their idiotic theory…yea it looks like a globe…bro…smh. Im scared for my childrens future.

  17. Matt Ramey on

    UFO doesn’t automatically mean aliens people…it just means unidentified flying objects…i didnt really hear much mention of aliens.

  18. electrongarbage on

    It’s a meteor crashing into the earth. Trajectory is from top left going towards bottom right. Curvature of the earth and the angle of the video gives it the illusion of leaving the atmosphere.

  19. briguy386 on

    Perhaps this is merely ionization in the upper atmosphere. The radiation and UV Rays produced by the Sun especially during Solar flares are sufficient to excite electrons causing them to release energy in the form of light.

  20. Доктор Быков on

    Jumping to conclusions. What’s the rush? Try to accumulate information. Then carefully compares and analyzes. Very carefully. Conclusions after checking and rechecking. Good luck!

  21. Steven P on

    That’s a river: watch it from an iPad, and ROTATE the screen.. It’s a river, 100% visible, there is even an island on it – and that river is what’s reflecting

  22. killuminate peacefulness on

    it’s just a frog people there is no such thing as aliens duhhh! 😂😂😂😂 dummies

  23. Stevie Wonder on

    Hey Look!! The earth *IS* round!!…..or does every space camera use a special lens?……PFFT! Flat Earthers.

  24. Edwin Gomez on

    why are all these people just looking for excuses, as if they are the professionals.. are you scared? you weak? do you pray to a god? what if we are god? or is your brain not developed properly? we have been put here to advance and find our purpose to keep going, and maybe if we worked together we could start moving foward! if we were put here to just live and die what makes us diffrent from animals? i dont see animals going to space, building and advancing in technology.. but they still are given a life, if it werent for curiousity and smart people you all wouldnt be here.. enjoy your cartoons and bullshit jokes.. kids

  25. rooster sideburbs on

    looks like something with high albedo like snow or the light reflecting on a mountain range. the other videos are good though

  26. mark gripp on

    I think that maybe we are getting a little worked up over the sun reflecting off of a river or basin containing water. not to say that aliens and ufo’s don’t exist but lets take some time and analyze our footage and use our power of reason to debunk all other options before we jump to conclusions! i mean come on man! If you want to be taken seriously i think its pretty important that we take the time and energy to do this with any and all footage that is put before us. This one is really a no brainer. The struggle is real!

  27. Adam Mcintosh on

    This is called flat lighting or sheet lighting I believe in ufos and life on other planets and some of your proof you just can’t argue with but some of your stuff is over done just for view like that face in the same on made or seeing faces in rocks we have a thing in our brain that licks out things that look like faces so I wouldn’t trust anything I seen if you could see a face in it when there shouldn’t be I look at my wall paper in my room and see face init dosnt mean there aliens it’s just an illusion and your proportion of what things are like mate it’s like the size of a mountain not a rock just be more realistic instead of sounding delusional or that u want it to be a big crab on a rock so u say it. To many opinions out there not anuf fact for my liking

  28. Kamil Sikora on

    Amazingly crap resolution ^^ how come ppl across globe have telescopes and there is no one to film in full clear resolution of so called ships.. Funny ^^

  29. John Cowart on

    Looks like an interceptor missile taking out some other form of missile to me. I don’t know at what height this happened over the surface, nor anything about finding trajectories or velocities. I’m not a space guy. But that was my initial impression.

  30. Dream The Endless on

    Official Secureteam drinking game: Each player takes a turn by picking a video from the playlist. Every time Tyler says “MASSIVE” in their video they take a shot. Be prepared to be hammered after a couple turns!

  31. Bitter Clinger on

    I wonder which alien species the Vector symbol is used to pay homage too since it doesn’t make sense for the other countries to care to use it as we do. My guess, it’s the one that owns us.

  32. Lynn on

    There have been “other” reflections many are discounted but there seems to be a few as you describe. It maybe worth your time Tyler to research a bit more but your on the right track, I believe. More input from reliable sources maybe welcomed? ty

  33. Jack Rehium on

    its one of those billionaires contacting a category 2 species and docking on their ship to learn more of their ways and mechanics.


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