MYSTERY Space “Crash Sites” Proof Of Ancient Alien War? 3/14/17

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  1. Swiitch Poiint Gamiing on

    So I always wondered why the Circular design? I mean obviously there are more that just this Circular shape but it seems more common ya know?

  2. Shane Stewart on

    Every time the music starts I feel like I am watching the X-files again ! This song better be in Secureteam 10 the movie”. (hint hint )

  3. frizza241 on

    I think it’s safe to say that there where previous advanced civilizations in our galaxy a long time ago. the proof of this is probably one of the most guarded secrets kept by mankind. And the carbon dating process in my opinion is probably incorrect and our universe and galaxy is FAR OLDER than what we are told.

  4. kxmgaming on

    maybe what they said killed the dinosaurs was actually a nuke and they called the people on earth dinosaurs and the nuke destroyed everything thats why everything restarted

  5. Jack Digiacomo on

    Yes their reversed engineered and that’s a great thing because it in itself validates we are not alone ! Tyler they have been buzzing these various crafts all out in the open so brazenly even in daylight why are they doing this? Part pride (engineers want credit) part because partial disclosure or full disclosure is soon to happen and the operators of such crafts are conditioning people to the notion , the idea of these crafts zipping around now as for the other crafts that have no lights etc are the visitors not our people

  6. Daniel james Lambert on

    surely if the space craft could fly through space and land etc the materials woild still be here many thousands of years after the crashes that people think happened?

    The only thing i see against this is that they remove the debris to stop contamination or a say galactic police force does.

  7. Denver DH'er on

    Why do these “crashed UFO/Crash sites” have to be from war? Even the most advanced technology will need maintenance, break down and from time to time, have catastrophic failures.

  8. IAgreeWithTruth on

    lol it’s funny how most people think these are alien beings… most of these sightings are reversed engineering. Get ready for the Great Deception. Brought to you by the same people who created the Bible. If you don’t think the elites have the technology to create Revelations, then you’re lost. Get out of the box. Why would an advanced intelligence hover over a gas station in plain sight in broad daylight?

    • IAgreeWithTruth on

      yuefo didn’t answer one question about the great deception or project Blue Beam. Lol making blank statements never made sense to me. Keep believing what NASA and the government tells you. Sheep

    • IAgreeWithTruth on

      Lol you know what project Blue Beam is? Do you know what the great deception is? The government does shit like this. Wake up. You probably think Muslims high jacked 5 planes and flew 2 into a building in the most protected airspace in the world. Oh yea armed with box cutters lol

    • yuefo on

      “Why would an advanced intelligence hover over a gas station in plain sight in broad daylight?”
      Here’s a better question – why would “the elites” hover top secret tech over a gas station in plain sight in broad daylight? Oh right, to prep us for the Great Deception. And I guess that prepping has been going on for more than 70 years, right?

  9. Christian Burk on

    Secureteam another reason these UFOs crash sometimes is just because they are more technologically advanced doesn’t mean they are infallible. I’m sure all beings make mistakes and are subject to having accidents.



  11. LarsVonTrier2007 on

    Tyler, on February 22, 2017 in Puerto Rico a guy saw a massive bell shape UFO over an urban area, San Juan, flying on a regular airplane altitude. He managed to get a video, but unfortunately he was driving when he saw it and the video he could get, after ten seconds of the first sight, the UFO was on a very high altitude. I will send you the Facebook link. unfortunately I don’t have time to translate in English the post, but is feasible to see the video and the pictures. My apologies for my English. Regards.

    • LarsVonTrier2007 on

      I just managed to translate the text, but you got to apologize me here, because I am kind of lazy now to do a comprehensive translation; so I used google translator, besides the guy has a lot of grammar errors. Well, here is the translation: “What a fucking experience !!! I just saw a UFO !!!! I filmed it and several people but by the time I could park my car, this thing had abruptly accelerated at a speed and height that barely looked like a point. As shown in the video I just posted, and I took a couple of photos, between one of them I was able to capture it because the cell phone did not capture it on the screen and it looks blurry. I had to enlarge the photo three or four times, but when I initially detected it, I was driving along Piñero Avenue (San Juan area) and when I look up my window, I noticed that it was coming in my direction as at the height of a commercial plane, but not at the landing height, rather at the current traveling height. It looked like the shape of a bell, but when I pulled my head out of the window it did not make a sound and that’s when I realized that it was nothing more or nothing less than an unidentified object. And as a madman I crossed all the lanes to the right to park, that took me a maximum of 10 seconds, when I got out of the car had already reached that height that was hiding behind the clouds.”

  12. Renzo Chlebowski on

    Interesting, the object is almost black in color, and only was visible with the light of the moon, so this object is lurking always in the dark.

  13. yuefo on

    ONCE AGAIN Tyler, you conflate triangular ufos with the entirely unsubstantiated TR3-B. Please consider this carefully – one of the first highly publicized encounters with triangular ufos occurred during NATO operation Mainbrace in 1952. Do you really think the military has been flying top secret, silent, anti-gravity vehicles around over populated areas for more than 60 years? What you seem to think is the outer design is human, but the inside tech is back-engineered alien. This doesn’t make sense, but you keep repeating the TR3-B mantra over and over. I have no idea why you’re fixated on that notion, nor why you seem completely ignorant about the triangle ufo history.

  14. WILDMAN Moore on

    my personal experience is on a YouTube channel that after I posted them
    I was blocked from the channel.
    I had a religious experience and I had tried to contact media and local police
    and no response
    but I got more military black ops helicopters and unmarked planes.
    the government is very afraid of my words
    and I’ve got a lot of proof and alien contact
    even very current contact.
    I get a tag along every day since my very first sighting in 1975
    men in Black came and threatened me and my Dad.
    they are worried about me speaking too the public
    and even if you don’t believe me.
    very soon you all will know who and what I have become.
    thank you for your time

  15. Dank Boost on

    Anyone else hear the vteck kick in ? On a serious note, keep up the work Tyler. Have you seen David wilcocks latest presentation ? It’s amazing

  16. Wayne Bynoe on


  17. mrpoppapill on

    im late for work but quick question:
    why does it seem like i can get a better view of the moon out of my window (ground floor) from bed, than the space station can take from up there? ……

  18. Randy Kruk on

    Lmao the line he shows u can follow that same trail past the “saucer” now I’m not a troll I’m a believer but this is bs lmao

  19. Charles Fort on

    The Aurora is real too. I can confirm this. Its a hyper sonic bomber that can be anywhere on earth in about an hour or 2.

  20. Stephen E. Whitney Jr. Loch-ner AKA Starchild on

    That first video here looks like a couple balloons tied together to me, but I’m not certain about that.

  21. Gl Gl on

    Tyler it’s a bloody hawk playing in the thermals. it’s not going to make any sounds. how can you not see that?oh, because you focus in on a bad resolution upload. why do you bother posting this rubbish?just because a bad resolution shows a triangle. you’re fuked these days.

  22. Naked Paranormal on

    hi tyler, im michael aka man of insinty from your friends at naked paranormal. Me and my partner are very much followers of your videos. and as we watched this one i noticed something. It pertains to the pictures of the crafts in the videos. The ones that looked like they had smoke stacks. ive studied alot of Tesla`s work. Espeially the anti gravity, magnetics and ultrasonic freq. i noticed that the smoke stacks very much resemble a tesla coil. which can be used as anti gravity when u push ultrasonic waves through it. especially above 20,000hz and finding the corret freq to resonate. anyway i thought to myself upon seeing the smoke stacks on these crafts and was like they look like the top of a tesla coil??? now im not sure they are but just thught it was intresting so thought id share my idea.

  23. JackPackage on

    And just because they’re advanced doesn’t mean they’re perfect. “Shit happens” isn’t a saying just for us humans.

  24. kelsi charles on

    TYLER!! PLEASEEE do a video on what you think about the flat earth!! I’ve always wanted to know what your thoughts are I’m sure many others do too !

  25. aritchi jax on

    we talk alway’s of tr3 b ,but ther is the tr6 boomerang,and 4 tr3-b able to put thems self together. and i would like to us a few of your footages,thank you.

  26. MyktriXxX on

    I like your work…but i my opinion we should first clear the question, where do we live? Do we live on a spinning Ball or on a Flat Plane or on a Hollow Ball or in a Computer Simulation? Once we understand this a lot more questions will be answered…

  27. TheOv3rlordK1ng on

    there is no way anti-gravitational engines exist. black project or not its just not possible to generate the energy required for such an engine. especially in such a small craft. i dont think you realise the mathematics of such a creation.

  28. Brett Allen on

    Actually Puerto Rico is rife with UFO sightings and alleged bases; which many believe could be the reason for the radar tethers.

  29. safnhuo on

    Other people see UFO, films it with shittiest cam possible.

    This guy sees UFO flying by the moon, zooms in then spazes the fuck out.

  30. Stev E on

    I have a friend that works for Boeing Black Op’s Dept. up in Renton, WA. He says you would be shocked at what Boeing is building for the U.S. Gov. Truly Shocked.

  31. Jason Scott on

    The find from streetcap1 looks more like an installation of some kind, seems to have a base with a tower, seems to also have paths leading to/from it.

    Could be a crashed ship but it seems too vertical so in all likelihood id say its a structure.

  32. Varin Banoovong on

    Ancient wars on Mars and the moon? Possibly. Few years back a certain Dr John BRANDENBURG found xenon 129 weapon grade nuclear isotopes on their surfaces. These can be found on earth also but only after 1945 when we detonated the 1st bombs suggesting there were clues of nuclear wars once there and the weapons were at least the size of the Manhattan tower.

  33. TrVp PaPi on

    Why does every videos comment section always have to have a lame joke with 100+ likes? i hate to see good information with the use of trolls.

  34. Rick Vice on

    it is probably just a place where they put their space junk. or when observing the earth from the moon they needed to replace their satalites or ships and just crashed them into the moon after they got replacements.

  35. Adam Miller on

    back in 2012 the wife and I where going east on hwy.14 in Janesville Wi and we saw that craft about 200 feet up in the middle of a corn field and cars where stopping and when we turned around it was gone

  36. kittengamer 124 on

    yo, I got some news bout the small town I I’ve in, the skys are constantly active to the point we’re I just say “ohp there goes another one, zigzagin and up and down,” and recently it soundsclike constant thunder for hours upon end and I have theories on what happens to Mars and stuff

  37. Lucas Lacerda on

    **oh theres an alien in the frame, lets just start shaking the camera like fucking wild** love ur videos tho this stuffs really mind blowing

  38. Sandra Whitley on

    I seen a black onyx triangle shaped UFO that looks similar to this. It was really low flying and was huge. I talked to my brother who is in the Air Force that evening about it. He contacted the base that is near us to see if they seen anything or if they had a new plane in. They told him that no one was working on base that night then the next day they tell him that there were people working that night on base but they didn’t see anything and there were no new planes. I thought it was strange the way they changed their stories.

  39. destroyerplayer on

    I hate when people complain about the quality when a “ufo” appears, this would be the case for the average goer you can have the newest phone out but regardless as you zoom In the quality will always degrade.

  40. maurico tapia on

    i saw that thing in Perú. that aircraft was flying around amazonas river. its been saw several times and the people think its about for info of the rivers with the most quantity of water. for posible future 3 world war that would ve for the water

  41. Halla O Halloran on

    hey gobshite..all these revelations and truths you seem to claim to know..and you havn broke the story about santa been top dog in the I.R.A your slipping up tyler our resident fruitcake!!

  42. Erik Coulombe on

    Ya I always wondered why our moon has so many creators yet Pluto and mars have hardly none and they have very thin or no atmosphere as well as out moon. Ya I think the moon was target no.1 in an ancient war.


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