Mystery “Alien Oceans” Discovered All Over Solar System! 10/10/16

Mufon case# 79614
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Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod
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  1. gaurtauk on

    I told you guys about this before, I don’t know why you will not listen, The aurora project, you know the plane that blends in with the clouds, built the TR – 3B Astra project, this plane fly moc 9+ can turn on a dime, an when it turn on a special system with in itself, can take off at 0 to moc 9+ an turn on a dime, also moves through space to protect our planet, ever hear of US Airforce space command? Wake up an imagine the country has things 100 years ahead of everyone else.

  2. ZAR 7ieben on

    i see a object like this for a week 10.30min.. i thougt its a star but then its fly fast away out the orbit …Germany berlin

  3. jamie Russell on


    If the universe or just our sokar system is 4 billion years old to 13.7 billion, how the hell do the moons still have water to eject from their interior?
    If the the planets and moo s have been in their consistant orbits for endless eons, would not the H2O not have been long gone million s of years ago?
    Sounds like the same problems with common sense as the notions of the decreasing magnetic fields of earth and our celestial neighbors. A scientist at one of NASAs labs was all alone in his prediction of the magnetic field strength of Mercury, the first measured magnetic field of a planet. The rest of them were many orders of magnitude off, due to their evokutionary, deep time presuppositions. Here is the clip. Dr Russell Humphreys Ph d, was dead on, having his predictiobs based off the same assumption of comparing to the earhs magnetic field, only he then worked out his prediction based on the biblical, 6,000 year paradigm. Here is the story….

  4. Jack Fetter on

    Flu?! You sure it’s not the government, I mean your stuff is so secret! I would imagine they want you dead, I mean all the stuff you know and all the conspiracies you expose. :-

  5. I SawACatEatA Biscuit on

    Why is it still assumed that ‘alien life’ would need water ??? As people all we know is that we’re made up of mostly water, but it doesn’t mean all life forms would operate like us

  6. sagar soni on

    Find portal why not create one or show live incident or ask gov to issue rti act on every coverup may be this sound nuts just fix this NASA vs you thing

  7. Lachdanun on

    I’m no scientist, but who came up with the goldilocks area, of what temperature could and would not be suitable for life? If I’ve learned anything from our own planet, scientist said life couldn’t exist or grow next to a sulfuric volcanic vent.. whadya know it can. A lifeform of unkown origin or description could possible exist in a volcano or in absolute zero temperature and act like its a nice and sunny day. What is normal for us or ideal, may not be ideal for other species of life.

  8. Chess Not Checkers on

    Holy shit. I just wrote a bad ass poem called “Alien Ocean” exactly 2 mos ago. Oct 30th. That’s insane – had never Seen or heard of this.

  9. Yehuda Reiss on

    There’s so much stuff we don’t know that the government is both hiding from us and probably don’t even know about it makes my head spin and makes me want to go off the radar and like just learn the truth

  10. Kokaku Kidotai on

    wow,that’s what made me believe that we’re not alone in this universe,I had almost the same experience of the object changing trajectory when I was 9 years old at that time I’ve thought was a shooting star…….

  11. YA Gaming on

    Why does NASA hide stuff from us, is it because they think we are going to spas out when we know, we found out already and we ain’t the things you think us to be …. ( by the way we haven’t found everything from NASA but we found enough info to foreshadow what’s coming next or what is next )!


    8:48 just a Cyclops from subnautica mine did that to. it just started to levitate lol

  13. Aaron Gorton on

    tyler your videos are amazing but you cannot speculate seeing a light as a craft as it could be a number of things.. but wow I love your  channel keep it up good workkkk you deserve  something   medasl

  14. hszjs ha z hsnjjdjhhdjkdjjhddjdjjConnors on

    you expect us to believe your just recently learning all this information !!!?… you can’t be trusted NASA !!!…?????????

  15. Patrick McNelis on

    so just say this vid…awesome as usal. with the vid of window inside, when the ufo gies by, especially when zoomed in, it seems to put out some kind of wave…either light and or gas…
    what you think @secureTeam10

  16. Tracy Haley on

    Hey Tyler on the alien oceans footage when the UFO changes direction their was another object crossing field of view from left to right looks like object changed course to follow keep on seeking truth Tracy haley

  17. Peter Bullion on

    Hey tyler the object passing by the window looks like debris due to how it’s flipping over end to end as it’s passing by, Still looks cool tho!

  18. Brentie games De Vries on

    Hey secureteam, the clip with the flying light. There is another light: at the moment when that light turns another less bright light fly’s from the bottomleft corner to the topright corner!!

  19. Phillip Brown on

    You dont have the flu, aliens are getting tired of you believing every story people send you. they infected you with nanobots , get this the nanobots come from uranus,(misspelled ) not the planet!

  20. Myrodinn on

    Each time I hear of underwater aliens I think of the Hideauze from the Netflix original Gargantia on the Verdorous Planet.

  21. Andy /// on

    Tyler, there are at least two UFO’s the one that U-turns and another that took off going to the right of the screen. That may be why # 1. UFO u-turned and seem to follow # 2. UFO.

  22. homersyd on

    I dont think the object on TV is “swimming” as such. I think it might be because of the curved edge CRT TVs back then which distorted them as they approached the edges of the screens…

  23. Hawk Eye on

    NASA hasn’t been able to admit there was life on Mars, not even microbes, so why would they tell us if they found life on these moons.

  24. Angel M on

    April 2017: Tyler this is some premium footage of UFO’s! I esp like the last two with “swimming objects” not observed by ground monitors! Hopefully by this time since October 2016 you’ve come to understand that “space” is a super-cooled liquid Helium in which life abounds and proliferated. TPTB want to keep this fact a secret leaving people such as yourself filled with disbelief and doubt as to the true composition of “space”. you have to take into serious consideration that all NASA ASTRONAUTS are trained in a giant pool which simulates the “ISS in space”…the pool version of the “ISS” is a complete “duplicate” down to the smallest detail. ? why go to the expense of having such a training pool like this, if TPTB weren’t confident that their astronauts could be successfully acclimated to a similar water-like surrounding in space? did TPTB ever clearly explain how PLANKTON was found on the exterior section of the ISS in space? or have they successfully explained how an astronauts Helmet SPRUNG A LEAK ALLOWING W A T E R to ACCUMULATE INSIDE his Helmet NEARLY DROWNING HIM?! these are details that need to be more closely scrutinized.

  25. Nash Doyle on

    On the one where the alien craft switches direction and blasts into space looks like it was warding off another one if you look around there was a dimmer one going the other way first then the bright one followed it.

  26. Kolden Daffer on

    did you notice the darker image moving across the screen when the brighter orb stops monetarily before it turns around

  27. Matthew Murrell on

    I know this is a little late but I’m just now seeing this video for the first time but what is the other object under the object that Flys in and reverses it Flys out to the right as the other object is coming back at 10:32

  28. light warrior on

    at ten minute mark i have seen that thing before, did the same vanishing act stunned me at first but then because it made no sound i knew what it was, it had colors like a rainbow and the back that looks black is a cargo area it is definetly a open space ,i could not see the walls inside clearly because it was dark inside that area, it was a few 100 ft above me and to my right sitting in a park under a tree i think it did not know of my presence till after i saw it come from behind the canopy over my head and i caught something moving above me. Same height i saw it but over my head, real low.

  29. Raven Crim on

    anyone else think it’s weird that no one noticed the lights? or they are so used to seeing this type of stuff all the time. It’s just another day to them at NASA lol

  30. Dow Goodrich on

    Hay Tyler you sound like a dumb ass ,we know that there’s alians,so why would you continue at act baffled,and why haven’t you posted anything I’ve sent you?

  31. Bill Hughes on

    It never ceases to amaze me how scientists seem to miss the simple things. Newton said that pressure gives heat. This is provable in the laboratory. Yet cosmologists still talk about gravity from a nearby object causing friction when far greater heat is generated in the object itself by its own gravity. Further more if there is a liquid core there will always be movement in the core.

  32. raymundo osorio on

    ok, a question! how is it posible to know there is oceans in Jupiter or moons of Saturn if we never even been there, rovers have made it to Mars as far as i know, but how would we know that about any planet, how is it determined if it holds water or even an ocean…anybody?……..
    In a previous video, well one more recent has been said that nasa lied about pictures about Jupiter being dated on 2011 and we just made it there last year or so… is this posibe to determine such things, is it theories or fact and if its a fact, how is it determined?

  33. raymundo osorio on

    why is it that humans seek life in other planets?…why beoing obssesed aboit life in other planets when we know is a fact the whole Universe is active and alive, the universe is the very essense of life and enough prove of it!…
    We have flying crafts, vehicles, technology, i assume other beings in some other planets have such capabilities as well, BUT far from travelling light years, not posible by logic at least for now….i believe we not alone i the universe, prove is…THE UNIVERSE IS ACTIVE AND ALIVE!

  34. Tarl Fruge on


  35. TNG UNKNOWN on

    What about the core of the planet could be heating it up like our core it hot there core might be not as hot as ours

  36. Barry Lees on

    HO ~ is produced by electrical activity. It’s presence is interprited by Scientists as evindence of bodies of water ~ it is just as likely to point to electrical interactions between solar bodies. Saturn’s proven circuit with Enceladus explains the ‘jets’ more completely than some subterranean ocean sloshing about and prducing steam by friction !?

  37. Drew You on

    bro in the clip of the space space station footage where the object comes in from the right slows an does almost a uturn before did you notice the second object right below it going from left to right the first object changes direction seems to do so in pursuit of the second


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