Man Has NO MEMORY Of Taking This Photo! 6/12/17

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  1. Sarah Skillern on

    you can see a man or figure standing in between the lights on the darker picture like it’s a reflection in a window.. I believe, but you can clearly see a figure of a person in between the two lights..I don’t know maybe I’m seeing shit,but looks obvious to me.

  2. Construuct on

    Thanks for clearing up that this is a time lapse… I would have never figured that out. How did you figure it out? You should work for the CIA.

  3. Zach Ahmad on

    Come on Tyler, ever heard a time-lapse video? That is why the lightnings are so fast. And time-lapse video is not a sped up video. I hope you know what I mean.

  4. dsimon33871 on


    Don’t know if this has any implications…if you look carefully at the still with the figure in the backdrop of the lights, while on first inspection it appears he is looking up at the ship, on close inspection, given the angle of his arms, his posture, etc, it looks to me like he is looking in the same direction as the lights, as though he is facing the photo viewer.

    If this is indeed the case perhaps he is a facilitator of the memory loss? His figure definitely looks human like.

  5. EllenJB on

    Hi Tyler! Re: cloud/lightning video, watch the bottom of the clouds toward the end of the loop. It looks like farm animals in there. I’m thinking this is a hologram.

  6. EllenJB on

    The picture of lights with the man in it…the man in the picture is walking towards the photographer. Look at his arms and legs in the photo.

  7. abeverage33 on

    The clouds and lightning was a cool video but sound reporting Tyler! I have however done a few drunk photos…

  8. J G on

    for the speed of everything else, in the first clip, it “could be” a portal, an opening, a human born craft, an alien born craft or a phenomenon of light. would it match the movement of the sun or moon during the time lapse? was it something that could had been on his lease? was the dark space created digitally? I don’t think it was a helicopter because it would be dangerous for the human pilots. it could had been an unmanned craft. that’s what everybody has, or will, upgraded to.

  9. Moosenukkil Marlow on

    The man in the pic clearly shows the placement of the elbows. He is not looking up at the object but rather hands in pockets looking in the general direction of the guy holding the camera.

  10. Dunjinz Draco on

    maybe its a wooden watch tower in this guys back yard forest area where he tricks us with high lights in the sky.

  11. Sade Coker on

    The flash can’t just be from his phone because the man in the picture it’s illuminated by the light that it emanating from the UFO.

  12. Ray Hagler on


  13. Crimson Clarity on

    Hi tyler I wanted to share with a story about this very kind of lightning storm and it happened in 2016 here in Northeastern Oklahoma. I happened to experience this storm and it was truly breathtaking! A friend and I were stranded in our garage when this storm happened that lasted for about an hour and it broke records as far a lighting strikes per minute and I can tell you that we were scared and the lightning was happening 3 to 4 per second at times and then we witnessed orbs of light that evening. I have the footage of the lighting storm if you would like to see it.

  14. BigBoss on

    Tyler I’ve always known you were honest, and today just proves that. I have set up many time-lapse videos and have seen so many crazy things but it all depends on what type of camera you’re using, if its a rolling shutter camera you pick up ufos that are actually airplanes. It is insanely tough and highly unlikely you could ever catch a fighter jet let alone a ufo on a time lapse.

  15. anakina1 on

    Tyler, I have heard you use the same intro and schpeal for so long that I think you need to change it. Also if you think it isn’t real, don’t post it. It would make you more credible. Just my two cents. Thanks for your efforts.

  16. masskilla469 on

    Hey Tyler this photo looks exactly the same of a photo that was taken by a trail cam a couple of years ago.

  17. travis on

    anyone else in atlanta seeing these wild storms like this lately? i mean a lot of weird lightning storms like that i live under the airport… these storms pop up outta nowhere and are aggressive then gone…

  18. Makeitso Falonaburgerman on

    I can’t tell if the man in the photo is facing or has his back to the lights. It is not a reflection of a picture being taken. It is being lit from the back.

  19. Massive Marbles on

    You may think that I’m crazy but it seems to me that the cloud in the video is being used as camouflage for the gigantic vessel that appears to be coming out of hyperspace or another dimension at the lower middle level of the cloud. The formations appear to be stationary but moving slowly through the cloud cover.

  20. Jjaro V on

    STEVEN GREER IS RIGHT! The earth is flat! There are no aliens to abduct… You dumbdicks… Wake up, we live on a stationary plane!

  21. Fred Murray on

    Hey Tyler I’m a big fan of you and admire the hard work you put into finding out and giving us great detail on what the govt isn’t telling us. Just yesterday I saw 3 ufos in a triangle shape moving slowly and they had an orange bright light. I know it wasn’t an air plane bc the light was steady and moved kind of slow. I was so excited to see the ufos that I couldn’t catch it on video in time. My girlfriend, best friend and son also saw them. They shortly vanished but what I want to know is if I spotted them in that area would they come back and how often would I see them ? This occurrence was in Chester, Pa

  22. Trippy Pineapple on

    I always remember every picture I take because i’m not a retard so this guy clearly had his memory wiped (not being sarcastic)

  23. Subzero MK on

    Hey tyler good video, interesting analysis of this video recording and i would concur with it, whats interesting to me is the source of the video ergo facebook and that it fits in with my theory that most people who post on FB clearly obfuscate the truth or what actually is happening or quoting in those post are only posted by these FB’ers to gauge public reaction to them clearly there is the FB agenda going on, i just take anything on FB with a pinch of salt

  24. MOONShadow lelune on

    ive seen ufos so i know they exist. i also know our military abduct people as well and outfit themselves to look like the gray aliens to perform experiments, to obtain reproductive materials for their nefarious deep deep black projects, and dna to create clones. This info has come through several whistleblowers in the recent past. these things take place in D.U.M.B.s. BTW if anyone knows whats going on in the world of disclosure its Dr. Greer. while i dont subscribe to his new age mysticism crap, he knows the guys that know the guys that know the guys, ya know? Of course there are the real so called aliens, and of course if theres a way to carry out nefarious activities that call for real bodies but no volunteers are forthcoming, our military will grab at anything to get the deed done. its the new breed of mad scientist.

  25. Kimber Starlette on

    Am I the only one that realizes how many time he repeats the same exact thing? Way to talk in circles. Great channel, great info, just rather hear it said one time instead of 10.

  26. Flux Fox on

    No.. I think the man who’s staying in the centre of the pic is pleaced with his back against the lights and is looking down.. Sorry but that’s what I see and I have a good knowledge of the physical structure of the human body and how possible movements are. Even if that fact whouldent make a difference^^.

  27. T Belcher on

    This reminds me a little of footage I once saw showing the sun from some type of telescope I suppose, and a UFO-type object seems to suck something from the sun before speeding off. If it is a UFO, maybe it’s something to do with plasma or some other source from the lightning or stars (in the case of the sun) in which they harvest energy in order to travel.

  28. Gabe Rogers on


  29. SZIN BARGER on

    what about the big long black viking ship emerging from the clouds fuck the little sauser dots look at the helm of the ship

  30. littlebirdie2 on

    The unexplained photo on the man’s camera shows the unknown man facing the camera not the lights. I believe I can see details of the arm angles, shirt collar, etc. that seem to me to show him facing the camera.

  31. Hard Rock Silver Connoisseur on

    What about the large object inside? Does anybody see that? As if a UFO is using the storm to cloak itself.

  32. Ivette Vale on

    I saw a weird cobalt blue light flowing inside a Hotel room and did not remember for two years…. it came back when reading a ufo story about a blue light.

  33. Ravonies Ravenshir on

    It looks like a Gif, combined with Time laps to me. It also looks like a Shopped Patchwork… Unless there is a massive ship in the clouds below the big black object… or that is cliff and ocean.

  34. J Gunzler on

    The fact that it’s a time lapse video makes no difference Tyler. Whoever posted it probably assumed that viewers could tell it was time lapsed… with good reason because it’s extremely obvious! I doubt the person posting this was trying to trick anybody. At any rate, it’s still a UFO and It’s weird that you’re dismissing this now that it dawned on you that it’s a time lapse video. That doesn’t look like a cloud to me man.


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