Man BANNED For Asking NASA About Aliens During Q&A! 2/23/17
Paul Hellyer:
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  1. Karen Pointer on

    Ive been asking the same questions for years, I now know when it does come out myself and thousands of others will not even be shocked at all, only the sheep will panic and there’s becoming less and less of them everyday..

  2. Karen Pointer on

    O and bye the way do we really give a shit about the Sheep, I detest closed minded idiots who love to say “well if it was true it would have been on the news” morons.

  3. Planet Watcher on

    Hey Tyler, I expect a thank you on behalf for going out of my way and pwning the noobs who had been trying to discredit you.

  4. Planet Watcher on

    TO PEOPLE WHO CENSOR: resign from your job before the aliens kill you.

    The aliens are conducting a hunt. They had uploaded an image of one of themselves to find the people responsible for this censorship. When they find you, they’ll kill you. Resign now and take up work as a substitute teacher for the time being or go back to college and become a special education specialist/teacher. Do not continue the same work of censorship if you value your very lives. They aliens will find you and they will kill you. The Galactic Government has issued this order, which means there is nothing you can do about it. There are too many of them, they are severely superior to you in every way possible, they know way more about you than you know about them, they have powers and abilities you would first laugh at until you see with your own eyes, and they just been given the green light to hunt you down.

    Resign or die.

  5. Angry Alien on

    If you want an answer from NASA about aliens shove your head firmly up your ass cause that will get about the same results.

  6. Angry Alien on

    I have spent an insane amount of hours watching the sky at night and I’d invite anyone else to do the same and then tell my theres nothing ….. Yea that’s a challenge.

  7. MYGAS21 on

    Obama just before leaving office institutionalized state censorship through elements of the spy agencies that serve the deep state. This explanes the recent outbrake of cencorship through Google, Youtube, now reddit…etc…of alternative news outlets like INFOWARS, that challenge the official narrative.

  8. Thai Whan on

    Nasa aren’t lying, it’s the Military Defense complex wanting you to believe there lies, so when the time comes they can use the ‘Alien thing’ to mindwash you into doing anything ๐Ÿ™

  9. Jon TURNER on

    The more they sling mud, the more they discredit this channel and other similar channels the stronger WE get. All they’re doing is strengthening what we know already. Pathetic.

  10. Emilio Muniz on

    The thing is there is a “collective society” that has an agenda which requires it to be censored. Such a great paradigm shift in the whole ideology of human existence will unquestionably cause chaos, confusion and possible mayhem to those who can’t understand it. Too bad, is what I say because there are those of us here that are ready, to some degree, to know the truth, life does exist out in the universe. The current religions don’t allow for there to be such findings. Religions have always banished those who “questioned”, because of fear of the unknown, which in today’s world, translates to an account being “removed”. All I can say is “eventually”…

  11. Heisenberg's Uncertainty on

    What would have happened if they had asked the same question, but completely left out the line(s) pertaining to Mr Hellyer? That is the only part that whether true or not could be interpreted as a conspiracy theory. The rest of the question seemed on point with the announcement. That being said, if you listen closely you can here the faint echoes from the echo chambers that the haters live in.

  12. IAM CRESSO on

    Sometimes I wonder with disgust why so many people place NASA & “paid experts” as Gods that holds all info about life in outer space. While almost 8 billion are anxiously waiting for the truth. So many want more proof and by choice over look the obvious about life period. Its a spiritual matter that so many people knocking on Daddy government door for answers. I gotta hand it to people….we place communist governments/Space Agencies in our reality and we play powerless to align ourselves to truth in the cosmos. Its up to us to put away the story of the poor humans can never find the answers about life beyond Earth, we have to keep fighting good fight. You all have to be willing to know the truth….if you can handle it. Thats a challenge to our ego

  13. Neo on

    @screamteam10 Once you stop giving credence to & validating NASA by using any of their data like “footages” or presenting anything about the moon as a real object then people will stop thinking that you are a shill.

  14. Islandlife83 on

    tyler, you already know NASA isn’t transparent. You act shocked and repeat your points too much. I have been a follower for about a year and i try to watch every video. Your videos have the feeling of being forced. As if you don’t have great topics and you feel pressure to keep putting out videos. Maybe cutback and make less videos in order to keep the quality up high where it used to be. You’ve almost lost me for good with the lecturing, beating stories to death over and over again the google maps b.s. Please no more google maps b.s.!! For the love of everything that is yet to be discovered and uncovered, keep the videos fresh. making a video about information i can already find easily online is not a secureteam10 video. Maybe if you want to pump out a video everyday you need to hire a staff and have some other voices to do videos. Becasie hearing you angrily rant on your soap box w/ your lisp “sorry but its true”, is getting to the point of me wanting to pull my fingernails off by status. Is it really a secureteam if it’s just you tyler? I am not a troll but rather an honest viewer trying to point out the sinking ship thats in slow motion.

  15. Carlos A on

    I don’t know..I believe they already knew of these planets but they slowly reveal those pieces of
    “discoveries” according to their own will, whatever the reasons. None of this is new to them, they choose what we will know.

  16. Zak Strazdas on

    if us humans can go to space. I would think other life forms from other world can do same thing too just in more advanced way? Dont think Nasa needs to answer this, you have to be an a**hole to think we are alone!

  17. downscale on

    How dare he ask NASA for an honest answer! WT F was he thinking! “..uh found 7 Planets with potential for life … uh…err Questions from people?” Everyone = “What do you think about life on other Planets?” _-+BAN+-_ THE TOPIC OF THE FORUM WAS ‘LIFE ON PLANETS FOUND’ …what the hell??

  18. Daniel Thiele on

    I looked up some of your stuff and saw you skipping words on emails you read to make it sound different and I watch this channel only for entertainment not for news.

  19. Erik Giron Munoz on

    That was a great question! I also found myself wondering if its already inhabited n we become the UFO’s prying over their planet

  20. Male Brownee on

    Me and My buds are also taking questions. and yes that’s smoke. and yes. we are roasted. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  21. President Obama on

    He cheated

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    Cheating or attempting to manipulate voting will result in your account being banned. Don’t do it

  22. bitandres on

    NASA and SETI will be the last to recognize the existence of extraterrestrial life. Do not expect anything from them… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. D F on

    UFO’s, (seen by many, including cams on ISS, and quoted by, oh yeah, NASA astronauts themselves)conspiracy FACT! NASA = conspiracy LIES! NASA just a prop for shadow space organization.

  24. RenaissanceMan929 on

    Doesn’t “AMA” mean “ask me ANYTHING” ?!? if so then there should be NO question that could get you banned. Come on NASA, you should intervene and get the account restored……….UNLESS maybe you drove the decision to ban the account?!?

  25. buzz player on

    secureteam10 hi, one point, not related to this, but I think they are willingly melting Antartica to bring up the Land??

  26. paul enciso on

    yo man I wanna report your channel is being filtered from my feed I keep having to search for your videos as where they use to show up every time you post one

  27. Dominick Ray on

    Watch the Kardashians ๐Ÿ˜‚ that really puts everything into perspective. People are just overlooking life’s important questions because it disrupts their safe space smh ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

  28. Tizoc Sagoyewatha on

    The question is a bit unfair. It forces NASA to accept it’s underlying premise: ETs exist and NASA won’t admit it. It boxes them in. Puts them up against the wall, so to speak. For NASA to answer it would very likely be a violation of an internal, secret protocol from the US Government. It’s a hostile question, Tyler. The question should have been rephrased. The speaker should have asked: To what extent is NASA working to determine if there is intelligent alien life on those exoplanets? NASA might have appreciated a more tempered question like that.

  29. MrStreetboy80 on

    Can’t believe they been completely banned! Wtf! Nasa have backed themselves into the corner just that little bit more..


    In the words of secureteam “disclosure is coming.” They could’ve easily ignored/played it off. But by doing this they’re just mentally conditioning us for the revelation.

  31. Brennen Cox on

    Did the question violate any terms?
    It’s also a poorly worded question, like “answer yes or no, have you stopped beating your wife?”
    If they had asked “Does NASA have evidence of ET life?” I’m sure they wouldnt have been treated this way.

  32. Lorianne Geraghty on

    All these people threatened to keep quite…how did the Canadian Minister disclose without being threatened? Not just by our Government,/ NASA but the”Men in Black” etc etc

  33. ฯˆ Holographic Principle on

    we will never move humans 40 light years away. We will be able to terraform whole planets much closer to home before travelling 40 light years to colonize one.

  34. The Overcast on

    Say, what is your opinion on the various hidden species already on this planet like the Sasquatch, Yeti, Giants, Dragons, & those of the “Invisible World”?

  35. allmdiym on

    With all the things you say about nasa is it really hard to believe they would get such a response from asking that question. As if that Q&A at that time was gonna be the big reveal of alien life lol.

  36. Division Umbrella on

    this is my promise to you secureteam10. right now i going to create weapon, adanced weapon you very see. after i complete create weapon that i say, i going to chase them one by one by asking question all we want to know about alien for example if they say yes about what i question them i let them go but if they say no they going to DIE >:D. i don’t care if they want to kill me but people have right to know what they hidden because they say that ask question about alien is wasting time and other think like weird sound came from sky. fck them. i need time like 4 or 5 years because to create weapon that i promise is really need different material. so that my promise to you. i really serious about this. people need to know what going on right now

  37. austin1839 on

    NASA, also known as Never A Straight Answer, was created as a military organization and still is. What else would you expect them to do. The public is only tolerated to live because we finance these people.

  38. hi how are ya on

    I know a particular alien species that is called Reden. they are humanoid redskin aliens. they have been protecting earth from the greys with the Council of the Five which used to be the Council of the Seven

  39. Kwakinati - Ammo Box Studios on

    Try sending a message to these aliens you’re talking about, you’ll probably get a response in the next 1500 years if you’re patient

  40. Renรฉ' Cruz on


  41. DarkX on

    I can just imagine the meme “bad luck Brian” with this on it “Asks NASA about Aliens….Gets Banned”.

    Also, they shouldnt name it “Ask me anything” if they cant ask Alien stuff

  42. Jeff Brisson on

    You live in an enclosed system, the answer to your question, they were here before us. Nothing in nothing out. The fact is they did answer your question, with now a diversion. Are you and every other person going to bite? The last card, sowing the seeds.


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