NEW CLUES To Alien Coverup In President Bush Interview 3/5/17

Obama interview:
Nasa 360 video:
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  1. Emily Ratcliff on

    He’s not giving a straightforward answer yep alien are real you can see bushes facial expressions it gives it away

  2. William Schwarz on

    great discovery…u got this one! great content, great narration, great intro/outtro, just plain old great OK? ok then….fine…. great

  3. Alien Investigations on

    I agree Tyler, like you said, they are all told to say certain things, so who’s really in CONTROL?

  4. rody west on

    que o quienes le niegan hablar a los presidentes de estos archivos… FBI?, CIA?, Es evidente que al igual de tantos encubrimientos como el de JFK, existe un poder oscuro que manipula presidentes, estados y sociedades. Con la mentira y el silencio, se gobierna tranquilamente porque eso es PODER

  5. Abygoneage on

    I just like the whole safe delusion that we think the high financially wealthy officials of the world are actually human and are on our side. Sad truth could be is that they are really reptilian or other form of sentient. Its quite intriguing because lately i’ve noticed that interviews containing individuals of high stature with possible information containing the deception of the world, actually seem to show signs of knowing something or possibly even on the verge of screaming about it to ensue panic to the entirety of civilization as we know it. BUT!! FOLKS!!! ask yourself , what can we do regardless? one possible euphoric possibility is that we can spiritually ascend beyond these beings control. i cannot stress how much the religions of the world coincidence with the prospect of aliens. Its all the same to me one way or the other with just different titles, names, settings, and series of belief. FACT OF THE MATTER IS, WE ARE BEING MANIPULATED!! WE ARE BEING CONTROLLED AND OBSERVED , WE ARE BEING REPRESSED TOWARDS ASCENSION , BROTHERS AND SISTERS!! WE NEED TO ACT NOW!! BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!! COMPLACENCY HAS GIVEN WAY FOR US TO BE SLAVES

  6. Joanne Mann on

    There is no question that EVERY TIME OBAMA joked about something HE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH!
    When he gave a serious speech HE LIED THROUGH HIS TEETH!?

  7. Midnight Habit on

    Trump’s speech last week, “We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the Earth from the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries and technologies of tomorrow.” @realDonaldTrump next week, “They won’t tell me anything about aliens/UFOs! I’m the President! I do so have a need to know!” Twitter account mysteriously deleted.

  8. HalferLand Video's on

    You would think the confirmation of aliens would blow my mind….. NO, it’s the people that deny and are oblivious. How can you deny this?

  9. angela tate on

    Bush is one of the fckn aliens, all of the elite are. Except they’re not aliens, they’re demons, all you sheeple out there are being played ffs.

  10. Kip Oblion on

    Do you even know how top secret information works? You want to believe in aliens so bad I can tell… And you are giving them the EXACT reaction they want. There is absolutely no proof what so ever that aliens exist or any life outside are closed system.

  11. Morris The Cat on

    I bet the “control” the aliens have over us is absolutely limited to permission for using the faster-than-light space travel technology. LIke if we try to use it, they would stop us, and possibly destroy the only one we have. If we got ahold of something like, that, we’d wipe out the entire galaxy in less than 100 years.

  12. Serg Chaidez on

    sure and the ex CIA director (on late show with Stephen Colbert) joking about area 51 yesterday is your next video

  13. Isaac E on

    Even if they come out and show us aliens or something else big, don’t trust any of it, not because it’s necessarily false, but because of why they are tellinf you. Manipulation.

    It’s not just being concerned about that they are keeping secrets, or even what, but why.

    And even more importantly, why and when they let it slip.

    They are priming humanity and preparing to pull off the veil, but they are slowly doing so in a way that they will use to deceive all of us to their own ends.


    he can’t if he wants his family to live think about it We know they are here truly come on also only on death bed maybe doubtfully but Obama never trusted him even after the brain surgery that he was supposed to have!!??? yes Obama

  15. Victor Supreme on

    You missed the point when Bush said ‘”…like drinking? “. Basically saying that even if he does crack and spill the beans, it will be dismissed as something said when he was drunk, or he has a drinking problem etc…

  16. Jay Landman on

    thoest call alien but therefor u no not if thy realy is watching even then on interweb careful for the hybrid is anti and is on here

  17. Terry Blakeslee on

    who does the president answer to …. since they are the president truth is their is no one more qualified to talk they are elected to be the one to do so …so who tells the president no .. Seriously out of three interviews as watched they all say the same im not allowed. .im like how your the president of course your allowed …but who has the power over them to say no another level many levels after president are their .. the president is the last level ..but guess not so these interviews speak volumes in simple details … and confirms such

  18. UKvita on

    Aliens. Beings from another place, not belonging to.
    If Aliens are fact and UFOs are alien craft then there are many many of individual Aliens around Earth and in our Solar System.
    Given that at any one moment around Earth at lest 73 UFO are present.

    These UFO need to have support, landing pads, personnel, repair shops, accomodation, and FOOD.
    How many thousand tons of grain do we humans give these aliens every year? How many thousands of tones of meat, vegetables and all other stuff to sustain a large population of aliens. Has anybody else done the counting. The official production figures produced by Govenments and the on the ground figures, do these match?

    The quantities are in the hundreds of thousand of tons. How can the USA, Russia, China and Europe produce so much grain and other produce and still be short of food? If 1 million tons are not used then what happens to that 1 million tons? Where is the surplus produce?

    We humans feed these aliens and supply them with materials.

  19. Beardo The Magnificent on

    The government vehemently denies they have knowledge of the existence of aliens, its confirmation of aliens. Two former presidents joke about aliens, it’s obvious they are trying to deny they have knowledge of the existence of aliens… Not that they are just men with a sense of humor.
    Also, regardless of your politics, you refer to past presidents as “Mr President” or “President (insert name here).” It doesn’t matter if you liked them or supported them. It’s not “Mr Obama,” it’s “President Obama.” It’s not “Mr Bush,” it’s “President Bush.” Show some respect for the office.

  20. Malik Suleman Ahmad Awan on

    in short, good job buddy, #tyler #ufoResearcher, …. i think in similar ways, ur observation, analysis, on #truth & #lies is correct, as well as that 7 #planets report is surely enuf evidence, … i agree. good luck ahead! keep it up!

  21. severedkenard on

    Part of me believes “aliens” exist. Part of me does not. One reason being that the government doesn’t reveal information on “aliens” is because they simply don’t exist or they don’t have proof of them. So they use this enigma by saying “we can’t disclose that information.” rather than saying straight up “we don’t know” Us as a society sees the government as they are hiding something by them saying things like that. So i believe it’s psychological or reverse psychology. They want you to believe they exist but only by a grain of salt. I don’t know, i would like to believe they’re real but, i’m not sure it’s not our secret technology being exploited either. Who knows, maybe someday this will all come out

  22. Levi Mahaffey on

    I just want the truth. I wouldn’t be upset. I would feel validated for not being crazy all these years. The fact in my mind is with the universe being as massive as it is it would be impossible for us to be alone in the universe.

  23. RideMyTruck on

    min 1:03 Sh$% just got serious… Dubya almost spilled it all. That was historic, publicly acknowledging they hide sh%$ from us.

  24. Michael Cadena on

    Cthulu will awaken one day soon, to rule over and enslave the races as once before,and chaos shall reign again. just sayin.

  25. Adderly Suarez on

    i think you should be happy i pretty sure if the president get all the information trump would diffidently give it away on twitter

  26. bones007able on

    People , especially people of faith would get their minds blown , if they found out their Gods were little green men , former skunk works employees claim we are 50 years advanced and we do have the technology to take ET home… but they also said it would take a act of God for the government to share any advancements for the good of the people … you know , like free energy… can’t have that , it would destroy the economy as we know it…

  27. Hellbentmonk Tankie Baby on

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh… speculation… I like the videos with ufo footage better… try and get one of those people who leave their bodies and visit places know what I mean?

  28. Pokemon Bargains on

    THE TRUTH TYLER : Aliens still watch and guard over us, I believe that Aliens created humans and still watch over us as they are a type 2 civ and humans ( us ) are a type 0 due to use getting our power from oil and coal, they will always be around and I believe something created the Aliens so that’s really the question, who created them?

  29. Sean McCleaver on

    If you want more information about emotions and lying, check out Paul Eckman’s work. Ekman? Something like that.

  30. Sean McCleaver on

    Perhaps the question surrounds Kimmel’s motivation to ask these questions and why he’s allowed to ask these questions.

  31. MARK A on


  32. Liam G on

    I think that interview is some of the best evidence I have ever seen. He must know UFOs are real otherwise he would just say no such files exist.

  33. TaisonHQ on

    why are they not allowed to reveal? who’s instructing them to be silent. they’re obviously being threatened to not say anything.. who is in charge of the top secret files?

  34. UnFunded Opportunities on

    Cheney, the REAL president at the time, knows everything. Bush was allowed to know only what he was REQUIRED to know. The “secrets” also include what he knows about 911.

  35. Skuash on

    I just watch all your shit I love your channel. Not sure why but I really like all the conspiracy stuff but I do believe some conspiracy theories. Do you believe in flat earth?

  36. Errordemn6 on

    Why hasn’t WikiLeaks released any cables on UFOs, DUMBs, Govt documents of this all being an experiment, etc.

  37. devast813 on

    I think facial tells are a load of rubbish personally, people think I’m lying when I’m not and think I don’t care from my body language. In truth I am very interested and telling the truth.

  38. TheBC2683 on

    Everytime someone who mention the topic on Aliens, they just laugh abt it. I hate human sooo much haha…Kisses

  39. Kayla Noller on

    Even on your death bed you wouldn’t say anything? Damn man how serious is the shit they are hiding that death is less scary than revealing information


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