NEW PROOF That Aliens Own The Moon 3/10/17
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  1. lemonadecupcakes on

    So, your first guess is that the blob on the picture isn’t space debris, rocks and such, but an alien craft. Even though there are no details, no structures, nothing. Occam’s razor does not support your supposition. Also, I realize you are young and have always had high definition cameras at your beck and call, but I need to relay to you that NASA did not have to wipe out the area of outer space because the cameras were not able to capture the lower-light stars when in contrast to a reflective surface like the moon or earth. I learned this in childhood when I tried to take pictures of a meteor shower, only to be disappointed at the blank sky in all the pictures. There was no conspiracy or technique of washing things out. I have to call bs on this theory.

  2. Charles James on

    Will you disclose that they keep saying black people are up there. Or does your ears get closed once that is said?

  3. LeAndre Arnold on

    Tyler Tyler Tyler….. they’re 5th or + dimensional beings.. so that pic was a pic of it shifting from hyper speed to our dimension… that’s why it drags like a spirit…

  4. O'DoyleRulz on

    @3:35 I thought that was the mighty eagle from Angry Birds. Just because you can’t explain something due to your limited knowledge, it doesn’t make it an alien or a spaceship. If you try too hard to see something, you will always see it. Just like you can see figures in sky.

  5. Xteve Tyler on

    know what would get me, to zoom in to see an american flag logo on it. the “real” space program revealed finally-lol

  6. Assy McNasty on

    if the glow out of their ships is caused by a chemical reaction when active, then i think that sometimes the blinks of light is a transfer of sound. like when 1 ship sends a message, blink, and the other ones blink back to answer.

  7. Nancy Jarvi on

    Hello Tyler, I love listening to your videos. What I don’t like is the ignorant people that can’t speak intelligently on these posts. We all have to keep an open mind when it comes to the unknown. I strongly believe we are not alone. It’s just a shame that things are a cover up. Perhaps it better for now since there are still people that are still afraid of what they can’t understand. Keep up the good work Tyler.

  8. Paula on

    tyler, would you please send me an email address where i can reach you. you have my email addy. i do not care to have it made public.

  9. Gorkem Tolan on

    I found triangle shaped lights and straight object in this image. Triangle shaped light looks like above the surface. If you zoom in close, you can definitely see the triangle light formation. I also located the straight object 11 o’clock direction from the triangle shaped object. It is not easy to detect without zooming. If you zoom in you can see the straight object. I actually detected more lights in this image.

  10. Jason Kochan on

    Aliens are real. They first started getting really active at/on this world from our atomic bomb tests in the mid 1940’s. Ever since then, there has been overwhelming CREDIBLE evidence from pilots, radar techs, intelligence officials, government officials, military…..even people that the country trusts in our missile silos, they have their stories. Just have to look. Not that hard to find things that are clearly alien: Chicago airport C17 terminal in 2006, 1997 Phoenix lights (not the lights, the silent huge triangle craft thousands saw earlier in the afternoon….lights were in fact flares the Air Force did as a diversion), the Feb 1942 huge craft over Los Angelos, 1975 Arizona (Travis Walton abduction). Countless testimony out there. Crop formations that leave radiation readings, insects burnt to the crops (meaning whatever created it did so SO fast that insects couldn’t get away). If we’re the only ones in the Universe, what a waste of space. Just look up videos about “Disclosure Project” and get enlightened.

  11. Jason Kochan on

    I read about some Buzz Aldrin / Neil Armstrong testimony talking about how we were told to leave the moon and not come back. How they saw shapes of craft on the horizons on the back side of the moon (not dark side of the moon…..thank you Transformers…..BACK side of the moon). Imagine what’s underground on the moon. There’s hundreds or thousands of both human and aliens bases on Earth and probably some on the moon as well.

    One of the most well known or possibly biggest aliens bases is near Dulce, NM.

  12. Bitter Clinger on

    You guys gotta check out JohnLenardWalson on youtube, he’s got tons of up close and personal videos of the moon exposing many bases and towers.

  13. PsychoBob on

    sorry tyler, “its sticking up in the air”… 8:45… on the moon… that has essentially no atmosphere accept for some unusual gasses like sodium or potassium… lol 😛

  14. Felisha on

    Get your eyes checked. You messed up with the 4chan video, you’re messing up again, most likely doing so on purpose to keep a fanbase.

  15. Van Tazzy on

    Funny how the sand reacts like on Earth when the astronaut was moving over the surface in the beginning of the video… Now I am doubting again about the moonlanding that it was real…

  16. dave davis on

    The images of the ” tower ” you presented is only a giraffe I left behind after a Perry I knew I’d left it somewhere cheers tyler I owe ya one x

  17. Rahul Baipai on

    Universe is so big . Life at only one it is impossible , there might be planets which support life and aliens already living there . Just like us they might be lacking technology .

  18. Tyler Rollison on

    Close Minded I agree. Their is an incredible vast amount of evidence that points to UFO/Alien cover ups. if this was false wouldn’t we have hard evidence that points to the contrary?

  19. Nancy Nightingale on

    Aren’t there camera “tricks” to tighten-up blurry photos? You’d think there would be film equipment that could be used to unblurr these photos. I’m tired of the fuzzy, blurry shots.

  20. Fissle Wine on

    I don’t think aliens own the Moon, I think the major powers of the world cant agree on the territories of the moon – Remember it orbits the entire planet…But I think the moon could become a mega-structure and like earth naturally produce energy for warping the environment…And drones have massive potential…

    But what do you think these aliens look like? And what would they be up to in the Moon?

  21. greig mccready on

    that UFO in the picture of earth and the moon looks like one of those things where the ship spins around a center point to make artificial gravity for humans. that “chimney” piece is actually the center of the ship and the outside part spins aaorund that

  22. Lalee Cook on

    That long thing he says is sticking put of the ground looks like a Giraffe neck and head…many people can see the same small beings are on the Moon as well as Mars..probly on all Planets if you believe God created the Universe…

  23. silverdragon0000120 on

    My mom walked in at 12:18 when you said “playing with his wiener” and now my mom won’t let me watch your channel. 😕

  24. onetimepeace on


  25. Caliventure on

    The craft also looks faintly visible in image AS11-41-6042. This is the image right after the one mentioned here. This shows the trajectory of the craft.

  26. Timothy Hallmon on

    I do not think that i said any one was a dumb ass. and whoever called me one has no reason. so stop and think before you speak. now what i said or wrote is true. do not mislead people.

  27. ElegantPaws01 on

    There will never be an official word because too many lies have been told and many need jail time. We will get confirmation regardless.


    I think what we’re seeing between the earth and moon are asteroids. The chimney shaped object he was talking looked like a crater to me.

  29. kuglio on

    New proof that you’re either Disinfo or still hoodwinked and in Cognitive Dissonance to the fact that no one has ever been to the moon. And that might be due to the fact that the moon isn’t an object upon which one can land anything.

  30. SiriusfromOrion on

    NASA is a sub division of the DOD, there will never be full disclosure. The system of control they have over the American people would destabilize if they came forward with the evidence they have been hiding.

  31. Kevin Lonergan on

    I think that aliens are real but they aren’t what we think they are, I don’t think they are little skinny things with big heads I fell that they could be discovered but the government is showing us other images so we think they are something different so that they are hiding something from us

  32. LMAA WardogzZ on

    Yeah there is probably no small rocks or debris orbiting the moon and the radiations from the sun shouldn’t disturb the camera and create any artefacts at all.

  33. Wraith on

    around eleven minutes you can see a gray object in the top almost right side of the clip. at first you see one go up then down (not sure if its the same one) and then another repeatedly shows up a little ways to the right of the first. im not sure what it is but i noticed it as well as the really fast visible ufo.

  34. Elbanjomon on

    all super serious watching the video then all of a sudden “playing with his wiener *chuckles or hot dog” XD i’m dead

  35. James Conroy on

    Tyler, just started watching this video and at one point where it shows the anomaly with the tower / smoke stack on it reminded me of similar images of anomalies on the moon surface you’ve featured in other videos. Surely it must be the same anomaly???

  36. heyyoupooeater on

    Do you think maybe it is an asteroid or something. A giant rock that missed earth that day. Think about the asteroid they landed a probe on the other year. That one also had some extreme surface variations that could cast shadows similar to what we see here at 4:29 in the video. Either way pretty cool. The idea of this being an asteroid, known by our government to be hurtling towards earth and they didnt mention it. Know not worry not. A theory. Alien based theory is way cooler though. I have seen a orange ball of light UFO at a very low altitude. I’m with ya.

  37. Morigen Roger on

    Realizing that theyre not the number one power in the solar system, the US goverment is very reluctant to tell the true story. the tecnological gap between the aliens and us is like a man to an ant,


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