Miles Long UFO Crash Site On Ocean Bottom! 12/30/16

Coordinate 1: 32 30.7651 S, 159 02.3935 W
Coordinate 2: 31 41.7236 N, 58 05.5429 W
Other ocean UFO video:
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  1. John Mitchell on

    sorry tyler but you can’t say almost perfect circle that looks hexagonal. one or the other brother. love your videos though

  2. Joey Stratner on

    I wish I could somehow dive down there and examine what that cone shaped structure is. Good video keep up the good work!

  3. Radio Far Side on

    There is no sunlight in this image. Sunlight only penetrates about 100 feet down and I would guess this area is in thousands of feet of seawater (fsw). It is made using side-scan sonar from towed devices – usually 2 torpedo-shaped transmitter-receivers tied together about 100 yards apart. The tow ship steams back and forth on a pre-designed grid. The “shadows” are caused by objects blocking the sonar waves, or sometimes “light” is ray-traced onto a topological wireframe in a computer to enhance 3-D shapes. in any event, a rather intriguing image. Good find.

  4. Eric Wagoner on

    Love your channel. I did think the 1st Coordinate might be a volcano caldera. It took me a while to visualize it the way you described it, so I was a bit confused. But after a while my mind allowed me to see the cone shape rising up instead of the cone shape going deeper. It is one of those locations that need to be viewed 1st hand to know for sure… The 2nd coordinate does look like something skidded to a stop and is still resting there. Keep up the great work!

  5. Brian Kolley on

    The first one looks like an impact crater. The second one looks like mountains. If you stare at them long enough you can flip them into looking like a cone and a trench.

  6. P.J. I hate jerkoffs like Dan Marino on

    I always wondered how that was possible too. How satellites were able to penetrate deep deep ocean
    water straight to the seafloor
    miles down. fascinating!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. iiMadPigz on

    Hey Tyler did you notice it looks like some sort of a face the circle is the eye and if you look a bit near the east it looks like a mouth and a nose and above the circle refers to a long alien head! :/ it’s a suggestion

  8. Renzo Chlebowski on

    There are no “shadows” over the object, below 1000 meters light vanish. This could be an underwater volcano.

  9. Dino d on

    Yeah Tyler dude u get subjective and think e erything on Google map is real .
    U need to use more references to come to a conclusion. Whoever sent you the links must be laughing his or her ass off by making a joke out of you.
    How deep can you look in ocean.
    Only places deep enough might be Mediterranean region or reefs of any islands in all ocean.that’s few metres deep.

  10. Tank HeavyBlast on

    its a meteor crash no doubt. I checked it 100 times, on the surface AND underneath. wonnna proof! I ll upload it tommorow.

  11. Leard Matturi on

    This guy is taking the piss now, how does it crash through water, i mean miles of water, reach the bottom and ma a trail.

  12. Dodgy Bishop on

    If you have ever seen how bullets fired into water behave like, one can dismiss anything looking like a crash site on the bottom of the sea.

  13. R Lindsey on

    Tyler, use your shift key and hold your left mouse button to rotate image. It’s not a cone and it is not a trench. If you are going to believe Google in 2D then you should believe the 3D as well. If the links below do not work just do like I said for a better view.'45.9%22S+159%C2%B002'23.6%22W/@-32.6612522,-159.2905802,8256a,20y,34.76h,71.69t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d-32.5127517!4d-159.0398917?hl=en'43.4%22N+58%C2%B005'32.6%22W/@31.5459212,-58.41617,8208a,20y,55.7h,70.72t/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d31.6953933!4d-58.0923817?hl=en

  14. Heather Goodwin on

    I’m sure there are some eccentric rich guys out there who would excitedly fund a research expedition to these coordinates, with a dive drone and get hard evidence of what is truly down there. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened YET. This is our turf, after all.


    nice new form of brainwashing. telling people what you want them to see. but I see through it. I just want people to think for themselves and not believe everything they are told by you or anyone.


    the fact that you are getting very defensive against people who question your videos make me question your authenticity. trolls will be trolls and the fact that you are getting mad about it seems to me like you are lying. and for why you can’t sleep at night its cause you know you are deceiving these people.

  17. Gods Skypig1 on

    greetings from a fellow insomniac, first one looks like an underwater version of the Eye of the Sahara, second one reminds me of the film Tremors lol

  18. Homere Lesperance on

    Oh my god, what wild imagination the narrator have. All I see is a typical shadows, indentations of the (supposedly) sea floor bed (Ground). How did google Earth manage to capture the bottom ocean floor? Why is the narrator calling shadows, indentation of the sea floor bed a u.f.o. or strange anomalies artificial or something? Dude seriously need to stop watching to many sci-fi movies!

  19. Gizmo Thewytchdoktor on

    on the straight line/has a saucer at the end of it pic. if an object that size had crashed on land…maybe the narrative would fit. with water though,a much more viscous fluid than air…i have to bring up hydrodynamics. move your hand in the air in a straight line and then move your hand in water and notice the difference in resistance and deflection. now scale that up to an object that is roughly two miles. could that object dig a trench like that going from oar into water through that distance and still make a trench like that? on land…maybe but through water…i don’t think it could. it would have scrubbed off much more speed and energy than if this event had happened in regular atmosphere. if the event had happened at that area in atmosphere and then was covered in water much later then sediment/erosion would have long since covered the area/filled it in. interesting anomaly though.

  20. Jay f on

    oh, my friend, you have stumbled upon the lost city of Atlantis, well at least the entrance of Atlantis. .you must keep this a secret. for mannymany lives will be lost if this comes out. …….

  21. Smigga Needtoknow on

    Hello All `Hey Tyler how are you Buddy hope everything is good and hope you had a great Christmas `Alright to the subject of dispute `What we are seeing at the bottom of the Ocean is an impact crater if you google impact crater images and look through them you will see similar images like the crater we are seeing in Tyler`s Video `I`m not trying to be a smartass here because if I was unsure I wouldn’t bother saying anything but it is an impact crater sorry Tyler but it’s fact `Anyways I still love secureteam10 best channel on YouTube for information on UFOs/Extraterrestrials coming to Earth and Tyler is doing something important that the world needs and at the end of the day nobody`s perfect everybody makes blunders and anybody who can say they are perfect well I would say pull your head from up your ass `Well again thank you Tyler for your work keep them coming Buddy `God Bless You All.

  22. aaleeyun N-vaazzun on

    if every trench wasn’t cut out in the same direction in the second slice, I might be convinced. but this time it’s just a trench. and the first slice. just a volcano.

  23. Trinityk7s on

    It’s obviously Weather Balloons that crashed in the Ocean and skid across the floor, and created that 14 mile wide trench.
    Go Back Sleep Conspiracy thinkers.

  24. Benjamin Karazi on

    Miles long, miles deep in the ocean with miles water covering the object, and yet, there is Sunlight! I forget, how far does the Sunlight go in the oceans?

  25. Judge has the Word on

    I have never seen any picture’s of a UFO 2 miles across. Have you ever seen one 2 mile’s across ??
    My self i have never seen a UFO. But i have always said there is people on earth I look at it as why can’t there be other people
    or alien’s on another planet..

  26. Hans Moser on

    sorry, since when a trench got a top in the middle?
    first one is a vulcano crater, with a second smaller eruption, no tower in sight.
    taylor, please, stay clean, .H.M.

  27. AroundnBackAgain on

    Does anyone else notice the face images in so much of the weather/ geology on these videos? Almost like a watermark on the images…. Granted it could be paradolia but they seem to be too perfect and detailed. Also many of thew weather patterns seem unnatural. not dissing tyler or the channel- they are one of the best sources for ufo info on the web… but this is getting to be too much for coincidence for me.

  28. Saint Johnny on

    man, your work is awesome, and becouse of thar you are seen by the whole world. PLEASE you have to start using kilometers… i bet that MOST of your viewers use km instead of miles…. cheers. 👽

  29. Jonluxy on

    It’s weird he didn’t comment on the strange steplike parallel steps that over lay the whole area. And what about the other circle that is near it? Does he not see all the parallel trenches crossing the perfectly vertical lines at perfect 45% angles all carved by aliens? The pictographs of grey aliens all standing in line, miles long?

  30. Scott Minium on

    cone shaped? like a volcanic cone? On a mountain ridge which is obviously found in such a place? Yeah, nothing around it except for the mountain range???

  31. gary lostinspace on

    USO’s I completely believe in them, I’ll admit to seeing The Abyss first but it’s the only place we have never searched and I bet they have been down there laughing their alien butts off at us the whole time ! I hope you make more of these water dwelling space craft USO’s videos ! Keep it up Tyler, and hell with trolls small minded idiots, it doesn’t take a whole lot of aptitude to degrade, hell with them !!

  32. Carl Watson on

    Tyler, there is no sunlight at the bottom of the ocean so it cant cast shadows. the “midnight” zone is 1000 meters (3280 feet). I love your vids man but please do research before posting. I know its late bro and you’re probably tired.

  33. zzpza on

    Genuine question: For the trench/crash site – looking at the light and shadow patterns of other surrounding features in the picture, I get the impression that this is a ridge rather than a trench with the source of light being at the top of the picture not the bottom. If you look at the object near the bottom of the shot it shows this more clearly, showing what looks more like a mountain at the lefthand end with a ridge extending to the right?
    (PS – I’m genuinely open-minded and enjoy the secureteam10 channel as I think there’s probably a lot the gov’t isn’t telling us!).

  34. themightykhan2 on

    could the object at 7:50 be some sort of creature, like a huge jelly or sluglike creature? scouring the seafloor for food. ? just a thought

  35. themightykhan2 on

    as a side note ive just noticed all countries have had their territorial waters taken off google earth, they were on there last year as i was looking at stuff off the north coast of russia.

  36. makusmati on

    The resolution is so bad one can only speculate. The first one could also be a geological feature like a giant vent or mud volcano. The jury’s out on this one.

  37. ynot tony on

    Tyler, try to filter out most of these negative comments, let a few get through to keep you humble, but keep it up, remember the big picture is harder to see when your up close…

  38. MrB092982 on

    and also agree with a lot of comments posted. too many blurred areas except for the ones u need for a story. and don’t blame government again on this one.

  39. Michael Denny on

    You never disappoint me! BTW, did you hear anything about the sighting of 3 objects over Queen Creek AZ southeast of Phoenix on New Years this year? It was on channel 12 NBC news Phoenix. There is video and it was aired but at the end they were trying to say it was Chinese lanterns but I saw it too. I live 25 or 30 miles away in Tempe, AZ. Check it out and see what you think.

  40. Jack Neil on

    First one looks undeniably worth looking into, the only way they could discredit the second would be under water storm debris,maybe find a way to fund n expedition?film it,post it,could find out maybe with a GPR fly over


    Oooookay… the last 2 minutes or so of this vid just kinda trailed off into a rant. Dude, don’t let naysayers get you down if you truly believe in what you’re doing. Just keep doing it and pay them no attention. I even naysay you sometimes (about the fraudulent interview thingy you’ve been accused of) but you gotta’ just keep going man.

  42. Jules Harris on

    When the picture zooms out, the crater thingy looks like the eye to a face. Can y’all see it? The “crater” is the left eye. IT’S THE EYE OF THE SEA!

  43. agubaia on

    I think you just discovered a Meteor Rock, I don’t what that cone shape tower type might be , but the first one might be a Meteor

  44. Dianne Bartels on

    I must have missed the part about the depth..But if those were approx.2 miles long…Then Jesus !!! How deep are they ..And how’s it possible to see the sunny side of a ridge at that depth ?

  45. George Yesthal on

    You are REALLY stretching to see a cone. I don’t see it. What I DO see is a crater. Could be volcanic…could be an ancient impact crater, but a cone? I guess if you stare at something long enough, you can make yourself see almost anything.

  46. Charles Jones on

    yes people I forgot about that. I found something on the ocean floor that will blow everybody’s mind that’s really really fantastic people will have to see it before they believe me and believe me it is there not trying to get no press to or anytime really don’t carry I’ll go look but I know what I saw and I don’t think it’s going nowhere no time soon

  47. Aby7799 on

    Sorry off topic, while searching for this location i happened to by chance stumble upon this on google earth, what looks like a mountain range, which looks like a massive ‘ahem’ Sperm. its 15 kms in length, check this out guys. The coordinates are: 32°59’12.08″N, 0° 1’9.91″E.

  48. Sunit Pradhan on

    hey guys,, i follow your videos a lot are donid a god job.. that being said take a look at the crash site in the pacific.. zoom out a bit .. the ship looks like an eye any you can make out the nose and the mouth,,,, it’s a face like in mars.. chek it out secure team.. its a human like face in the ocean..

  49. Lewis Williams on

    Tyler, no reason to get all defensive. You should realize that people are going to try to look at things from other perspectives as well. Especially on things under water. there is a depth at which light no longer penetrates. It is true that we know less about what is under water than on the surface of the moon, but at the same time, when looking at Google earth, you will notice that areas are blurred out, except for a straight strips…perhaps this is because these areas are being monitored for volcanic activity? The roundish shape could very well be a volcano as well. Just offering another point of view. like I’ve said in other videos, I do believe in other life, I am just skeptical of everything now days. With everything on the internet though, whatever you want to believe and see, there is something out there that will fully support your opinion. Just saying, not everything is extraterrestrial.

  50. Jamison Hurley on

    Mathematically by the time that “object” hit the ocean floor it would of lost too much momentum to leave a any type of damage like that. Especially when you find those all over the ocean floor. Not one of your best episodes. I do think you make a ton of valid points, just not with this episode.

  51. Gary Murphy on

    Are you not a little curious, that throughout all of the years that nuts have been researching these subjects, that not so much one single alien fingernail, nor a lousy turn-light from a downed UFO has ever been found? Those secret agencies must be really good at their jobs mustn’t they? They’ve got a perfect record actually haven’t they?

  52. Felix Stonefield on

    I have  a picture on my facebook of UFO I saw in sky 12/12/16 with same look as the image on 9:33. I have photo to compare.

  53. Matt Martell on

    I would like to give you my opinion on the first image. as i was watching it the first thing that this object resembles is a Vimana from ancient times as they were massive in size and they have the same shape as this find. what do you think?

  54. bran Lynch on

    I bet the CIA whores and militry whores love these channels. They watch these channels for info. We are more clued up then those sub human people.

  55. melissa schreiber on

    hahahahah Im the same way up till 1 or 2 am have to force myself to go to bed n still takes an hour to fall asleep n back up at 6:30 am to get my children ready for school

  56. melissa schreiber on

    There are two small black spots on the side sticking up in the air maybe where like jet trail come out


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