MUST SEE! Alien Craft & Anomalous Pipe Structures Found On Ceres! 6/2/2015

Must watch: “SMOKING GUN HD Alien Moon Structures FOUND! Giant Vehicles & Bases 6/9/2015”
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MUST SEE! Alien Craft & Anomalous Pipe Structures Found On Ceres! UFO Sightings May 2015


  1. Dimitri Sanchez on

    Craters can be used as huge natural parabolic antennas, you just need to built in the center.
    Nice findings, that and Phobos around Mars.
    There are a lot of fishy stuff around, we just wanted to know the truth about it…
    keep it up

  2. Sparmi1 on

    Convincing new material from Ceres! It seems that nearly every planet, moon or dwarf planet in our solar system is littered with buildings or structures. Let’s see what surprises the new images of Pluto have ready this summer. Just rememder NASA still searches for Methane-producing microbes…

  3. Tino on

    Hello Tyler, what do you think of the ‘Lunar Wave’ observation by on the Crrow777 channel? He’s of the opinion that the moon is a holographic image constantly rebooting itself. I’m a big fan of Hoagland’s and Bara’s Moon and Mars anomalies and now this with Ceres is spellbinding. But it all clashes with Crrow’s observations. I don’t  know what to think. It’s VERY bizarre!

  4. Joshua Powell on

    I liked the video but I believe in the end that this structure is truly a rock in the middle of the crater.

  5. aleon1018 on

    Not convinced of the supposed craft. The definition in the video appears to much compared with the surrounding area. I’m more interested in the lights, as if some domes cities and power plants.

  6. ngc.6965 on

    Do you think the idiots posting this stuff are just that – idiots – OR are they just laughing their asses off at the fools who put credence in this stuff?

  7. Matt Johnson on

    Notice at 7:17 the buildings to the upper left of the the pipe? Two of them look like an X.  A large one to the left and the smaller one that looks like a smaller version of the larger X.  There is another building above the large X building.

  8. BoiseIdaho Skywatcher on

    secureteam10, (Tyler) my friends, I wanted to point out right away that the two holes in the crater by the bat object has a lower part that appears to be a open mouth structure like the holes are actually eyes to a skoal like object. The portions and shadows are  spot on! There is no mistaken the shadow of the open mouth part of the structure….Please respond. Thank you!

  9. RiverFlow on

    Great work.  It’s a crime NASA won’t release the really hi-res versions of these photos.  Ceres is pronounced seer-reez, btw.

  10. Carl Williams on

    It’s swamp gas!! No Wait!! Sorry, I meant ball lightning. That’s what everything thing is isn’t it?

  11. open2626 on

    I can’t believe that all of the info, pics, etc. just all of a sudden cease and nobody’s really talking about it!??! I’ve been tracking progress every other day or so online for the last few months and there were always new updates and pics up until they got the “close up” of the crater next to the lights! That’s suspicious! And don’t forget our tax money is helping fund this trip so, whether this is an alien civilization or not, we deserve the truth!

  12. Dañe Highfield on

    Now this is more like it. The secureteam10 I know and love…HA! I was startin to get a little worried about you guys there for a minute…some of the Earth anomaly shit…

    Nice work…very cool! NASA busted AGAIN! That really IS what you guys do best!

    • Dañe Highfield on

      Okay, so I did. Only read the top part.

      Did you understand my explanation though? This is surely NOT the first time, by a long shot, NASA has been caught lying, and by many other credible individuals. They’ve been lying since the very beginning. They take their orders from the DOD and always have.

    • Dañe Highfield on

      +NASA forever I just reread my comment, and don’t see were I wrote those words, however, they are appropriate in this context.  If you watched this vid, like a lot of others that Secureteam has posted…well, you’ll see footage from the ISS stream that clearly shows UFOs (I believe belong to ETs), then get cut as if they’re trying to hide these images. If you were doing, or videoing something that you didn’t want others to know about, and I caught you doing it, and had the proof…well, someone might say that you’d been “BUSTED”, right? I really don’t understand your question. But either way, that’s what the term means. Still, I didn’t say, or write it, that I’m aware of anyway.

  13. l harrison on

    You think these pipes could be some kind of weapon sticking out,or just some kind of pipes for gas or liquid?

  14. l harrison on

    At the 6.26 mark,it looks like a city right above the pipe,you can see structures,and look how the grid patterns are,that’s not natural.

  15. Steven Chiverton on

    where the hell is ceres is it a moon in our solar system or a planet outside how about telling all us who never knew of this

    • Steven Chiverton on

      great to hear whats going on out there  i hope they stop censoring any great pictures of whats really out there and what they may find

    • Ms. Jackalope .j. Johnstone on

      +Dan Notz – I hope you’re being sarcastic. 🙂 Just in case you’re not: NASA launched the Dawn Spacecraft (space probe – obviously unmanned) in 2007, and it just recently arrived at Ceres, and is in orbit around the planet. Probes have been sent out for decades, to send back photos / data from their missions, hence the influx of photos & data of Pluto also in the last few months.

  16. Spartacus' Skull and Bones on

    These pipes could be the thrusters of the giant artificial ship designed to look like an asteroid… if we have clear evidence that our moon could be too, not far fetched that it could be too.

  17. Spartacus' Skull and Bones on

    And what is the scale of the supposed ship? If it is too big, could be a building… the builders could have a peculiar (alien ) taste for that kind of architecture.

  18. MachOverspeedsPlace on

    I’m thinking the “pipes” might be enormous mass drivers of a sort, that operate somewhat like huge cannons by using a low pressure gas (probably carbon dioxide) working over a long distance to launch refined ores and/or whatever into lunar orbit, to then be loaded and shipped aboard cargo vessels that would otherwise be required to land, and then take off again for every load.

    But that’s just me.


  19. Luigi Vercotti on

    pffft… puuuhlezeeeee…. you’re so wrong… lol… that is just the Millennium Falcon hiding from Imperial ships… watch and you’ll see a giant space slug next

  20. needle on

    oh right, riiiiiiiiight  – and your proof that this is an ALIEN CRAFT? –
    pipes, domes, craft – –  all guessing, all conjecture. 

    the pipes are obviously remnants of an ancient alien water park

    i have a potato chip that looks just like Nixon, so it MUST have been forged by some black ops project.

  21. jrag1000 on

    Maybe there were once more advanced life in the universe.
    We won’t have definitive proof until we get more craft out into space and conduct more missions.
    Speculation isn’t really good because it is not factual.


    The number one reason that I’m positive that we are being lied to about what is really out in space is this, the United States government has a camera that takes one billion pixel pictures, there’s a video on YouTube all about it. So you can’t tell me that NASA doesn’t have a camera just like this one, the camera is so precise that it can take pictures with tremendous clarity of objects within 5′ of the ground, if we were to see photos taken with a camera like this of objects in space the cat would be out of the bag. I have many other smoking gun examples but this one is without question the best example.

  23. onlyonewhyphy on


    Holy shit.

    • onlyonewhyphy on

      Come on, Carsten. I’ve been waiting some time for this definition.

      Are you the “kind” to come along, make your loaded comment and run?

      I’m happy to defend anything I said in my initial comment. Are you unable?

      I wonder Carsten, if YOU’RE the kind who so blindly wants to believe, you’ll over-look BLATANT misinformation and obvious flawed comparisons, accepting the nonsense because it tells you what you want to hear.
      I wonder.

      Speaking for myself, I would give anything for some EVIDENCE of any form of extraterrestrial life. All it takes is a microbe. I’d love it. The reason and push maybe, to get us more interested, as a species and do something about it.

      But this isn’t evidence and I watch it for fun. Because who the fuck doesn’t get a laugh out of the BATWING in real life, IN SPACE!? Well, not on earth.

      In all honesty, if you’re capable of not finding it funny, I doubt you’re human.

  24. Rickey Authement on

    Answer me this: We spend billions on space exploration, can’t we get better pictures of Ceres, I think we should have better – clearer pictures from our brightest people on Earth. It makes no sense.

  25. Thomas Cavin on

    Dan Notz whats religous boasting about telling you the truth of the matter???…as all the major Rabbis are calling out for all Rabbis from around the world to come home to home to Israel as the arrival of the Mashiach is imminenent,but you would not know anything like that would you,as your not religious,as we are the Mashiachs knights in clergy we would have a bit more understanding on these matters,where do you get your information on Ceres???

  26. Nick Nieves on

    I’m just going to put out on obvious thought that seems to be getting dismissed in this and other ufo videos like it. What is the purpose of wings? What is the purpose of wings in space? Wings provide lift and keep an animal or aerodynamic vehicle in the air, provided there is air to lift said animal or vehicle. Without air in space, what would be the purpose of having wings on your craft? it makes sense in an atmosphere and aiding is safely falling with gravity but serves no purpose otherwise. Point I’m getting at is this isn’t a craft and those aren’t domes and trenches. your eye will find whatever you’re looking for. It’s the way the brain works. Brains wants to make sense of things it sees. Don’t believe your eyes all the time.

  27. cruzncrow on

    You know what tick’s me off ? Is we D people dish out all D money for these fools to do what they do, N we get to know nothing about anything ! Here we R trying to color in what little we find, or decipher something that shd be told N explained to us ! Not just in the U S but all over D world ! We cd be much more advanced if only, we wdn’t be so selfish ! Now is this D one world Gov, we R going to establish ? It’ll be pretty one sided, hiding all they’re gonna find, don’t ya tnk ? Then we’ll really have nothing to see at all ! They’ll make a NON O’YER BUSSINESS LAW, or ON A NEED TO KNOW BASIS ONLY LAW !  HAAAAHAHAHA

  28. Peter Davila on

    The pipes are just portals, for spaceships, in and out of the underground cities.

    You got to have a way to get the ships indoors, if they’re going to be serviced.

  29. yuefo on

    Surprising that you could be investigating Ceres and posting this, and never realize that you aren’t pronouncing it correctly.

  30. Red Skull Productions on

    I think I know why there are pipes on mars, our moon and Ceres. the aliens could be using it as a possible way to move around the moons and planets quickly. this might be stretching it a bit, but what if there are colonies in the planets and moons, like those pipes could lead there. they could land their ships in the craters, then go into those pipes and to a colony. then, when they wanna leave or go somewhere, they take the pipes back.

  31. Lamron Has Emag on

    Sadly people can see as far as they can but they can’t get a good picture of our own moon? Or other moons? As strong as our telescopes can earth other planets is kinda said we can’t even see a good picture of our moon

  32. James Fisher on

    If you guys took a picture of puffy clouds, you could make more videos of how there is a real bunny living in the clouds and all the other things people see in clouds. That is all your doing here. Your taking random lines and allowing your imagination run wild. And this is coming from a person who knows for a fact there are structures on the moon!

  33. alexalex13131 on

    It always struck me that Ceres is so distant from the sun the “lights” were far too bright to be a refection and were probably self generated in some way. The good news is that while Ceres is about 50 percent further from the Earth than Mars the gravity there is weaker than that on the Moon and so a landing there would be very easy. Either from a robot ship soon or a manned craft later on.

    • mahrenballs on

      I noticed the same thing but what’s even crazier is if you look directly to the left of the “pipe” there’s a similar shaped structure, either way they are definitely some strange anomalies!

  34. rich lowley on

    that pipe has nothing to do with whats on top the buildings on top are separate not piece of the pipe the pipe is too low down

  35. Soup GDWinney on

    Hey guys! Keep up the great work! It wasn’t until this video that I have ever seen this strange planet Ceres before. It is quite fascinating indeed! But after studying and searching all over it, I realize I was looking at something that maybe nobody has saw or explained yet.
    What I’ve noticed is, that the entire surface seems to have geometric patterns. Everything seems “uniformed with almost right angles” is the best way I can explain it. I don’t know guys, but as a first time viewer of this planet, I am getting the strong impression that this thing is “made” by whomever or whatever. But for me, it looks like a massive structure or spherical craft.
    On the other hand, I’m just another person wondering and asking questions, so really I know NOTTA…maybe these patterned anomalies are pixel patterns from the camera. Is that possible? Does anyone else see what I’m seeing? Or, has anyone else noticed this and mentioned this before?
    Where is this Ceres from? Did it all of a sudden just “show up” one day while NASA was searching the heavens? Like I said, I know enough to feed myself when I’m hungry and go to bed when I’m tired…so I’m not even close to being qualified to make assessments on such things.
    But for me, this thing looks man made or creature man!

    But, as always, that’s just my opinion! :)))

  36. Kevin Jordan on

    The dome shaped anomaly in the crater with the bat wing craft looks kinda like one of those big radar installations at airports and on aircraft carriers.

  37. Freeman Vashier on

    Identical wings? The left side looks translucent to me. Also the shadow from the pipe in the crater would be towards the top of the image, not to the east. Look at the other shadows. They are highlighted towards the bottom of the image and darker towards the top.

  38. RobWhittlestone on

    Sanity check. Tyler, what I’m missing in all this is an attempt to provide dimensions of the features receiving all this attention. According to Wikipedia, Ceres… “diameter is approximately 945 kilometers (587 miles)”. So how big are these features compared to the diameter? On my screen, the diameter seems about 28cm and the feature about 0.5cm. Therefore the feature’s length (or “wingspan”) is 945 / (2*28) = 16.875km or just over 10 miles. I agree it is a very odd shape. But a 10 mile long ship? Does it ever move?
    Now apply the same logic to the “pipes”. And to the bright lights. How big? Do they change?
    Let me know when you detect movement! Best regards, Rob

  39. FreedomNine 19 on

    when you take a closer look, you can see that those “crafts” don’t have the same pixels than the original picture. the “crafts” are smoother than the area around…

  40. Arcane3141 on

    Ceres doesn’t have alien life guys. It is an alien. The whole Dwarf Planet is a mechanical robot it just has no power and the pipes are for some sort of hydraulic system. It died many millions of years ago. Robot Ceres

  41. Stichting NoFap on

    where can you find this particular picture? btw when you zoom in it should become more blurry but the opposite happens so this cant be legit

  42. RaptureMeSoon on

    I would say these pipes may be a place where UFO’s connect to for support or they may be the barrel of a gun.

  43. EastHollywoodFloridaEnvironmental EthicsInitiative on

    When you mention “go see them before the government covers them up” please be more specific. We need to know what part of the government.

  44. Aubrey Rex on

    I see where they got the inspiration for the giant worm that came out of an asteroid in Empire Strikes Back!

  45. WilBillson on

    Yeah, I get it, pipes. I know there is shit going on with these moons and planets. BUT why so crooked and misshapen piping?


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