Mysterious Activity On Saturn’s Moon Titan Baffles Scientists 3/6/16

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  1. NeptunianAngel on

    Since titan doesn’t have water, is too far from the sun etc, why it should be on that list you said for future humanity? I don’t get it..! It could be any body in the space since you couldn’t live on titan like you live on earth so I didn’t get it..

  2. carrier of the light on

    no ecyadus Mars and Europa have liquid h20 and many have liquid magma and it is theorized that Jupiter has liquid metallic hydrogen


    Pools of lighter fluid?!?!!!sounds like a great place to live in the summer!!

    if it wasn’t -355 degrees raining acid…

    but yeah really cool,and,,fun…

  4. Flypurplecat on

    Love he info about Titan but u lost me with the nonsense about underground “bases”……when ya get crazy, it makes all your other info “suspect”!

  5. Colin Brown on

    is the methane all liquid or is some methane ice that sinks and rises due to expansion and contraction due to Saturn’s gravity and radiation? your vid is awesome😲

  6. sean on

    titan will be very important in the future for all that methane already in liquid form and low gravity as a fuel depot to mine and send fuel around the solar system

  7. Michael Riches on

    Just for reference, the film Oblivion takes place on earth, the aliens pretend that everybody gets to go to Titan once they’ve done a tour on earth, but in reality they are really all sardined-up in the alien mothership in orbit around earth while giant scoopers slurp up the earth ocean overseen by a bunch of clones created from the two astronauts they captured who were sent by earth to negotiate with the approaching alien ship.

  8. on

    the most awesome moon in the sky is Europa, the moon of Jupiter it has water (oceans) and oxygen so yeah … better then Titan a moon made out of farts ..

  9. Steven Cook on

    after astronomers reclassified Pluto as a dwarf planet I’m wondering if it’s possible to make Titan a dwarf planet too, considering its size titan is bigger than Pluto and Pluto is considered a dwarf planet. It’s theoretically possible for two planets to share the same orbit. It’s completely possible that Titan is a dwarf planet that shares the same orbit with Saturn.

  10. Netkiller3714 on

    We can land on Titan but we cant take off. Think about it. Methane is flammable and explosive is it not? I bet if you created a flame on titan the whole moon woulf explode

  11. Selvatore bonucci on

    how about looking after earth you fucking douche bags? we have this beautiful magnificent planet that has everything we need ,we could use the sun as a source of all energy we need to provide every house , farmers, and, factories with heat and electricity FOR FREE , rather than killing each other over the gas and petrol sources. but no , we want to forget the fact that life does not worth a shit , so we spend billions of dollars to delude ourselves that we are important. fucking nassholes.

  12. weeddegree on

    very small moons, with the reflective advantages of massive planets relaying the suns power. they are only known as moons because of the movement and size. they could easily be planets. personally the life on nearly all moons is far greater than mars or any other large giant.

  13. suryanarayana begur on

    VERY VERY interesting……I do hope that some ‘cylndrical looking space-ships’ that are often seen world wide, may perhaps be coming from TITAN..??!!

  14. Coco Cute on

    Imagine if all the planets had life! All the planets would plan wars and some people explore other planets! I believe that Titan has some living creatures hidden even if it’s alien or fairies😃

  15. EulePlays on

    its sounds like the … file forgott the name but its the one with the reptilian women they have cigar forme ships

  16. isaac jaames hinksman on

    altho NASA, may not always get things perfect, i know they’re a team of highly trained and dedicated ppl. , who do the best they can for the betterment of the world…. unlike a lot of egotistical and ignorant comments i’ve read here today.

  17. Phillip Brown on

    dude GOD why do you paint a fancy fairy filled world! 325 below zero -325 -325 , Frozen OXYGEN,, h2o there, harder than GRANITE! LIQUID METHATNE

  18. Konrad K on

    It’s about -180 °C degrees (-356 °F) on Titan’s surface, so that might be a pretty difficult problem to overcome.

  19. AvgDude on

    Think what an energy source Titan could be if it could be mined. Just drop some hoses. Suck up all that methane. Bring it back here. And run the generators with it.

  20. kcvriess on

    Titan livable for humans? Seriously Tyler? I thought you did research… Methane lakes/oceans and rain? Less gravity than on the moon? Think what that would do with our muscles and bones. Receiving only 1% of sun light compared to Earth?
    A surface temperature of 94 Kelvin/-290 Fahrenheit/-179 Celcius. You can move to Titan. I’m staying here.

  21. Jenny Simon on

    IMO it makes more sense that the ‘ring makers of Saturn’ are actually mining the rings for materials. It’s already broken up floating around in a circle in space. Easy peasy.

  22. Canerdian on

    when you say that it’s awesome that it still have liquids on its surface when it’s still so far away is not fascinating, it’s chemistry. Methane and Ethane(the 2 primary gases on this planet) becomes liquid at over 100 degrees minus. Titan is an extremely cold moon. it’s not warm like the dude in this video believes

  23. Mikey Clifton on

    here is what I think. we are not the only intelligent life out there. I believe that the reason we have yet to find other life is because we humans are still young and the aliens as we call them know we are not ready. I think they are watching and waiting. we can’t​ even get along with our own kind and they know that if they show them self to us it will be a war. now I believe also that few and I mean few humans have made contact and that’s how they watch us. but just think about it. all this war and shit, why would they let us find them? these aliens are obviously more advanced than us if they can fly through space at speeds we can’t so they obviously have technology we don’t. for all we know they are walking beside us and we can’t see them. I’m drunk lol so not sure where all this came from but have a good day

  24. The Crystal Crystals on

    You wanna know how the island disappeared? It’s a little something called TIDAL FORCES, ever heard of it? The moon orbits a planet at LEAST hundreds, if not thousands of times the size/mass of Earth. Its gravity has immense effects on the liquid materials found on the orange-blanketed world, explaining the tides that either submerged the island, weathered it down a bit, or a mix of the two.

  25. Army Motivation on

    If we’re gonna start life there,we would probably nuke it in about 100 years due to ww3 or other wars

  26. Stephen Dennis on

    What am I missing here? A methane rich environment with methane oceans and atmosphere? A good place to live? Not at all. God knew what He was doing when He put us here. There will be no life found anywhere else.

  27. HURACAN on

    Despite with all that methane, if you tried to set the moon on fire it probably will not work because probably due low temperatures.

  28. Neon Gamer on

    Id love to go travel to Titan I don’t care if it’s dangerous if I’m able to fly and visit another planet it’s worth it

  29. ViralTuber on

    we should send a lit match to detonate the dense methane atmosphere and methane seas of Titan, burning off all its methane in one massive explosion, …making it an awesome place to live

  30. Joseph Gibbons on

    You were doing great until you went into the aliens on our moon. Time to pull up your pants and move out of your mommas basement.

  31. monterrang1 on

    i think it’s tides… the summer is coming on titan, the ocean is warming up, the erosion cycle is accelerated, the level goes up


    Tyler, are you serious about Titan being suitable for sustaining life with lakes of methane, and a methane atmosphere? It is explosive.

  33. Plaisirs on

    what is the temperature (with and without the sun) and the pression on this moon ? is there a shield for gamma rays and others rays ? …. lool

  34. Aman Garg on

    5:55 to 6:04 is it just déjà vu or did he speak the same lines in some other video. it’s the first time I am.watching this video! :/

  35. shaun redmond on

    3:00 that to me looks like when the water drop back down to the surface more landed there than before basically there is more liquid to cover the land in the left image compared to the one on the rite so the shore line must constantly change as they do on earth over time

  36. Ed Schirra on

    Small update on ‘Oblivion’ movie. The mention of people from earth living on Titan was a lie made up by the ‘Tet’ (which, ironically, is or was a Kabbah interpretation of ‘God’ that the aliens made up to gain the trust of the clones that they made). There were no humans living on Titan. They had all been wiped out on earth. Small update for you, not meaning to detract from your great reporting.

  37. Kelly Flanagan on

    Um, just a thought. Isn’t methane in it’s liquid form stable as a liquid- rather than turning back to gas- at an extremely low temperature? Like into using the thermometer with the absolute zero marker on it? I know I could look it up, but the question is half rhetorical anyways. My point is that Earth also has liquid on it’s surface as far as similarities go. Water as a liquid could never sit and chat with methane (think pig farts, no joking) in it’s liquid form since a few too many degrees of tempature differ for each one. On Titan, water would be a very stable solid. Here on Earth, methane is only in a gaseous form. We have nowhere naturally cold enough to solidify any gasses present on Earth.


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