LIGHTS From Huge UFO During SpaceX Satellite Launch 4/2/17

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  1. Dougie Martini on

    The crafts that whet over the rocket there seems to be a reflection so much you can almost make out a complete craft

  2. Mr. Womb: Lord of Unmerciful Torment on

    Why is everyone pissed at Elon for cutting the feed? Whatever made you think he was on our side to begin with? It’s clear we haven’t learned a damn thing, and that’s plain scary.

  3. Jorge Cueva Rap on

    For ´down thumbers´: skepticism is just as harmful as naivety. Skeptics think they´re being reasonable by denying what they cannot understand with explanations just as fantastic as what they´re trying to discard and that is not a scientific attitude. To mention a few: dark energy in outer space, the possibility of a multiverse instead of a universe and quantum physics demonstrate the existence of unknown parallel dimensions and something beyond our lineal time. Whether unbelievers like it or not advanced extraterrestrial intelligent beings are visiting us. NASA should already be trying to make contact and will unveil facts to the public (Armed Forces are surely updated) as soon as feasible; it´s even to their convenience for better funding.

  4. The Droplett on

    these UFOs are deamons. And NASA knows very well about this. But they keep hiding this for the great mass deception.

  5. zinnerman11 on

    I was thinking the same thing Fog, looks like Elon Musk and team are going to hide this kind of footage. But I am wondering what will happen when civilians actually go up, and if they take  cameras with them, what will happen if they capture footage of UFOs.

  6. Edward James on

    OK If you seen it.You know they saw you to.The point is they due not care they have there own agenda……….

  7. afa78djd on

    Why won’t NASA/SpaceX even comment on videos like these? If they don’t take them seriously, how could anyone take THEM seriously?

  8. Seeker Sees on

    Cartoon Earth and underwater scuba divers. What a joke. Look at the images from the camera’s. One shows a curved Earth and the other shows a flat Earth. Too funny.

  9. AVO on

    you should contact youtube so you can get verified you will surly get approved since you have many impersonators same rule applies to ig

  10. OLD TITAN on

    Hope that guy you keep showing is a troll or something worse coz he don’t deserve that shit my uncle bob has gone through shit cut it out tyler lol

  11. Robert Herron on

    the live stream on moon  4/3 2017 shows a co2 tank , I share but I always give credit to the ones I share from

  12. Arnold Rossa on

    are you really that low IQ to believe that “UFO’s” have lights? and or keep them on during visits ? do you know the purpose of lights ? just amazing , what a silly guy

  13. Arnold Rossa on

    wrong , you dont even know the degree of the turn bud, let alone the complex dynamics of space , ur funny Tyler ppl who watch your crazy videos and take what you say as fact are ding bats and ironicly live in their mothers basements , too funny ty

  14. marsmotion on

    this is really a good catch. seems like “they” are watching the feed and arranging the shots to enable disclosure. thats my guess. thanks t cool. good luck establishment, now your not just battling us lowly earthlings but civilizations billions of years ahead of you. how long do you think your going to control this situation, hmm. I say to “them” now, we the regular people of earth, our governments do not speak for us. as regular people we seek openness and truth and peaceful coexistence and not war and secrecy. we welcome our family out there in peace.

  15. M.F. Luder on

    To be fair you don’t own any of these videos that you put on YouTube because you don’t film them by yourself

  16. Rick Norris on

    tyler, like you, I have seen MANY of the “doughnut” craft that the UFO flies up near. Why did you not mention it?

  17. Benedict Ponce on

    i have a theory….. what if nasa cut the feed when the ufo appears because they had something on board for them (aliens) ?

  18. Chris Esser on

    aah ice crystal space debris 2.0 again, now updated with steering, eh Tyler? the cut feed is rofl-able nd I think, there is some more behind space X contracting with the typical nasa behaviour forced in it to show the same for putting down peoples mind……

  19. Bruno Brunoski on

    keep up the great work you do great channel amazing footage and positive commentary. ps. antarctic disclosure frozen ex. T civilisation found.your take Tyl..

  20. Samuel Harvey on

    It’s a little discouraging to see this because it shows that space X is going to be just as full of shit as NASA. It wouldn’t surprise me if they have to take that position in order to be allowed to operate.

  21. Stephen Monaghan on

    that rocket is a ruese either that space ship is ours our the aliens can touch us when we go up under a galatic primedierectiv treaty…our a seece fire on the world leaders part because the astranauts dont seem to be worryed at all so its one of the 2/3 our they try hard so we wont thunk the earth is flat ha ha

  22. on

    um Tylor it wasn’t moving over the united states , it was moving over Africa . I corrected you one time before on geography on the Mediterranean NOT being an ocean but is called the Mediterranean sea , , I know its just a small thing , but Africa being several times the size of the usa  its kinda hard to mess that up , PS I love you’re channel and you’re posts . but just please try to remember that the usa is not the world , you are one small part of a massive planet . good luck and well done for you’re channel .

  23. Aggello 7 on

    INCORRECT! Stars are Not visible in outer space; ONLY gross matter; earth and moon. Also, You can watch LIVE footage of outer space and see it is pitch black. Light from stars is not visible in space, only from Earth where the electromagnetic transmission is completed just as the sun. You cannot see the sun in outer space as well. For more info research what Eric Dollard found after studying the sun everyday for 4 years. straight. GOD is Amazing!!!

    • Aggello 7 on

      John Stanley I know it sounds unbelievable because of all the lies we’ve been shown and taught, but it’s actually true… That’s why you never see the sun in a live feed as well as stars. The sun is only visible from earth after the emission hits earth’s magnetic fields, etc… It is electric not thermonuclear as we were taught. All deception!

  24. Aggello 7 on

    God’s Holy Angels. Nasa will go to all lengths to hide the Truth of God and the Truth of His universe, His creation…

  25. The Jim Reaper™ on

    Another video claiming UFOs when it’s just space debris, but Tyler you also need to make up your mind is the ISS actually in space now because you have previously claimed it to be underwater so which is it…..

  26. Coach Andy on

    last craft u showed, assuminig a constant video frame rate, one can see that it decelerates as it approaces the turn, makes the ~90° turn and then accelerates away.

  27. psionx1 on

    if your looking at space in a cheap camera with bad exposure you have no point of reference to know how the camera is moving. in the case of debris moving at a 90% angle likely whats happening is that the rocket was speeding up to correct it’s orbit.

  28. Bryantozero on

    On the SpaceX video, I see Lightning, then nothing, then stationary lights. i don’t know the position of the camera and rocket towards earth,
    But it seems like they are lights on Earth.

  29. ComaProductions on

    It would match up with the one Space X rocket that exploded. If you remember there was an object that flew past it right before it blew up as if the object blew it up intentionally. Almost as if they are watching this Space X project to see how far us humans are able to take it.

  30. Daniel Bradler on

    That thing was really huuuuuuge!
    And wasn’t there actually a fifth light on it?
    Anyways good video here Tyler!

  31. Billy Abell on

    at 2:37 major discrepancy on the amount of curve from one camera to the other to the people that like to see the bigger truth. not for the faint heart. cognitive dissonance is strong w this topic. is it flat like pic on right or curved like pic on left. guess they forgot to install the fish eye lens lol. easter eggs. seek and ye shall find

  32. Billy Abell on

    with all the technology u think it would be very easy to film the whole rocket most of the way up at least. few know why but glad people are figuring it out

  33. BigG on

    Kyle I agree with you! Isn’t it time someone had the balls to do what Eisenhauer threatened to do. Walk in with half the frigging army and take the “Majestic 12” behind a hangar and shoot the fu*kers! I’m sick of them deciding what “we” can handle, and am sick of being lied too!,


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