NASA LIES! PLUTO Images From 3 Years Prior To Probe’s Arrival! 5/29/16


Nasa Image:
TheOlympusSky Channel:
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Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod (The best damn music producer in the land)
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SPECIAL Thanks to LunaCognita for his amazing work in enhancing this footage.

ALL footage used is either done under the express permission of the original owner, or is public domain and falls under Fair Use for commentary/research/news reporting purposes under current copyright rules.

Date: April 17, 2017

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  1. Ishaal Ramroop on

    paused at 3:15 to type this comment. wish you would shut the fuck up and play that fucking video already!!

  2. Dustywitch on

    There is a scale marker on the image. Do you think that was transmitted with the video stream? The reason why the image MAY be dated 2012 is that could be nothing more sinister than a template made in 2012 with the tech people at NASA doing nothing more than getting the scale properly set for the pre-set marker template, this would also explain why there is a multi-hour time differential if the template is opened while the raw NASA image is converted and prepared for public consumption.

  3. K B R on

    discovered, explored, KNOWN years before

  4. Joel Harris on

    Do you think the older dates were just from the dark frames and light frames, that are subtracted from the latest image? Astronomers make dark frames ahead of time. My dark frames are 2 years old right now.

  5. Kode Kristian on

    There is absolutely no proof of NASA being dishonest this video. I watched both your video and the source video you used, and there is a perfectly reasonable explanation that both yourself and TheOlympusSky seems to be ignoring: The source file was created in 2012, but that doesn’t mean it originally contained what it does now.

    For instance, say NASA has a special work template that they created years ago, and then inserted the new image data into when they received it. Completely new content that is put into an old file. No conspiracy required, just logic and common sense.

  6. Gary Seven on

    You must become extremely agitated to the point of screaming when a rationale person has the audacity of disagreeing with you.  Please take up another, more worthwhile cause like bringing racial harmony and peace to our troubled country.  With your tenacity and conviction to a cause you could create “real” change in our world.

  7. Christopher Gilbert on

    From some of the comments, here, I don’t see the government having much of a problem keeping it’s activities secret. The guy with accent is irritating as shit! Rambling and lazy. I understand why you had to include the original, though. Skip to @11:10 to get past the irritating guy.

  8. k8 on

    Dude prolly forgot about that image to pick up a phone call, then he went to the gym and finally grabbed lunch of course, before saving it finally

  9. Just Gomba on

    DUdes i jst found somthing abut NASA they lid abut frenc frys they not madei in Frenc but in Fracne.(Me es 4 end cant writ sory for bed englis)

  10. vonSchwarzschild on

    Is it possible that they created an empty “placeholder” picture to prepare for relese if new-horizons arrive? They have a day for work at the long travel and prepared the files for faster release and place it in database.

  11. Ed Ward on

    What amazes me is how Pluto is so well illuminated from the Sun, which should appear as nothing more than a pin prick off in the distant black sky.


    I used this FotoForensics website for other images of Pluto, but I didn’t find this much details corresponding to images specially this date created. In fact I didn’t get that XMP tab. What’s going on ?

  13. Michael W on

    I see a picture where looks like big ass sat once and the whole video looking at one Image of Pluto… yes nasa lies, but video too long and doesn’t say much from the original posts before you…. complete waste of time… Thank You. -Stupidity-

    • Michael W on

      …and we’ve been visited 1,000 times over… 81 intelligent species, not including Human exist out there… reach “Dark Star” a satellite orbits the Earth and has been Orbiting the Earth for around 13,000 years… some of you commenting as if this is the first you’ve ever heard of such a thing…

  14. Tyrone Bishop on

    I think this guy is “crazy, pretty crazy”.  NASA is not for you dude.  You need to relax.  Maybe start looking for the aliens.

  15. Tyrone Bishop on

    Dude get a grip.  NASA is not the problem.  You have CIA, NYPD, LAPD etc.  these are the real f’d up corrupt organisations and your’re worrying about space.

  16. steven blamy on

    Tyler it is so disturbing to say the least. ya know i go to the streaming of iss and just bitch bitch bitch about their blue screens and the fact the camera is shooting the side of the dam station and not space. hey wow guys look hardware in space. Your tax dollars to show the side of the ISS. they are aware of me and it makes me so mad, hey NASA can i see the earth please or what the heck are you hiding

  17. yamarati on

    Opened it. Started talking. Went to lunch. Came back. Looked at it. Got called to do something else. Finally gets back to desk. Works on it for 5 minutes. Save. Close. Goes home. Gets paid more than all of us combined.

  18. Shawn Kane on

    It takes about four hours and 25 minutes for a radio signal from that antenna to reach New Horizons from Earth, and vice versa. The signals can move only as fast as the speed of light, and the spacecraft is far enough away that it takes them that long to travel.Jul 14, 2015

  19. Marcus Cristy on

    I think nasa is on the wrong planet, they should be on pluto. something in my gut says something is there. I think there was life at one time on mars n still might be, but pluto is where I think life outside of earth is as far as us in the universe. Einstein said it once pluto is where life would be. between the moon stuff, mars stuff, titan moon stuff, we only know what nasa wants us to know n its sad really.

  20. Andy on

    Good find Tyler and, I`d say NASA is not just 10 – 20yrs out, I`d say more like 50yrs. For once, I`d like to see someone, who`s not on their Deathbed to come out and, tell the World the real truth of what`s going on but, what`s the bet that will not happen.

  21. Jacquelyn Diamond on

    Then there’s Crrow 777 who says Space is a big construct and that were in like a simulated Sims type world! Hmmm…….that would probably really piss me off if that’s what this turns out to be- what positive purpose could a Creator have by subjecting said Creator(s)?, ,to such blatant deception, to horribly unfair situations, to so many with ongoing struggles, etc. lin our WORLD, and it’s all like programmed and there’s controllers controlling this game that has a highly evolved Sims format a game that’s pretty twisted! Don’t think this is done by anyone benevolent because I don’t think so. At all!! It doesn’t resonate for me. This was not done by the hand of OUR Crestor. No way!

  22. Raymond Duttine on

    Has the possibility of time dilation been examined? If this image is real, and is from 2012 – either we had a craft around pluto at that time, or time dilation could be witnessed which leads to much greater questions…

  23. save our Future America on

    they don’t have a real picture if the complete earth why would they have in if Pluto… cmon honey you’re smarter than that

    • save our Future America on

      The Frenchest Fry no, those are “composites” of many pictures of chunks of the earth and the artist also in some cases just made it up and painted it with “his idea of what the earth would look lik” these in quotations are actually quotes from the artist in which created the images you see everywhere if our so called earth.

    • Tile Fixer on

      Look mate,. Im sitting in my van about to go into work and just had a look at this while waiting to get in, the guys here now so im gonna go start my day. Ps you sound like a knob

  24. Dion Dion on

    i don’t think the government is protecting us for the truth. But the government is protecting the aliens for our jihadi terrorists, who go to other planets to suicide-bomb their society and make them believe in Allah to

  25. Irish Red on

    the very first picture of PLUTO was released in 1931 .Originally he was called Pluto the pup. He made his debut as a bloodhound in the Mickey Mouse cartoon The Chain Gang. BUT I digress ……….

  26. Joseph sideman on

    The Pluto “Mission” was in reality, a cover for Nibiru / Nemesis search and data collecting. The real goal of this mission was to search, collect and improve the data about this small solar system of Nemesis, the brown dwarf star, with it’s planets and moons and gather some scientific information about the Kuiper Belt and the Oort cloud. Pluto, as usual was neglected and used as a scape goat to justify this mission without reveling the real objective. As usual, NASA = Never A Strait Answer. Peace and Love to Humanity !

  27. FolonRNG on

    i don’t know. maybe ask them about it on Twitter. besides i can only imagine that this one was an old Image they just reused, and changed Colors so they would have more to Show asides the true Images they got from Pluto. consideríng the shitty Resolution and reducing it twice by 50 % maybe was because it was a huge file with insane Resolution way to big to upload and share anywhere so they just brought that down.

  28. Koontah on

    I really wish we could make NASA fess up and show us what they found! I wanna see, I want to know what the heck is out there that’s so friggin’ important that they feel they can’t share it with the public. >.<

  29. Cool 909090808 on

    it might in 3 years ago nasa didnt know how pluto looks like so they created that colorful planet so in 2015 they had the real picture

  30. Leem Hingaia on

    fucken idiots lol we need to isolate and eliminate your dna from our gene pool… the whole fucken lot of yous, including fans!!!!!

  31. Erik Tedja on

    since a couple of weeks agon, ive been having trouble trying to access your video, and other controversial topic about politics, wars, islam etc
    i wonder why ….
    now almost all of your video new, and past videos, are long to load, have minuscule bandwidth, i repeatedly thrown into 144p quality, since the bandwidth for this video doesnt seem to be enough

    this particular video are almost unwatchabe even on 480p
    the video just keeps on buffering every 2 sec

    and i can watch ther channel just fine the ones that arent controversial, cat videos etc

  32. Vizo on

    woooooow “nasa lies”? :O everything from them is a lie Mr. Sherlock!
    Aliens = Fallen Angels = Demons!

    • Dalton on

      Max Mini you wake up buddy why is everything about demons i have seen orange orbs float through glass and also unexplainable lights doesnt mean it was demons come on your alive so obviously there is other smart intelligence in the universe its not rocket science

  33. jz35 on

    our little green friends must have given us a lift to pluto , they probably felt sorry for us and our pathetic little space probe chugging along slowly , or its not even a photo of pluto more likely mars or summat

  34. Douglas Incao on

    well… sry but i think they didnt lie anything, think on this: they took close 12 years to reach pluto, so taking its first photo at the velocity of the anthena, it took probably…. well… mars takes 5 mins so pluto at his distance took probably not 3 years but… counting with the solar radiation and theirs frequency… 3 years… yea.

  35. Staff Malarkey on

    can’t you open an image then go do something else and then come back to it hours later and close it? just a thought. the date part is clearly a busted you thing! thanks for all your work and I’m going to pass it on (:

  36. Roman on

    They re-used a template file from 2012 and inserted the images there. It doesn’t mean, they were 5 hours busy (pauses, working simultaneously on other things, etc.).

  37. Anthony Thomas on

    Man oh man this guy (Not Tyler) beats around the bush, just fucking tell us already!! You have something to get off your chest? Then get it off your chest my friend, aint nobody out here getting paid by the hour!!!! Spit it the FUDGE OUT!!!!!

  38. KING KONG ILL on

    I remember reading in school it would take so long to get to Pluto that you’d die of old age. Yet we got there in 2015?

  39. Witcher16 on

    let me ask you a question you’ll hopefully really think about; how is a decades old satellite launched LONG before HD let alone high speed wireless (or dial-up) were even conceived sending us HD images of ANY planet let alone Pluto???? think about attenuation and signal degradation?? How in God’s name did we update Voyager with a HD camera let alone keeping the signal in tacked enough to send a freaking picture???? and yes, I understand radio transmissions but sheer distance alone, radio couldn’t possibly send anything we could read outside static!?!? I guess unless we have a massing system wide repeater/signal booster infrastructure every couple hundred miles.

  40. No Face on

    they lied, at first I thought it took 3 years because of the light year thing and then I thought bout it and it made no sense


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